The Crown of Thorns




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This work seeks to take a fresh look at the contentious question of the longevity and popularity of Mussolini's regime in Italy. In particular, it draws upon new research to challenge what has been the most influential paradigm over the last couple of decades, namely, the interpretation of Italian fascism as a consensual dictatorship.

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Fdr’s “New Deal”

Author:William N. Spencer

Publisher:Xlibris Corporation


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History is an account, either verbal or written, which describes past events, good or bad. In truth, most recorded history is a mostly false narrative of mostly unimportant occurrences which are the doings of czars, despots, and tyrants and their lackey soldiers. For the most part, right or wrong, history has always been written by the winners—of whatever contest. And therefore, since the ‘losers’ are irrelevant and meaningless, it may then take society many decades, or more, to finally learn that most things were done, not really as the supporters and academics had recorded them for posterity. History is more than just learning names, dates, and places. Real history is knowing why certain events happened at a certain given time in a particular certain place. And real history is admitting that the supposedly ‘greatest’ saviors of humanity were really mankind’s ‘greatest’ purveyors of human misery.

Conflict in Ancient Greece and Rome: The Definitive Political, Social, and Military Encyclopedia [3 volumes]

Author:Sara E. Phang,Iain Spence Ph.D.,Douglas Kelly Ph.D.,Peter Londey Ph.D.



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The complex role warfare played in ancient Greek and Roman civilizations is examined through coverage of key wars and battles; important leaders, armies, organizations, and weapons; and other noteworthy aspects of conflict. • Provides an up-to-date and comprehensive treatment of conflict in the ancient Greek and Roman worlds that relates warfare to society, politics, economy, and culture • Examines major wars and other key conflicts; important generals and leaders; and Greek and Roman political, military, social, and cultural institutions • Presents ancillary information, including maps and illustrations; a topically arranged bibliography; sourcebooks of primary sources in translation; and lists of the most interesting "sound bites" attributed to Greek and Roman leaders in ancient times

The Emperor and the Army in the Later Roman Empire, AD 235–395

Author:Mark Hebblewhite

Publisher:Taylor & Francis


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With The Emperor and the Army in the Later Roman Empire, AD 235–395 Mark Hebblewhite offers the first study solely dedicated to examining the nature of the relationship between the emperor and his army in the politically and militarily volatile later Roman Empire. Bringing together a wide range of available literary, epigraphic and numismatic evidence he demonstrates that emperors of the period considered the army to be the key institution they had to mollify in order to retain power and consequently employed a range of strategies to keep the troops loyal to their cause. Key to these efforts were imperial attempts to project the emperor as a worthy general (imperator) and a generous provider of military pay and benefits. Also important were the honorific and symbolic gestures each emperor made to the army in order to convince them that they and the empire could only prosper under his rule.

Dictionary of Paul and his letters


Publisher:Inter-Varsity Press


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The 'Dictionary of Paul and his letters' is a one-of-a-kind reference work. Following the format of its highly successful companion volume, the 'Dictionary of Jesus and the Gospels', this Dictionary is designed to bring students, teachers, ministers and laypeople abreast of the established conclusions and significant recent developments in Pauline scholarship. No other single reference work presents as much information focused exclusively on Pauline theology, literature, background and scholarship. In a field that recently has undergone significant shifts in perspective, the 'Dictionary of Paul and His Letters' offers a summa of Paul and Pauline studies. In-depth articles focus on individual theological themes (such as law, resurrection and Son of God), broad theological topics (such as Christology, eschatology and the death of Christ), methods of interpretation (such as rhetorical criticism and social-scientific approaches), background topics (such as apocalypticism, Hellenism and Qumran) and various other subjects specifically related to the scholarly study of Pauline theology and literature (such as early catholicism, the centre of Paul's theology, and Paul and his interpreters since F. C. Baur). Separate articles are also devoted to each of the Pauline letters, to hermeneutics and to preaching Paul today. The 'Dictionary of Paul and His Letters' takes its place alongside the 'Dictionary of Jesus and the Gospels' in presenting the fruit of evangelical New Testament scholarship at the end of the twentieth century - committed to the authority of Scripture, utilising the best of critical methods, and maintaining dialogue with contemporary scholarship and challenges facing the church.

Islam's Political Culture

Author:Nasim Ahmad Jawed

Publisher:University of Texas Press


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This book examines the political dimension of Islam in predivided Pakistan (1947-1971), one of the first new Muslim nations to commit itself to an Islamic political order and one in which the national debate on Islamic, political, and ideological issues has been the most persistent, focused, and rich of any dialogues in the contemporary Muslim world. Nasim Jawed draws on the findings of a survey he conducted among two influential social groups—the ulama (traditional religious leaders) and the modern professionals—as well as on the writings of Muslim intellectuals. He probes the major Islamic positions on critical issues concerning national identity, the purpose of the state, the form of government, and free, socialist, and mixed economies. This study contributes to an enhanced understanding of Islam's political culture worldwide, since the issues, positions, and arguments are often similar across the Muslim world. The empirical findings of the study not only outline the ideological backdrop of contemporary Islamic reassertion, but also reveal diversity as well as tensions within it.

Foreign but Familiar Gods

Author:Lynn Allan Kauppi

Publisher:Bloomsbury Publishing


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Through a close and informative reading of seven key texts in Acts, Kauppi analyses the appearances of Graeco-Roman religion, offering evidence of practices including divination and oracles, ruler cult and civic foundation myth. Foreign But Familiar Gods then uses a combination of these scriptural texts and other contemporary evidence (including archaeological and literary material) to suggest that one of Luke's subsidiary themes is to contrast Graeco-Roman and Christian religious conceptualizations and practices.

Faithful Doubt

Author:Guy Collins

Publisher:ISD LLC


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Focussing on three philosophers - Giorgio Agamben, Jacques Derrida, and Slavoj Zizek - Faithful Doubt argues that atheism can be redeeming. Far from being inhospitable to faith, doubt is increasingly necessary for theology. As well as introducing the thought of contemporary philosophers, 'Faithful Doubt' examines the significance of popular entertainment and nrrative. Novels by Ursula K. Le Guin, Neal Stephenson, China Mieville, and others are read alongside 'Star Wars' and 'Battlestar Galactica'. Fiction highlights the fluid nature of the sacred and the secular. On the question of evil, 'Faithful Doubt' suggests that wisdom lies in acknowledging uncertainty. Weaving the story of Job together with St Augustine, Donald MacKinnon, and Eleonore Stump, evil exemplifies the necessity for doubt within theology. 'Faithful Doubt' brings a new perspective to debates about the relationship between faith and reason. Concluding with a discussion of Soren Kierkegaard, Collins presents a compellingcase for harnessing atheism and doubt in service to Christian faith. In order to doubt wisely we need to heed the faith of the faithless.

Contested Language in Malory's Morte Darthur

Author:R. Lexton



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Examining Malory's political language, this study offers a revisionary view of Arthur's kingship in the Morte Darthur and the role of the Round Table fellowship. Considering a range of historical and political sources, Lexton suggests that Malory used a specific lexicon to engage with contemporary problems of kingship and rule.

Sprache und Literatur (Allgemeines zur Literatur des 2. Jahrhunderts und einzelne Autoren der trajanischen und frühhadrianischen Zeit [Forts.])

Author:Wolfgang Haase

Publisher:Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co KG


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AUFSTIEG UND NIEDERGANG DER RÖMISCHEN WELT (ANRW) ist ein internationales Gemeinschaftswerk historischer Wissenschaften. Seine Aufgabe besteht darin, alle wichtigen Aspekte der antiken römischen Welt sowie ihres Fortwirkens und Nachlebens in Mittelalter und Neuzeit nach dem gegenwärtigen Stand der Forschung in Einzelbeiträgen zu behandeln. Das Werk ist in 3 Teile gegliedert: I. Von den Anfängen Roms bis zum Ausgang der Republik II. Principat III. Spätantike Jeder der drei Teile umfaßt sechs systematische Rubriken, zwischen denen es vielfache Überschneidungen gibt: 1. Politische Geschichte, 2. Recht, 3. Religion, 4. Sprache und Literatur, 5. Philosophie und Wissenschaften, 6. Künste. ANRW ist ein handbuchartiges Übersichtswerk zu den römischen Studien im weitesten Sinne, mit Einschluß der Rezeptions- und Wirkungsgeschichte bis in die Gegenwart. Bei den Beiträgen handelt es sich entweder um zusammenfassende Darstellungen mit Bibliographie oder um Problem- und Forschungsberichte bzw. thematisch breit angelegte exemplarische Untersuchungen. Die Artikel erscheinen in deutscher, englischer, französischer oder italienischer Sprache. Zum Mitarbeiterstab gehören rund 1000 Gelehrte aus 35 Ländern. Der Vielfalt der Themen entsprechend gehören die Autoren hauptsächlich folgenden Fachrichtungen an: Alte, Mittelalterliche und Neue Geschichte; Byzantinistik, Slavistik; Klassische, Mittellateinische, Romanische und Orientalische Philologie; Klassische, Orientalische und Christliche Archäologie und Kunstgeschichte; Rechtswissenschaft; Religionswissenschaft und Theologie, besonders Kirchengeschichte und Patristik. In Vorbereitung sind: Teil II, Bd. 26,4: Religion - Vorkonstantinisches Christentum: Neues Testament - Sachthemen, Fortsetzung Teil II, Bd. 37,4: Wissenschaften: Medizin und Biologie, Fortsetzung. Informationen zum Projekt und eine Übersicht über den Inhalt der einzelnen Bände finden Sie im Internet unter: Ferner gibt es eine Suchmaschine für die Stichwortsuche im Inhaltsverzeichnis aller bisher erschienenen Bände:

Time, Language, and Visuality in Agamben's Philosophy

Author:J. Doussan



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Giorgio Agamben, a philosopher both celebrated and reviled, is among the prominent voices in contemporary Italian thought today. His work, which touches upon fields as diverse as aesthetics and biopolitics, is often understood within a framework of Aristotelian potentiality. With this incisive critique, Doussan identifies a different tendency in the philosopher's work, an engagement with the problem of time that is inextricably bound up with language and visuality. Founded in his early writings on metaphysics and continuing to his present occupation with inoperativity, Time, Language and Visuality in Agamben's Philosophy forges an original path through Agamben's extensive commentary on the linguistic and the visual to illuminate the recurrent temporal theme of capture and evasion the cat-and-mouse game that bears the foundational violence of not just representation but concept-formation itself. In the process, Doussan both reveals its limit and establishes a ground for future engagements.


Author:Gordon D Fee

Publisher:ISD LLC


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Revelation is a book that many Christians find confusing due to the foreign nature of its apocalyptic imagery. It is a book that has prompted endless discussions about the 'end times' with theological divisions forming around epicenters such as the rapture and the millennium. In this book, award winning author Gordon Fee attempts to excavate the layers of symbolic imagery and provide an exposition of Revelation that is clear, easy to follow, convincing, and engaging. Fee shows us how John's message confronts the world with the Revelation of Jesus Christ so that Christians might see themselves as caught up in the drama of God's triumph over sin, evil, and death. Fee draws us into the world of John and invites us to see the world through John's eyes as themorbid realities of this world have the joyous realities of heaven cast over them. In this latest installment in the New Covenant Commentary Series we see one of North America's best evangelical exegetes at his very best.



Publisher:Gregorian Biblical BookShop


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Creators, Conquerors, and Citizens

Author:Robin Waterfield

Publisher:Oxford University Press


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"We Greeks are one in blood and one in language; we have temples to the gods and religious rites in common, and a common way of life." So the fifth-century historian Herodotus has some Athenians declare, in explanation of why they would never betray their fellow Greeks to the enemy, the "barbarian" Persians. And he might have added further common features, such as clothing, foodways, and political institutions. But if the Greeks knew that they were kin, why did many of them side with the Persians against fellow Greeks, and why, more generally, is ancient Greek history so often the history of internecine wars and other forms of competition with one another? This is the question acclaimed historian Robin Waterfield sets out to explore in this magisterial history of ancient Greece. With more information, more engagingly presented, than any similar work, this is the best single-volume account of ancient Greece in more than a generation. Waterfield gives a comprehensive narrative of seven hundred years of history, from the emergence of the Greeks around 750 BCE to the Roman conquest of the last of the Greco-Macedonian kingdoms in 30 BCE. Equal weight is given to all phases of Greek history -- the Archaic, Classical, and Hellenistic periods. But history is not just facts; it is also a matter of how we interpret the evidence. Without compromising the readability of the book, Waterfield incorporates the most recent scholarship by classical historians and archaeologists and asks his readers to think critically about Greek history. A brilliant, up-to-date account of ancient Greece, suitable for history buffs and university students alike, Creators, Conquerors, and Citizens presents a compelling and comprehensive story of this remarkable civilization's disunity, underlying cultural solidarity, and eventual political unification.

Music in Ancient Judaism and Early Christianity

Author:John Arthur Smith



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In Music in Ancient Judaism and Early Christianity, John Arthur Smith presents the first full-length study of music among the ancient Israelites, the ancient Jews and the early Christians in the Mediterranean lands during the period from 1000 BCE to 400 CE. He considers the physical, religious and social setting of the music, and how the music was performed. The extent to which early Christian music may have retained elements of the musical tradition of Judaism is also considered. After reviewing the subject's historical setting, and describing the main sources, the author discusses music at the Jerusalem Temple and in a variety of spheres of Jewish life away from it. His subsequent discussion of early Christian music covers music in private devotion, monasticism, the Eucharist, and gnostic literature. He concludes with an examination of the question of the relationship between Jewish and early Christian music, and a consideration of the musical environments that are likely to have influenced the formation of the earliest Christian chant. The scant remains of notated music from the period are discussed and placed in their respective contexts. The numerous sources that are the foundation of the book are evaluated objectively and critically in the light of modern scholarship. Due attention is given to where their limitations lie, and to what they cannot tell us as well as to what they can. The book serves as a reliable introduction as well as being an invaluable guide through one of the most complex periods of music history.

Essential 120000 English-Nepali Words Dictionary

Author:Nam H Nguyen

Publisher:Nam H Nguyen


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Books Description:

The entire dictionary is an alphabetical list of English words and their French equivalent translations. It will be very useful for everyone (home, school, students, travel, interpreting and learning French or English). सम्पूर्ण शब्दकोश अङ्ग्रेजी शब्दहरू र उनीहरूको फ्रान्सेली बराबर अनुवादको एक वर्णमाला सूची हो। यो सबैको लागि धेरै उपयोगी हुनेछ (घर, विद्यालय, विद्यार्थी, यात्रा, व्याख्या र फ्रान्सेली वा अंग्रेजी सिक्दै)।

The Brazil Reader

Author:James N. Green,Victoria Langland,Lilia Moritz Schwarcz

Publisher:Duke University Press


Total Pages:688



Books Description:

From the first encounters between the Portuguese and indigenous peoples in 1500 to the current political turmoil, the history of Brazil is much more complex and dynamic than the usual representations of it as the home of Carnival, soccer, the Amazon, and samba would suggest. This extensively revised and expanded second edition of the best-selling Brazil Reader dives deep into the past and present of a country marked by its geographical vastness and cultural, ethnic, and environmental diversity. Containing over one hundred selections—many of which appear in English for the first time and which range from sermons by Jesuit missionaries and poetry to political speeches and biographical portraits of famous public figures, intellectuals, and artists—this collection presents the lived experience of Brazilians from all social and economic classes, racial backgrounds, genders, and political perspectives over the past half millennium. Whether outlining the legacy of slavery, the roles of women in Brazilian public life, or the importance of political and social movements, The Brazil Reader provides an unparalleled look at Brazil’s history, culture, and politics.

De Couronnes et de Gloire (Tomes 3 et 4)

Author:Morgan Rice

Publisher:Morgan Rice


Total Pages:500



Books Description:

« Morgan Rice a imaginé ce qui promet d'être une autre série brillante et nous plonge dans une histoire de fantasy avec trolls et dragons, bravoure, honneur, courage, magie et foi en sa propre destinée. Morgan Rice a de nouveau réussi à produire un solide ensemble de personnages qui nous font les acclamer à chaque page .... Recommandé pour la bibliothèque permanente de tous les lecteurs qui aiment les histoires de fantasy bien écrites.” --Books and Movie Reviews, Roberto Mattos (pour Le Réveil des Dragons) Les deux premiers tomes de la nouvelle saga de fantasy de Morgan Rice DE COURONNES ET DE GLOIRE (CHEVALIER, HÉRITIER, PRINCE et REBELLE, PION, ROI). Deux bestsellers en un seul et unique fichier, une excellente introduction à la saga DE COURONNES ET DE GLOIRE. Plus de 150.000 mots à un prix défiant toute concurrence - le cadeau idéal ! CHEVALIER, HÉRITIER, PRINCE Ceres, 17 ans, une belle fille pauvre de Delos, cité de l'Empire, se retrouve seule en mer, dérivant vers la mythique Île Au-Delà du Brouillard et vers la mère qu'elle n'a jamais rencontrée. Elle est prête à achever son entraînement, à finalement comprendre ses pouvoirs et à devenir la guerrière qu'elle était censée être. Mais sa mère sera-t-elle là pour l'accueillir ? Lui enseignera-t-elle tout ce qu'elle a besoin de savoir ? Et révélera-t-elle la totalité du secret de l'identité de Ceres ? A Delos, Thanos, qui croit que Ceres est morte, se retrouve marié à Stephania et pris plus profondément dans les intrigues d'une cour à laquelle il ne peut échapper et d'une famille qu'il déteste. Il se retrouve aussi au milieu de la Révolution naissante, dont le point culminant est une attaque audacieuse du Stade. Thanos est celui qui peut arrêter ou aider cette attaque et il devra choisir de mettre ou non sa propre vie en danger. REBELLE, PION, ROI Ceres, 17 ans, une belle fille pauvre de Delos, cité de l'Empire, se réveille en prison. Son armée a été détruite, ses soldats ont été capturés, la rébellion a été écrasée et, d'une façon ou d'une autre, il faut qu'elle se reconstruise après avoir été trahie. Son peuple pourra-t-il jamais s'en relever ? Thanos vogue vers l'Île des Prisonniers en pensant que Ceres est en vie et se retrouve lui-même pris dans un traquenard qui lui est réservé. Au cours de son dangereux voyage, il reste tourmenté en pensant à Stephania, qu'il a laissée seule avec son enfant, et se sent déchiré par la décision qu'il a prise. Pourtant, alors qu'il se bat pour retourner à Delos et y retrouver ses deux amours, il se retrouve confronté à une trahison si grande que sa vie ne pourra plus jamais être la même. DE COURONNES ET DE GLOIRE, un récit mêlant amour tragique, vengeance, trahison, ambition et destinée. Nous voici transportés dans l'univers inoubliable des amoureux de fantasy, entre personnages inoubliables et émotion. SOLDAT, FRÈRE, SORCIER, Tome 5, bientôt disponible !

English / Bulgarian Dictionary

Author:Joseph D. Lesser

Publisher:Joseph D. Lesser


Total Pages:2500



Books Description:

This practical dictionary of the Bulgarian language contains over 27,000 entries in a concise, easy-to-use format. The direction of the translation is from English to Bulgarian. It offers a broad vocabulary from all areas as well as numerous idioms for holidays or for use as a classic reference work.