The Crown of Thorns


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Reflections on the Revolution in France by an English-Irish politician Edmund Burke is a philosophico-political treatise that widely criticizes the revolutionary method programms for rebuilding the society. It was written in the middle of the French Revolution in 1790. The treatise caused a wide social discussion, in particular because of the parallel oratorical activity of Burke in the Parlainment and as a bright expression of the ideology of conservatism. In his work Burke criticized sharply and categorically the French Revolution as an attempt to destroy the entrenched social order and change it into a theoretic, and that is why inviable, scheme of social relations, which was developed by encyclopedic philosophers.

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Architecture and the Novel Under the Italian Fascist Regime

Author:Francesca Billiani,Laura Pennacchietti

Publisher:Springer Nature


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This book is open access under a CC BY 4.0 license "Francesca Billiani and Laura Pennacchietti draw brilliantly and with precision the evolution of the new architecture and of the national novel (with insights on translations of international novels), whose profiles had been shaped from different angles, especially in the 1930s. These two fields, apparently so distant one from the other, had never been analysed in parallel. This book does this and uncovers several points of contact between the two, spanning propaganda and theoretical turning points." —Chiara Costa and Cornelia Mattiacci, Fondazione Prada, Italy "This book shows convincingly how the arte di Stato during Fascism was created with the morality of a new novel as well as architecture. It is surprising to read how one of the representatives of State art, Giuseppe Bottai, is also one of the finest critics of realist novels and rationalist architecture. More than parallel endeavours, the system of the arts during the Fascist regime should be viewed as a series of intersections of cultural, political and aesthetic discourses." —Monica Jansen, Utrecht University, The Netherlands Architecture and the Novel under the Italian Fascist Regime discusses the relationship between the novel and architecture during the Fascist period in Italy (1922-1943). By looking at two profoundly diverse aesthetic phenomena within the context of the creation of a Fascist State art, Billiani and Pennacchietti argue that an effort of construction, or reconstruction, was the main driving force behind both projects: the advocated "revolution" of the novel form (realism) and that of architecture (rationalism). The book is divided into seven chapters, which in turn analyze the interconnections between the novel and architecture in theory and in practice. The first six chapters cover debates on State art, on the novel and on architecture, as well as their historical development and their unfolding in key journals of the per iod. The last chapter offers a detailed analysis of some important novels and buildings, which have in practice realized some of the key principles articulated in the theoretical disputes. Francesca Billiani is Senior Lecturer in Italian Studies and Director of the Centre for Interdisciplinary Research in the Arts and Languages at the University of Manchester, UK. Laura Pennacchietti is Research Associate in Italian Studies at the University of Manchester, UK.

Migration, Agriculture and Rural Development

Author:Michele Nori,Domenica Farinella

Publisher:Springer Nature


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This open access short reader looks into the dynamics which have reshaped rural development and human landscapes in European agriculture and the role of immigrant people. Within this framework it analyses contemporary rural migrations and the emergence of immigrants in relation to the incorporation of agrarian systems into global markets, the European agricultural governance (CAP), and the struggle of local territories as differentiated practices in constant stress between innovation and resilience. It specifically explores the case of immigrant shepherds to describe the reconfiguration of agriculture systems and rural landscapes in Europe following intense immigration and the related provision of skilled labour at a relatively low cost. Being written in a very accessible way, this reader is an interesting read to students, researchers, academics, policy makers, and practitioners.

Big Data Analytics for Internet of Things

Author:Tausifa Jan Saleem,Mohammad Ahsan Chishti

Publisher:John Wiley & Sons


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BIG DATA ANALYTICS FOR INTERNET OF THINGS Discover the latest developments in IoT Big Data with a new resource from established and emerging leaders in the field Big Data Analytics for Internet of Things delivers a comprehensive overview of all aspects of big data analytics in Internet of Things (IoT) systems. The book includes discussions of the enabling technologies of IoT data analytics, types of IoT data analytics, challenges in IoT data analytics, demand for IoT data analytics, computing platforms, analytical tools, privacy, and security. The distinguished editors have included resources that address key techniques in the analysis of IoT data. The book demonstrates how to select the appropriate techniques to unearth valuable insights from IoT data and offers novel designs for IoT systems. With an abiding focus on practical strategies with concrete applications for data analysts and IoT professionals, Big Data Analytics for Internet of Things also offers readers: A thorough introduction to the Internet of Things, including IoT architectures, enabling technologies, and applications An exploration of the intersection between the Internet of Things and Big Data, including IoT as a source of Big Data, the unique characteristics of IoT data, etc. A discussion of the IoT data analytics, including the data analytical requirements of IoT data and the types of IoT analytics, including predictive, descriptive, and prescriptive analytics A treatment of machine learning techniques for IoT data analytics Perfect for professionals, industry practitioners, and researchers engaged in big data analytics related to IoT systems, Big Data Analytics for Internet of Things will also earn a place in the libraries of IoT designers and manufacturers interested in facilitating the efficient implementation of data analytics strategies.

A Pickle for the Knowing Ones

Author:Timothy Dexter



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"A Pickle for the Knowing Ones" by Timothy Dexter. Published by Good Press. Good Press publishes a wide range of titles that encompasses every genre. From well-known classics & literary fiction and non-fiction to forgotten−or yet undiscovered gems−of world literature, we issue the books that need to be read. Each Good Press edition has been meticulously edited and formatted to boost readability for all e-readers and devices. Our goal is to produce eBooks that are user-friendly and accessible to everyone in a high-quality digital format.

The Supernatural Book of Monsters, Spirits, Demons, and Ghouls

Author:Alex Irvine

Publisher:Harper Collins


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Twenty-three years ago, Sam and Dean Winchester lost their mother to a demonic supernatural force. Following the tragedy, their father, John, set out to teach his boys everything about the paranormal evil that lives in the dark corners and on the back roads of America . . . and how to kill it. Fans of the blockbuster television phenomenon can rejoice! A one-of-a-kind compilation of all of Sam and Dean's demon-busting knowledge, The Supernatural Book of Monsters, Spirits, Demons, and Ghouls contains illustrations and detailed descriptions that catalogue the more than two dozen otherworldly enemies that most people believe exist only in folklore, superstition, and nightmares:vampires, ghosts, revenants, reapers, and even bloody clowns. You'll find within these pages Sam and Dean's notes, observations, and memories interwoven with sections of John Winchester's invaluable journal, making this book the perfect companion to every thrilling episode—and an essential weapon in the secret war against the hidden creatures of the darkness!

The Good Earth

Author:Pearl S. Buck

Publisher:Open Road Media


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The Pulitzer Prize–winning, New York Times–bestselling novel about a peasant farmer and his family in early twentieth-century China. The Good Earth is Buck’s classic story of Wang Lung, a Chinese peasant farmer, and his wife, O-lan, a former slave. With luck and hard work, the couple’s fortunes improve over the years: They are blessed with sons, and save steadily until one day they can afford to buy property in the House of Wang—the very house in which O-lan used to work. But success brings with it a new set of problems. Wang soon finds himself the target of jealousy, and as good harvests come and go, so does the social order. Will Wang’s family cherish the estate after he’s gone? And can his material success, the bedrock of his life, guarantee anything about his soul? Winner of the Pulitzer Prize and the William Dean Howells Award, The Good Earth was an Oprah’s Book Club choice in 2004. A readers’ favorite for generations, this powerful and beautifully written fable resonates with universal themes of hope and family unity. This ebook features an illustrated biography of Pearl S. Buck including rare images from the author’s estate.

Front Desk (Scholastic Gold)

Author:Kelly Yang

Publisher:Scholastic Inc.


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Inside Out and Back Again meets Millicent Min, Girl Genius in this timely, hopeful middle-grade novel with a contemporary Chinese twist. Winner of the Asian / Pacific American Award for Children's Literature!* "Many readers will recognize themselves or their neighbors in these pages." -- Kirkus Reviews, starred reviewMia Tang has a lot of secrets.Number 1: She lives in a motel, not a big house. Every day, while her immigrant parents clean the rooms, ten-year-old Mia manages the front desk of the Calivista Motel and tends to its guests.Number 2: Her parents hide immigrants. And if the mean motel owner, Mr. Yao, finds out they've been letting them stay in the empty rooms for free, the Tangs will be doomed.Number 3: She wants to be a writer. But how can she when her mom thinks she should stick to math because English is not her first language?It will take all of Mia's courage, kindness, and hard work to get through this year. Will she be able to hold on to her job, help the immigrants and guests, escape Mr. Yao, and go for her dreams?Front Desk joins the Scholastic Gold line, which features award-winning and beloved novels. Includes exclusive bonus content!

Europe and the Left

Author:James L. Newell

Publisher:Springer Nature


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This edited volume revolves around two sets of questions. First, what do the 2019 European elections suggest about the extent to which the mainstream parties of the left are attempting to deal with their decline through an increased, common, emphasis on their project for a more integrated, 'social Europe' as opposed to an emphasis on the more 'traditional', domestically-focussed, issues? Given the heightened profile of Europe in domestic politics; given the polarisation around Europe; given the way in which (especially in the countries of the Eurozone) media discussion of the domestic implications of EU decision-making can influence the climate of opinion regardless of the actions of domestic party actors themselves, we would expect the social democrats among them to seek to reassert control over the conditions of opinion formation through a renewed emphasis on integration (as well as its benefits and its potential as a source of identities to rival national, exclusionary identities) in opposition to their populist and Eurosceptical adversaries. To what extent do the campaigns waged by these parties bear out this expectation? Second, how well are the parties coping with the internal and external, institutional and political obstacles in the way of pursuit of this agenda?

Red Brigades

Author:Robert C Meade



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Looks at the history and motivation of the Red Brigades, recounts the kidnapping and murder of Aldo Moro, and assesses Italy's anti-terrorist efforts.

Russia in the Middle East and North Africa

Author:Chiara Lovotti,Eleonora Tafuro Ambrosetti,Christopher Hartwell,Aleksandra Chmielewska



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After decades of intense interest and rivalry with the USA, the end of the Cold War and the dismantling of the USSR officially marked a period of significant retreat of Russia from the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). However, with Russia’s economic recovery and the entrenchment of President Vladimir Putin, Russia’s interest in the region has risen anew. Once again seen as a battleground to contest US hegemony, Russia has expanded its political, military and (to a lesser extent) economic relationships across the region. Most apparent in the military intervention in Syria, Russia has also been engaged with traditional rivals Iran, Saudi Arabia and Turkey, stepping into the vacuum left by the US Obama Administration. Is Russia’s reengagement part of a strategy, or is it mere opportunism? Authors with different backgrounds, experiences and origins examine this question via an analysis of the historical drivers of Russian interest in the MENA region and the factors underlying current Russian policies.

Open Tourism

Author:Roman Egger,Igor Gula,Dominik Walcher



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This book examines the concepts of open innovation, crowdsourcing and co-creation from a holistic point of view and analyzes them considering their suitability to the tourism industry. Methods, theories and models are discussed and examined regarding their practical applicability in tourism. The book illustrates the theoretical mechanisms and principles of Open Innovation, Crowdsourcing and Co-creation with case studies and best practices examples. In addition to the scientific target group, the book is a useful resource for managers of the entire tourism industry. First, the book presents the theoretical fundamentals and concepts in 11 specific chapters. This basis is then enriched by three parts with case studies, focusing on information, creation and provision respectively. Finally in a concluding part the editors sum up the book and give an outlook on the implications, learnings and future perspectives of open innovation, crowdsourcing and collaborative consumption in the tourism industry.

Migration and Agriculture

Author:Alessandra Corrado,Carlos de Castro,Domenico Perrotta



Total Pages:346



Books Description:

In recent years, Mediterranean agriculture has experienced important transformations which have led to new forms of labour and production, and in particular to a surge in the recruitment of migrant labour. The Mediterranean Basin represents a very interesting arena that is able to illustrate labour conditions and mobility, the competition among different farming models, and the consequences in terms of the proletarianization process, food crisis and diet changes. Migration and Agriculture brings together international contributors from across several disciplines to describe and analyse labour conditions and international migrations in relation to agri-food restructuring processes. This unique collection of articles connects migration issues with the proletarianization process and agrarian transitions that have affected Southern European as well as some Middle Eastern and Northern African countries in different ways. The chapters present case studies from a range of territories in the Mediterranean Basin, offering empirical data and theoretical analysis in order to grasp the complexity of the processes that are occurring. This book offers a uniquely comprehensive overview of migrations, territories and agro-food production in this key region, and will be an indispensable resource to scholars in migration studies, rural sociology, social geography and the political economy of agriculture.

Historical Archaeologies of Transhumance across Europe

Author:Eugene Costello,Eva Svensson



Total Pages:268



Books Description:

Transhumance is a form of pastoralism that has been practised around the world since animals were first domesticated. Such seasonal movements have formed an important aspect of many European farming systems for several thousand years, although they have declined markedly since the nineteenth century. Ethnographers and geographers have long been involved in recording transhumant practices, and in the last two decades archaeologists have started to add a new material dimension to the subject. This volume brings together recent advances in the study of European transhumance during historical times, from Sweden to Spain, Romania to Ireland, and beyond that even Newfoundland. While the focus is on the archaeology of seasonal sites used by shepherds and cowherds, the contributions exhibit a high degree of interdisciplinarity. Documentary, cartographic, ethnographic and palaeoecological evidence all play a part in the examination of seasonal movement and settlement in medieval and post-medieval landscapes. Notwithstanding the obvious diversity across Europe in terms of livestock, distances travelled and socio-economic context, an extended introduction to the volume shows that cross-cutting themes are now emerging, including mobility, gendered herding, collective land-use, the agency of non-elite people and competition for grazing and markets. The book will appeal not only to archaeologists, but to historians, geographers, ethnographers, palaeoecologists and anyone interested in rural lifeways across Europe.

Enterprise Information Systems

Author:Joaquim Filipe

Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media


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Books Description:

This book includes a set of selected papers from the first "International Conference on Enterprise Information Systems," (ICEIS'99) held in SeÜtbal, Portugal, from 27 to 30 March 1999. ICEIS focuses on real world applications and aims at becoming a major point of contact between research scientists, engineers and practitioners in the area of business applications of information systems. This year four simultaneous tracks were held, covering different aspects related to enterprise computing, including: Systems Analysis and Specijication, Database Technology and its Applications, Artijicial Intelligence and Decision Support Systems, and Internet and Intranet Computing. Although ICEIS'99 received more than 200 submissions, only 96 papers were accepted for oral presentation and only 24 were selected for inclusion in this book. These numbers demonstrate stringent quality criteria and the intention of maintaining a high quality forum for future editions ofthis conference. A number of additional keynote lectures, case studies and technical tutorials were also held. These presentations, by specialists in different knowledge areas made an important contribution to increase the overall quality of the Conference, and are partially expressed in the first two papers of the book.

Un vulcano chiamato Siria

Author:Abdullah Alhallak



Total Pages:75



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Un vulcano chiamato Siria propone una panoramica sulla rivoluzione siriana, scoppiata nel 2011 sull’onda delle rivolte che hanno coinvolto tutto il mondo arabo. Le prime proteste, pacifi che e civili, sono state represse nel sangue dal regime di Bashar al-Asad, che ha rifi utato qualsiasi richiesta di cambiamento e si è dimostrato deciso a difendere a ogni costo il potere ereditato dal padre, Hafez al-Asad. A seguito della repressione, la Siria è precipitata in un’ impasse di violenza e oggi viene contesa da varie potenze regionali e internazionali. L’autore, giornalista e accademico siriano, si interroga sul futuro del proprio paese e pone l’accento sull’importanza della democrazia come soluzione che possa garantire una pace stabile e duratura. Il libro ripercorre le fasi precedenti alla rivoluzione, a partire dalle attività dell’opposizione democratica che hanno portato alla primavera di Damasco nel 2000, i cui protagonisti sono stati arrestati e incarcerati, analizza l’atteggiamento del regime nei confronti del settarismo attraverso le testimonianze raccolte dall’autore tra gli attivisti della sua città, Salamiyya, dove risiede la minoranza ismailita, ed esamina approfonditamente il modo in cui il regime ha giocato la carta del jihadismo per salvare se stesso. Infi ne, viene a rontata la visione “orientalista”, riproposta sia in occidente sia nei paesi arabi, secondo la quale gli arabi e i siriani non sono predisposti alla libertà e alla democrazia. Questo punto di vista, unito alla paura per il fondamentalismo islamico, ha portato a giustifi care il regime di Bashar al-Asad, a prescindere dal fatto che si fosse macchiato di atroci crimini contro la popolazione e senza tenere conto che le cause del fondamentalismo sono state innanzitutto di natura politica, ancor prima che culturale e storica.

Echoes of Opera in Modern Italian Poetry

Author:Mattia Acetoso

Publisher:Springer Nature


Total Pages:276



Books Description:

Twentieth-century Italian poetry is haunted by countless ghosts and shadows from opera. Echoes of Opera in Modern Italian Poetry reveals their presence and sheds light on their role in shaping that great poetic tradition. This is the first work in English to analyze the influence of opera on modern Italian poetry, uncovering a fundamental but neglected relationship between the two art forms. A group of Italian poets, from Gabriele D’Annunzio to Giorgio Caproni, by way of Umberto Saba and Eugenio Montale, made opera a cornerstone of their artistic craft. More than an occasional stylistic influence, opera is rather analyzed as a fundamental facet of these poets’ intellectual quest to overcome the expressive limitations of lyrical poetry. This book reframes modern Italian poetry in a truly interdisciplinary perspective, broadening our understanding of its prominence within the humanities, in the twentieth century and beyond.

Handbook of Pathogens and Diseases in Cephalopods

Author:Camino Gestal,Santiago Pascual,Ángel Guerra,Graziano Fiorito,Juan M. Vieites



Total Pages:230



Books Description:

The aim of this open access book is to facilitate the identification and description of the different organs as well as pathogens and diseases affecting the most representative species of cephalopods focussed on Sepia officinalis, Loligo vulgaris and Octopus vulgaris. These species are valuable ‘morphotype’ models and belong to the taxonomic groups Sepioidea, Myopsida and Octopoda, which include most of the species with a high market value and aquaculture potential. The study is based on photographs at macroscopic and histological level in order to illustrate the role of the most important pathogens and related diseases from the view of a pathological diagnosis. The reader is able to familiarize with functional anatomy, necropsy and general histology of adults and paralarvae, as well as with the identification of different pathogens and pathologies. This work is thus an invaluable guide for the diagnosis of cephalopod diseases. Besides including pathogens for non-European cephalopod species, it also provides a useful contribution encouraging marine pathologists, parasitologists, veterinarians and those involved in fishery sanitary assessments, aquarium maintenance and aquaculture practices aiming to increase their knowledge about the pathology of cephalopods.

1917 Un anno un secolo

Author:Agostino Bistarelli,Roberto Pertici

Publisher:Viella Libreria Editrice


Total Pages:297



Books Description:

Per non fermarsi alla semplice affermazione della Grande Guerra come evento fondante della storia del secolo scorso, questo volume unisce la riflessione sulla periodizzazione al tentativo di interpretare la storia dell’ultimo secolo. Il 1917 viene quindi analizzato come anno-cerniera fra il vecchio e il nuovo mondo, mettendo a fuoco – fra gli eventi militari, politici e culturali di quell’anno – quelli che hanno prodotto dinamiche di lungo periodo, meritevoli di uno studio anch’esso di lungo periodo, non limitato agli anni del conflitto e dell’immediato dopoguerra. Si intrecciano così saggi che affrontano le diverse dimensioni storiografiche delle possibili analisi (internazionale, culturale, sociale, politica), cui si affianca anche una proposta di utilizzo didattico di queste riflessioni.