The Crown of Thorns


Publisher:Xlibris Corporation


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Books Description:

Guardians of the Frontier: The Cross Family Chronicle, 1836-1903, is a story of three generations of the Cross family following their arrival from England in 1836. In 1849, Isaac heads west from New York to fulfill his dream of seeing the frontier before the inevitable inroads of civilization destroy it. Arriving in St. Louis, he takes a job as a carpenter with the American Fur Company and is sent to Fort Pierre. Isaac maintains contact with his twin brother, Edward and family, through a series of letters, sent from the frontier. He revisits St. Louis, in the Company of Alexander Culbertson, following the death of his friend and fellow carpenter, John O’Connor. In time, he becomes a skilled hunter and scout. Among the Sioux lodges at Riverview, 35 miles north of Fort Pierre, his friendship earns him the name, Little Brother. Moving on to Fort Union, he develops a strong friendship with His Horse Was Wounded, an Assiniboine Indian. Like many of the early frontiersman, he marries an Indian. Her name was Lodge Pole, younger sister of his Assiniboine friend. Together they have a son. Lodge Pole, who by now is known as Manna, is killed at Fort Randall while Isaac and the fort's soldiers are in pursuit of James All Yellow, a renegade Yanktonai Sioux Indian and his followers. Isaac returns to her village in the company of Bear’s Child and Speckled Wing. There, he leaves his son, William First Boy, in the care of His Horse Was Wounded and his wife, Yellow Bird. Isaac travels to Fort Abercrombie, located along the Red River of the North. Colonel Abercrombie hires him to serve as a scout and hunter. Here, he is killed by his nemesis, James All Yellow. After Isaac’s death in 1859, his nephew, Abe Cross, leaves New York and makes his way to Fort Abercrombie to gather his uncle’s belongings and find his son. He is successful in locating William First Boy, but while at Fort Union in 1862, he learns of the outbreak of the Civil War. He joins several other men in returning to St. Louis to join in the fight. Together, the men join the 10th Missouri Volunteer Cavalry. In 1864, the men of the 10th, under the command of Major Frederick Benteen, participate in the Battle of Mine Creek. Abe receives a letter 1865 notifying him of the death of his parents, Edward and Charlotte. Following the war he returns to their family farm near Hawkins Landing, New York, to settle his affairs. Departing New York, he returns to the frontier in search of Isaac’s son. While at Fort Berthold, Abe learns that Sweet Bears, a Hidatsa Indian and wife of his deceased friend, Judd Strong, is alive and well, following her escape from her Sioux captures. She becomes his wife, and together they search out William First Boy. When His Horse Was Wounded is killed hunting buffalo, Abe, Sweet Bears, Yellow Bird, and William First Boy, leave the Assiniboine village, never to return. They make their way east toward the Mouse River, resettling along the Wintering River, Dakota Territory. Smallpox, contracted from three broke, down and out, white prospectors, takes the lives of Sweet Bears and Yellow Bird in 1866. Abe and William establish the Cross Ranch along the Wintering River, where they develop a new breed of horses and raise a few Texas Longhorns. William marries Rebecca Stevenson in 1880. Their son, William, is two and one half when his father, suffering from bouts of extreme depression, commits suicide. In time, Rebecca remarries Kincaid, a trusted friend and long-time employee/partner of Abe Cross. Death comes to Abe in 1903, followed by Rebecca in 1908. Kincaid lived for few more years, dying in an automotive accident 1911. The Cross Ranch is sold, breaking it up into several farms. All that remains to remind new generations of the days of yesteryear along the Wintering River is the small, weathered cemetery of the Cross family. William Cross married Hilma Youngquist. After living in several small towns in McLean and Ward Counties, the

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The Guardians of the Covenant

Author:Tom Egeland

Publisher:John Murray


Total Pages:300



Books Description:

In the year 1013, Viking warriors raided an Egyptian tomb and unknowingly stole the greatest secret of the Old Testament. When a quirky archaeologist finds ancient Viking parchments containing runes and riddles, his mundane life is changed for good. These codes lead him on a quest for clues in mysterious places, from Egyptian tombs to antiquarian bookshops. Powerful forces are against him, but he manages to unveil a religious cover-up with potentially fatal consequences.

Dragons — Guardians of Creative Powers

Author:Jaap van Etten

Publisher:Light Technology Publishing


Total Pages:352



Books Description:

Do you feel that you often do not get what you desire? The key to changing what no longer satisfies you is to change what no longer works for you. Every thought is an intention that sets a process of energies into motion. That’s when the creative process starts. Understanding that we create continuously on small and large levels is the first step in realizing that when something no longer works for us, it is the consequence of a disruption in the creative process and the way we think. This book describes the different types of creative processes. The elemental (fire, water, air, and earth) powers are the basis of all creation. Understanding the different aspects of these creative powers will help you to become a conscious creator. Guardians are connected with every aspect of the elemental powers. They are known as dragons; however, different traditions use different names for them, such as angels or nature spirits. These dragons are not the scary type often depicted in stories. They are among the strongest allies we can ask for. They belong to the subtle realms and therefore are invisible to most people. This book offers information to help you reconnect with these creative powers and their guardian dragons. Through this connection, you will become a conscious creator and change your life in ways that lead to success, joy, happiness, and abundance. Thereby, you will contribute optimally to the creation of a new world. Are you ready for this exhilarating journey?

The Guardians of Marco Polo

Author:Ches Sharich

Publisher:Xlibris Corporation


Total Pages:310



Books Description:

Marco Polo was twenty when he reached China in 1274. He spent another seventeen years living and working directly for Kublai Khan, Genghis Khan’s grandson and the first emperor of the Yuan dynasty. It was customary for senior imperial officials to live in households with several wives. Was Marco Polo any different? Or was he living in celibacy while in China? After the battle of Hattin, where Salahadin, the sultan of Syria, defeated the Christian army, he conquered Jerusalem. Many treasures from Jerusalem were sent to the ruler of Islam, caliph of Baghdad, where they were placed in the famous treasure tower. There is no surprise that Kublai Khan enjoyed the company of Christians. His mother Sorkaktani was a Christian. She had a profound influence on her four sons’ career within Mongol elites, especially on Kublai and Hulagu. Kublai conquered and united China and was elected the Great Khan of the Mongol empire, while Hulagu conquered Persia, and the Islamic caliphate with its capital Baghdad. What happened to the treasures of Baghdad after the city was conquered by the Mongols? This is the quest that Alex and Nicole Philipson embark on when they come to the possession of an old Chinese parchment written in . . . Latin. They think the riddles in the parchment will lead them to Genghis Khan’s tomb. In fact, it will lead them to unexpected and astonishing discoveries.



Publisher:Partridge Publishing


Total Pages:266



Books Description:

A society where scamsters and criminals rule the roost. Rule of law has touched its all time low. The people are condemned to live a life of insecurity, unable to protest for fear of their dear lives. Virtues have gone down the drain. Its place is usurped by mindless violence. A set of goons thrive, amidst the unwary people, often reared by the politicians to finish their adversaries as part of settling a score with them. They are called “Quotation men” as they quote their fees for killing or chopping the limbs of the people. They kill many hapless innocent people on mistaken identity. Religious sentiments boost violence ignoring their noble teachings of universal love. The spread of drugs assume baffling dimensions with the blessings of the authorities. They resort to easy ways to shun their duties. A minister’s visit is more important for them than a dead body surfaced in the river. Superstitions and blind belief are rampant which often boomerang. The sanctity and depths of consanguinity is blatantly at stake causing it to be redefined to suit the present. Our society has turned a cess pool of evils. Read on.

Guardians of the Jesus Gene

Author:Peter R. Hall

Publisher:Anthem Press


Total Pages:294



Books Description:

As Nero’s Rome burns, Christ’s brother, Simon, and Pontius Pilate’s daughter, Clodia, are thrown together in the war between Rome and Jerusalem. Their son, Joshua, is the genetic link to Jesus, an inheritance that makes him a target of satanic forces. Can Simon and Clodia save the blood line of the House of David? A marvellously rich recreation of the world’s first Christians and Nero’s Rome.

Guardians of the Phoenix

Author:Eric Brown



Total Pages:432



Books Description:

For ten years, Paul has scrabbled for survival among the sand-shrouded ruins of the once-great city of Paris. The seas have dried up, deserts cover much of the Earth's surface, and humanity has been all but annihilated, as much by the drought as by the nuclear and biological conflicts following the great Breakdown. Desperate bands of humans still survive. Some scrape a living in the remains of shattered cities; others resort to murder and cannibalism to survive. When Paul is rescued from one such group of killers, he joins his benefactors in their journey south in search of water and salvation. Guardians of the Phoenix tells the story of the last survivors on planet Earth, their desperate fight for survival and their last hope to save the world.

Judges as Guardians of Constitutionalism and Human Rights

Author:Martin Scheinin,Helle Krunke,Marina Aksenova

Publisher:Edward Elgar Publishing


Total Pages:400



Books Description:

There are many challenges that national and supranational judges have to face when fulfilling their roles as guardians of constitutionalism and human rights. This book brings together academics and judges from different jurisdictions in an endeavour to uncover the intricacies of the judicial function. The contributors discuss several points that each represent contemporary challenges to judging: analysis of judicial balancing of conflicting considerations; the nature of courts’ legitimacy and its alleged dependence on public support; the role of judges in upholding constitutional values in the times of transition to democracy, surveillance and the fight against terrorism; and the role of international judges in guaranteeing globally recognized fundamental rights and freedoms. This book will be of interest to human rights scholars focusing on the issues of judicial oversight, as well as constitutional law scholars interested in comparative perspectives on the role of judges in different contexts. It will also be useful to national constitutional court judges, and law clerks aiming to familiarise themselves with judicial practices within other jurisdictions.

Guardians of the Grail

Author:Christopher Datta

Publisher:Christopher Datta


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Books Description:

Chris Datta is a colleague, friend and personal hero of mine. As a fellow Foreign Service Officer, I've done some hard jobs, but nothing compared to Chris's service in the toughest, most dangerous places on earth. Chris tells the story of one American FSO who believed in serving his country in very foreign lands. From the hilariously morbid bureaucracy of South India to the blood-soaked streets of Rwanda to civil war in Liberia to the creation of a new country in South Sudan, this memoir should make us all shake our heads with wonder and pride at the sacrifices our diplomats make for America. Thank you, Chris, for telling our story so well. Ambassador (Ret.) Tom Krajeski

Guardians of the Key

Author:Clio Gray



Total Pages:235



Books Description:

Lucca, City State for hundreds of years, keeper of secrets and relics, possessor of the Holy Face of Christ, has Napoleon's army at its gates, the emperor having declared himself King of All Italy. A continent away in Bexleyheath, Mabel Flinchurst gazes down from her window upon the Advent Fair. With all the hustle and bustle she doesn't see the pilgrim walk into the church of St Anthony's across the square, and slit his own throat. But Lucca and this suicide are strands from the same rope, a rope that is being wound unseen about Mabel, ready to rip her from her cosy world. When Mabel's friend, Toby, is kidnapped she enlists the help of compulsive list-maker and missing-persons finder, Whilbert Stroop. Together they are drawn into a mystery that began many centuries ago, and soon they find themselves losing a race against time and treachery, as an unknown enemy, and murder, begin to snap at their heels...

Guardians of Letters

Author:Kim Haines-Eitzen

Publisher:Oxford University Press


Total Pages:224



Books Description:

Who were the scribes that copied early Christian literature during the second and third centuries? What roles did they play in the reproduction and dissemination of these writings? To answer these questions, this study utilizes evidence from early Christian literature and the earliest Christian papyri--including their form, physical features, and textual characteristics.

The Guardians of the Cludgie Stane

Author:Andrew David Doyle



Total Pages:208



Books Description:

The guardians of the Stone of Destiny through the lineage of time have protected this ancient holy relic up into modern times. From the stones introduction to human society to as far as ancient Egypt under the protection and stewardship of Princess Scota, daughter of Nefertiti and sister of Tutankhamun, the relic has traveled through many countries such as the Iberian Peninsula and Ireland, eventually coming to rest in Argyll, Scotland, where the Scots and Irish had adopted her name for their tribes and succession. Through the course of this guardianship, the relic was eventually placed with the Knights Templar, Holy Order of Scotland, and overseen by the Earl of Fife, where we know that through the warring years known better by the scholars as the Hammer of the Scots and the year 1296 specifically, where Edward Longshanks had raided Scotland in order to acquire this important relic. However, if true history is to be known, we may find that all was not as Edward had planned, and having returned to Scotland for a period covering seven years or so, King Longshanks was still not convinced that he had succeeded in his mission and eventually died near Lindisfarne before discovering the truth. As we move into modern times, we may discover that the guardians may have misplaced the holy relic during their tenure and the stone was secreted in various locations through the centuries across Scotland, including the River Tay near Dundee and Dunsinane Castle near Scone, the disputed home of King MacBeth and his wife, Gruogh. In the account that is portrayed within this narrative, we may find that the relic has been, on occasions, vulnerable, and the guardians are pitched against an unknown enemy from within once more as they endeavor to save the stone from modern-day scientific study methods that could destroy the relic for eternity.

Fatal Judgment (Guardians of Justice Book #1)

Author:Irene Hannon

Publisher:Baker Books


Total Pages:336



Books Description:

U.S. Marshal Jake Taylor has seen plenty of action during his years in law enforcement. But he'd rather go back to Iraq than face his next assignment: protection detail for federal judge Liz Michaels. His feelings toward Liz haven't warmed in the five years since she lost her husband--and Jake's best friend--to possible suicide. How can Jake be expected to care for the coldhearted workaholic who drove his friend to despair? As the danger mounts and Jake gets to know Liz better, his feelings slowly start to change. When it becomes clear that an unknown enemy may want her dead, the stakes are raised. Because now both her life--and his heart--are in mortal danger. Full of the suspense and romance Irene Hannon's fans have come to love, Fatal Judgment is a thrilling story that will keep readers turning the pages late into the night.

By Honor Bound (Guardians of the North Book #1)

Author:Alan Morris

Publisher:Baker Books


Total Pages:288



Books Description:

Those Who Brave the Challenges of Taming the Rugged Canadian Frontier Hunter Stone and his wife, Betsy, dreamed of raising their family on the Canadian frontier, and that dream had brought them west. But their hope of a promising future is suddenly shattered when Red Wolf, a Crow Indian on the warpath, burns Stone's homestead and kidnaps Betsy while Stone is away at the trading post purchasing supplies. Suspecting the perpetrator of this villainous deed is the same renegade responsible for burning his neighbor's ranch, Stone is driven by rage as he rides out to rescue his wife. His encounter with Red Wolf and his warriors ends in defeat and leaves him with a blinding wrath and an obsession for revenge. Reena O'Donnell, a young missionary to the Canadian Assiniboine Indians, finds Hunter, who is wounded and barely alive, and nurses him back to health. Though his body has healed, the deep scars of anger and lust for vengeance nearly destroy him. Will joining the North-West Mounted Police help him leave the past behind? Can Reena's faith and prayers make a difference in the life of Hunter, who has lost everything?

The Guardians of Israel

Author:John M. Coyle

Publisher:Trafford Publishing


Total Pages:170



Books Description:

A group of Neo-Nazi Skinheads reign terror on the Gay Community. This band of White Supremacists is mentored by a rogue FBI informant. The domestic terrorist group identifies itself as: “The Guardians of Israel”, believing that they are the true lost tribe of Israel. The group turns its sights on members of Law Enforcement that it believes poses a threat to their existence. It is suggested that the reader first read: “The Fear of Reality” to have a better understanding of the key characters of this novel.

Guardians of the Sage

Author:Harry Sinclair Drago

Publisher:Rowman & Littlefield


Total Pages:254



Books Description:

An Oregon reservation has suddenly been vacated and Henry Stall, a seasoned ranch owner, didn’t get the news in time. He is driven to continue the expansion of his cattle empire in the American northwest, and when he goes to stake his claim, conflict erupts between the old and new guards of ranchers on the open range. Stall combats the restraints of his age, and sets off on a strenuous endeavor to confront Jim Montana, his former employee and the commissioner of the newly vacant property. Heads turn as Stall and Montana mobilize and contend for a share in this territory—and to claim it rightfully theirs. Stall is determined to defend his reputation as a veteran proprietor, while Montana wants to assert his own authority as an emerging official, and their collision sets off a whirlwind of scraps, skirmishes, and showdowns. It falls upon each ranch to wrangle whatever forces it can to carve out a corner of the expanding cattle country before its neighbors. When the law of the land overrides the governing regulations on boundary lines, what emerges is a full-blown range war—and putting down a stake on unclaimed territory becomes more hazardous than ever.

Guardians of the Gate

Author:Vincent N. Parrillo



Total Pages:364



Books Description:

It is August of 1895 as Dr. Matt Stafford’s ferry nears Ellis Island. His spirits soar as he approaches the island filled with immigrants pursuing their dreams. Seeking a change from the routine of his hospital surgical practice, he decides to take a temporary leave to provide medical care to those who left their homelands in pursuit of the American Dream. Eager to interact with the newcomers, Dr. Stafford is quickly intrigued by their personal stories of struggles, courage, and determination. Soon though, everything is about to change on the island; major conflicts unfold, immigrants are exploited, and a riot takes place. Becoming entangled in a secret passionate relationship, Dr. Stafford witnesses President McKinley’s assassination and a societal backlash against the rising tide of immigration. As he valiantly struggles to find emotional fulfillment, a series of events will lead to dramatic changes—both at Ellis Island and in his own life. Based on actual events, Guardians of the Gate shares the intriguing tale of the people and provocative occurrences that occurred at Ellis Island during the 1890s and 1900s—through the eyes of a dedicated physician on a compelling quest for fulfillment.

Guardians of the Heart

Author:Loree Lough

Publisher:Whitaker House


Total Pages:272



Books Description:

Nell Holstrom wanted no part of her grandfather’s barren gold mine that had taken the lives of her mother, father, and younger brother—even if there may still be hidden wealth inside. Instead, she went to Denver and took a job as housekeeper at the old Stone Hill Inn. Asa Stone was barely more than a boy when his father dragged him and his brothers to fight with Colonel John Chivington. But Asa refused to participate in the raid on the peaceful Cheyenne and Arapahoe—and when the smoke cleared, his father and brother lay among the slaughtered. Besieged by guilt, Asa wandered the West for years before returning to Denver to rebuild the old inn he’d inherited. Together, Nell and Asa work hard to restore Stone Hill. But when disaster hits the inn, Asa retreats into despair and Nell is forced to return to her family’s mine. Asa faces the hard fact: He’ll never be the man Nell deserves. Can he overcome the dark secrets of his past? And will Nell still love him when she learns the truth?

Guardians of the Gate City Collection

Author:Lisa Williamson

Publisher:Lisa Williamson


Total Pages:240



Books Description:

Harry Lionsey is one of a group of secret guardians. Humans share the earth with all the many secret races of myths and legends, and it is Harry's job to protect all those who live in the Gate City. Be you human, faerie, shifter or sprite, as long as you are on the side of good he will help and defend you; but if you are out to harm them, watch out. Doesn't matter what race you are. If you harm the innocent he will find you and stop you. This is a collection of short stories. This first book brings together all the previously published short stories and now includes a never before seen novella.