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Author:Jay Weinstein,Vijayan K. Pillai

Publisher:Rowman & Littlefield


Total Pages:448



Books Description:

This comprehensive, introductory text takes an applied, interdisciplinary approach. Because one author is a sociologist and the other a demographer, the text introduces perspectives from many different disciplines. The most applied book on the market, Demography: The Science of Population teaches students how to use the multitude of demographic resources available to them as consumers of data. Using case studies throughout to illustrate key concepts in a realistic and concrete manner, the authors also draw examples from recent U.S. Census data, United Nations and World Bank reports, tables from the National Center for Health Statistics, and other U.S. state- and county-level sources. New to the Second Edition This second edition is divided into four main parts; each part begins with a short introduction, and all chapters include end-of-chapter summaries. All tables, related narrative, and graphics have been updated to include data from the 2000 and 2010 census counts, more recent estimates for the United States—especially the American Community Survey—and comparable new data from international sources (e.g. World Bank, Population Research Bureau World Data Sheet). Several new figures have been added throughout the text. Part I: An Overview of Population Science, introduces the field of demography and provides a summary of its subject matter. The chapters in this part have been reorganized to reflect changes in the discipline. Chapter 1 now includes a new “the study of populations” section, a shorter Chapter 2 covers population size, and its former discussion of structure has been moved to Chapter 3. This de-emphasizes the history of population science to some extent and increases emphasis on population size as the key demographic variable. Chapter 4 presents the main principles and analytical techniques associated with the three “static” characteristics of populations: size, structure, and geographic distribution. Part II: Population Dynamics: Vital Events and Growth, reflects the wealth of data and analytical techniques now available from The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and its “Wonder” utility. The first three chapters focus on the vital events of birth, death, and migration. The final chapter in this part brings this material together in a discussion of population growth: its measurement, its history, and current related policy concerns. Part III: Population Models, introduces the principles of life table analysis, population estimation, and projection. This material has been simplified and updated. Chapter 9, The Life Table: An Introduction, has been revised to accord with the new federal alignment for vital statistics between the CDC and National Institute for Health Statistics. Life tables from non-U.S. sources are increased in number and in detailed functions. Part IV: Demography in Application, provides overviews of population policy, the environment, and demographic resources, along with a brief postscript on population in the larger scheme of things. What appeared as two appendices in the first edition, one on the history of population policy and one on tourism as a type of international migration, have been combined to create a new Chapter 14. The end-of-chapter material has been shortened and now contains a summary, key terms, and notes. A full-color enhanced eText is also available, and the second edition is accompanied by a teaching and learning package, including instructor’s manual, test bank, lecture slides, and a companion website that offers students additional resources, flashcards, and self-study quizzes.

History of Management Thought

Author:Vadim I. Marshev

Publisher:Springer Nature


Total Pages:710



Books Description:

This book describes the millennia-long process of the genesis, formation, struggle, and change of views on the management of social organizations in various countries around the world; in other words, it characterizes the worldwide evolution of the History of Management Thought (HMT) - ideas, concepts, theories, paradigms, and scientific schools - from Antiquity to the present. The book is the outcome of extensive research, based on the analysis, generalization, and systematization of foreign and domestic published literature, as well as on the gathering and analysis of unique archival materials. For the first time in the historical and managerial literature, the book puts forward original definitions of three historical and managerial sciences - the History of Management, the History of Management Thought, and the Historiography of Historical and Managerial Research. It addresses the main challenges in pursuing Historical and Scientific Research (HSR), the main “subject” levels of HSR and specific methodological problems concerning HMT, as well as epistemological methods for identifying key factors in and causes of the advent and evolution of HMT. This book presents both the origins of management thought dating back to the 5th millennium BC and the latest management concepts of the early 21st century. In particular, it traces the origins and sources of management thought, reflected in the works of thinkers and statesmen of the Ancient World (Egypt, Western Asia, China, India, Greece, and Rome), the era of feudalism, and the Middle Ages (Byzantium, Western Europe, and England), the era of inception capitalism (Western Europe and the USA), as well as the new and recent history of management thought of the 20th and 21st centuries. In addition, for the first time in History of Management literature, it presents the history of Russian management thought from the 9th century to modern concepts and scientific schools.

The Wealth of Nations

Author:Adam Smith

Publisher:Industrial Systems Research


Total Pages:564



Books Description:

An easier-to read, moderately abridged, current language version of the 1776 classic. Adam Smith's The Wealth of Nations is the great pioneering study of economic growth and performance. When first published in 1776, the factory-based Industrial Revolution was only just getting underway. However, there had been steadily rising production and incomes in Britain, the North American colonies, Holland and other countries since at least the late 17th century. Smith uses basic theory, observation and documentary sources to analyze the nature and causes of economic advancement in general. The book is lengthy and wide-ranging. It examines the contributions to production of labour, land and capital. It explains the economic importance of large buoyant markets and industrial specialization. It also shows that national wealth does not depend on economic factors alone. For example, the favourableness or otherwise of the political-legal environment for industry and commerce is everywhere a major influence on national prosperity. This is a moderately abridged current language version of the book – essentially translating the work into modern English to improve its readability and understandability. The translation is substantive but retains literalness and original word order and grammar as far as possible. CONTENTS: Editorial Foreword Author’s Introduction BOOK 1: INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTION, DISTRIBUTION AND INCOMES Chapter 1: Industrial Specialization Chapter 2: The Origins Of Industrial Specialization Chapter 3: The Extent Of The Market Limits Specialization Chapter 4: The Origins And Use Of Money Chapter 5: The Real Economic And Nominal Monetary Prices Of Goods Chapter 6: Supply Prices, Production Costs And Incomes Chapter 7: The Natural And Market Prices Of Products Chapter 8: The Wages Of Labour Chapter 9: The Profits Of Capital Chapter 10: Wages And Profits In Different Trades Chapter 11: The Rent Of Land BOOK 2: CAPITAL – ITS NATURE, ACCUMULATION AND USES Chapter 1: Different Types Of Capital Chapter 2: Monetary Capital Chapter 3: The Accumulation Of Capital Chapter 4: Capital Lent At Interest Chapter 5: The Different Uses Of Capital BOOK 3: NATIONAL ECONOMIC GROWTH AND PERFORMANCE DIFFERENCES Chapter 1: The Natural Process Of Economic Growth Chapter 2: The Discouragement Of Agriculture In Europe After The Fall Of The Roman Empire Chapter 3: Urban Growth And Manufacturing After The Fall Of The Roman Empire Chapter 4: The Contribution Of Urban Industry And Commerce To Rural Economies BOOK 4: POLITICAL-ECONOMIC THEORIES AND POLICIES Chapter 1: The Mercantilist Political Economic Model Chapter 2: Restrictions On Importing Goods Capable Of Domestic Production Chapter 3: Restrictions On Imports To Correct So-called Disadvantageous Trade Balances Chapter 4: Tax Refunds On Exports Chapter 5: Export Subsidies Chapter 6: Treaties Of Commerce Chapter 7: Colonies Chapter 8: The Mercantilist System – Conclusions Chapter 9: The Agricultural Political Economic Model – The Notion Of Land As The Great Source Of National Wealth BOOK 5: GOVERNMENT FINANCES – PUBLIC EXPENDITURE, TAXATION AND BORROWING Chapter 1: Government Expenditure Chapter 2: The Sources Of General Public Revenues Chapter 3: Public Debts

Age Past: The Incian Sphere

Author:Jeff Mechlinski

Publisher:Strangelet Machine Games


Total Pages:399



Books Description:

Age Past is a fantasy RPG that incorporates a novel character creation and dice rolling mechanic. Age Past: The Incian Sphere was written to provide you a completely customized gaming experience. Characters are built using an archetype system that is only limited by your imagination. Cast from over 150 spells without restriction and select from over 140 powers. Most powers can be taken 4 times as your character levels so no two characters will ever be the same. The system encourages player balance so your character will be successful regarding her purpose and all characters will be equally important. The game's world is unique and open enough for a GM to tailor his own adventure yet has guidelines to keep expectations in check. Age Past also has many optional rules that allow you to further customize your gaming experience. Choose to use pulp gaming rules or high lethality... or both! Build your perfect hero and conquer the world. Incia awaits!

Digital Quality Management in Construction

Author:Paul Marsden



Total Pages:252



Books Description:

Much has been written about Building Information Modelling (BIM) driving collaboration and innovation, but how will future quality managers and engineers develop digital capabilities in augmented and video realities, with business intelligence platforms, robots, new materials, artificial intelligence, blockchains, drones, laser scanning, data trusts, 3D printing and many other types of technological advances in construction? These emerging technologies are potential game changers that require new skills and processes. Digital Quality Management in Construction is the first ‘how to’ book on harnessing novel disruptive technology in construction quality management. The book takes a tour of the new technologies and relates them to the management of quality, but also sets out a road map to build on proven lean construction techniques and embed technologically based processes to raise quality professionals’ digital capabilities. With the mountain of data being generated, quality managers need to unlock its value to drive the quality of construction in the twenty-first century, and this book will help them do that and allow those working in construction Quality Management to survive and thrive, creating higher quality levels and less waste. This book is essential reading for quality managers, project managers and all professionals in the Architecture, Engineering and Construction industry (AEC). Students interested in new and disruptive technologies will also learn a great deal from reading this book, written by a professional quality manager with nearly thirty years’ experience in both the public and private sectors.

A Short History of the Phoenicians

Author:Mark Woolmer

Publisher:Bloomsbury Publishing


Total Pages:272



Books Description:

Offering new insights based on recent archaeological discoveries in their heartland of modern-day Lebanon, Mark Woolmer presents a fresh appraisal of this fascinating, yet elusive, Semitic people. Discussing material culture, language and alphabet, religion (including sacred prostitution of women and boys to the goddess Astarte), funerary custom and trade and expansion into the Punic west, he explores Phoenicia in all its paradoxical complexity. Viewed in antiquity as sage scribes and intrepid mariners who pushed back the boundaries of the known world, and as skilled engineers who built monumental harbour cities like Tyre and Sidon, the Phoenicians were also considered (especially by their rivals, the Romans) to be profiteers cruelly trading in human lives. The author shows them above all to have been masters of the sea: this was a civilization that circumnavigated Africa two thousand years before Vasco da Gama did it in 1498. The Phoenicians present a tantalizing face to the ancient historian. Latin sources suggest they once had an extensive literature of history, law, philosophy and religion; but all now is lost. In this revised and updated edition, Woolmer takes stock of recent historiographical developments in the field, bringing the present edition up to speed with contemporary understanding.

Sherlock Holmes & The Master Engraver

Author:Ross Husband

Publisher:GlenRoss Editions


Total Pages:460



Books Description:

It is Christmas 1889: Sherlock Holmes becomes involved in a case of international importance when the senior partner and master engraver of London's most eminent security printer seeks his aid most urgently; the newly engraved, but as yet unproofed, plates for the next run of official Bank of England GBP10 notes have been stolen from the company's high-security vault, with no sign of forced entry to the premises. The currency of Great Britain is in grave danger. The Chief Cashier of The Bank of England believes he has no choice but to pay a vast ransom, but Sherlock Holmes thinks otherwise The secret and illicit printing press is even now running... But where is it located? Holmes and Watson have just five days to unravel the mystery, apprehend the villains and save the nation's economy from complete collapse - or pay the staggering ransom demand. But there will be perilous consequences; the investigation takes the duo deep into the vilest and most dangerous rookeries of 19th-century London, shocking and brutal murder will be done and in the process Sherlock Holmes will make an implacable and life-long enemy who will pursue him to the end of his days to wreak his revenge.

To Make an Old Story New

Author:Justyn Rees

Publisher:WestBow Press


Total Pages:280



Books Description:

Human history is traced from our once-upon-a-time origins, through the great disaster that nearly wiped the human race from the planet. From an insignificant family of displaced nomads, kings and poets arise who will shape human destiny. Fascinating characters, fast moving action and sparkling humor track the thread of the original Bible story, allowing the narrative to live afresh today. What others have said… …the story line of the Bible reduced to a gripping tale, told with wit and warmth. This is the spinal cord of the world’s oldest and most influential book… (Charles Price) …respectful yet readable, insightful and invigorating. (J. John) …the drama, the wonder and the life changing impact of the Bible… (Julie Sheldon) …a book that simply tells the story – and just the story! It’s brilliant! (Jennifer Larcombe) …exposes the emotion of each moment with subtle details that form a new picture in one’s mind. (Richard Dodding) …the essence of the Bible—true to the text, true to the Spirit, eminently readable. (R. Paul Stevens)

Webster's Dictionary, Grades 4 - 8


Publisher:Carson-Dellosa Publishing


Total Pages:144



Books Description:

The Notebook Reference Webster's Dictionary offers students thousands of words and definitions right at their fingertips! The easy-to-read entry words appear in boldface type with syllabic breaks. Each entry is followed by part of speech, definition, and additional word forms, where applicable. They will also find a comprehensive reference section to help them quickly access useful information on spelling rules and more. The 3-hole punched format allows students to carry this book in a 3-ring binder for quick reference at school, at home, or on the go!

Routledge Revivals: Medieval Scandinavia (1993)

Author:Phillip Pulsiano,Kirsten Wolf



Total Pages:770



Books Description:

First published in 1993, Medieval Scandinavia: An Encyclopedia covers every aspect of the region during the Middle Ages, including rulers and saints, overviews of the countries, religion, education, politics and law, culture and material life, history, literature, and art. Written by a team of expert contributors, the encyclopedia offers those who lack command of the various Scandinavian languages a basic tool for the study of Medieval Scandinavia from roughly the Migration Period to the Reformation. With full-page maps, useful supplementary photos, cross-references and a comprehensive index, this work will be a valuable and absorbing volume for students of the Norse sagas, the Viking age, and Old English history and literature, and for anyone interested in the cultural and historical heritage of Scandinavia.


Author:ไกรฤกษ์ นานา

Publisher:Matichon Public Company Limited


Total Pages:332



Books Description:

ตีแผ่แผนการและเปิดเผยเบื้องลึก-เบื้องหลังของหัวขโมยในคาบนักสำรวจ ผู้อยู่เบื้องหลังแผนการเขมือบดินแดนเอเชียของจักรวรรดินิยมยุโรป รวมถึงทำความเข้าใจใหม่เรื่องการเสียดินแดนของสยามว่า แท้จริงแล้ว ฝรั่งเฉือนดินแดนของสยามไปทำไม? สยามรู้จักดินแดนของตัวเองแค่ไหน? และสยามเสียดินแดนจริงหรือไม่? ค้นหาคำตอบได้เล่มนี้

Evolutionary and Revolutionary Technologies for Mining

Author:National Research Council,Committee on Earth Resources,Board on Earth Sciences and Resources,National Materials Advisory Board,Committee on Technologies for the Mining Industries

Publisher:National Academies Press


Total Pages:102



Books Description:

The Office of Industrial Technologies (OIT) of the U. S. Department of Energy commissioned the National Research Council (NRC) to undertake a study on required technologies for the Mining Industries of the Future Program to complement information provided to the program by the National Mining Association. Subsequently, the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health also became a sponsor of this study, and the Statement of Task was expanded to include health and safety. The overall objectives of this study are: (a) to review available information on the U.S. mining industry; (b) to identify critical research and development needs related to the exploration, mining, and processing of coal, minerals, and metals; and (c) to examine the federal contribution to research and development in mining processes.

How to Avoid a Climate Disaster

Author:Bill Gates

Publisher:Knopf Canada


Total Pages:240



Books Description:

NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER NATIONAL BESTSELLER In this urgent, singularly authoritative book, Bill Gates sets out a wide-ranging, practical--and accessible--plan for how the world can get to zero greenhouse gas emissions in time to avoid an irreversible climate catastrophe. Bill Gates has spent a decade investigating the causes and effects of climate change. With the help and guidance of experts in the fields of physics, chemistry, biology, engineering, political science and finance, he has focused on exactly what must be done in order to stop the planet's slide toward certain environmental disaster. In this book, he not only gathers together all the information we need to fully grasp how important it is that we work toward net-zero emissions of greenhouse gases but also details exactly what we need to do to achieve this profoundly important goal. He gives us a clear-eyed description of the challenges we face. He describes the areas in which technology is already helping to reduce emissions; where and how the current technology can be made to function more effectively; where breakthrough technologies are needed, and who is working on these essential innovations. Finally, he lays out a concrete plan for achieving the goal of zero emissions--suggesting not only policies that governments should adopt, but what we as individuals can do to keep our government, our employers and ourselves accountable in this crucial enterprise. As Bill Gates makes clear, achieving zero emissions will not be simple or easy to do, but by following the guidelines he sets out here, it is a goal firmly within our reach.


Author:Henry David Thoreau

Publisher:Cosimo, Inc.


Total Pages:226



Books Description:

This is one of the most important works by the most important American philosopher: Henry David Thoreau, vital figure in the Transcendentalist movement, hero to environmentalists and ecologists, profound thinker on humanity's happiness. First published in 1854, Walden collects the penetrating reflections from the two years Thoreau lived in solitude on the shores of Massachusetts' Walden Pond. In lucid, poetic prose, Thoreau ponders the beauty of living simply and in communion with nature. It is a work of pastoral magnificence and wisdom that has moved generations of readers. Writer and philosopher HENRY DAVID THOREAU (1817-1862) was born in Concord, Massachusetts, and educated at Harvard University. His writings on human nature, materialism, and the natural world rank him among the most influential thinkers of American literature.

Head First Statistics

Author:Dawn Griffiths

Publisher:\"O\'Reilly Media, Inc.\"


Total Pages:718



Books Description:

Wouldn't it be great if there were a statistics book that made histograms, probability distributions, and chi square analysis more enjoyable than going to the dentist? Head First Statistics brings this typically dry subject to life, teaching you everything you want and need to know about statistics through engaging, interactive, and thought-provoking material, full of puzzles, stories, quizzes, visual aids, and real-world examples. Whether you're a student, a professional, or just curious about statistical analysis, Head First's brain-friendly formula helps you get a firm grasp of statistics so you can understand key points and actually use them. Learn to present data visually with charts and plots; discover the difference between taking the average with mean, median, and mode, and why it's important; learn how to calculate probability and expectation; and much more. Head First Statistics is ideal for high school and college students taking statistics and satisfies the requirements for passing the College Board's Advanced Placement (AP) Statistics Exam. With this book, you'll: Study the full range of topics covered in first-year statistics Tackle tough statistical concepts using Head First's dynamic, visually rich format proven to stimulate learning and help you retain knowledge Explore real-world scenarios, ranging from casino gambling to prescription drug testing, to bring statistical principles to life Discover how to measure spread, calculate odds through probability, and understand the normal, binomial, geometric, and Poisson distributions Conduct sampling, use correlation and regression, do hypothesis testing, perform chi square analysis, and more Before you know it, you'll not only have mastered statistics, you'll also see how they work in the real world. Head First Statistics will help you pass your statistics course, and give you a firm understanding of the subject so you can apply the knowledge throughout your life.


Author:Francesco D'Adamo

Publisher:Simon and Schuster


Total Pages:128



Books Description:

When young Iqbal is sold into slavery at a carpet factory, his arrival changes everything for the other overworked and abused chidren there. It is Iqbal who explains to them that despite their master's promises, he plans on keeping them as his slaves indefinetely. But it is also Iqbal who inspires the other children to look to a future free from toil...and is brave enough to show them how to get there. This moving fictionalized account of the real Iqbal Masih is told through the voice of Fatima, a young Pakistani girl whose life is changed by Iqbal's courage.

The Principles of Political Economy and Taxation

Author:David Ricardo

Publisher:Courier Corporation


Total Pages:320



Books Description:

DIVThis landmark treatise formulated the principles behind the market economy. Its foundation of the tenets of diminishing returns and economic rent led to the doctrines of distribution theory and international trade theory. /div

The Queen's Gambit

Author:Walter Tevis

Publisher:Rosetta Books


Total Pages:243



Books Description:

The basis for the hit Netflix series! “What Walter Tevis did for pool in The Hustler, he does for chess in The Queen’s Gambit” (Playboy). When eight-year-old Beth Harmon’s parents are killed in an automobile accident, she’s placed in an orphanage in Mount Sterling, Kentucky. Plain and shy, Beth learns to play chess from the janitor in the basement and discovers she is a prodigy. Though penniless, she is desperate to learn more—and steals a chess magazine and enough money to enter a tournament. Beth also steals some of her foster mother’s tranquilizers to which she is becoming addicted. At thirteen, Beth wins the chess tournament. By the age of sixteen she is competing in the US Open Championship and, like Fast Eddie in The Hustler, she hates to lose. By eighteen she is the US champion—and Russia awaits . . . Fast-paced and elegantly written, The Queen’s Gambit is a thriller masquerading as a chess novel—one that’s sure to keep you on the edge of your seat. “The Queen’s Gambit is sheer entertainment. It is a book I reread every few years—for the pure pleasure and skill of it.” —Michael Ondaatje, Man Booker Prize–winning author of The English Patient