The Crown of Thorns

Author:Edward Gibbon

Publisher:Simon and Schuster


Total Pages:398



Books Description:

Gibbon offers an explanation for why the Roman Empire fell, a task made difficult by a lack of comprehensive written sources, though he was not the only historian to tackle the subject. Most of his ideas are directly taken from what few relevant records were available: those of the Roman moralists of the 4th and 5th centuries.

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The Devil's Dollar

Author:Lenora Stewart

Publisher:Xlibris Corporation


Total Pages:302



Books Description:

Evil in its purest form. A man who cuts a trail of death, but leaves no footprints, no clues. Investigator Ben Masterson knows no man is perfect and that somewhere, some day the killer will make a mistake. When he does, Ben will trail him to the ends of the earth, if necessary, and bring him down. Or die trying. When two FBI agents are brutally executed in an apartment leased by a convent, Ben cant say No, when a nun and childhood friend asks him to take the case, never imagining it will send him hurtling to a face-off with a serial killer and child rapist and come to a dramatic end in a battle that will leave only one of them standing. Along the way to the face-off with this monster, Ben learns love is not always what it seems, that good is not always completely pure, and evil sometimes contains a kernel of white light. Most importantly, he learns just how far hell go to bring down a killer. As far as it takes even if that means making a bargain with the devil himself.

The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire

Author:Edward Gibbon

Publisher:Cosimo, Inc.


Total Pages:580



Books Description:

The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire is Edward Gibbon's magnum opus, written and published over a 13-year period beginning in 1776. It not only chronicles the events of the downfall starting with the end of the rule of Marcus Aurelius, but proposes a theory as to why Rome collapsed: the populace, Gibbon theorizes, lost its moral fortitude, its militaristic will, and its sense of civic duty. History is considered a classic in world literature, and Gibbon is sometimes called the first "modern historian" for his insistence upon using primary sources for his research. Many scholars today still use his highly regarded work as reference. In this sixth of seven volumes, readers will find Chapter 52 ("More Conquests by the Arabs") through Chapter 63 ("Civil Wars and the Ruin of the Greek Empire"), which cover the continued wars between Constantinople and the Arabs; the rise of Harun al Rashid; Islamic advances in the sciences; the invasion of Rome by the Saracens; the state of the Byzantine Empire in the 10th century; the rise of Greek power and influence in the Eastern Roman Empire; the Paulicans; the establishment of a Bulgarian kingdom; the origin of the Russian monarchy; the rise of the Normans in Italy; the life of Robert Guiscard; the many conquests of Sicily; the origin of the Seljuk Turks and their empire; the Turkish conquest of Jerusalem; the First, Second, and Third Crusades; the break between the Greeks and Latins in Constantinople; the rule of Emperor Baldwin I; the resurgence of Greek power in Constantinople; the origins of the family of Courtenay; and the establishment of the Greek Empire. English parliamentarian and historian EDWARD GIBBON (1737-1794) attendedMagdelan College, Oxford for 14 months before his father sent him to Lausanne, Switzerland, where he continued his education. He published Essai sur l'tude de la Littrature (1761) and other autobiographical works, including Mmoire Justificatif pour servir de Rponse l'Expos, etc. de la Cour de France (1779).

Soul Murder

Author:Daniel Blake

Publisher:HarperCollins UK


Total Pages:560



Books Description:

An exciting thriller, introducing Francesco Patrese, FBI expert on religious crime, for fans of Richard Montanari and ‘Messiah’.

Double Assassinat Dans La Rue Morgue (1841)

Author:Edgar Allan Poe

Publisher:By Label AA-Prod/Edits (Artmusiclitte) 2015


Total Pages:26



Books Description:

« Je demeurais à Paris, – pendant le printemps et une partie de l’été de 18.., – et j’y fis la connaissance d’un certain C. Auguste Dupin. Ce jeune gentleman appartenait à une excellente famille, une famille illustre même ; mais, par une série d’événements malencontreux, il se trouva réduit à une telle pauvreté, que l’énergie de son caractère y succomba, et qu’il cessa de se pousser dans le monde et de s’occuper du rétablissement de sa fortune. [...] » Traduction : Charles Baudelaire (1821-1867).

Mortal Sins

Author:Penelope Williamson

Publisher:Hachette UK


Total Pages:432



Books Description:

New Orleans, Louisiana. 1927. Creole aristocrat Charles St. Claire is murdered, his throat slashed with a cane knife. Police discover his wife, Hollywood sex goddess Remy Lelourie, next to the body, drenched in blood. Chief investigator Daman Rourke, who loved and lost Remy years before, wants to believe she is innocent, even though he has seen her kill before. As the evidence against Remy mounts, three more murders rock the city, and Rourke is torn between old loyalties and his pursuit of the truth. As he follows the trail of death and betrayal through the back alleys and roaring jazz haunts of the French Quarter, he finds himself led ever deeper into the guarded secrets and sins of none other than New Orleans' oldest and most respected family.

Blood Innocents

Author:Thomas H. Cook

Publisher:Open Road Media


Total Pages:232



Books Description:

In Thomas H. Cook’s Edgar Award–nominated first novel, a weary detective tracks a blood-crazed psychopath Blood seeps into the gutters at the children’s zoo in Central Park. Two deer have been slaughtered, one stabbed fifty-seven times and the other slashed across the neck. Normally it would be a case for the Parks Department, but these are no ordinary deer. The pride of the small menagerie, they were given to the zoo by a prominent socialite who cannot afford bloody headlines. The NYPD hands the case to Detective Reardon, star of the homicide squad. A recent widower at fifty-six, Reardon has seen too many human victims to care much about the two butchered animals. He resents being taken off other pressing cases for the sake of politics, but soon another killing snaps him to attention. Two women are found dead in their apartment, one stabbed fifty-seven times and the other with her throat cut. Surely this vicious parallel isn’t a coincidence.…

The Man Who Lied to Women

Author:Carol O'Connell

Publisher:Hachette UK


Total Pages:304



Books Description:

Mallory Book 2: the second NYPD detective Kathy Mallory novel from New York Times bestseller Carol O'Connell, master of knife-edge suspense and intricate plotting. Detective Kathy Mallory. New York's darkest. You only underestimate her once. No one in New York's Special Crimes section knows much about Sergeant Kathy Mallory's origins. They only know that she can bewitch the most complex computer systems, can slip into the minds of killers with disturbing ease. When a woman is murdered in Central Park, it appears to be a case of mistaken identity. Mallory goes hunting the killer, armed with under-the-skin knowledge of the man's mind and the bare clue of a lie. Mallory holds on to one truth: everybody lies, and some lies lead to death. And she knows that, to trap the killer, she must put her own life at risk. This book was originally published in the UK under the title THE MAN WHO LIED TO WOMEN.

The Amulet (Mills & Boon Intrigue) (Eclipse & Mists of Fernhaven, Book 3)

Author:Joanna Wayne

Publisher:HarperCollins UK


Total Pages:224



Books Description:

IN THE GLOW OF THE CHANDELIERS, HER HAIR WAS THE COLOR OF MOLTEN GOLD. SHE HAD AN ETHEREAL QUALITY ABOUT HER THAT MADE IT SEEM AS IF SHE WERE MORE DREAM THAN REALITY... Bart Finnegan had come to the Fernhaven Hotel to investigate a murder. But from the moment the dedicated cop spied her across a crowded ballroom, he was a man obsessed.

The Cathars and the Albigensian Crusade

Author:Catherine Léglu,Rebecca Rist,Claire Taylor



Total Pages:242



Books Description:

The Cathars and the Albigensian Crusade brings together a rich and diverse range of medieval sources to examine key aspects of the growth of heresy and dissent in southern France in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries and the Church’s response to that threat through the subsequent authorisation of the Albigensian crusade. Aimed at students and scholars alike, the documents it discusses – papal letters, troubadour songs, contemporary chronicles in Latin and the vernacular, and inquisitorial documents – reflect a deeper perception of medieval heresy and the social, political and religious implications of crusading than has hitherto been possible. The reader is introduced to themes which are crucial to our understanding of the medieval world: ideologies of crusading and holy war, the complex nature of Catharism, the Church’s implementation of diverse strategies to counter heresy, the growth of papal inquisition, southern French counter-strategies of resistance and rebellion, and the uses of Latin and the vernacular to express regional and cultural identity. This timely and highly original collection not only brings together previously unexplored and in some cases unedited material, but provides a nuanced and multi-layered view of the religious, social and political dimensions of one of the most infamous conflicts of the High Middle Ages. This book is a valuable resource for all students, teachers and researchers of medieval history and the crusades.

The Importance of Being Famous

Author:Maureen Orth

Publisher:Henry Holt and Company


Total Pages:384



Books Description:

Vanity Fair's veteran special correspondent pulls back the curtain on the world of celebrity and those who live and die there Vanity Fair's Maureen Orth always makes news. From Hollywood to murder trials to the corridors of politics, this National Magazine Award winner covers lives led in public, on camera, in the headlines. Here she takes us close-up into the world of fame--bridging entertainment, politics, and news--and the lives of those who understand the chemistry, the very DNA, of fame and how to create it, manipulate it, sustain it. Moving from former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher to Michael Jackson, the ultimate child/monster of show business, Orth describes our evolution from a society where talent attracted attention to a place where the star-making machinery of the "celebrity-industrial complex" shapes, reshapes, and sells its gods (and monsters) to the public. From divas letting their hair down (Tina Turner) to Little Gods (Woody Allen and Princess Diana's almost father-in-law Mohammed Fayed), political theater (Arnold's Hollywood hubris, Arianna Huffington's guru-guided gubernatorial quest), news-gone-soap-opera (I Love Laci), and even the Queen Mother of reinvention (Madonna as dominatrix/children's-book author), Orth delivers a portrait of an era. The Importance of Being Famous shows us the real world of the big room where the rules that govern mere mortals don't matter--and anonymity is a crime.

Math Is Murder

Author:Robert C. Brigham



Total Pages:260



Books Description:

Kenneth Salter, chairman of the math department at Marcus Rome State University, isnt a well-liked man; in fact, most people despise him. Its not surprising, therefore, when he ends up dead, slumped over in his office chair. All the animosity directed toward the professor makes this a challenging case for homicide detective Tom Warren. His list of possible suspects is long. Much to his chagrin, Warren finds himself teamed up with some law enforcement outsiders. Jim Albright is a math professor and detective wannabe, while his wife, Donna, is a sexy psychologist. Elmo Sherwin is a loveable math genius, but hes as clumsy as he is eccentric. How can these novices help Warren solve his case? Hell soon learn it takes more than crime scene know-how to catch a killer. Its going to take interviews, deduction, and reasoning to make sense of Salters murder. Everyone sees things differently, and what one person observes could be missed by everyone else. Are you clever enough to follow the clues and construct the argument that points uniquely to the guilty party?

Blackbird, Farewell

Author:Robert Greer

Publisher:Open Road Media


Total Pages:343



Books Description:

The shooting of a Denver NBA superstar reveals a pro-sports underworld of greed, secrets, blackmail, steroids, and murder. Shandell Bird’s career is soaring. But just after the NBA luminary signs a multimillion-dollar contract with the Denver Nuggets, and another as celebrity spokesman for Nike, the “Blackbird” makes headlines again—when he and a Pulitzer Prize–winning journalist are shot to death mid-court. Honeymooning in Hawaii, bail bondsman and investigator C. J. Floyd is too far from reality to find the sniper, so he hands his gumshoes to his godson, Damion Madrid. Best friends since grade school, Damion and Shandell grew up on the Glendale courts. At Colorado State University, they led their basketball team to the NCAA Championship finals. They were as close as brothers. Now Damion is hearing stories of Shandell’s connections to organized crime, point shaving, selling of performance-enhancing drugs, and association with low-life sycophants drawn to wealth and fame. But the Blackbird had secrets no one knew—some so private he took them to his grave. On the dark road of discovery, Damion will be forced to shed his innocence and come face-to-face with the cold truth. And when he’s put in the crosshairs of a killer, only C. J. Floyd can help him. Bestselling author Robert Greer has been hailed as a “taut, powerful writer” (The Plain Dealer). Fans of hardboiled detective stories or the novels of Walter Mosley will enjoy his suspenseful, edgy, “winning series” featuring a tough African American sleuth in the modern-day West (Library Journal). Blackbird, Farewell is the 7th book in the C. J. Floyd Mysteries, but you may enjoy reading the series in any order.

A City of Bloodsuckers

Author:O.O. Kandison

Publisher:Xlibris Corporation


Total Pages:706



Books Description:

This novel is a work of fiction, and the characters are all fictional—that is, they come out of my imagination. But if they bear any resemblance to specific judges, lawyers, and cops, it is not a matter of coincidence. It is because I chose to use such names for them to get mad, the same way I am mad about the injustice done to me by three judges for a crime I cried and swore I did not commit. I was charged and found guilty even though I was the one who was assaulted and battered—an assault and battery that has now partially left me deaf and, above all, has left me with only one testicle, while the judges and the attorneys have played their games right. I also created this fictional event of the court. I have used names that came out of my imagination to represent all the players in this book, and I put them in chapters where they are meant to serve my purpose the same way three notorious judges all served their purpose against me. But I should make it clear, though, that the names of the noncourtroom players whom I have used here are products of my imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental. Therefore, the actions and motivations of these players are entirely my idea. Again, simply put, there is no connection in the manner I brought them into the book. If I have caused embarrassment to anyone other than some judges I have directed my anger to or the attorneys, the security men of Circus Circus Hotel & Casino, and the cops, in any manner, I wish, here and now, to apologize openly and sincerely. And bear in mind that without the humanities—with the novelists, playwrights, poets, and actors of our world, let alone the comedians to express the First Amendment or mock those who wrong us or who rule the world—we would not have movies or theaters. Therefore, all the movies we might think we have would be worth nothing. Ogbebor K. Ogbesia November 8, 2001

Dying in Style

Author:Elaine Viets

Publisher:Jabberwocky Literary Agency, Inc.


Total Pages:258



Books Description:

Secret shopper Josie Marcus tries sleuthing on for size when she’s framed for murder in this cozy mystery by the Anthony and Agatha Award–winning author. On her latest assignment, Josie mystery shops the stores of St. Louis’s premier handbag designer, Danessa Celedine. A stunning socialite who makes headlines with her hot Russian lover, Serge, Danessa sells exquisite purses to the rich and famous. Unfortunately, Danessa’s shops aren’t nearly as dazzling as her clientele, and Josie’s negative report could kill a lucrative deal to sell the handbag empire. Danessa swears it will also cost Josie her career. Businesses often live and die by Josie’s reviews, but when Danessa and Serge are both found murdered, she’s suddenly linked to an actual homicide—as the chief suspect! Now Josie will need all her subterfuge skills to investigate the crimes, clear her name, and stop the killer from claiming another fashion victim.

Medium Raw

Author:Anthony Bourdain

Publisher:Harper Collins


Total Pages:320



Books Description:

Medium Raw marks the return of the inimitable Anthony Bourdain, author of the blockbuster bestseller Kitchen Confidential and three-time Emmy Award-nominated host of No Reservations on TV’s Travel Channel. Bourdain calls his book, “A Bloody Valentine to the World of Food and the People Who Cook,” and he is at his entertaining best as he takes aim at some of the biggest names in the foodie world, including David Chang, Alice Waters, the Top Chef winners and losers, and many more. If Hunter S. Thompson had written a book about the restaurant business, it could have been Medium Raw.

The Other Side of Silence

Author:Philip Kerr



Total Pages:416



Books Description:

When Bernie Gunther takes on a blackmail case and gets involved in the affairs of British spies, the former detective risks exposing his own dark past in this thrilling novel hailed by The New York Times Book Review as “one of Kerr’s best.” Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat, 1956. Having gone into hiding in the French Riviera, Bernie Gunther is working as a concierge at the Grand-Hôtel under a false name. His days and nights consist of maneuvering drunks to their rooms, shooing away prostitutes in search of trade, and answering the mindless questions posed by the absurdly rich guests—needless to say, he’s miserable. Now, the man who was once a homicide detective and unwilling SS officer in Hitler’s Third Reich is simply the person you turn to for touring tips or if you need a bridge partner. As it just so happens, a rich and famous writer needs someone to fill the fourth seat in a regular game at the Villa Mauresque. But Somerset Maugham wants Bernie to help him get out of a game far more dangerous than bridge. Maugham is being blackmailed—perhaps because of his unorthodox lifestyle, or perhaps because, once upon a time, Maugham worked for the British Secret Service...

O.J. Is Innocent and I Can Prove It

Author:William C. Dear



Total Pages:592



Books Description:

Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman were brutally murdered at her home on Bundy Drive in Brentwood, California, on the night of June 12, 1994. The days and weeks that followed were full of spectacle, including a much-watched car chase and the eventual arrest of O. J. Simpson for the murders. The televised trial that followed was unlike any that the nation had ever seen. Long since convinced of O. J.’s guilt, the world was shocked when the jury of the “trial of the century” read the verdict of not guilty. To this day, the LAPD, Los Angeles District Attorney’s office, mainstream media, and much of the world at large remain firmly convinced that O. J. Simpson got away with murder. According to private investigator William Dear, it is precisely this assuredness that has led both the police and public to overlook a far more likely suspect. Dear now compiles more than seventeen years of investigation by his team of forensic experts and presents evidence that O. J. was not the killer. In O. J. Is Innocent and I Can Prove It, Dear makes the controversial, but compelling, case that it may have been the “overlooked suspect,” O. J.’s eldest son, Jason, who committed the grisly murders. Sure to stir the pot and raise some eyebrows, this book is a must-read.

Black Dahlia Avenger

Author:Steve Hodel



Total Pages:550



Books Description:

For Viewers of the TNT Series I Am the Night and Fans of the Root of Evil Podcast, the Bestselling Book That Revealed the Shocking Identity of the Black Dahlia Killer and the Police Corruption That Concealed It for So Long A New York Times Bestseller An International Bestseller A New York Times Notable Book An Edgar Award Finalist In 1947, the brutal, sadistic murder of a beautiful young woman named Elizabeth Short led to the largest manhunt in LA history. The killer teased and taunted the police and public for weeks, but his identity stayed a mystery, and the murder remained the most tantalizing unsolved case of the last century, until this book revealed the bizarre solution. Steve Hodel, a retired LAPD detective who was a private investigator, took up the case, reviewing the original evidence and records as well as those of a separate grand jury investigation into a series of murders of single women in LA at the time. The prime suspect had in fact been identified, but never indicted. Why? And who was he? In an account that partakes both of LA Confidential and Zodiac, for the corruption it exposes and the insight it offers into a serial killer’s mind, Hodel demonstrates that there was a massive police cover-up. Even more shocking, he proves that the murderer, a true-life Jekyll and Hyde who was a highly respected member of society by day and a psychopathic killer by night, was his own father. This edition of the book includes new findings and photographs added after the original publication, together with a new postscript by the author.

The Dennis McDougal True Crime Collection

Author:Dennis McDougal

Publisher:Open Road Media


Total Pages:1085



Books Description:

From a murderous mother to a famous actor accused of killing his wife in cold blood, gripping true crime exposés from an award-winning journalist. Mother’s Day: The true story of Theresa Cross Knorr, the twisted child abuser who murdered two of her own daughters—with the help of her sons. It would be almost a decade after these horrific crimes before her youngest daughter, Terry Knorr Graves, revealed her mother’s history of unfathomable violence. At first, she was met with disbelief by law enforcement and even her own therapist, but eventually, the truth about her mother’s monstrous abuse emerged. Award-winning journalist Dennis McDougal details the pathological jealousy, rage, and domineering behavior that escalated into appalling acts of homicide and destroyed a family. Blood Cold: In May 2001, Bonny Lee Bakley was shot to death in a car parked on a dark Hollywood side street. Eleven months later, Robert Blake—her husband, the father of her child, and the star of the classic film In Cold Blood and the popular 1970s TV detective series Baretta—was arrested for murder, conspiracy, and solicitation. Did Blake kill his wife? Did he hire someone to do the job for him? Award-winning journalist Dennis McDougal and entertainment-media expert Mary Murphy recount a real-life crime story more shocking and bizarre than any movie.