The Crown of Thorns




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Hannah Beckerman pens a life-affirming novel that tells the story of a family divided and the secret that can possibly unite them—a must for fans of This Is Us. “I loved it (even though it made me cry).”—Jojo Moyes A secret between two sisters. A lifetime of lies unraveling. Can one broken family find their way back to each other? Audrey’s dream as a mother had been for her daughters, Jess and Lily, to be as close as only sisters can be. But now, as adults, they no longer speak to each other, and Audrey’s two teenage granddaughters have never met. Audrey just can’t help feeling like she’s been dealt more than her fair share as she’s watched her family come undone over the years, and she has no idea how to fix her family as she wonders if they will ever be whole again. If only Audrey had known three decades ago that a secret could have the power to split her family in two, and yet, also keep them linked. And when hostilities threaten to spiral out of control, a devastating choice that was made so many years ago is about to be revealed, testing this family once and for all. Once the truth is revealed, will it be enough to put her family back together again or break them apart forever? “Utterly compelling and completely heartbreaking. I couldn’t put it down.” — Ruth Hogan “Totally engrossing, achingly sad and so perceptive about the corrosive legacy of family secrets.”—Kate Eberlen, author of Miss You

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If Only I Could...

Author:Greg M. Sarwa

Publisher:Ampol Publishing


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What if you had just learned that your days are about to come to an end? Would you quietly accept your destiny, or would you fight this one final battle? And what if the demons of your past disturb the delicate reconciliation you thought you had found? These are the questions facing John Kadel in "If only I could...," a simple story about love. This is not a romance. It is a tale of the true and lasting love each of us dreams about, the undeniable love only some of us find in a lifetime of searching. John Kadel is a stubborn, single old man with a colorful past and questions for which he has no answers. Not long after his doctor hands him a death sentence, John runs into someone from his past.

If Only I Could Sleep

Author:Stephanie Henry

Publisher:Greenleaf Book Group


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Books Description:

The heaviness of hurt. The lightness of humor. And, finally, a reason for hope and an opportunity to serve humanity. Stephanie Henry’s childhood took an unexpected turn when her granduncle molested her. The soul-crushing experience was but the first in a series of sexual abuse perpetrated by family members and strangers that wrecked her self-esteem and left her feeling isolated, guilt-ridden, and confused. Out of necessity, Stephanie became an instant expert at survival and a student of spiritual endurance. Desperate to regain some sense of control, she began an emotionally shattering struggle with bulimia and the curse of having “the look” men desire. After slipping through the education system, multiple suicide attempts, years of working as a stripper, losing custody of her daughter, battling drugs and alcohol, and enduring a string of ill-fated marriages, Stephanie put her life on course by reaching out to others and fighting for voiceless victims of exploitation around the world. A testament to resilience and preservation, If Only I Could Sleep is a heartbreaking and riveting story of self-discovery, sacrifice, and overcoming the challenges that can make life seem unbearable.

If Only I Could Fly

Author:Jason Robert Serrano



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Books Description:

If only I could fly is a story about a certain caterpillar who is not particularly the most popular among his fellow classmates whose name is Mucus, and is labeled as an outcast throughout all of Caterpillar Village. He has aspirations to one day graduate, but is overwhelmed by the constant threat of bullying. and as Mucus goes on out into the world to find his place he must answer one very important question. Will he ever fulfill his life long dream?

If Only I Could Quit

Author:Karen Casey

Publisher:Simon and Schuster


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Books Description:

This complete resource brings together personal stories of recovery, Twelve Step guidance, and 90 daily meditations to help us become nicotine-free. This complete resource brings together personal stories of recovery, Twelve Step guidance, and 90 daily meditations to help us become nicotine-free. If Only I Could Quit is written by one of Hazelden's most popular meditation authors and a recovering nicotine addict.

If Only They Could Talk

Author:Dawn Hayman,Bonnie Jones Reynolds

Publisher:Simon and Schuster


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Welcome to Spring Farm, where animals and people come together -- to explore their own natural ability to communicate with each other.... Something magical is happening on a small farm in upstate New York. Animals of all shapes and sizes are living side by side -- talking, listening, learning, and loving -- along with caring people who have come to learn the secrets of interspecies communication. It's a gift that all of us are born with, as long as we're willing to open our hearts and minds to the gentle creatures who share our world. This is what happened at Spring Farm when two very special women gave shelter to animals that were sick or abandoned. As trust and affection grew between them, so did their capacity to exchange feelings and thoughts. Today, the miracle of Spring Farm CARES is shared through communication workshops for visitors, students, and animal lovers. So come discover the magic of Spring Farm. Humans are more than welcome.... You'll meet Ricardo the duck, who explains that he won't leave his warm nest in a nearby chimney even if the house owners disapprove...Chubby the horse, who shares her feelings of despair when her barn catches fire...Elvis the kitten, who wiggles like a rock star...Sugar the Shetland pony, who dedicates a poem to her long-lost herd...and a whole menagerie of mouse-friendly cats, loving llamas, gregarious guinea pigs, delightful dogs, and other amazing critters.


Author:Suresh Kundal

Publisher:Lulu Press, Inc


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Book Title: DARA 2 (Story behind scars) Millions of secrets were lying hidden underneath the suspended morning mist. A pungent smell of Pine woods prevailed in the entire Shiwaliks of Himalayan range. It is his new posting. Dara continues his long pointless stroll towards a deserted military dairy farm. Just behind the two boys with white eyebrows, a peculiar halo-like smoke billows up into dark clouds of demise. Dara and Ruda drift into another world and get trapped into the mystic woods of Deodars and Pine. They befriend the same two boys with the white eyebrows. Their senses are blown off on discovering wooden boxes with some texts scraped in devnagri. Dara is the link to yesterday, today and tomorrow. His sister Beero is betrayed by fate. Illiteracy adds to her misery. No one understands the plight of a woman, not even women. O' Dara, the immortals know the core of my crying heart! O' Dara, let mortals know the stories behind my scars!" He could not gather courage and look up. With dazzling bright moon suspended at the knot over his forehead, BHOLENATH smiled at him.. The dusts of ashes were falling down on Earth spreading Love & Compassion". By the grace of Nataraj - the cosmic dancer, Abhimanyu grows up as a Kathak maestro. While crossing the highest battlefield in the world, the troops are lost in Siachin glacier. Love for their motherland keeps the troops moving. Air warrior Wg Cdr Alok rescues the mighty men in olives. On the contrary, Satan abducts the womb of a pregnant lady in her nightmare. The world is unaware that a Satan has become manifest to the living! An Evil will be born !!

The Seven Deadliest Words

Author:Dr. Thomas L. Page



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Books Description:

There are many words that could hold you back and prevent you from being the best person you can be. But those words that hold you back can be the same words that can change your life for the better. In The Seven Deadliest Words, author Dr. Thomas L. Page discusses the seven words in his personal life that transformed him. Page guides you through a series of discussions and exercises narrating how various viewpoints and experiences changed his life, and he shows what steps you can take to improve your own life. The Seven Deadliest Words help you acknowledge some of the weaknesses that may be holding you back and preventing you from growing physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. It creates strategies to enhance and build on your strengths in order to be the best you can be. Based on real-life situations and supported by passages from the Bible, Page offers a guide for Christians (and non-Christians alike) who want to conquer their past and present personal challenges and move forward in a positive way.

Single Girls Don’T Cry, They Pray

Author:Nancy Allender



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Books Description:

You’re single, and you love God. Now what? You are a recent widow or divorced after years of marriage. Now what? You have never been married, and you love God. What does God’s Word say about this specific time in your life? What is acceptable in the Word of God and what is not for dating and relationships in your singleness in Jesus? God has a love and special direction for the single one that loves Him. How is your single Godly life to look like in today’s world? Use this book to allow God to bless you and direct your path in your singleness. Allow Him during this time to mend hearts, comfort, forgive and offer wisdom from His Word. Embrace His promises unto you and apply it to your single walk with Him. Enjoy and rejoice along this journey and be blessed along the way!

Spiritual Gifts

Author:Charles Elias Mahlangu

Publisher:Partridge Africa


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Books Description:

In Spiritual gifts: Church Under Siege, (This book is part of a 3-book series) Charles laments over how ministry gifts which were intended to prepare saints have been woefully neglected. He argues that believers are granted abilities and leaders are needed who are willing to invest in them. He moans that those with ministry gifts of the Lord Jesus Christ have behaved as if they are not committed to training individual believers. The Black pulpit has ignored the pews in the department of gift identification and developing. He pleads with the leaders as ministers of the Lord Jesus Christ to fulfil the number one functional dynamic in this life. In Your Gift from God the Holy Spirit Matters, (Book 1) Charles takes the reader on a hunt to explore how the individual believer is granted a supernatural gift. He persuades and convinces the believer to discover his individual strategic gifting. He defines and illustrates the gifts and tackles the controversial. Charles says Ministry gifts were given to prepare the saints for the work of service and not to do the work of the ministry. He shows how Pentecostal Evangelicals, Charismatic Evangelicals and Traditional Evangelicals have been uniquely gifted and what must be discovered at the individual level according to the divine strategy of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. In Spiritual Gifts: Welcome to the Church, (Book 2) Charles defines and describes each gift. He persuades the believer to connect with individual gifting, according to the will of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. He urges that every believer is entrusted with a gift that can be known and used to benefit many.

If Only We Could Speak

Author:Janet Mace Wacker

Publisher:Xlibris Corporation


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Books Description:

Five babies speak for five Mother's from conception until birth. Two Mothers abort their babies and three carry them to full term. They tell of their conception, developing in the womb and birth. They take you into the lives of their mothers and family. The two aborted ones relate of how they would beg their Mother for life if they could speak. The three who are carried full term speak of the peace and joy both mother and the unborn experience. The purpose of this book is to convey to my readers the effects abortion have on our Mothers and to give our unborn a chance to speak as they tell of the race for life and their desire to remain in the life giving womb until birth. They speak of the terrible suffering the two Mothers endured after aborting their babies. They also tell of the love and caring ways the Mothers who chose life reach out to the ladies who aborted their babies.

The Brothers Karamazov

Author:Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Publisher:Prabhat Prakashan


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'The Brothers Karamazov' is a passionate philosophical novel set in 19th-century Russia, that enters deeply into the ethical debates of God, free will, and morality. It is a spiritual drama of moral struggles concerning faith, doubt, judgment, and reason, set against a modernizing Russia, with a plot which revolves around the subject of patricide. Dostoyevsky composed much of the novel in Staraya Russa, which inspired the main setting.

The Third Figure

Author:Collin Wilcox

Publisher:Open Road Media


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Books Description:

A mob boss is dead, and his widow wants Drake to help him rest in peace Dominic Vennezio is found on the floor of his beachside love nest, murdered on a Sunday night. It looks like an ordinary mob hit, part of a routine power struggle with the East Coast Outfit, but Vennezio’s widow has other suspicions. Her marriage to the kingpin had been strained ever since he began taking his secretary for weekends at the beach house, but even now, she feels a devotion to him. She wants justice for her husband—not just legal, but cosmic—and for cosmic justice, San Francisco can offer no better sleuth than Stephen Drake. A crime reporter with a clairvoyant streak, Drake’s apprehensions about working for the mob are overcome by his sympathy for the noble widow. He starts his investigation in Los Angeles, talking to Vennezio’s replacement, and sees immediately that it doesn’t take a psychic to figure out that this job could be deadly.

Pollyanna Grows Up

Author:Eleanor H. Porter

Publisher:Penguin UK


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Books Description:

Her crippled legs cured, Pollyanna takes her glad heart to cheer new friends in Boston before travelling to Europe with Aunt Polly and Dr chilton. But growing up brings sorrows as well as joys, and when she returns after six years, with Dr Chilton dead and Aunt Polly fallen on hard times, even Pollyanna has trouble maintaining her usual cheerful outlook.

Beware a Lover's Lie

Author:Stephanie Howard



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Books Description:

Hot Pursuit! Katerina's visit to Tenerife was no holiday! She was on a mission—determined to track down her sister's boyfriend and her missing six thousand pounds. Bt she needed help, and Axel Jerez seemed the likeliest candidate. But Axel was a decidedly reluctant knight in shining armor. Indeed, he seemed to be doing his best to foil her efforts at every turn. But the longer she stayed the more Katerina realized it wasn't just the island she was falling in love with. Unfortunately, Axel's attitude to Katerina was more guns than roses! And yet, finding the money was becoming less important than finding a way to Axel Jerez's heart….

Life Coaching — Life Changing

Author:Melanie Chan

Publisher:John Hunt Publishing


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Books Description:

Successful life coach and NLP practioner Melanie Chan draws on her experience and expertise to inspire you to make positive changes in your life. With real examples from clients who have changed their lives for the better this book provides you with the tools and techniques to help you achieve a more joyful and fulfilling life. In this friendly and practical book you will find out how your thoughts, feelings and behaviours attract experiences to you. After reading the book you will have further insight into how the law of attraction happens and how you can harness this to support your best interests. This book is for those who want to: Move beyond their current limitations Transform negative beliefs into positive beliefs Express their full potential Clarity about their direction in life Improved career prospects Better time management Improved communication and relationships Greater ability to adapt to change More fulfilment and enjoyment Develop new supportive ways of thinking, feeling and behaving thereby bringing more joy into your life.

Brothers Karamazov

Author:Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Publisher:Simon and Schuster


Total Pages:748



Books Description:

The Brothers Karamazov is a passionate philosophical novel that enters deeply into the ethical debates of God, free will, and morality. It is a spiritual drama of moral struggles concerning faith, doubt, and reason, set against a modernizing Russia. Dostoyevsky composed much of the novel in Staraya Russa, which is also the main setting of the novel.

Exodus (ESV Edition)

Author:Philip Graham Ryken



Total Pages:1200



Books Description:

In this expository commentary on the book of Exodus, Philip Graham Ryken mines the story of Israel’s escape from Egypt for knowledge of God’s character and instruction for his followers. Theologically instructive and decidedly pastoral, this commentary leads readers to rejoice at God’s work in the life of every person who follows him on the path to spiritual freedom. Ryken skillfully relates how the Israelites’ deliverance from slavery anticipated the salvation accomplished in Jesus Christ, proving that God remembers his covenant and always delivers on his promises. For those who preach, teach, and study God’s Word, this book is more than just a commentary; it is a celebration of God’s faithfulness. The book of Daniel abounds with powerful imagery showcasing God’s unmatched glory and wise plan for the future. In this accessible commentary, pastor Rodney Stortz highlights the coming triumph of God's kingdom, offering pastors and Bible teachers a resource to help them explain and apply Daniel’s message to Christians today. Stortz’s careful exegesis and perceptive applications focus on personal holiness, the wisdom and power of God, and the importance of Daniel’s prophecies concerning the Messiah and the Antichrist. In addition, this commentary looks to the New Testament to shed light on Daniel’s prophecies about the future. Part of the Preaching the Word series.

Only the Ghost Has Lasted

Author:Nancy Dembowski

Publisher:Insomniac Press


Total Pages:94



Books Description:

The poems in Nancy Dembowski's second collection are a series of tender, yet slightly morbid epistles written for the purpose of saying good-bye to a relationship, lifestyle or country. Underscored by a tone of resignation, the poems come alive in flashes of angry revenge OCo bordering on the absurd OCo together with tenderness and joy. Dembowski's poems, while written in a traditional Canadian story-telling manner, scratch the surface of the underbelly of America's dysfunction. This is the voice of an immigrant lost and alone somewhere between an urban trailer park in the deep south and a Tory election office in Ontario."