The Crown of Thorns




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How to Land a Top-Paying Federal Job is the ultimate guide to securing a government job, internship, or fellowship. Written by a successful career coach who has climbed the federal career ladder herself and served as a hiring manager, the book steers applicants through every stage of their job searches-from finding unadvertised openings and getting interviews to sealing enviable deals and even get ting promoted. Drawing on interviews with more than 100 federal hiring managers, the book reveals the secrets to impressing these gatekeepers online, on paper, and in person-information that is available nowhere else. The updated second edition includes more get-ahead tips; new templates for writing winning applications; expanded directories for internships, fast-track management training programs and fellowships; and the latest helpful websites. Complete with a companion CD filled with sample r'sum's, checklists, and templates, this indispensable book gives readers the inside scoop on landing some of the nation's most secure, well-paying, and rewarding jobs-in all 50 states and abroad!

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Punch Doubt in the Face

Author:Nicolle Merrill

Publisher:Publish Your Purpose Press


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The days of sticking with a single career path until our golden years of retirement are gone. In the last ten years, the world of work has changed significantly. But the career advice you’ve been given since you were a kid hasn’t. Enter Nicolle Merrill, four-time (and counting) career-changer, professional reinventor, and author. In Punch Doubt in the Face: How to Upskill, Change Careers, and Beat the Robots, Nicolle translates the future of work into a roadmap to a better career and professional empowerment. Grounded in her belief that our careers are like a Choose Your Own Adventure book—full of possibilities, new paths, and the occasional surprise—Nicolle helps readers evaluate their careers like mini-futurists. You’ll discover a new career that fits your lifestyle, learn how to attain the skills needed to thrive in the workplace of the future, and go on a professional adventure or two—regardless of your age or your industry. Read this book. Your future self will thank you.

How You Are Like Shampoo for College Graduates

Author:Brenda Bence


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Not much work experience? Let your personal brand work for YOU.A s a college grad, you need an edge when trying to land a great job. How do you get around a lack of good work experience on your resume? Stand out in a crowd of older, more experienced candidates? Avoid having to settle for a job you don't love?Introducing the only Personal Branding System designed specifically for college gradsJust like the brands you rely on every day, you can become the "brand of choice" for a potential employer – right out of college. Based on the same marketing methods used to build popular name brands, now you can define and communicate your very own personal brand — the Trademarked YOU. And that's how you connect with interviewers and get the job you really want!You will:- Discover the 6 personal branding secrets other grads don't know- Master the 5 activities that best communicate your brand- Avoid the Top 20 College Grad Personal Brand Busters that recruiters hate- Unleash the power of social media to help you find the right job faster- Learn how to command the highest possible salary once you're offered the jobIncludes interview recommendations from recruiters atGoogle, Sony, Disney, Stanford University, IBM, Hewlett-Packard, AT&T, Procter & Gamble, Motorola, Hilton, Nestlé, and Goldman SachsPlus invaluable tips from more than 50 other top companies and schools.

Outdoor Careers

Author:Ellen Shenk

Publisher:Stackpole Books


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Includes individual career profiles in: agriculture and food production - biological sciences - conservation - environmental sciences - engineering - marine careers - recreation - indoor careers with an outdoor twist Revised and updated Provides job descriptions and information about salaries, employment outlook, and educational requirements for everything from farming to forestry to meteorology. Professionals are interviewed at the end of each chapter, offering a personal look at specific jobs and insight on day-to-day responsibilities. With telephone, mail, and internet sources for job listings and other information, this makes an excellent resource for students and those changing careers.

Chinese International Students’ Stressors and Coping Strategies in the United States

Author:Kun Yan



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This book explores how Chinese students abroad may suffer stress, and how they conceptualize and adapt to stress in the American higher education environment. To do so, it adopts a mixed methods design: the sequential explanatory design, which is characterized by the collection and analysis of quantitative data followed by the collection and analysis of qualitative data. To date, no empirical research has focused solely upon understanding the stress and coping processes of Chinese students in the United States. This book addresses that gap, enriching the body of literature on international students’ adaptation process in foreign countries.

Careers in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Author:Victor Edwards,Suzanne Shelley

Publisher:CRC Press


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The scope of opportunities in chemical and biomolecular engineering has grown tremendously in recent years. Careers in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering conveys the breadth and depth of today’s chemical and biomolecular engineering practice, and describes the intellectually enriching, socially conscious and financially lucrative opportunities available for such graduates in an ever-widening array of industries and applications. This book aims to help students interested in studying chemical engineering and biomolecular engineering to understand the many potential career pathways that are available in these dynamic fields — and is an indispensable resource for the parents, teachers, advisors and guidance counselors who support them, In addition to 10 chapters that discuss the roles such graduates play in many diverse industries, this book also features 25 Profile articles that share in-depth, first-person insight from industry-leading chemical and biomolecular engineers. These technical professionals discuss their work and educational experiences (in terms of both triumphs and challenges), and share wisdom and recommendations for students pursuing these two dynamic engineering disciplines.

Ethical Engineering for International Development and Environmental Sustainability

Author:Marion Hersh



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Ensuring that their work has a positive influence on society is a responsibility and a privilege for engineers, but also a considerable challenge. This book addresses the ways in which engineers meet this challenge, working from the assumption that for a project to be truly ethical both the undertaking itself and its implementation must be ethically sound. The contributors discuss varied topics from an international and interdisciplinary perspective, including l robot ethics; l outer space; l international development; l internet privacy and security; l green branding; l arms conversion; l green employment; and l deliberate misinformation about climate change Important questions are answered, such as l what is meant by engineering ethics and its practical implications; l how decisions made by engineers in their working lives make an impact at the global as well as the local level; and l what ethics-related questions should be asked before making such decisions. Ethical Engineering for International Development and Environmental Sustainability will be a valuable resource for practising and student engineers as well as all who are interested in professional ethics, especially as it relates to engineering. Researchers and policy makers concerned with the effects of engineering decisions on environmental sustainability and international stability will find this book to be of special interest.

Community Resources for Older Adults

Author:Robbyn R. Wacker,Karen A. Roberto

Publisher:SAGE Publications


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Community Resources for Older Adults provides comprehensive, up-to-date information on programs, services, and policies pertaining to older adults. Authors Robbyn R. Wacker and Karen A. Roberto build reader awareness of programs and discuss how to better understand help-seeking behavior, as well as explain ways to take advantage of the resources available to older adults. The substantially revised Fifth Edition includes new topics and updated research, tables, and figures to help answer key questions about the evolution and utilization of programs for older adults and the challenges that service providers face.

Intermediate Accounting

Author:Donald E. Kieso,Jerry J. Weygandt,Terry D. Warfield,Irene M. Wiecek,Bruce J. McConomy

Publisher:Wiley Global Education


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Intermediate Accounting, 12th Edition, Volume 2, continues to be the number one intermediate accounting resource in the Canadian market. Viewed as the most reliable resource by accounting students, faculty, and professionals, this course helps students understand, prepare, and use financial information by linking education with the real-world accounting environment. This new edition now incorporates new data analytics content and up-to-date coverage of leases and revenue recognition.

The Urban Struggle for Economic, Environmental and Social Justice

Author:Malo André Hutson



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This book discusses the current demographic shifts of blacks, Latinos, and other people of colour out of certain strong-market cities and the growing fear of displacement among low-income urban residents. It documents these populations’ efforts to remain in their communities and highlights how this leads to community organizing around economic, environmental, and social justice. The book shows how residents of once-neglected urban communities are standing up to city economic development agencies, influential real estate developers, universities, and others to remain in their neighbourhoods, protect their interests, and transform their communities into sustainable, healthy communities. These communities are deploying new strategies that build off of past struggles over urban renewal. Based on seven years of research, this book draws on a wealth of material to conduct a case study analysis of eight low-income/mixed-income communities in Boston, New York, San Francisco, and Washington, DC. This timely book is aimed at researchers and postgraduate students interested in urban policy and politics, community development, urban studies, environmental justice, urban public health, sociology, community-based research methods, and urban planning theory and practice. It will also be of interest to policy makers, community activists, and the private sector.

Industry, University and Government Partnerships for the Sustainable Development of Knowledge-Based Society

Author:Waqas Nawaz,Muammer Koç

Publisher:Springer Nature


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This book discusses the rapidly growing interest in economic diversification through partnerships between industry, university and government (IUGP), with a focus on the economic diversification of the state of Qatar. It provides a comparative account of the knowledge ecosystem in the USA, Norway, Singapore and Qatar, and offers an evolutionary, national economic-transformational perspective on legislation, institutional and cultural settings, intermediary structures, and support programs. Providing a broad overview of the knowledge ecosystems in these countries, it is suitable for readers at various learning levels. It also includes case studies and a concise comparison of the Global Innovation Index (GII) of the four countries, and explores in detail the under-par comparative performance of Qatar, revealing that the country is still at the engagement level of IUGP. Further, it proposes evidence-based recommendations and strategies, making it a valuable resource for researchers, graduate students and policymakers.

Texas vs. California

Author:Kenneth P. Miller

Publisher:Oxford University Press


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Texas and California are the leaders of Red and Blue America. As the nation has polarized, its most populous and economically powerful states have taken charge of the opposing camps. These states now advance sharply contrasting political and policy agendas and view themselves as competitors for control of the nation's future. Kenneth P. Miller provides a detailed account of the rivalry's emergence, present state, and possible future. First, he explores why, despite their many similarities, the two states have become so deeply divided. As he shows, they experienced critical differences in their origins and in their later demographic, economic, cultural, and political development. Second, he describes how Texas and California have constructed opposing, comprehensive policy models--one conservative, the other progressive. Miller highlights the states' contrasting policies in five areas--tax, labor, energy and environment, poverty, and social issues--and also shows how Texas and California have led the red and blue state blocs in seeking to influence federal policy in these areas. The book concludes by assessing two models' strengths, vulnerabilities, and future prospects. The rivalry between the two states will likely continue for the foreseeable future, because California will surely stay blue and Texas will likely remain red. The challenge for the two states, and for the nation as a whole, is to view the competition in a positive light and turn it to productive ends. Exploring one of the primary rifts in American politics, Texas vs. California sheds light on virtually every aspect of the country's political system.

The Ideal of Total Environmental Control

Author:Suzanne Strum



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**Finalist for the Thought and Criticism category of the FAD Awards 2019** This book traces the ideal of total environmental control through the intellectual and geographic journey of Knud Lönberg- Holm, a forgotten Danish architect who promoted a unique systemic, cybernetic, and ecological vision of architecture in the 1930s. A pioneering figure of the new objectivity and international constructivism in Germany in 1922 and a celebrated peer of radical figures in De Stijl, the Bauhaus, and Russian constructivism, when he emigrated to Detroit in 1923 he introduced the vanguard theory of productivism through his photography, essays, designs, and pedagogy. By following Lönberg- Holm’s ongoing matrix of relations until the postwar era with the European vanguards in CIAM and former members of the Structural Study Associates (SSA), especially Fuller, Frederick Kiesler, and C. Theodore Larson, this study shows how their definition of building as a form of environmental control anticipated the contemporary disciplines of industrial ecology, industrial metabolism, and energy accounting.


Author:H. Peter Oberlander

Publisher:UBC Press


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Peter Oberlander proposes a number of specific policy shifts to accommodate the poor effectively within the settlement system and to use land strategically as a scarce resource in the development process.

UK Environmental Policy in the 1990s

Author:Tim S. Gray



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The central controversy running through this book is whether Mrs Thatcher's famous 'green' speeches of 1988 marked a fundamental shift by the Conservative Government towards environmentalism, or whether they were merely political rhetoric, designed to rule out a temporary surge of popular support for the Green Party. The conclusion arrived at is mixed: in some policy areas a definite shift has occurred, but in others it is 'business as usual'. An overall change of gear is still awaited.

Waterfront Manhattan

Author:Kurt C. Schlichting

Publisher:Johns Hopkins University Press+ORM


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“Rich in historical, sociological, and economic detail . . . a new way to look at the ascendancy and growth of America’s most important city.” —Civil Engineering With its maritime links across the oceans, along the Atlantic coast, and inland to the Midwest and New England, Manhattan became a global city and home to the world’s busiest port. It was a world of docks, ships, tugboats, and ferries, filled with cargo and freight, a place where millions of immigrants entered the Promised Land. In Waterfront Manhattan, Kurt C. Schlichting tells the story of the Manhattan waterfront as a struggle between public and private control of New York’s priceless asset. From colonial times until after the Civil War, the city ceded control of the waterfront to private interests, excluding the public entirely and sparking a battle between shipping companies, the railroads, and ferries for access to the waterfront. In the second half of the nineteenth century, the City of New York regained control of the waterfront, but a whirlwind of forces beyond the control of either public or private interests—technological change in the form of the shipping container and the jet airplane—devastated the city’s maritime world. The city slowly and painfully recovered. Visionaries reimagined the waterfront, and today the island is almost completely surrounded by parkland, the world of piers and longshoremen gone, replaced by luxury housing and tourist attractions. Waterfront Manhattan is “an impressive narrative which is sure to shed light on this underappreciated aspect of New York City history” (Global Maritime History). “An important book. There is much to ponder on the future of New York City’s harbor.” —Journal of American History

Resilience and the Re-integration of Street Children and Youth in Sub-Saharan Africa

Author:Walters Mudoh Sanji



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This book contributes to a better understanding of street children and youth within Sub-Saharan Africa. It investigates the psychological conditions of these children and determines how to reintegrate them into mainstream socio-economic activities. The book proposes cures and preventive measures. It also highlights the inextricable link which exists between street children and youth problem, and economic underdevelopment within Sub-Saharan Africa. With a careful examination of the main reasons of poverty and weak institutions within the region, the book offers suggestions on how to prevent street children and youth problem by alleviating poverty through a vibrant industrial sector and economic development. This book also provides recommendations on how to cure the problem by creating social enterprises which can offer opportunities to the youth and their parents. It achieves this by first comparing children and youth on the street (those who have homes to return to at night), with children and youth of the street (those who both work and live on the street). It then looks at a project designed to boost the resilience of street children. By looking at the differences between children on the street and children of the street, the book highlights the importance of having a home, and of the great value of cooperation between churches, non-government organizations and the state, in working to make the lives of these young people better. This book is a useful resource for students, academics and researchers in the fields of psychology, social work, sociology, and international development.