The Crown of Thorns


Publisher:Farrar, Straus and Giroux


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Winner of the Commonwealth Writers' Prize for Best Book A New York Times Book Review Notable Book of the Year On a property in New South Wales, a widower named Holland lives with his daughter, Ellen. Over the years as she grows into a beautiful woman, Holland plants hundreds of different eucalyptus trees on his land, filling the landscape, making a virtual outdoor museum of trees. When Ellen is nineteen, Holland announces that she may only marry the man who can correctly name the species of each and every gum tree on his property. A strange contest begins, and Ellen is left unmoved by her suitors until she chances on a strange young man resting under the Coolibah tree whose stories will amaze and dazzle her. A modern fairy tale, and an unforgettable love story, that bristles with spiky truths and unexpected wisdom about art, feminine beauty, landscape, and language. Eucalyptus affirms the seductive power of storytelling itself.

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Author:Mauricio Segura



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An Best Book of 2013: Top 100/Editors' Pick "Captivating . . . a story of blood, hatred, vengeance, and politics."—Radio-Canada Alberto Ventura has travelled to Chile to attend the funeral of his father, Roberto. A man hated and loved both by his family and the local people, Roberto was known in the village as an enigma, a rake, a controversial boss, and a quick-tempered thug. It's said that he has destroyed the family land by mass-farming eucalyptus trees, and he's known to have killed a local boy in a fit of rage. Yet as Alberto delves into the rumours that obscure his father's death—was it natural causes, vengeance, murder, or self-sacrifice?—he finds the reputation at stake is his own. In a breath-catching story of race and identity, rife with Chile's centuries-old tension between natives and local landowners, Mauricio Segura's Eucalyptus investigates the flashpoint of one village community in an expanding world. "Well-executed, with a cinematic quality and keen visual sense … Segura locates the political through the personal in a way that is uncommon."—Stephen Sparks, Green Apple Books "A solid novelist of infallible instincts."—L'Actualité

Eucalyptus urophylla S.T. Blake: ecology and silviculture in Vietnam

Author:Chaw Chaw Sein,Ralph Mitlöhner



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This manual summarises information on the ecology and silviculture of the species Eucalyptus urophylla S.T. Blake, with an emphasis on Vietnam. It also encompasses growth and yield data from published sources, as well as collected from sites under smallholder industrial plantations in Binh Dinh and Phu Tho provinces, Vietnam. This manual is 1 of 5 that guide smallholder tree planting of five selected tree species in Vietnam. The other four species are: Acacia hybrid, Acacia mangium Willd, Cinnamomum parthenoxylon (Jack) Meisn and Erythrophloeum fordii Oliver.

Eucalyptus Plantations

Author:Run-Peng Wei,Daping Xu

Publisher:World Scientific


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The book contains papers presented at a meeting by eucalyptus experts, scholars, consultants and company managers from different countries and regions. The authors report: (1) the most recent advances in eucalyptus research from different perspectives — genetics, breeding, cultivation techniques, soil nutrition, plantation management, wood utilization, etc.; (2) the world-wide extension and development of the cultivated eucalyptus as a strategic forest tree with great economic, environmental and social significance; (3) plantation management merging ecological, environmental and legal concerns in operations practised by the private sector; (4) new approaches to utilization of eucalyptus woods. This book also represents a successful combination of academic research and practical operation in managing commercial eucalyptus plantations. Contents: Development and Ecological/Social ImpactBreeding MethodGenetic Testing and ImprovementNutrition and Site ManagementPlantation ManagementWood Processing and Utilization Readership: Graduate students, academics, researchers, plantation foresters, and natural ecosystem and environmental conservationists. Keywords:Eucalyptus;R & D;Plantation;Cultivation;Management;Yield Improvement;Environment;Wood Utilization

The Pauper Prince and the Eucalyptus Jinn

Author:Usman T. Malik

Publisher:Tor Books


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"The Pauper Prince and the Eucalyptus Jinn" by Usman T. Malik is a fantasy novella about a disenchanted young Pakistani professor who grew up and lives in the United States, but is haunted by the magical, mystical tales his grandfather told him of a princess and a Jinn who lived in Lahore when the grandfather was a boy. "Fascinating and poetic."--Locus At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.

Eucalyptus Wings

Author:J. Alison James

Publisher:Simon and Schuster


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Wishing that she could fly just like the spinning silver-blue eucalyptus leaves near her home, Kiria, with the help of her friend Mica, finds a cocoon and concocts a mysterious potion that enables them to fly in this lively story with audio featuring the whimsical, enchanting, full-color paintings of award-winning illustrator Demi.

Eucalyptus Street:

Author:Sherrill Joseph

Publisher:Acorn Publishing


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In 1945, Isabela de Cordoba’s great-grandfather, the famous silent movie actor Lorenzo de Cordoba, mysteriously hid a legendary, multimillion-dollar emerald somewhere on the family’s sprawling Eucalyptus Street estate. Seventy years later, the gem remains concealed. Nicknamed the “Green Curse,” the emerald is blamed for the Southern California familia’s numerous, untimely deaths. On her twenty-first birthday, Isabela receives a secret letter with a cryptic poem. These documents from the long-deceased Lorenzo invite her to hunt for the gemstone. But first, she must decipher the poem’s six stanzas for clues. To assist, Isabela hires her thirteen-year-old neighbors, the four Botanic Hill Detectives—twins Lanny and Lexi Wyatt, and their best friends, Moki Kalani and Rani Kumar. Eerie footsteps inside the mansion, unexplained occurrences in the adjacent cemetery, and the mysterious tenant in the backyard casita challenge them. But they ingeniously make progress on the poem’s meaning with startling discoveries. Sliding wall panels, a secret room, and hidden passages reveal much. The detectives aren’t the only ones looking for the emerald. The perilous race for the de Cordoba treasure is on!

Children’S Tales and Plays

Author:Kerry Susan Drake

Publisher:Xlibris Corporation


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In these childrens stories and plays, starting with Mr. Redgum and Miss Eucalyptus, read about the flora and fauna of Australia and the native threat fire is to the natural environment that Kimberley Kookaburra, Kingsley Kangaroo, Wally Wombat, Candy Koala, and Baby Joylene live in. Timberlinathe Elephant is an adventure story about when a circus elephant takes Ozwald, Peter, Jennifer, and Clarissa to Africa, Tomorrowland, Toyland with Father Christmas, and a fantasy world. King of the Land of Kurralongawigglybell! is a pantomime about the misadventure of a villain who puts a spell on the village people of Kurralongawigglybell to stop the celebration of Christmas. But a handsome Prince Edward, who recruits the help of the Wizard of AZ and Bugsy Malone to capture the villain and break the spell by singing Jingle Bells, will marry a princess for his reward. Dinosaur in My Backyard is a short play about the believable appearance of a dinosaur in Mark Phillipss backyard where he found a fossil. His school teacher thinks it is unbelievable, but that afternoon, when Dr. Seux and Marks parents discuss a television interview, Dudley the Dinosaur appears and tells them he is from the planet of Palientology.

The Scent of Eucalyptus

Author:Sophie Chenoweth

Publisher:Fontaine Press Pty Ltd


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This book is an ode to the fragrant, yet rough-hewn Australian bush. By delving into its pages, you will be transported to a parallel realm where flannel flowers sing, cockatoos choreograph and paperbark trees seduce. A memoir of sorts, this poignant and ethereal collection of poems celebrates the beauty, the harshness and the resilience of this ancient land and its unforgettable inhabitants. In addition, you’ll be serenaded by harps and fairies, meander through time in a yellow dinghy and stand in quiet awe as a ballerina beguiles. Refreshingly honest, this waltz down memory lane is intensely emotional but has a lightness that will soothe even on the blusteriest of days. Illustrated with sensitively taken photographs, it is a keepsake you will cherish for many years to come.

The Power of Eucalyptus for Health & Healing

Author:Jack Malloy

Publisher:Author House


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Do you suffer from headaches or migraines? Are you tired of short term fixes that just address symptoms? Do back aches and sore feet keep you from living the active life you deserve? Is there an alternative to pills and surgery? Does the pain of arthritis cripple your ability to move freely? Do chronic sinus problems plagiarize you? Are you addicted to nose spray? All these problems have been prevalent throughout history and certain enlightened civilizations have successfully addressed them, and many more by using a special Eucalyptus based Liniment. This author has introduced thousands of people to the healing powers of this Liniment and many of their stories are included. Discover for yourself the power of nature’s most versatile and effective natural healing remedy. Nature’s gift of health is now, and has always been, available to everyone.

La femme-eucalyptus

Author:Joëlle Van Hee

Publisher:Editions L\'Harmattan


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Si femme-eucalyptus se transforme en arbre le soir venu, est-ce pour écouter les rumeurs du vent courir dans son feuillage ? Pourquoi la va-t-en-guerre ne désire-t-elle qu'une chose : partir combattre aux côtés des hommes ? Dans ce livre, ce sont les femmes qui mènent le jeu et qui éclairent le monde de leur regard sensuel, gourmand, parfois insolent.

Robin Stewart's Chemical Free Pest Control

Author:Robin Stewart

Publisher:Black Inc.


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Do you really want to breathe in high concentrations of expensive hazardous chemicals from products such as pest strips and aerosol cans? Frequent chemical pest control can render the air in your home a toxic cocktail of dangerous pesticides. Robin demonstrates that by treating pests yourself, rather than resorting to expensive professionals, you can decide what method or product is used and how much.

Plant Tissue Culture Manual - Supplement 7

Author:K. Lindsey

Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media


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Plant tissue culture has a long history, dating back to the work of Gottlieb Haberlandt and others at the end of the 19th century, but the associated concepts and techniques have reached a level of usefulness and application which has never been greater. The technical innovations have given new insights into fundamental aspects of plant differentiation and development, and have paved the way to the identification of strategies for the genetic manipula tion of plants. It is the aim of this manual to deliver a broad range of these techniques in a form which is accessible to students and research scientists of diverse backgrounds, including those with little or no previous experience. The themes of the manual aim to reflect those research areas which have been advanced by tissue culture technology. As was the case for the sister volume Plant Molecular Biology Manual, the objective has been from the start to produce a manual which is at home on the laboratory bench. The plastic-covered, ring-bound format has proved to be most popular and is retained here. Equally, the emphasis has been on producing a collection of detailed step-by-step protocols, each supplemented with an introductory text and practical footnotes, to provide the next best thing to a supervisor at one's shoulder.

Nutrition of Eucalypts

Author:PM Attiwill,MA Adams



Total Pages:448



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Most eucalypts grow naturally on soils low in fertility. Commercial plantations of eucalypts have been established around the world over a range of climates and soils. These two themes are central to this book. Nutrition of Eucalypts provides a comprehensive survey of nutritional ecology of eucalypts in their natural environment and in plantations. The authors, who are all at the forefront of research and development in their fields, are from the various eucalypt growing regions including Brazil, India, China, Spain and Australia. Their text aims at a state-of-the-art presentation. The book includes a key and descriptions for recognising nutrient deficiencies in eucalypts.

Phytochemical Dictionary

Author:Basant Puri,Anne Hall

Publisher:CRC Press


Total Pages:976



Books Description:

A vast array of natural organic compounds, the products of primary and secondary metabolism, occur in plants. This dictionary provides basic information, including structural formulae, on plant constituents. It profiles over 3000 substances from phenolics and alkaloids through carbohydrates and plant glycosides to oils and triterpenoids. For each s

L'Automne des eucalyptus

Author:Muryel Sarrazin

Publisher:Société des Ecrivains


Total Pages:276



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C’est dès l’âge de 3 ans que la petite Anne reçoit la révélation de la lumière intérieure, de cette étincelle qui illumine l’intime qui est en chacun d’entre nous. La magie de l’ami imaginaire, mais est-il vraiment fruit de son imagination – avec lequel elle apprend à lire la nuit et à partager ses aventures et ses rêves. à 11 ans, elle se réfugie dans la poésie et enfin confie à son amie la vie de cette entité si réelle et si illusoire pour le commun des mortels. Nous sommes en Corse, où la beauté de la nature et la pureté de l’air transportent dans un monde parfois surnaturel. L’auteur vit sur cette terre magique l’expérience du voyage intérieur qui laisse entrevoir ce qu’il y a de l’autre côté du miroir. Ode à la liberté, cette histoire fascine autant que l’île de Corse.

Sustainable Environment and Transportation

Author:Ming Jin Chu,Hui Zhong Xu,Zhi Lin Jia,Yun Fan,Jiang Ping Xu

Publisher:Trans Tech Publications Ltd


Total Pages:3116



Books Description:

These selected papers offer an overview of current knowledge in the fields of Renewable Energy and Building Energy Saving; Indoor Environments; City Ecological Environments; Water Purification and Wastewater Treatment; Air Environment Control and Architectural Environment Improvement Techniques; Road and Railway Engineering; Transportation Planning, Construction and Operation Organization; Bridge Engineering; Traffic Control and Information Technology; Carrier Operation Engineering. The volumes provide a comprehensive picture of the situation world wide.

GB 1886.33-2015: Translated English of Chinese Standard. GB 1886.33-2015



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This standard applies to the oil of eucalyptus (oil of blue eucalyptus) of which the essential oil, by steam distillation, is extracted from the fresh leaves and branches of eucalyptus (Eucalyptus globulus Labill.) or eucalyptus-genus plants (Eucalyptus spp.), and then prepared by distillation process; the content of cineole is not less than 80%.

Land Tenure Reform in Asia and Africa

Author:S. Holden,K. Otsuka,K. Deininger



Total Pages:405



Books Description:

Rural poverty remains widespread and persistent in South Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa. A group of leading experts critically examines the impact of land tenure reforms on poverty reduction and natural resource management in countries in Africa and Asia with highly diverse historical contexts.