The Crown of Thorns


Publisher:Delacorte Books for Young Readers


Total Pages:368



Books Description:

Richelle Mead, Lisa McMann, Michael Grant, Meg Cabot, Laini Taylor, and nine more of the hottest YA authors to hit the shelves explore the concepts of prophecy and prediction in this story collection edited by NYT bestselling author of The Forest of Hands and Teeth, Carrie Ryan. Have you ever been tempted to look into the future? To challenge predictions? To question fate? It's human nature to wonder about life's twists and turns. But is the future already written—or do you have the power to alter it? From fantastical prophecies to predictions of how the future will transpire, Foretold is a collection of stories about our universal fascination with life's unknowns and of what is yet to come as interpreted by 14 of young adult fiction's brightest stars. This collection includes works from: Malinda Lo (Ash) Lisa McMann (Wake) Kami Garcia (Beautiful Creatures) Margaret Stohl (Beautiful Creatures) Laini Taylor (The Daughter of Smoke and Bone) Michael Grant (Gone) Saundra Mitchell (The Vespertine) Richelle Mead (the Vampire Academy) Matt de la Pena (I Will Save You) Meg Cabot (The Princess Diaries) Heather Brewer (The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod) Diana Peterfreund (Rampant) Simone Elkeles (Perfect Chemistry) Carrie Ryan (The Forest of Hands and Teeth)

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Chronicle of a Death Foretold

Author:Gabriel García Márquez



Total Pages:128



Books Description:

AVAILABLE FOR THE FIRST TIME IN eBOOK! A man returns to the town where a baffling murder took place 27 years earlier, determined to get to the bottom of the story. Just hours after marrying the beautiful Angela Vicario, everyone agrees, Bayardo San Roman returned his bride in disgrace to her parents. Her distraught family forced her to name her first lover; and her twin brothers announced their intention to murder Santiago Nasar for dishonoring their sister. Yet if everyone knew the murder was going to happen, why did no one intervene to stop it? The more that is learned, the less is understood, and as the story races to its inexplicable conclusion, an entire society--not just a pair of murderers—is put on trial. Gabriel García Márquez was born in Colombia in 1927. He was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1982. He is the author of many works of fiction and nonfiction, including One Hundred Years of Solitude, Love In The Time Cholera, The Autumn Of The Patriarch, The General In His Labyrinth, and News Of A Kidnapping. He died in 2014.

Chronicle of a Death Not Foretold

Author:Nick Nicholson



Total Pages:236



Books Description:

It is February 2018 when Nicole Izatovska receives an email that her services as a foreign-language court interpreter are needed for three weeks in Newport, Isle of Wight. But as Nicole waits for the job to begin, she begins hearing rumors that a couple of murders have rocked the quiet southern England town, leaving its residents nervous and leery. A couple of months later, she sets out for the isle with her companion, Roy, without any idea of what lies ahead. As soon as Nicole arrives in Newport, she learns she has been assigned to the case of a mother of three who was last seen alive in July 2017 and allegedly murdered shortly thereafter by the accused culprit, Vladimir Monovski. While Nicole interprets for his solicitor and learns the grisly details of the murder, she embarks on a curiosity-driven quest to learn the truth while delving into what really happened and whether Monovski is guilty or innocent. In this gripping tale, a court interpreter who arrives in a small town in England to assist in a trial soon realizes that nothing is ever as it seems, especially when it comes to murder.


Author:Ed Rodgers and Dr. Fred Holtzman

Publisher:WestBow Press


Total Pages:250



Books Description:

So many things happen every day that we just can’t understand. Many people are turning to the Bible for answers to explain the strange and inexplicable events of our day. Foretold: Today’s News Yesterday from Daniel the Prophet provides the prophetic framework into which these events can be inserted and interpreted. Authors Ed Rodgers and Dr. Fred Holtzman propose these events simply reflect a much larger drama unfolding in the unseen world. Foretold’s unique perspective allows you to experience Daniel’s revelations as he puts the pieces together to make sense of the enigmatic prophecies with which he has been entrusted. Join Daniel as he tells his story from his vantage point in heaven. Share the thrill of seeing the rich treasures and promises of his ancient and mysterious prophecies unlocked and unsealed in your day. Learn why God chose to use him in such amazing ways, and how you can follow in the footsteps of one of the Bible’s most extraordinary heroes. In Foretold, you’ll find hope firmly resides in the knowledge that every current and future event is already recorded in a very special book in heaven.


Author:M.P. Manilla



Total Pages:320



Books Description:

A terrorist plot to blow up the government’s high-level nuclear waste repository at Yucca Mountain, Nevada, threatens to fulfill a Hopi prophecy that this world will be destroyed by poison rain. Only the rebellious daughter of a Hopi clan leader, the maverick U.S. Army officer she once loved and lost, and a shaman with supernatural powers, challenge the threatened disaster and join forces to save America from being buried under a massive cloud of radioactive fallout—the poison rain in the Hopi prophecy. But first they must unravel the mysteries of Yucca Mountain as well as the terrorist’s identity, while the shaman seeks salvation on a vision quest and enlists the spirit world to help them in their dangerous journey. FORETOLD is the timely story of the fight to stop a fanatical terrorist from creating an explosion on American soil 10,000 times more deadly than Chernobyl—a very real danger that faces America today. And woven throughout the twists and turns, setbacks and suspense of this adventure is the mystical culture of the oldest people to inhabit this continent, who believe The Creator appointed them guardians of the world’s safety and gave them knowledge of the future to help them fulfill their destiny.

The Eucharist Foretold: The Lost Prophecy of Malachi

Author:Mike Aquilina

Publisher:Emmaus Road Publishing


Total Pages:176



Books Description:

“From the rising of the sun to its setting my name is great among the nations, and in every place incense is offered to my name, and a pure offering; for my name is great among the nations, says the Lord of hosts.”—Malachi 1:11 One Old Testament passage seized the imagination of the early Church—and directed Christian hearts and minds toward the Eucharist. It was the oracle of Malachi 1:11, and it was cited (like Isaiah’s Suffering Servant oracles) to prove the identity of the Messiah through His Church and His Sacrament. In The Eucharist Foretold: The Lost Prophecy of Malachi, Mike Aquilina reveals that the Messiah’s true identity—and the identity of the Eucharist—helps us find our identity as “catholic,” and will lead us to discover our roots in the religion of ancient Israel. To the early Christians, Malachi’s oracle defined who they were individually and as a Church.

Dragon Foretold

Author:Eve Langlais

Publisher:Eve Langlais


Total Pages:N.A



Books Description:

Will the last golden dragon destroy the world? He's big, bad and golden. Also a jerk. Sue-Ellen can' t believe the golden-haired boy she fell in love with is acting so cold. She gave up everything for him; her freedom, her family. But it's become clear Samael will never do the same. He is the golden dragon the world has been waiting for. The one foretold. What the world doesn’t know is Samael plans to conquer humanity—unless someone stops him, and she might have just found the only weapon that can. Note: While this series is more fun read in order, each book can stand alone and follows one couple to their Happily-Ever-After. Dragon Point Series: -Becoming Dragon -Dragon Squeeze -Dragon Unleashed -Dragon Foretold -Dragon Reborn (December 2017) Keywords: dragon romance, paranormal romance, fantasy romance, alpha male, dragon shifter, shapeshifter

The Wreck of the Titan

Author:Morgan Robertson

Publisher:Courier Dover Publications


Total Pages:80



Books Description:

This eerily prescient novella from 1898 — 14 years before the Titanic disaster — tells of an "unsinkable" luxury liner's maiden voyage across the Atlantic and her disastrous collision with an iceberg.

Seventy Weeks Prophecy: How the Bible Foretold the Year Jesus(As) and Muhammad(Saw) Will Come on Earth

Author:Pedro C. Arceno Jr

Publisher:Partridge Publishing Singapore


Total Pages:654



Books Description:

Volume One of this book will discuss about the true gospel of Jesus(as) which is about the imminent coming of the Son of Man and the establishment of the universal Kingdom of God on earth. We will emphasize the fact that the entire ministry of Jesus(as) is all about the good news of the imminent fulfillment of the “Son of Man Prophecy” and the “Kingdom of God Prophecy” of Prophet Daniel(as) as written in the Bible. Based on the correct context and interpretation, the Son of Man mentioned by Jesus(as) refers to Prophet Muhammad(saw) and the Kingdom of God refers to Islam. Volume Two will discuss about the fulfillment of the 70 Weeks Prophecy of Prophet Daniel(as). That this prophecy is actually a countdown to know the year Jesus(as) and Muhammad(saw) will come on earth. Jesus(as) is expected to arrive in the 69th Week of the countdown, and Prophet Muhammad(saw) will arrive in the 70th Week of the countdown. Its exact fulfillment in history (such as the year of their birth, the starting year of their ministry and the year their respective messianic mission will be accomplished) is a miracle or sign from Allah swt (Qur’an 20:133) and a clear evidence (Qur’an 61:6) attesting the veracity of the prophethood of both Jesus(as) and Muhammad(saw). This will explain to us why there are Jews who knew what time or year Jesus(as) will arrive on earth; and why there were Jews in Yathrib Arabia who knew what time or year Muhammad(saw) will emerge as Messenger of God.

Foretold by Thunder

Author:E.M. Davey



Total Pages:320



Books Description:

The author of The Napoleon Complex delivers “everything I like: action, history, secrets, and conspiracies” (Steve Berry, New York Times–bestselling author). When journalist Jake Wolsey stumbles upon a declassified file showing Winston S. Churchill’s interest in the ancient, esoteric Etruscan civilization, his curiosity is piqued—but a series of deadly coincidences seems to surround the file and everyone who knows of its existence. Wolsey soon attracts the unlikely attention of alluring archaeologist Florence Chung—and that of MI6. As the journalist and archaeologist are pursued across Europe and Africa in search of a sacred Etruscan text, danger closes in and more questions than answers arise. Are there powers in the sky modern science has yet to understand? Could the ancients predict the future? And what really explains the rise of Rome, that of Nazi Germany, the ebb and flow of history itself? In a thrilling race against time and enemies known and unknown, Wolsey fears the very survival of the West may depend on his ability to stay one step ahead of his adversaries. An assured rollercoaster full of unexpected twists and turns, E.M. Davey offers up a gripping read for fans of Dan Brown in this bombastic debut. “We have ourselves a cracking good read . . . This is a thriller injected with inside news as well as well-placed heart-attack-inducing paranoia, appealing to all who like their adrenaline rushes fast [and] engrossing.” —The Bookbag

Chronicle of a Decline Foretold

Author:Mitali Das,Mr. Papa M N'Diaye

Publisher:International Monetary Fund


Total Pages:21



Books Description:

China is on the eve of a demographic shift that will have profound consequences on its economic and social landscape. Within a few years the working age population will reach a historical peak, and then begin a precipitous decline. This fact, along with anecdotes of rapidly rising migrant wages and episodic labor shortages, has raised questions about whether China is poised to cross the Lewis Turning Point, a point at which it would move from a vast supply of low-cost workers to a labor shortage economy. Crossing this threshold will have far-reaching implications for both China and the rest of the world. This paper empirically assesses when the transition to a labor shortage economy is likely to occur. Our central result is that on current trends, the Lewis Turning Point will emerge between 2020 and 2025. Alternative scenarios—with higher fertility, greater labor participation rates, financial reform or higher productivity—may peripherally delay or accelerate the onset of the turning point, but demographics will be the dominant force driving the depletion of surplus labor.

Back to Where We Came From

Author:B. Lising

Publisher:Partridge Publishing Singapore


Total Pages:178



Books Description:

What on earth are we doing here? Why are we on this planet? We would normally try to understand things by seeing their origin. If we could know their beginning then we would know their purpose. But how about humankind, what is our starting point? The Gospel is the one and only connection we have from Eternity. This means that the only way we can know our origin and purpose is to see the whole account of the Gospel. The author believes in the perfect consistency of the Scripture—that all books of the Bible hold only a single message. He is also convinced that the last book is the summary of the whole Bible—the book of Revelation will connect all the dots and will reveal to us the big picture. This manuscript will give readers a clear understanding about the origin of mankind before the beginning of time, our foretold journey on earth, and our new beginning after the ending of time. This is the Big Picture of Our Great Restoration.

The Foretelling

Author:Alice Hoffman

Publisher:Open Road Media


Total Pages:192



Books Description:

New York Times Bestseller: A lyrical, suspenseful coming-of-age story based on Greek myths of the Amazons, woman warriors living near the Black Sea. Born out of sorrow in an ancient time of blood and war, Rain is a girl marked by destiny. Her mother, Alina, is the proud queen of a tribe of female warriors, yet she refuses to touch or even look at her only daughter. So Rain draws on the strength and knowledge of her Amazon sisters to learn the ways of her people: how to carve spoons out of bones, ride her white horse as fiercely as a demon, and shoot an arrow straight into the heart of an enemy. Determined to win her mother’s love and take her rightful place as the next queen, Rain becomes a brave and determined fighter. But the dream of a black horse clouds her future, portending death. As one devastating battle follows the next, Rain hopes for a different life for her tribe beyond never-ending bloodshed. Peace, mercy, and love, however, are forbidden words in her language—can Rain teach her sisters to speak in a new tongue before it’s too late? Inspired by Greek legends and recent archaeological discoveries in Russia and Ukraine, The Foretelling is a breathtaking achievement from the bestselling author of The Dovekeepers.

A Fortune Foretold

Author:Agneta Pleijel

Publisher:Other Press, LLC


Total Pages:256



Books Description:

Agneta Pleijel writes a painful yet humorous autobiographical novel about childhood in the aftermath of World War II. A prophecy is received by a beloved aunt, a prophecy that her young niece eagerly waits to see fulfilled. The story takes place in the 1950s in the suburbs of Stockholm, in the university town of Lund, and in the United States. Neta’s childhood is in disarray. She reads—words give form to the vagueness of existence—and is busy thinking about the female sex, family, and the stupendous diversity of people in the world. Her father, a mathematician, and her mother, a musician, are in constant conflict, but she loves them both. Gradually Neta realizes that she’s grown up in a lie and that she must step carefully through the war zone of her parents’ marriage. This is an insightful tale about the search for truth, morality, and a place of your own in the world.

Foretelling the End of Capitalism

Author:Francesco Boldizzoni

Publisher:Harvard University Press


Total Pages:304



Books Description:

Intellectuals since the Industrial Revolution have been obsessed with whether, when, and why capitalism will collapse. This riveting account of two centuries of failed forecasts of doom reveals the key to capitalism’s durability. Prophecies about the end of capitalism are as old as capitalism itself. None have come true. Yet, whether out of hope or fear, we keep looking for harbingers of doom. In Foretelling the End of Capitalism, Francesco Boldizzoni gets to the root of the human need to imagine a different and better world and offers a compelling solution to the puzzle of why capitalism has been able to survive so many shocks and setbacks. Capitalism entered the twenty-first century triumphant, its communist rival consigned to the past. But the Great Recession and worsening inequality have undermined faith in its stability and revived questions about its long-term prospects. Is capitalism on its way out? If so, what might replace it? And if it does endure, how will it cope with future social and environmental crises and the inevitable costs of creative destruction? Boldizzoni shows that these and other questions have stood at the heart of much analysis and speculation from the early socialists and Karl Marx to the Occupy Movement. Capitalism has survived predictions of its demise not, as many think, because of its economic efficiency or any intrinsic virtues of markets but because it is ingrained in the hierarchical and individualistic structure of modern Western societies. Foretelling the End of Capitalism takes us on a fascinating journey through two centuries of unfulfilled prophecies. An intellectual tour de force and a plea for political action, it will change our understanding of the economic system that determines the fabric of our lives.

Betrayal Foretold

Author:Jen Crane

Publisher:Carpe Noctem Publishing, LLC


Total Pages:232



Books Description:

A Bitter Betrayal Stella Stonewall exposed her scaly side to save the man she loves, the soulful and sexy Ewan Bristol. But her troubles have only just begun. A treacherous betrayal at the hands of a trusted confidante leaves her running for her life. An Impossible Choice An unlikely savior offers Stella a way out, but it means leaving everything—and everyone—behind. Can she give up the only home, the only friends she’s ever known to save herself? A Chance to Have It All Stella learns of an ancient curse that, if lifted, could change everything. To alter the course of history she must trust her former lover Rowan Gresham, and she must trust the machinations of fate: that she may be the key to it all. Betrayal Foretold is an emotional ride through the mesmerizing world of Thayer. This third book in the Descended of Dragons series, a new adult fantasy romance, is a can’t-put-it-down story of loss and self-invention, of survival, and of the selfless pursuit to secure the happiness of friends.

The Forest of Hands and Teeth

Author:Carrie Ryan

Publisher:Delacorte Books for Young Readers


Total Pages:320



Books Description:

In Mary's world there are simple truths. The Sisterhood always knows best. The Guardians will protect and serve. The Unconsecrated will never relent. And you must always mind the fence that surrounds the village; the fence that protects the village from the Forest of Hands and Teeth. But, slowly, Mary’s truths are failing her. She’s learning things she never wanted to know about the Sisterhood and its secrets, and the Guardians and their power. And, when the fence is breached and her world is thrown into chaos, about the Unconsecrated and their relentlessness. Now, she must choose between her village and her future, between the one she loves and the one who loves her. And she must face the truth about the Forest of Hands and Teeth. Could there be life outside a world surrounded in so much death? [STAR] "A bleak but gripping story...Poignant and powerful."-Publishers Weekly, Starred "A postapocalyptic romance of the first order, elegantly written from title to last line."-Scott Westerfeld, author of the Uglies series and Leviathan "Intelligent, dark, and bewitching, The Forest of Hands and Teeth transitions effortlessly between horror and beauty. Mary's world is one that readers will not soon forget."-Cassandra Clare, bestselling author of City of Bones "Opening The Forest of Hands and Teeth is like cracking Pandora's box: a blur of darkness and a precious bit of hope pour out. This is a beautifully crafted, page-turning, powerful novel. I thoroughly enjoyed it."-Melissa Marr, bestselling author of Wicked Lovely and Ink Exchange "Dark and sexy and scary. Only one of the Unconsecrated could put this book down."-Justine Larbalestier, author of How to Ditch Your Fairy

The Death and Resurrection of the West: Foretold In Prophecy Secrets In Biblical Symbols, Book 1

Author:Ralph T. Kenney

Publisher:Lulu Press, Inc


Total Pages:N.A



Books Description:

The Bible’s pattern of symbols tells us that Christianity has died through our own faithlessness—but God wanted the age of the church to end. The same prophecies reveal that Christianity and the West will soon rise from spiritual death, without the church, in new people who were formerly unbelievers. The Death and Resurrection of the West investigates biblical symbolism to discover a new message specifically for our time—which the church has not explained. This new message is meant for unbelievers or unchurched Christians who will be empowered by God to build a higher, fairer civilization—and soon! Author Ralph T. Kenney explains how we can see this acted out by many of the Bible’s colorful heroes, like Elijah, Mary Magdalene, Deborah, Samson, and Jesus. And he also shows how the Bible reveals changing roles for women and the way to a better a life on the earth, with a new kind of Christian leading the construction of a new society.

The Hardhat Riot

Author:David Paul Kuhn

Publisher:Oxford University Press


Total Pages:320



Books Description:

In May 1970, four days after Kent State, construction workers chased students through downtown Manhattan, beating scores of protestors bloody. As hardhats clashed with hippies, it soon became clear that something larger was happening; Democrats were at war with themselves. In The Hardhat Riot, David Paul Kuhn tells the fateful story-how chaotic it was, when it began, when the white working class first turned against liberalism, when Richard Nixon seized the breach, and America was forever changed. It was unthinkable one generation before: FDR's "forgotten man" siding with the party of Big Business and, ultimately, paving the way for presidencies from Ronald Reagan to Donald Trump. In the shadow of the half-built Twin Towers, on the same day the Knicks rallied against the odds and won their first championship, we relive the schism that tore liberalism apart. We experience the tumult of Nixon's America and John Lindsay's New York City, as festering division explodes into violence. Nixon's advisors realize that this tragic turn is their chance, that the Democratic coalition has collapsed and that "these, quite candidly, are our people now." In this nail-biting story, Kuhn delivers on meticulous research and reporting, drawing from thousands of pages of never-before-seen records. We go back to a harrowing day that explains the politics of today. We experience the battle between two tribes fighting different wars, soon to become different Americas, ultimately reliving a liberal war that maimed both sides. We come to see how it all was laid bare one brutal day, when the Democratic Party's future was bludgeoned by its past, as if it was a last gasp to say that we once mattered too.

Without Fidel

Author:Ann Louise Bardach

Publisher:Simon and Schuster


Total Pages:352



Books Description:

From the award-winning reporter and go-to source on Cuban-Miami politics Ann Louise Bardach comes a riveting, eye-opening account of the last chapter in the life of Fidel Castro: his near death and marathon finale, his enemies and their fifty-year failed battle to eliminate him, and the carefully planned succession and early reign of his brother Raúl. Ann Louise Bardach offers a spellbinding chronicle of the Havana-Washington political showdown, drawing on nearly two decades of reporting and countless interviews with everyone from the Comandante himself, his co-ruler and brother Raúl, and other family members, to ordinary Cubans as well as officials and politicos in Miami, Havana, and Washington. The result is an unforgettable dual portrait of Fidel and Raúl Castro -- arguably the most successful and enduring political brother team in history. Since 1959, Fidel Castro has been the supreme leader of Cuba, deftly checkmating his foes, both from within and abroad; confronting eleven American presidents; and outfoxing dozens of assassination attempts, vanquished only by collapsing health. As night descends on Castro's extraordinary fifty-year reign, Miami, Havana, and Washington are abuzz with anxious questions: What led to the lightning-bolt purge of key Cuban officials in March 2009? Who will be Raúl's heir? Will the U.S. embargo end now? Bardach offers profound and surprising answers to these questions as she meticulously chronicles Castro's protracted farewell and assesses his transformative impact on the world stage and the complex legacy that will long outlive him. She reports from three distinct vantage points: In Miami, where more than one million Cubans have fled, she interviews scores of exiles including Castro's would-be assassins Orlando Bosch and Luis Posada Carriles; in Washington, DC, she reports on the Obama administration's struggle to formulate a post-Castro strategy; in Havanah she permeates the bubble around the fiercely private and officially retired Castro to ascertain the extent of his undisclosed medical condition. Bardach delivers a compelling meditation on one of the most controversial, combative, and charismatic rulers in history. Without Fidel includes never-before-published reporting on Castro, his family, and his half-century grip on the largest country in the Caribbean while assessing how his departure will forever transform politics and policy in the Western Hemisphere -- and the world.