The Crown of Thorns


Publisher:HarperCollins UK


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An irresistible novel from Guardian-award-winning novelist, Jenny Valentine.

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Mighty Ants

Author:Wiley Blevins,Alice Boynton

Publisher:Red Chair Press


Total Pages:32



Books Description:

The mighty ant has been around since the age of dinosaurs. These hard-working insects can be found on every continent except Antarctica. Readers will discover how ants work as a team and why they've been able to survive so long as they explore an ant colony.

Optimization of PID Controllers Using Ant Colony and Genetic Algorithms

Author:Muhammet Ünal,Ayça Ak,Vedat Topuz,Hasan Erdal



Total Pages:88



Books Description:

Artificial neural networks, genetic algorithms and the ant colony optimization algorithm have become a highly effective tool for solving hard optimization problems. As their popularity has increased, applications of these algorithms have grown in more than equal measure. While many of the books available on these subjects only provide a cursory discussion of theory, the present book gives special emphasis to the theoretical background that is behind these algorithms and their applications. Moreover, this book introduces a novel real time control algorithm, that uses genetic algorithm and ant colony optimization algorithms for optimizing PID controller parameters. In general, the present book represents a solid survey on artificial neural networks, genetic algorithms and the ant colony optimization algorithm and introduces novel practical elements related to the application of these methods to process system control.

Ant Colony Optimization and Swarm Intelligence

Author:Marco Dorigo,Mauro Birattari,Christian Blum,Maurice Clerc,Thomas Stützle,Alan Winfield



Total Pages:416



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The series of biannual international conferences “ANTS – International C- ference on Ant Colony Optimization and Swarm Intelligence”, now in its sixth edition, was started ten years ago, with the organization of ANTS’98. As some readers might recall, the ?rst edition of ANTS was titled “ANTS’98 – From Ant Colonies to Arti?cial Ants: First International Workshop on Ant Colony Op- mization. ” In fact, at that time the focus was mainly on ant colony optimization (ACO), the ?rst swarm intelligence algorithm to go beyond a pure scienti?c interest and to enter the realm of real-world applications. Interestingly, in the ten years after the ?rst edition there has been a gr- ing interest not only for ACO, but for a number of other studies that belong more generally to the area of swarmintelligence. The rapid growth of the swarm intelligence ?eld is attested by a number of indicators. First, the number of s- missions and participants to the ANTS conferences has steadily increased over the years. Second, a number of international conferences in computational - telligence and related disciplines organize workshops on subjects such as swarm intelligence, ant algorithms, ant colony optimization, and particle swarm op- mization. Third, IEEE startedorganizing,in 2003,the IEEE SwarmIntelligence Symposium (in order to maintain unity in this growing ?eld, we are currently establishingacooperationagreementbetweenIEEE SISandANTSsoastohave 1 IEEE SIS in odd years and ANTS in even years). Last, the Swarm Intelligence journal was born.

Data Mining: A Heuristic Approach

Author:Abbass, Hussein A.,Sarker, Ruhul,Newton, Charles S.

Publisher:IGI Global


Total Pages:310



Books Description:

Real life problems are known to be messy, dynamic and multi-objective, and involve high levels of uncertainty and constraints. Because traditional problem-solving methods are no longer capable of handling this level of complexity, heuristic search methods have attracted increasing attention in recent years for solving such problems. Inspired by nature, biology, statistical mechanics, physics and neuroscience, heuristics techniques are used to solve many problems where traditional methods have failed. Data Mining: A Heuristic Approach will be a repository for the applications of these techniques in the area of data mining.

Ant Colony Optimization and Swarm Intelligence

Author:Marco Dorigo,Luca Maria Gambardella,Mauro Birattari,Alcherio Martinoli,Riccardo Poli,Thomas Stützle



Total Pages:526



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This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 5th International Workshop on Ant Colony Optimization and Swarm Intelligence, ANTS 2006, held in Brussels, Belgium, in September 2006. The 27 revised full papers, 23 revised short papers, and 12 extended abstracts presented were carefully reviewed and selected from 115 submissions.

Decision Tree and Ensemble Learning Based on Ant Colony Optimization

Author:Jan Kozak



Total Pages:159



Books Description:

This book not only discusses the important topics in the area of machine learning and combinatorial optimization, it also combines them into one. This was decisive for choosing the material to be included in the book and determining its order of presentation. Decision trees are a popular method of classification as well as of knowledge representation. At the same time, they are easy to implement as the building blocks of an ensemble of classifiers. Admittedly, however, the task of constructing a near-optimal decision tree is a very complex process. The good results typically achieved by the ant colony optimization algorithms when dealing with combinatorial optimization problems suggest the possibility of also using that approach for effectively constructing decision trees. The underlying rationale is that both problem classes can be presented as graphs. This fact leads to option of considering a larger spectrum of solutions than those based on the heuristic. Moreover, ant colony optimization algorithms can be used to advantage when building ensembles of classifiers. This book is a combination of a research monograph and a textbook. It can be used in graduate courses, but is also of interest to researchers, both specialists in machine learning and those applying machine learning methods to cope with problems from any field of R&D.

Ant Colony Optimization and Constraint Programming

Author:Christine Solnon

Publisher:John Wiley & Sons


Total Pages:320



Books Description:

Ant colony optimization is a metaheuristic which has beensuccessfully applied to a wide range of combinatorial optimizationproblems. The author describes this metaheuristic and studies itsefficiency for solving some hard combinatorial problems, with aspecific focus on constraint programming. The text is organizedinto three parts. The first part introduces constraint programming, which provideshigh level features to declaratively model problems by means ofconstraints. It describes the main existing approaches for solvingconstraint satisfaction problems, including complete tree searchapproaches and metaheuristics, and shows how they can be integratedwithin constraint programming languages. The second part describes the ant colony optimizationmetaheuristic and illustrates its capabilities on differentconstraint satisfaction problems. The third part shows how the ant colony may be integrated within aconstraint programming language, thus combining the expressivepower of constraint programming languages, to describe problems ina declarative way, and the solving power of ant colony optimizationto efficiently solve these problems.

An Ant's Colony

Author:Erika de Nijs

Publisher:Cavendish Square Publishing, LLC


Total Pages:24



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These muscular members of the insect world are capable of moving large objects, whether food or building material, in an organized and cooperative fashion. This book provides a view of the layout of a belowground colony and looks at the different environments that various species of ants call home.

Ant Colony Optimization and Swarm Intelligence

Author:Marco Dorigo,Mauro Birattari,Christian Blum,Luca M. Gambardella,Francesco Mondada,Thomas Stützle



Total Pages:438



Books Description:

This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 4th International Workshop on Ant Colony Optimization and Swarm Intelligence, ANTS 2004, held in Brussels, Belgium in September 2004. The 22 revised full papers, 19 revised short papers, and 9 poster abstracts presented were carefully reviewed and selected from 79 papers submitted. The papers are devoted to theoretical and foundational aspects of ant algorithms, ant colony optimization and swarm intelligence and deal with a broad variety of optimization applications in networking and operations research.

Handbook of Swarm Intelligence

Author:Bijaya Ketan Panigrahi,Yuhui Shi,Meng-Hiot Lim

Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media


Total Pages:544



Books Description:

From nature, we observe swarming behavior in the form of ant colonies, bird flocking, animal herding, honey bees, swarming of bacteria, and many more. It is only in recent years that researchers have taken notice of such natural swarming systems as culmination of some form of innate collective intelligence, albeit swarm intelligence (SI) - a metaphor that inspires a myriad of computational problem-solving techniques. In computational intelligence, swarm-like algorithms have been successfully applied to solve many real-world problems in engineering and sciences. This handbook volume serves as a useful foundational as well as consolidatory state-of-art collection of articles in the field from various researchers around the globe. It has a rich collection of contributions pertaining to the theoretical and empirical study of single and multi-objective variants of swarm intelligence based algorithms like particle swarm optimization (PSO), ant colony optimization (ACO), bacterial foraging optimization algorithm (BFOA), honey bee social foraging algorithms, and harmony search (HS). With chapters describing various applications of SI techniques in real-world engineering problems, this handbook can be a valuable resource for researchers and practitioners, giving an in-depth flavor of what SI is capable of achieving.

Adventures among Ants

Author:Mark W. Moffett

Publisher:Univ of California Press


Total Pages:288



Books Description:

Intrepid international explorer, biologist, and photographer Mark W. Moffett, "the Indiana Jones of entomology," takes us around the globe on a strange and colorful journey in search of the hidden world of ants. In tales from Nigeria, Indonesia, the Amazon, Australia, California, and elsewhere, Moffett recounts his entomological exploits and provides fascinating details on how ants live and how they dominate their ecosystems through strikingly human behaviors, yet at a different scale and a faster tempo. Moffett’s spectacular close-up photographs shrink us down to size, so that we can observe ants in familiar roles; warriors, builders, big-game hunters, and slave owners. We find them creating marketplaces and assembly lines and dealing with issues we think of as uniquely human—including hygiene, recycling, and warfare. Adventures among Ants introduces some of the world’s most awe-inspiring species and offers a startling new perspective on the limits of our own perception. • Ants are world-class road builders, handling traffic problems on thoroughfares that dwarf our highway systems in their complexity • Ants with the largest societies often deploy complicated military tactics • Some ants have evolved from hunter-gatherers into farmers, domesticating other insects and growing crops for food

Essays and Surveys in Metaheuristics

Author:Celso C. Ribeiro,Pierre Hansen

Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media


Total Pages:651



Books Description:

Finding exact solutions to many combinatorial optimization problems in busi ness, engineering, and science still poses a real challenge, despite the impact of recent advances in mathematical programming and computer technology. New fields of applications, such as computational biology, electronic commerce, and supply chain management, bring new challenges and needs for algorithms and optimization techniques. Metaheuristics are master procedures that guide and modify the operations of subordinate heuristics, to produce improved approx imate solutions to hard optimization problems with respect to more simple algorithms. They also provide fast and robust tools, producing high-quality solutions in reasonable computation times. The field of metaheuristics has been fast evolving in recent years. Tech niques such as simulated annealing, tabu search, genetic algorithms, scatter search, greedy randomized adaptive search, variable neighborhood search, ant systems, and their hybrids are currently among the most efficient and robust optimization strategies to find high-quality solutions to many real-life optimiza tion problems. A very large nmnber of successful applications of metaheuristics are reported in the literature and spread throughout many books, journals, and conference proceedings. A series of international conferences entirely devoted to the theory, applications, and computational developments in metaheuristics has been attracting an increasing number of participants, from universities and the industry.

Evolutionary Multi-Criterion Optimization

Author:Carlos M. Fonseca,Xavier Gandibleux,Jin-Kao Hao,Marc Sevaux



Total Pages:586



Books Description:

This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Evolutionary Multi-Criterion Optimization, EMO 2009, held in Nantes, France in April 2009. The 39 revised full papers presented together with 5 invited talks were carefully reviewed and selected from 72 submissions. The papers are organized in topical sections on theoretical analysis, uncertainty and noise, algorithm development, performance analysis and comparison, applications, MCDM Track, Many objectives, alternative methods, as well as EMO and MCDA.

Tales from the Ant World

Author:Edward O. Wilson

Publisher:Liveright Publishing


Total Pages:240



Books Description:

Edward O. Wilson recalls his lifetime with ants, from his first boyhood encounters in the woods of Alabama to perilous journeys into the Brazilian rainforest. “Ants are the most warlike of all animals, with colony pitted against colony,” writes E.O. Wilson, one of the world’s most beloved scientists, “their clashes dwarf Waterloo and Gettysburg.” In Tales from the Ant World, two-time Pulitzer Prize-winner Wilson takes us on a myrmecological tour to such far-flung destinations as Mozambique and New Guinea, the Gulf of Mexico’s Dauphin Island and even his parent’s overgrown backyard, thrillingly relating his nine-decade-long scientific obsession with over 15,000 ant species. Animating his scientific observations with illuminating personal stories, Wilson hones in on twenty-five ant species to explain how these genetically superior creatures talk, smell, and taste, and more significantly, how they fight to determine who is dominant. Wryly observing that “males are little more than flying sperm missiles” or that ants send their “little old ladies into battle,” Wilson eloquently relays his brushes with fire, army, and leafcutter ants, as well as more exotic species. Among them are the very rare Matabele, Africa’s fiercest warrior ants, whose female hunters can carry up to fifteen termites in their jaw (and, as Wilson reports from personal experience, have an incredibly painful stinger); Costa Rica’s Basiceros, the slowest of all ants; and New Caledonia’s Bull Ants, the most endangered of them all, which Wilson discovered in 2011 after over twenty years of presumed extinction. Richly illustrated throughout with depictions of ant species by Kristen Orr, as well as photos from Wilsons’ expeditions throughout the world, Tales from the Ant World is a fascinating, if not occasionally hair-raising, personal account by one of our greatest scientists and a necessary volume for any lover of the natural world.

Ant Colony Optimization Algorithm for Load Balancing in Grid Computing (UUM Press)

Author:Ku Ruhana Ku Mahamud,Aniza Mohamed Din

Publisher:UUM Press


Total Pages:72



Books Description:

Managing resources in grid computing system is complicated due to the distributed and heterogeneous nature of the resources. This research proposes an enhancement of the ant colony optimization algorithm that caters for dynamic scheduling and load balancing in the grid computing system. The proposed algorithm is known as the enhance Ant Colony Optimization (EACO). The algorithm consists of three new mechanisms that organize the work of an ant colony i.e. initial pheromone value mechanism, resource selection mechanism and pheromone update mechanism. The resource allocation problem is modelled as a graph that can be used by the ant to deliver its pheromone. This graph consists of four types of vertices which are job, requirement, resource and capacity that are used in constructing the grid resource management element. The proposed EACO algorithm takes into consideration the capacity of resources and the characteristics of jobs in determining the best resource to process a job. EACO selects the resources based on the pheromone value on each resource which is recorded in a matrix form. The initial pheromone value of each resource for each job is calculated based on the estimated transmission time and execution time of a given job. Resources with high pheromone value are selected to process the submitted jobs. Global pheromone update is performed after the completion of processing the jobs in order to reduce the pheromone value of resources. A simulation environment was developed using Java programming to test the performance of the proposed EACO algorithm against other ant based algorithm, in terms of resource utilization. Experimental results show that EACO produced better grid resource management solution.

Mechatronics and Intelligent Materials II

Author:Ran Chen,Wen Pei Sung

Publisher:Trans Tech Publications Ltd


Total Pages:4300



Books Description:

Volume is indexed by Thomson Reuters CPCI-S (WoS). This work comprises 798 peer-reviewed papers on Mechatronics and Intelligent Materials, and seeks to promote the development of those topics by strengthening international academic cooperation and communication via the exchange of research ideas. It will provide readers with a broad overview of the latest advances made in the fields of mechatronics and intelligent materials.

Advances in Mechatronics and Control Engineering III

Author:Prasad Yarlagadda

Publisher:Trans Tech Publications Ltd


Total Pages:762



Books Description:

Collection of selected, peer reviewed papers from the 2014 3rd International Conference on Mechatronics and Control Engineering (ICMCE 2014), August 27-28, 2014, Zhuhai, China. Volume is indexed by Thomson Reuters CPCI-S (WoS). The 135 papers are grouped as follows: Chapter 1: Artificial Intelligence, Algorithms and Computation Methods; Chapter 2: Mathematical Methods and Data Mining, Information Technologies in Industry; Chapter 3: Sound, Image, Signal and Video Processing and Technologies; Chapter 4: Sensors, Testing, Detection, Instrumentation, Measurement and Monitoring Technologies; Chapter 5: Design Technologies in Mechatronics, Industrial Robots, Automation and Control Technologies; Chapter 6: Computer Networks, Communications Technology and E-Applications; Chapter 7: Modern Electronic, Power and Circuit Technologies, Electrical Systems; Chapter 8: Materials and Manufacturing Processes, Applied Mechanics; Chapter 9: Engineering Education, Engineering Management and Industrial Engineering

Advances in Neural Networks - ISNN 2006

Author:Jun Wang,Zhang Yi,Jacek M. Zurada,Bao-Liang Lu,Yin Hujun



Total Pages:1444



Books Description:

This is Volume I of a three volume set constituting the refereed proceedings of the Third International Symposium on Neural Networks, ISNN 2006. 616 revised papers are organized in topical sections on neurobiological analysis, theoretical analysis, neurodynamic optimization, learning algorithms, model design, kernel methods, data preprocessing, pattern classification, computer vision, image and signal processing, system modeling, robotic systems, transportation systems, communication networks, information security, fault detection, financial analysis, bioinformatics, biomedical and industrial applications, and more.

Life System Modeling and Intelligent Computing

Author:Minrui Fei,Li Jia,George W. Irwin



Total Pages:518



Books Description:

The 2010 International Conference on Life System Modeling and Simulation (LSMS 2010) and the 2010 International Conference on Intelligent Computing for Sustainable Energy and Environment (ICSEE 2010) were formed to bring together researchers and practitioners in the fields of life system modeling/simulation and intelligent computing applied to worldwide sustainable energy and environmental applications. A life system is a broad concept, covering both micro and macro components ra- ing from cells, tissues and organs across to organisms and ecological niches. To c- prehend and predict the complex behavior of even a simple life system can be - tremely difficult using conventional approaches. To meet this challenge, a variety of new theories and methodologies have emerged in recent years on life system modeling and simulation. Along with improved understanding of the behavior of biological systems, novel intelligent computing paradigms and techniques have emerged to h- dle complicated real-world problems and applications. In particular, intelligent c- puting approaches have been valuable in the design and development of systems and facilities for achieving sustainable energy and a sustainable environment, the two most challenging issues currently facing humanity. The two LSMS 2010 and ICSEE 2010 conferences served as an important platform for synergizing these two research streams.