The Crown of Thorns


Publisher:Simon and Schuster


Total Pages:112



Books Description:

Move aside history—it’s time for herstory. Celebrate fifty inspiring and powerful women who changed the world and left their mark in this lavishly illustrated biography compilation that’s perfect for fans of Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls and She Persisted. Throughout history, girls have often been discussed in terms of what they couldn’t or shouldn’t do. Not anymore. It’s time for herstory—a celebration of not only what girls can do, but the remarkable things women have already accomplished, even when others tried to stop them. In this uplifting and inspiring book, follow the stories of fifty powerhouse women from around the world and across time who each managed to change the world as they knew it forever. Telling the stories of their childhood, the challenges they faced, and the impact of their achievements, each lavishly illustrated spread is a celebration of girl power in its many forms. From astronauts to activists, musicians to mathematicians, these women are sure to motivate young readers of all backgrounds to focus not on the can’ts and shouldn’ts, but on what they can do: anything!

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Trauma Narratives and Herstory

Author:S. Andermahr,S. Pellicer-Ortin,Silvia Pellicer-Ortín



Total Pages:228



Books Description:

Featuring contributions from a wide array of international scholars, the book explores the variety of representational strategies used to depict female traumatic experiences in texts by or about women, and in so doing articulates the complex relation between trauma, gender and signification.

The Fixed Stars

Author:Molly Wizenberg



Total Pages:256



Books Description:

From a bestselling memoirist, a thoughtful and provocative story of changing identity, complex sexuality, and enduring family relationships At age 36, while serving on a jury, author Molly Wizenberg found herself drawn to a female attorney she hardly knew. Married to a man for nearly a decade and mother to a toddler, Wizenberg tried to return to her life as she knew it, but something inside her had changed irrevocably. Instead, she would discover that the trajectory of our lives is rarely as smooth or as logical as we’d like to believe. Like many of us, Wizenberg had long understood sexual orientation as a stable part of ourselves: we’re “born this way.” Suddenly she realized that her story was more complicated. Who was she, she wondered, if something at her very core could change so radically? The Fixed Stars is a taut, electrifying memoir exploring timely and timeless questions about desire, identity, and the limits and possibilities of family. In honest and searing prose, Wizenberg forges a new path: through the murk of separation and divorce, coming out to family and friends, learning to co-parent a young child, and realizing a new vision of love. The result is a frank and moving story about letting go of rigid definitions and ideals that no longer fit, and learning instead who we really are.

Women Writers of Gabon

Author:Cheryl Toman

Publisher:Lexington Books


Total Pages:170



Books Description:

This book demonstrates how the invisibility of women in Gabon has led to the omission of Gabon’s literature from the African canon, and discusses the unique elements of Gabonese women’s writing that show it is worthy of critical recognition. Toman explores the unique contributions Gabonese women writers have made to literature by exploring the works of major voices in Gabonese women’s writing and provides a brief introduction to the younger generation of Gabonese women writers.


Author:Pamela Tobitt

Publisher:WestBow Press


Total Pages:70



Books Description:

MY STORY HER STORY YOUR STORY WE ALL HAVE A STORY I CRIED YOU CRIED AS WIFE, MOTHER, DAUGHTER, SISTER, FRIEND WE ALL CRY I AM HEARD YOU ARE HEARD IN OUR CRYING WE ARE ALL HEARD I FOUND LOVE YOU TOO CAN FIND LOVE Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. Love never ends. 1 Corinthians 13:7-8. (ESV)


Author:Dr. Elmira P. Davis

Publisher:Trafford Publishing


Total Pages:158



Books Description:

This best selling book is a powerful reminder that if you don't learn from history you will be destined to repeat it. The author, Pastor Elmira P. Davis, shares her life story of challenge and survival while revisiting the biblical stories of ten women with their own poignant stories of desperation, deliverance, perseverance and triumph. Davis has rewound the tape of time and allowed you a rare opportunity to learn many valuable lessons from these historic women. After you push 'play' and begin to read about each woman, remember to press 'pause' as you read and ask the Holy Spirit to reveal to you the message that you personally need to hear from HERstory. You should be able to use the lessons in this book to delete, edit or rewrite the painful pages from your past as you allow God to dictate brand new chapters in your life. Remember, he already knows the wonderful ending that he has planned for you. Regardless of the story lines, chapters, ripped pages or red marks that you've already experienced, it's not over until God says it is over. It may be the end of a chapter but it doesn't have to be the end of the book! Get ready for your personal tour guide, led by the Holy Spirit, to your own mountaintop of fulfillment and purpose. Sit back, relax and get ready to revisit these biblical women from Genesis to Revelation, some well known, others less prominent, but all with a HERstory.


Author:Jason Hurlburt

Publisher:Xlibris Corporation


Total Pages:255



Books Description:

Herstory was a vampire novel, a Hitler Wins novel, also a horror science fiction novel, and science fiction novel. The first unofficial Norma Shearer novel was the second released one. In this novel, Norma Shearer, the former Mrs. Irving Thalberg, has a romance with Eddie Gein, the first serial killer. They are sybarites, indulging in hedonism and many other pleasures.

The Social Life of a Herstory Textbook

Author:Massilia Ourabah

Publisher:Springer Nature


Total Pages:83



Books Description:

This book studies the possibility for feminist educational change by examining a case study on the social life of a French gender and women history textbook. Massilia Ourabah opens a unique and timely dialogue between two antagonistic sociological trends: institutionalism and actor-network theory (ANT), and more specifically the inhabited institution approach and the sociology of translation. The structure of the book is dual: it offers one version of the case study grounded in the institutionalist approach, and another version grounded in the translational approach. The goal is to show that through the introduction of institutional elements and the rejection of some of ANT’s strongest assumptions, the critical value of ANT can be restored and prove a useful framework for studying sociomaterial networks in education. The book also engages with feminist pedagogy and discusses the implications of the case study for the prospect of a more gender-balanced educational curriculum.

The Gorgon Medusa: Book I: Herstory

Author:Tyrone Ross

Publisher:Lulu Press, Inc


Total Pages:N.A



Books Description:

Medusa, synonymous with the word monster, is one of three Gorgons who possess the power to petrify any living creature. With bronze claws, a mane of venomous serpents and those deadly eyes that can snatch the life from anyone who look upon her, Medusa was ancient Greece’s weapon of mass destruction. Mythology briefly told the story of the life, plight and death of the Gorgon. However it was a partial account of the being that lived over three thousand years ago. In truth, Medusa is alive today in the 21ST century! From the shadows of obscurity, she has risen to assume the guise of Madame Cynthia Petrakis: reclusive billionaire, philanthropist and humanitarian. One person, well noted archaeologist Jerimiah Clarke, stumbled upon her secret. It was a discovery that nearly ended in tragedy yet manifested into a new and true friendship. Few know of Medusa’s story and now she has decided to reveal it to one man. This is Herstory!

Making Our Way Home

Author:Blair Imani

Publisher:Ten Speed Press


Total Pages:192



Books Description:

A powerful illustrated history of the Great Migration and its sweeping impact on Black and American culture, from Reconstruction to the rise of hip hop. Over the course of six decades, an unprecedented wave of Black Americans left the South and spread across the nation in search of a better life--a migration that sparked stunning demographic and cultural changes in twentieth-century America. Through gripping and accessible historical narrative paired with illustrations, author and activist Blair Imani examines the largely overlooked impact of The Great Migration and how it affected--and continues to affect--Black identity and America as a whole. Making Our Way Home explores issues like voting rights, domestic terrorism, discrimination, and segregation alongside the flourishing of arts and culture, activism, and civil rights. Imani shows how these influences shaped America's workforce and wealth distribution by featuring the stories of notable people and events, relevant data, and family histories. The experiences of prominent figures such as James Baldwin, Fannie Lou Hamer, El Hajj Malik El Shabazz (Malcolm X), Ella Baker, and others are woven into the larger historical and cultural narratives of the Great Migration to create a truly singular record of this powerful journey.

Toni Morrison's

Author:Marria Qibtia Sikandar Nagra

Publisher:GRIN Verlag


Total Pages:5



Books Description:

Essay from the year 2016 in the subject English - Literature, Works, , language: English, abstract: A herstory, contrary to a his-story, is basically history written from a feminist perspective, encompassing and highlighting the truths generally suppressed by male authors or writers. Janet Frame and Sarah Dunant stand as the prime pioneers of this school of narrative fiction and non-fiction. Apprehending the fact that women in literature are generally represented, instead of being in a position to represent themselves, the novel Beloved by Morrison stands as a herstory, and also fits in the criteria of what eminent feminist Helene Cixous in her article, “Laugh of Medusa” labels as an Ecriture Feminine(880) since she too rightfully believed in the essential need for women to place “themselves into the text” and therefore “into history” (879). Analyzing Morrison’s novel Beloved in this context manifests her aspirations towards not only highlighting the harrowing experience of black slaves in America, but also sheds light upon the gendered American society, where female deviation from social norms was not only deemed a threat to patriarchy but was also an aberration, worth condemnation

Of History and Herstory: Story-Telling in Coetzees 'Foe'

Author:Daniel Milne

Publisher:GRIN Verlag


Total Pages:12



Books Description:

Seminar paper from the year 2008 in the subject English Language and Literature Studies - Literature, grade: 1,0, Bielefeld University (Linguistik und Literaturwissenschaft), course: A Survey of British Literature, language: English, abstract: The South African J.M. Coetzee's novel Foe, written in 1986, serves as an example of how established narrative conventions can be altered and twisted by adopting elements from different narrative approaches, which are combined into an interesting, unique and well-rounded novel. In this term paper I would like to analyse the unconventional way in which the many stories of Coetzee's Foe are told. I will begin by closely examining the narrative situation, which - although it might appear so during the first reading - does not stay constant throughout the novel's discourse. In the second part of my analysis, I will concentrate on the level of the characters and the story, in which both a variety of stories are told as well as the perspectives are alternated perpetually. Finally, I will have a look at what I would call one of the novel's major storylines - the story about story telling itself. This 'meta-storytelling' (or 'meta-narration') is what binds all elements of Foe together to one cohesive piece of literature.

Modern HERstory

Author:Blair Imani

Publisher:Ten Speed Press


Total Pages:208



Books Description:

An inspiring and radical celebration of 70 women, girls, and gender nonbinary people who have changed--and are still changing--the world, from the Civil Rights Movement and Stonewall riots through Black Lives Matter and beyond. With a radical and inclusive approach to history, Modern HERstory profiles and celebrates seventy women and nonbinary champions of progressive social change in a bold, colorful, illustrated format for all ages. Despite making huge contributions to the liberation movements of the last century and today, all of these trailblazers come from backgrounds and communities that are traditionally overlooked and under-celebrated: not just women, but people of color, queer people, trans people, disabled people, young people, and people of faith. Authored by rising star activist Blair Imani, Modern HERstory tells the important stories of the leaders and movements that are changing the world right here and right now--and will inspire you to do the same.

A Diva Was a Female Version of a Wrestler

Author:Scarlett Harris

Publisher:Fayetteville Mafia Press


Total Pages:200



Books Description:

From the Rock 'N' Wrestling Connection to the Attitude and Divas eras to the women's wrestling evolution happening now, A Diva Was a Female Version of a Wrestler is a loosely chronologized cultural criticism of World Wrestling Entertainment's herstory. Lifelong wrestling fan and critic Scarlett Harris uses big ideas, such as #MeToo, the commodification of feminism and how we tell women's stories, to chart the rise and fall and rise of women's wrestling, and vice versa.

The Big She-Bang

Author:Marisa Acocella



Total Pages:256



Books Description:

One of O Magazine’s Best Books of Fall 2020 One of Comics Beat’s Most Anticipated Graphic Novels for Fall 2020 Writing as if in a fever dream, iconic New Yorker cartoonist Marisa Acocella channels God the Mother and all of the goddesses, saints and sinners, and real-life women from our storied past in this epic retelling that begins with the Big She-Bang. The rest, as they say, is herstory. Hilarious, profound, and (at times) profane, The Big She-Bang is virtuosic storytelling in which the rules are bent back to where they should have started in the first place. It is abundantly clear that the past has been recorded in big books “written by a bunch of men about a bunch of men.” Now Acocella challenges our understanding of humanity’s past with her own Big Book. Narrated by God the Mother, The Big She-Bang celebrates the Shevolutionaries: a goddess roster that includes Eve, the Marys (Virgin Mother and Magdalene), Persephone, Sophia, Isis, Pope Joan, the Suffragettes, Gloria Steinem, Tarana Burke, Malala, and more. By Klieg-lighting the ways women have been erased, vilified, and dominated across eons—blamed for original sin, destruction, betrayal, witchery, and other assorted (and false) evils and ills—Acocella sets the story straight from the beginning of time to the present day. Not to be exclusionary, this new herstory features cameos from Yaldabaoth, Zeus, Noah, and the Rapacious Phalluses on the rampage. In the end, what hangs in the balance is nothing less than the future of humanity and Mother Earth herself.

Readings in Her Story

Author:Barbara J. MacHaffie

Publisher:Fortress Press


Total Pages:238



Books Description:

A unique anthology. Barbara MacHaffie has collected into one volume 74 of the most important Christian documents and passages by and about women. Ranging from Genesis to now, these primary sources put the reader directly in touch with the most significant and influential events, personalities and issues of women's religious history. Often lamentably and sometimes gloriously, these voices—ancient and modern, female and male, Roman Catholic and Protestant, feminist and patriarchal—bear decisively on women's identities today.