The Crown of Thorns


Publisher:Lulu Press, Inc


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Joy to the World. This is a traditional English Christmas carol with lyrics by Isaac Watts and set to music by George Frederick Handel. Perfectly suited for the holidays, it is an easy and traditionally styled arrangement. Score and Part. Pure Sheet Music Arrangement for Organ and Soprano Saxophone by Lars Christian Lundholm.

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Christmas Carols for Easy Piano


Publisher:Mel Bay Publications


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A collection of the world's most famous carols arranged for piano students. Most are fairly easy and modern, with popular harmonic settings to appeal to young students and audiences alike. Harmonic textures vary from one piece with a single-line countermelody in the left hand to simple block, arpeggiated, or waltz-style chord accompaniments. A few pieces use slightly more elaborate 'boogie' accompaniments with grace notes or jazz-inspired harmonies. Melody lines occasionally move into the left hand for added interest. All of the carols include lyrics. One song, Santa and Me, is written with a separate vocal line and piano part.


Author:William Kinderman

Publisher:University of Chicago Press


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We have long regarded Beethoven as a great composer, but we rarely appreciate that he was also an eminently political artist. This book unveils the role of politics in his oeuvre, elucidating how the inherently political nature of Beethoven’s music explains its power and endurance. William Kinderman presents Beethoven as a civically engaged thinker faced with severe challenges. The composer lived through many tumultuous events—the French Revolution, the rise and fall of Napoleon Bonaparte, and the Congress of Vienna among them. Previous studies of Beethoven have emphasized the importance of his personal suffering and inner struggles; Kinderman instead establishes that musical tensions in works such as the Eroica, the Appassionata, and his final piano sonata in C minor reflect Beethoven’s attitudes toward the political turbulence of the era. Written for the 250th anniversary of his birth, Beethoven takes stock of the composer’s legacy, showing how his idealism and zeal for resistance have ensured that masterpieces such as the Ninth Symphony continue to inspire activists around the globe. Kinderman considers how the Fifth Symphony helped galvanize resistance to fascism, how the Sixth has energized the environmental movement, and how Beethoven’s civic engagement continues to inspire in politically perilous times. Uncertain times call for ardent responses, and, as Kinderman convincingly affirms, Beethoven’s music is more relevant today than ever before.

Beethoven's Hair

Author:Russell Martin



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The basis for the movie of the same name, an astonishing tale of one lock of hair and its amazing travels--from nineteenth-century Vienna to twenty-first-century America. When Ludwig van Beethoven lay dying in 1827, a young musician named Ferdinand Hiller came to pay his respects to the great composer, snipping a lock of Beethoven's hair as a keepsake--as was custom at the time--in the process. For a century, the lock of hair was a treasured Hiller family relic, until it somehow found its way to the town of Gilleleje, in Nazi-occupied Denmark. There, it was given to a local doctor, Kay Fremming, who was deeply involved in the effort to help save hundreds of hunted and frightened Jews. After Fremming's death, his daughter assumed ownership of the lock, and eventually consigned it for sale at Sotheby's, where two American Beethoven enthusiasts, Ira Brilliant and Che Guevara, purchased it in 1994. Subsequently, they and others instituted a series of complex forensic tests in the hope of finding the probable causes of the composer's chronically bad health, his deafness, and the final demise that Ferdinand Hiller had witnessed all those years ago. The results, revealed for the first time here, are the most compelling explanation yet offered for why one of the foremost musicians the world has ever known was forced to spend much of his life in silence. In Beethoven's Hair, Russell Martin has created a rich historical treasure hunt, a tale of false leads, amazing breakthroughs, and incredible revelations. This unique and fascinating book is a moving testament to the power of music, the lure of relics, the heroism of the Resistance movement, and the brilliance of molecular science.

Pebbles in the Sea

Author:Phillip Compton

Publisher:Xlibris Corporation


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Pebbles in the Sea by Phillip Compton is an absorbing narrative made out of a canvas of colorful characters. It is a highly readable account of life in the rough and its impact on the authors view of life. Having spent his formative years with these characters and their flamboyant, sometimes hilarious ventures, the author discovered connections binding this diverse past with his artistic present. Within this framework of writing, the author reveals the concept of living for goals beyond the self, which may not produce riches or bring happiness, but will touch the infinite. Phillip Compton traces his journey of discovery through his early contact with these incredible characters and the history of their exploits, vividly brought to life in the pages of Pebbles in the Sea. Leading the cast of players is the authors father. Professional race car driver, business man, raconteur extraordinaire, the elder Compton was the dynamic force attracting and binding this diverse assemblage, which included his long time friend, Lou, who always encouraged, joined and abetted him in his outlandish adventures. Then, a later character, who became indispensable in lending aid was Drunken Ed, a man infamous for mangling the English language. Also found within this narrative is the elusive Johnny, an ornery alcoholic who always had his job waiting for him after his many benders. Finally, Drunken Joe exuberantly plays his part with his uniquely eccentric personality. These and a host of others paint a picture of what it means to live beyond the self. Stranger than fiction is a term often used by incredulous listeners upon hearing the tales of these men. Indeed, the reader will undoubtedly forget at times that these are actual events recorded here without embellishment. Here are stories of race car drivers, steel workers and drunks along with the famous fireworks story, recorded here for the first time, a story which has become a Compton family legend. The author has deftly woven the rough stories of these rough men together with the history of his own unique life. Within these pages, the stories diverge, then reunite in a conclusion that unexpectedly reconciles the apparent disparities. Pebbles in the Sea is a humorous, sometimes touching, often thought-provoking but always compelling chronicle of life and the adventures of living.

Yesterday Makers

Author:Russell Kightley

Publisher:Russell Kightley


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Paxton wants vengeance, and his time ship—which he barely understands—can give it to him. And all without the paradoxes. But there's less to Paxton’s world than he realises—much less. Pierce is Paxton’s mentor. Pierce is smart and charismatic and highly evolved, but he can’t help Paxton. And Pierce has bigger fish to fry. A creative act—a weird collaboration between a woman and a machine—underpins everything. But everything has a cost... Multi-layered time travel to undermine your reality…