The Crown of Thorns


Publisher:Penn State Press


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Books Description:

In Binding Earth and Heaven, Gary Shepherd and Gordon Shepherd use early nineteenth-century Mormonism as a case study to examine questions about how new religious movements may, as rare exceptions, survive and even eventually become successful in spite of intense opposition. Initial scorn and contempt for Mormonism—the fledgling creation of the young Joseph Smith—quickly elevated to mob violence as both Smith’s innovative teachings and converted followers proliferated, resulting in the widely held perception that the Mormons constituted a social menace. This book examines how Mormonism attracted and maintained the loyalty of increasing numbers of people despite mounting hostilities and severe hardships. The book focuses on the unique Mormon ritual (and accompanying doctrinal underpinnings) of “patriarchal blessings.” Patriarchal blessings were an innovative adaptation of the Old Testament practice of fathers making quasi-legal pronouncements over the heads of their sons—a way of verbally conferring rights, promises, admonition, and guidance to heirs. Binding Earth and Heaven shows how the organizational complexities of this practice contributed to strengthening and sustaining member faith and fealty, thereby bolstering the continuity and development of Mormonism.

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The Sermon on the Mount in the Light of the Temple

Author:John W. Welch



Total Pages:272



Books Description:

No religious text has influenced the world more than has the New Testament's Sermon on the Mount, and yet this crucial text still begs to be more clearly understood. Why was it written? What unifying theme or purpose holds it all together? Should it be called a sermon? Or is it some other kind of composition? How would its earliest listeners have heard its encoded allusions and systematic program? This book offers new insights into the Sermon on the Mount by seeing it in the shadow of the all-pervasive Temple in Jerusalem, which dominated the religious landscape of the world of Jesus and his earliest disciples. Analyzing Matthew 5-7 in light of biblical and Jewish backgrounds, ritual studies, and oral performances in early Christian worship, this reading coherently integrates every line in the Sermon. It positions the Sermon as the premier Christian mystery.

Ayahuasca, Ritual and Religion in Brazil

Author:Beatriz Caiuby Labate,Edward MacRae



Total Pages:256



Books Description:

Ayahuasca is a psychoactive drink used for healing and divination among religious groups in the Brazilian Amazon. 'Ayahuasca, Ritual and Religion in Brazil' is the first scholarly volume in English to examine the religious rituals and practices surrounding ayahuasca. The use of ayahuasca among religious groups is analysed, alongside Brazilian public policies regarding ayahuasca and the handling of substance dependence. 'Ayahuasca, Ritual and Religion in Brazil' will be of interest to scholars of anthropology and religion and all those interested in the role of stimulants in religious practice.

The Powers of Binding and Loosing

Author:Elder Nathan J. Elliott

Publisher:Xlibris Corporation


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Books Description:

THE POWERS OF BINDING AND LOOSING (BREAKING DOWN STRONGHOLDS) This book is a product of my life, it’s a manual to teach and to instruct the believer on how to live this life by faith, and to walk in God’s perfect will, and that is by applying God’s Word in our lives by faith and watch it produce a harvest. There was a phrase that I heard in a movie and it was this, “with great power, comes great responsibility”, and Jesus Christ has given to His church and to the fellowship of believers such great power and the time has come for us to display the power that has been given to us, to this dying world. We have been told that, life is what YOU make it, it’s how the chips may fall, you win a few, you lose a few, if life throws you lemons make lemonade, life is a crapshoot, it’s all in how you throw the dice! Life is not a crapshoot! God has a purpose and a plan for your life, and contained n His Word are the precepts and the principles on how to overcome the circumstances of this life, and I don’t mean to overcome just a few things, but ALL things, if we’re willing to be obedient to what is being said in His Holy Word! PSALMS 35:19: “MANY ARE THE AFFLICTIONS OF THE RIGHTEOUS: BUT THE LORD DELIVERTH HIM OUT OF THEM ALL.” (KJV) By applying the principles that God has taught me over the years, God has healed me of two major diseases (Gulline Barre Syndrome and Crohn’s Disease) that have no cure by man’s knowledge. Within this book “The Power of Binding and Loosing, (Breaking Down Strongholds)” the reader will learn who they are in God, and why they were created. And because of God’s love and through the sacrifice of His Son Jesus Christ, He has given us the opportunity to have a NEW LIFE! A life which is empowered by His Spirit and covered by His blood; so that all who accept the sacrifice of the cross can overcome the circumstances of this life. The reader of this book will learn how to apply God’s Word as a seed and to plant that seed in our hearts, and then watch the seed of the Word of God produce a harvest in their life. The reader will also learn how to fight the enemy (satan), by using the Word of God which is our greatest weapon, to be victorious in every area of their life for the Gory of the Lord. God has created us with POTENTIAL, and that potential was not given to us just to be deposited in the grave. What is potential? POTENTIAL IS...DORMANT ABILITY...RESERVED POWER...UNTAPPED STRENGTH...UNUSED SUCCESS...HIDDEN TALENTS...CAPPED CAPABILITY. Potential is all you can be but have not yet become...all you can do but have not yet far you can reach but have not yet reached...what you can accomplish but have not yet accomplished. Potential is unexposed ability and latent power! Everything the God has ever created was created with potential...everything! And everything in life has the potential to fulfill its purpose. People who die without achieving their full potential rob their generation of their latent ability. To die with ability is IRRESPONSIBLE! When God created the heavens and the earth, He first decided what He wanted to make something out of and then He spoke to that source. When God wanted plants He spoke to the dirt. When God wanted fish He spoke to the waters. When God wanted animals He spoke to the ground. But WHEN GOD CREATED MAN, HE SPOKE TO HIMSELF! YOU CAME OUT OF GOD!!! So remember, “WITH GREAT POWER COME GREAT RESPONISIBILTY,” God has given to us the greatest power that there is, and that is the opportunity to be re-born in the likeness of His Son and empowered by His Holy Spirit. So let’s take this new life and create an effective change in the earth, for the Glory of my Father’s Kingdom!!!! Elder Nathan J. Elliott

International Lesson Commentary KJV with NRSV Comparison

Author:Cook Communications,Daniel (NA) Lioy

Publisher:David C Cook


Total Pages:430



Books Description:

The choice of thousands of pastors, Sunday school teachers, Christian education directors and superintendents worldwide for over ninety years! True to the Bible, and based on the international Sunday School Lessons (ISSL), the KJV International Lesson Commentary enhances teaching materials provided by many Christian publishers and helps in sermon preparation. Make the Word of God come alive for you and your students. The easy-to-use format includes: 52 lessons that follow the ISSL Scripture sequence, Complete texts reprinted from the KJV with NRSV for comparison, Insightful explanatory notes on Bible text, Historical suggestions for each lesson, Vivid illustrations, Stimulating discussion topics and questions for youth and adults, Daily home Bible readings. Book jacket.

Family History and Temples Including Grigg and Related Family Genealogies

Author:Dick Grigg

Publisher:Xlibris Corporation


Total Pages:416



Books Description:

This is a compilation of references to Family History and temple work from the Bible, Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants, Pearl of Great Price, and Modern Church Leaders. Also there is a chapter on faith promoting stories from family history experiences and a chapter on family stories and descendant charts of the Grigg family. There is information on how modern research techniques using computers, digitizing of records and the internet facilitates the researching and finding of your ancestors. The last chapter is an update and republishing of the the book titled Parley M. Grigg, Jr. and Thankful Halsey Gardners Descendants and History published in 1992. This correlated publication shows that in all ages of the world since the creation of Adam, God has desired His Holy Ordinances to be done in a House built to His name, namely a Temple of God. This compilation is also designed to show that Jesus plan of redemption for all mankind includes vicarious ordinance work for the dead to be done in Gods Holy Temples by those living in the Dispensation of the Fullness of Times. This was all in Gods plan for the redemption of all mankind before the foundation of this world.

Operating in the Courts of Heaven

Author:Robert Henderson

Publisher:Destiny Image Publishers


Total Pages:217



Books Description:

Why do some people pray in agreement with God’s will, heart and timing, yet the desired answers do not come? Why would God not respond when we pray from the earnestness of our hearts? What is the problem, or better yet, what is the solution? Robert Henderson believes the answer is found in where your prayer actually takes place. We must direct our prayer towards the Courts of Heaven and not only the battlefield. Robert shows that it is in the courtrooms of Heaven where our breakthroughs can be found. When you learn to operate there you will see your answers unlocked and released. This book will teach you the legal processes of Heaven and how to operate in its courts. When you get off the battlefield and into the courtroom you can grant God the legal clearance to fulfill His passion and answer your prayers.

Standing Strong

Author:John MacArthur

Publisher:David C Cook


Total Pages:224



Books Description:

What exactly is spiritual warfare and what should be the Christian's response? John MacArthur teaches you how to fight the good fight of faith.

Hitchhikers, Hijackers, and Faceless Hackers in the Earth Realm

Author:DeRon Hopkins

Publisher:WestBow Press


Total Pages:218



Books Description:

DISROBE THE COUNTERFEIT SPIRIT SITTING IN THE PEWS. In the new age occult movement, many seek demonic fortune tellers and tarot card readers and yield to the powers of darkness. Unfortunately, many in the church use dark methods without understanding they are interacting with Satans demons. In Hitchhikers, Hijackers, and Faceless Hackers in the Earth Realm, author DeRon Hopkins addresses the deceptions of Satan and his evil devices sent to distract many within the body of Christ from hearing and moving in their God-given position with the Father. Through scriptural examples, Hopkins shows how these dark powers seduce and manipulate many in the body of Christ because they have unknowingly left themselves accessible and uncovered. Satans spies seek open doors to access the flesh through unidentified sin in the lives of many of Gods people. She discusses that Christians must observe the holiness of God to destroy the witches and warlocks in the church; Christians must be in complete alignment with God and be a holy people belonging to God alone. Insightful and filled with practical information for victorious living, Hitchhikers, Hijackers, and Faceless Hackers in the Earth Realm provides an in-depth knowledge of God and supernatural insight into the sacrifice that Jesus made on Calvarys cross for the sins of humanity. It declares theological and Biblical truths of what this world is facing and shall face according to the Word of God.


Author:Steven Olderr



Total Pages:234



Books Description:

The use of symbolism is an art, not a science. Different people use symbols in a variety of ways and each symbol can have diverse meanings, even within the same culture. Not surprisingly, determining the meaning of symbols can be difficult. This valuable reference defines the general symbolism of more than 15,000 terms, from ancient to modern, as well as specialized meanings in mythology, religion, art, literature, folklore, flower language, astrology, heraldry, numerology, and cultures the world over. From “0” to “Zu,” each entry catalogs all possible connotations, listed by culture when appropriate, creating the most comprehensive symbolism dictionary available.

“Truly, I Tell You”

Author:Cindy Rowe

Publisher:WestBow Press


Total Pages:176



Books Description:

Jesus said, “I am The Way, The Truth, and The Life...” The fact that the person who actually is “The Truth” is speaking to us is a very compelling reason to stop and take note of His words but, the fact that when He speaks these words and adds the word “truly” to His statement is particularly noteworthy. When I started this examination of Jesus’ words I found approximately eighty times this phrase was recorded in the Bible. That’s eighty pieces of advice spoken by Truth Himself. I have combined the details of each statement from the four gospels and summarized them in forty “Truly” lessons. Join me as we consider this advice and allow it to “sink into our ears” - for use today and days yet to come.



Publisher:Author House


Total Pages:136



Books Description:

Salvation--Authority-Healing-- These three major components of a three part foundation will up-hold a strong understanding of how God has put in order our access to HIS COVENANT PROVISIONS for those who choose to enter into them. This book will give you a clear picture of what must be learned if you want to master the journey to your own salvation, authority and healing.

A Dictionary of the Sacred Language of All Scriptures and Myths (Routledge Revivals)

Author:G Gaskell



Total Pages:836



Books Description:

G. A. Gaskell’s Dictionary of the Sacred Language of All Scriptures and Myths, first published in 1923, examines several different aspects of religion, including examples from Ancient Egyptian religion and mythology to modern-day Christianity, providing explanations of gods, events, and symbols in alphabetical order. This is a perfect reference book for students of theology or the history of religion.

From Godless Dark To Godly Light

Author:David Lendway

Publisher:Christian Faith Publishing, Inc.


Total Pages:464



Books Description:

This is the biography and journey of a father leading his family out of the world's relative darkness, confusion, and misunderstanding caused by false teaching and into the realm of absolute daylight, certainty, hopefulness, and understanding by way of the undeniable truth. You will be guided through this father's life from early childhood, through adolescence, adulthood, and old age. You will learn of his extensive religious background, which will hopefully provide him with a certain amount of credibility because of what he decided to do with his life, the life of his family, and many of those who he came in contact with. You will be presented with four letters he has written to each of his three children informing them of the way they each need to change their lives in order to come out of the darkness of confusion and unbelief and into the light of certainty and true belief. You will see how each of these letters were accepted by them and the impact they had on his wife and each of his three children. Finally you will see what each member of his family is now doing with their lives and how each has changed from what they were then, before the letters, and what they are now, after the letters.

On Earth as in Heaven

Author:David Clark

Publisher:Fortress Press


Total Pages:304



Books Description:

Convinced that we can no longer have direct, unmediated access to the sense of Jesus’s prayer but must account for the history of its “effects,” David Clark seeks to trace the meaning of one of Christianity’s most repeated, and thus most “effective” texts through the early centuries of the faith. Clark begins by arguing that the prayer’s original context was in a revival of Jewish prayer, then sets it in the literary context of Gospels that, he argues, represented Jesus as recapitulating Israel’s testing in the wilderness in his own temptation. He then traces the prayer’s meaning within the narratives of Matthew and Luke and in the Didache, then examines the first full commentary on the prayer, that of Tertullian in the third century ce. Clark attends to the evolution of ideas and themes embodied in the prayer and of the understanding of prayer itself across epic transitions, from Judaism to the teaching of Jesus, from Jesus to the Gospels, and from the Gospels to earliest self-consciously “catholic” Christianity. This is an engaging narrative of the history behind and reception of the Lord’s Prayer; it illustrates how a text’s reception may help us explore and understand the multivalent meaning of the text itself.

Backwoods Witchcraft

Author:Jake Richards

Publisher:Weiser Books


Total Pages:240



Books Description:

In Backwoods Witchcraft, Jake Richards offers up a folksy stew of family stories, lore, omens, rituals, and conjure crafts that he learned from his great-grandmother, his grandmother, and his grandfather, a Baptist minister who Jake remembers could "rid someone of a fever with an egg or stop up the blood in a wound." The witchcraft practiced in Appalachia is very much a folk magic of place, a tradition that honors the seen and unseen beings that inhabit the land as well as the soil, roots, and plant life. The materials and tools used in Appalachia witchcraft are readily available from the land. This "grounded approach" will be of keen interest to witches and conjure folk regardless of where they live. Readers will be guided in how to build relationships with the spirits and other beings that dwell around them and how to use the materials and tools that are readily available on the land where one lives. This book also provides instructions on how to create a working space and altar and make conjure oils and powders. A wide array of tried-and-true formulas are also offered for creating wealth, protecting one from gossip, spiritual cleansing, and more.

Walking in Your Blessing

Author:Brenda Oglesby

Publisher:WestBow Press


Total Pages:94



Books Description:

Do you really think there is no hope for you? Ezekiel did not say “No, Lord. I don’t think you can do it.” He just said “I don’t know, but you know, God. You know, God, what you will and can do.” Therefore, Ezekiel had hope; he did not have hope in his ability, but in God’s ability to restore. Do you have that kind of hope in God? God can deliver and restore all to you. Having that kind of faith in God will change your circumstance.

Foundational Texts of Mormonism

Author:Mark Ashurst-McGee,Robin Jensen,Sharalyn D. Howcroft

Publisher:Oxford University Press


Total Pages:384



Books Description:

Joseph Smith, founding prophet and martyr of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, personally wrote, dictated, or commissioned thousands of documents. Among these are several highly significant sources that scholars have used over and over again in their attempts to reconstruct the founding era of Mormonism, usually by focusing solely on content, without a deep appreciation for how and why a document was produced. This book offers case studies of the sources most often used by historians of the early Mormon experience. Each chapter takes a particular document as its primary subject, considering the production of a document as an historical event in itself, with its own background, purpose, circumstances, and consequences. The documents are examined not merely as sources of information but as artifacts that reflect aspects of the general culture and particular circumstances in which they were created. This book will help historians working in the founding era of Mormonism gain a more solid grounding in the period's documentary record by supplying important information on major primary sources.

The Angel Came

Author:Ophelia Griggs

Publisher:Christian Faith Publishing, Inc.


Total Pages:122



Books Description:

The revealing events in the book are compelling and intriguing. They are powerful, intense, and realistically experienced. The author shares her personal experiences about two beloved family members who cannot tell their story about surrendering to dying. It is no secret that losing loved ones to death can be agonizing and challenging, but the death described in the book made an entrance in a beautiful manner. Death revealed moments of no defeat yet demanded attention from the author to grasp different perspectives about each beloved one. The captivating occurrences of how each beloved one expired are unique revelations that will ignite discussions. The author shares how she came to forgive the young man who murdered her brother and how the spiritual insight from God opened that door to forgiveness. The shared supernatural encounters that started during the author's childhood are regarded as hidden treasures beyond human knowledge. Some of those encounters were not of the Great Divine, but because of curiosity, the author got on a path leading to demonic practices unaware. The dreams in the book are phenomenal and another discussion piece for those who desires the interpretation of dreams. The hereafter is described dramatically and in the book points evidently to there being a life afar from the earthly realm. The childhood memories are remarkably described with love and no regrets. Those memories echo experiences and an environment that shaped the author's world. The strong belief system and faith in God is the pillar that gets the author through those life challenges and devastating situations pertaining to her beloved ones and the medical issues leaving her non-childbearing. The experiences with fibroids and how they formed in the uterus from a natural and spiritual side leave pondering thoughts. The fact of never having children is accepted by the author.

Desiring Divinity

Author:M. David Litwa

Publisher:Oxford University Press


Total Pages:N.A



Books Description:

Perhaps no declaration incites more theological and moral outrage than a human's claim to be divine. Those who make this claim in ancient Jewish and Christian mythology are typically represented as the most hubristic and dangerous tyrants. Their horrible punishments are predictable and still serve as morality tales in religious communities today. But not all self-deifiers are saddled with pride and fated to fall. Some who claimed divinity stated a simple and direct truth. Though reviled on earth, misunderstood, and even killed, they received vindication and rose to the stars. This book tells the stories of six self-deifiers in their historical, social, and ideological contexts. In the history of interpretation, the initial three figures have been demonized as cosmic rebels: the first human Adam, Lucifer (later identified with Satan), and Yaldabaoth in gnostic mythology. By contrast, the final three have served as positive models for deification and divine favor: Jesus in the gospel of John, Simon of Samaria, and Allogenes in the Nag Hammadi library. In the end, the line separating demonization from deification is dangerously thin, drawn as it is by the unsteady hand of human valuation.