The Crown of Thorns

Author:Patricia M. Cunningham,Dorothy P. Hall,James W. Cunningham

Publisher:Carson-Dellosa Publishing


Total Pages:224



Books Description:

Learn when and how to teach comprehension using Comprehension during Guided, Shared, and Independent Reading for grades K–6. This 224-page book includes step-by-step lessons and research-based strategies that can be adapted for any student or any classroom. This book gives a glimpse into classrooms using these strategies, as well as suggestions for materials needed, planning, and grouping students and a list of recommended children's books.

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Reading Texts for Performance and Performances as Texts

Author:Pamela M. King



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This volume brings together nineteen important articles by Pamela M. King, one of the foremost British scholars working on Early English Drama. Unique to this collection are five articles on the ‘living’ traditions of performances in Spain, discussing their origins and the modes of production that are used. Several articles use modern literary theory on aspects of early drama, whilst others consider drama in the context of late medieval poetry. The volume also includes a rich collection of articles on English scriptural plays from surviving manuscripts.

Reading the Early Church Fathers

Author:James Leonard Papandrea

Publisher:Paulist Press


Total Pages:343



Books Description:

Reading the Early Church Fathers introduces the reader to the primary sources of Church history, with commentary that will help the reader make sense of the theological/Christological trajectory that led the Church from the New Testament era, through the apologists, to the development of the major doctrines of the Church. Papandrea's treatment of the early Church fathers is unique in that he situates his discussion against the social and cultural context of the Roman Empire and its relationship to the Church, especially with regard to the effect of the persecutions on the Church. Instead of providing actual excerpts of the works under discussion;' Reading the Early Church Fathers directs the reader to the primary sources available on the Internet, resources that will be updated regularly. The result, for all students of the early Church, is a unique and unprecedented "big picture" of early Christian literature. Book jacket.

Hollywood Left and Right

Author:Steven J. Ross

Publisher:Oxford University Press


Total Pages:512



Books Description:

In Hollywood Left and Right, Steven J. Ross tells a story that has escaped public attention: the emergence of Hollywood as a vital center of political life and the important role that movie stars have played in shaping the course of American politics. Ever since the film industry relocated to Hollywood early in the twentieth century, it has had an outsized influence on American politics. Through compelling larger-than-life figures in American cinema--Charlie Chaplin, Louis B. Mayer, Edward G. Robinson, George Murphy, Ronald Reagan, Harry Belafonte, Jane Fonda, Charlton Heston, Warren Beatty, and Arnold Schwarzenegger--Hollywood Left and Right reveals how the film industry's engagement in politics has been longer, deeper, and more varied than most people would imagine. As shown in alternating chapters, the Left and the Right each gained ascendancy in Tinseltown at different times. From Chaplin, whose movies almost always displayed his leftist convictions, to Schwarzenegger's nearly seamless transition from action blockbusters to the California governor's mansion, Steven J. Ross traces the intersection of Hollywood and political activism from the early twentieth century to the present. Hollywood Left and Right challenges the commonly held belief that Hollywood has always been a bastion of liberalism. The real story, as Ross shows in this passionate and entertaining work, is far more complicated. First, Hollywood has a longer history of conservatism than liberalism. Second, and most surprising, while the Hollywood Left was usually more vocal and visible, the Right had a greater impact on American political life, capturing a senate seat (Murphy), a governorship (Schwarzenegger), and the ultimate achievement, the Presidency (Reagan).

Echoes of the Holocaust on the American Musical Stage

Author:Jessica Hillman



Total Pages:223



Books Description:

With chapters on The Sound of Music, Milk and Honey, Fiddler on the Roof, Cabaret, The Rothschilds, Rags, Ragtime and The Producers, this book examines both direct and indirect references to, or resonances of, the Holocaust, tracing changing American attitudes through the chronological progression of these musical productions and their subsequent revivals. Despite the abundance of writing on both musical theatre history and on the difficulties of Holocaust representation, history and theatre scholars alike have thus far ignored the intersections of these areas. The academy thereby risks excluding precisely those works that shed the most light on our culture’s evolving response to the Shoah, an event that still helps to define American identity. This book redresses this lapse by focusing on the theatrical form seen by the greatest amount of people—musicals—which either trigger or reflect changing American mores.

Cloud Nine

Author:James M. Cain

Publisher:Open Road Media


Total Pages:187



Books Description:

One man sells his soul to save an innocent—who turns out not to be so innocent after all Graham meets Sonya outside of his real estate office. She is sixteen, beautiful, and showing just the right amount of leg. He’s ruminating on those legs when she drops the bombshell—she’s there because Graham’s brother, Burl, raped her, leaving her frightened, pregnant, and very much alone. She was spending the night with a friend when two boys and a case of beer turned a quiet evening into a hellish orgy. All she wants is the $1,111 it will cost to spend the next few months in a convalescent home, then give the baby up for adoption, but Burl won’t give her the money. Sonya’s vengeful father, meanwhile, wants far more money from Burl, to pay for harming his daughter. Graham offers Sonya a better choice: He’ll marry her so that she can get a legal abortion. This moment of twisted generosity will change his life forever—but he has no idea that, as he asks for Sonya’s hand, he is signing away his soul.

Training Up Children

Author:Brian Stewarrt

Publisher:Boat Angel Outreach Center


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You will love these wonderful Donkey Ollie Sunday School Books for America. This is a very nice colleciton.

Pensées pour moi-même

Author:Marc Aurèle



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On sent en soi-même un plaisir secret lorsqu'on parle de cet empereur ; on ne peut lire sa vie sans une espèce d'attendrissement ; tel est l'effet qu'elle produit qu'on a meilleure opinion de soi-même, parce qu'on a meilleure opinion des hommes. Montesquieu.

Woolly Stops the Train

Author:Heather Amery

Publisher:Usborne Publishing Ltd


Total Pages:16



Books Description:

Woolly the naughty sheep causes more mayhem in this charming short story set on Apple Tree Farm. Specially written, with the help of language experts, for young children just beginning to read. Exclusive ebook material includes a map of Apple Tree Farm, showing all of the places mentioned in the story. Don't forget to spot the Little Yellow Duck on every double page. This is a highly illustrated ebook that can only be read on the Kindle Fire or other tablet. "Usborne farmyard tales are delightful short stories superbly illustrated and in easy language, just right for the children who are just beginning to read... if you have a child in the age group of two to five, you can be sure that they are going to love these books." - A Spoonful of Ideas

Le devisement du monde

Author:Marco Polo,Thomas Tanase

Publisher:Librairie Droz


Total Pages:872



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Si le nom de Marco Polo est universellement connu, on sait moins que Le devisement du monde – tel est le titre original de l’œuvre présentant ses voyages –, autrement dit « la description du monde » est le fruit d’une collaboration entre le célèbre voyageur vénitien et un écrivain de métier, Rustichello da Pisa, qui avait choisi le français comme langue d’écriture, à l’instar de nombre d’écrivains italiens de son temps. L’œuvre a connu rapidement le succès, elle a été adaptée ou traduite en plusieurs langues, de sorte qu’elle nous a été transmise dans diverses « versions » ou « rédactions », française, toscanes, vénitiennes, latines, catalane, franco-italienne. C’est cette dernière, souvent considérée comme la rédaction de référence et la plus proche de l’original, que propose le présent ouvrage, pour la première fois sous la forme d’une édition bilingue, édition critique du seul manuscrit sous lequel elle nous est parvenue (BN fr. 1116), traduction en français contemporain. On découvre une langue déroutante et chatoyante, un français coloré de nombreux italianismes. Cet ouvrage bénéficie d’une traduction fidèle et élégante, d’une introduction et de notes substantielles. ,

Shimizu temple, Kyoto, Japan (English)




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Books Description:

Wong Sir's Trip (English) Shimizu temple, Kyoto, Japan (English) Shimizu temple is located in the higashiyama district of Kyoto, capital city of Japan It is the oldest buddhist sect in Japan. It is the oldest temple in Kyoto The end of nara period in Japan by the Chinese tang priest xuan sanzang The first Japanese disciple cien master created, mountain call Otowayama Legend dates back to 778 (treasure turtle 9 years) Yamato kuniko island temple monk Enchin-shonin In a dream to get inspiration to visit Otowayama spring In hundreds of years,Gyoei-koji practice in the mountain Gyoei-koji said to Enchin-shonin: "I will set out for East, and I will leave this to you." After saying this sentence, he disappeared Enchin-shonin dream Guanyin at night , told him build a grass hut near the waterfall He use the spirit of wood which Gyoei-koji left , carving a thousands of hands of Guanyin Placed in the grass hut, named Shimizu temple The Otaku courtyard above the Otowayama spring at Shimizu temple Is the original birthplace of Shimizu temple In 805, samurai in traditional Japanese culture general Sakauetamura Maro granted temple He met Enchin-shonin at the Otowayama spring He went home and talked to his potbellied wife Feel this is fate, vowed to cover the temple With thick wood, without a nail This structure is very much like a stage for performing Noh plays It's called Shimizu stage Shimizu stage was originally used for performing dance music in front of Buddha and Bodhisattva But it's not just for decorative or prospective It is said that there was a custom of water burial during the Heian period The platform was then used for burial Since ancient times, many people have jumped from the stage to seek liberation Later, the Japanese government imposed a strict ban and put on guard The bad custom of throwing oneself to the cliff gradually disappeared There is a Japanese saying, "jump off the Shimizu stage." It's used to describe making up your mind to do something Shimizu temple has been damaged by wars and disasters for many years In 1633 , Tokugawa Iemitsu donated reconstruction, it has today's scale Shimizu temple is one of national treasure Kyoto of the seven thousand-hand Guanyin Shimizu - type Thousand Hands Guanyin Bodhisattva has forty arms Shimizu temple has eleven faces and forty-two - armed Guanyin Bodhisattva The 42-armed Guanyin Bodhisattva opens only once every 33 years, rarely seen The last time was in 2000. The next time is in 2033 The Japanese also say: "if you can see three times in your life is a great blessing." Shimizu temple has been renovated since 2008 From January 2017 to March 2020, the temple was covered with decoration The restoration is expected to be completed before the Tokyo Olympics in 2020 Shimizu temple is a pillar structure temple, covering an area of 130,000 square feet Hinterland area within Gojo, Ningshun The way of ningning, eight hanshin clubs and Gion, etc Among them, Shanguang temple and Taichan temple are must-see places for tourists The main hall is 19 feet wide and 16 feet deep The most distinctive feature is the Shimizu stage, which is built according to the cliff It is the best background for sakura season and maple leaf season The Shimizu stage is supported by 139 logs dozens of feet high The temple building momentum is magnificent, the structure is ingenious, does not use a nail Temple in the six-storey torch built into the wooden platform for Japan is rare The history of Shimizu temple and its beliefs There are many records in the stories of the present and the past It has often appeared in Japanese literature since the Heian period Japanese literature works "Genji Monogatari", "Makura no Sōshi" are described Shimizu temple is the west of 33 Guanyin spiritual field Beishan Luyuan Temple (Kinkakuji), Lanshan Tianlong temple and so on It is also the most famous monument in Kyoto, visited by 5.5 million people every year In 1994, kiyomizu temple became one of the cultural treasures of Kyoto, the ancient capital Listed in the world cultural heritage Shimizu temple is a century-old temple There is a local legend of "the sixteen Incredible of shimizu temple" The "first vibration Kṣitigarbha" outside the gate of the Deva gate is one of the 16 Incredible The head can rotate 360 degrees Legend has it that the head of a Bodhisattva is turned to the direction of the beloved Devotions and wishes come true, attracting many unrequited lovers Incredible no.2 is the kernel in front of the Deva gate "koma-inu" In front of the general temple or courtyard is a pair of unicorn or lion If a pair of koma-inu is usually a mouth, a shut up The koma-inu in front of the Deva gate is mouth open Incredible no. 3 is Stealth door There are no pagodas on the mountain gates of buddhist temples But there is a tower gate above the gate of Deva gate, which is not clear The Deva gate was built to block people from the shimizu stage Cannot saw the palace where the emperor lived Therefore, notogate is nickname Hung on either side are the hung and agha statues of the king of Deva The period of the founding of Deva gate is unknown, said to be before the kamakura era Deva gate is listed as an important cultural asset in Japan Incredible no. 4 is "plutonium" In the stable by the Deva gate, one of the rings was pointed in a different direction Incredible no.5 is the "benevolence Deva gate waist wearing" Knock on the right side of the door post, can hear the sound on the left Incredible no.6 is "tiger stone lamp stand" Deva gate west gate square has a stone lantern tiger figure It is said to be a painting by a master in the late edo period Legend has it that the tiger comes out of the stone lantern every night to drink at the pond No matter from which direction to see tiger statue of stone lamp stand above Seems to be the eyes of the tiger watching Incredible no.1 is the triple tower tile Looking at the triple tower, the tiles above the southeast corner of the tower Dragon is not like a dragon, face ferocious, also known as the ghost tile Incredible no.8 is the bell tower The ordinary bell tower is supported by four large columns, while the Shimizu temple bell tower has six large columns Incredible no.9 is "stone lantern Bodhisattva statue" Stone lantern in front of Suiqiu hall It is said that lucky people can see the Bodhisattva statue in the lamp Incredible no.10 is "boom bridge" Before entering the hall, there is a bridge under which there is no water Incredible no.11 is "boom door" The plaque at the entrance of this hall is inscribed with the name "universal pavilion", which is a famous painting by the zen master yue zhou Generally, there is no door or cloister at the entrance of this hall, but there is a door at the entrance of this hall of Shimizu temple Incredible no.12 is the "owl's hand water bowl." In front of the bridge and the door, there is a water bowl It is said that this water can cure toothache and headache Incredible no.13 is the Benkei's tin rod and iron shoes This hall of Shimizu temple has a pair of size tin rod and iron shoes Benkei wears iron shoes, holds a tin rod, and practices like an ascetic Benkei was a legend in the kamakura era, often portrayed as a valiant soldier Originally a monk, he later became a family minister of yuan yi jing The two tin rod, one large and one small, were given by monks in the Meiji period The big ones weighed more than 90 kilograms, and the small ones weighed as much as 14 kilograms Because it's so heavy, it's called a "Benkei's tin rod." Incredible no.14 is the "Benkei's foot stone." There is a Benkei's footprint in the sakura hall, which is larger than the footprints of ordinary adults Incredible no.15 is the "Benkei's mark." Besides the footprints, Benkei also leaves fingerprints The reason may be that there were no lights in ancient times Benkei walks along the walls of the main hall at night The fingerprint gradually formed a deep groove in the wall Incredible no.16 is Otowayama spring. Otowayama spring is the most popular scenic spot, with three water from top to bottom From left to right is "water of knowledge achievement" "The water of love and achievement", "the water of longevity and longevity" On the way to Shimizu temple, Higashiyama is an old street with a historical flavor With luck geisha can be seen There are always monks standing in front of Shimizu temple begging for food On the cloth bag that carries on the bosom is written "flowing clouds and flowing water", zen is strong Before entering Zenkoji Temple is the bright orange Deva gate of Shimizu temple It is 10 feet high and 5 feet wide and is also called red door because it is painted red Zenkoji temple was formerly a small temple dedicated to tizang Bodhisattva Welcome to Guanyin in the early 17th century In the 19th century it merged with the nearby Zenkoji temple, taurai hall Become the present Zenkoji temple This temple is known as the old Tibetan temple, Ruyi Guanyin temple On both sides are Tibetan Bodhisattva and Sakyamuni from the original Zenkoji temple Outside the buddhist temple there are a pair of small Tibetan, is a very famous first vibration Tibetan The head can rotate 360 degrees The triple pagoda of Shimizu temple was built in 847 during the heian period After refurbishment in 1632 and 1987, the interior was dedicated to the grand rishi At more than 31 feet tall, the tower is the tallest triple tower in Japan Suiqiutang is a Buddha statue that satisfies the prayers of the believers Tourists pay 100 yen to experience "travel in the womb" Enter a dark tunnel, a symbol of bodhisattva body, simulated fetal conditions Tourists in the dark tunnel, hands along the wall of giant buddhist beads Walk slowly, pray, grope your way back to the light In 1868, during the abolition of Buddha movement, believers secretly gathered Buddha statues around the country Concentrated in Shimizu temple, forming a group of thousands of buddhas To this day, there are still believers who dress the mossy old Buddha in new clothes Behind the courtyard, Guanyin water source There is a stone Guanyin, called wet hand Guanyin Face wet hand Guanyin left hand not far away, is the source of Otowayama waterfall Good faith can get water to drink, and then take a ladle of water on the shoulder of Guanyin It is said to be more effient to make a vow to Bodhisattva The landlord's shrine on the north side of the main hall of shimizu temple, where young people pray for marriage Before the edo period, the landlord's shrine was the ward of shimizu temple After the Meiji era, the temple became independent because of the separation of the gods and buddhas However, the shrine has not been removed, and is still in Shimizu temple Torii, the landlord's shrine, rises on the steps Torii has a big "marriage wish" in front of it. It is followed by the word "yuan" in red It's the oldest shrine in Kyoto The landlord's shrine honors the equivalent of the lunar old man's master There's a big rabbit on the left. It's his assistant Pick up the big rabbit by the mallet touch, shake, can bring happiness In front of the shrine are two love stones, standing 18 feet away Blindfolded and touching a stone means you can find true love and get good luck You can also let others guide you to the stone This can be explained by the need for an intermediary in love life The zian pagoda is also known as the taichan temple, dedicated to zian Guanyin A place to pray for a safe birth Here you can pray for "son an produce nine royal guard", pray for smooth production This hall of Shimizu temple is the main hall of Shimizu temple The platform in front of the temple is the Shimizu stage The two are connected and become one The front terrace of the hall is called the Shimizu stage It was built on a cliff with 139 wooden pillars It only relies on the crisscross of wooden pillars for support It is a good example of traditional wood building Step into the hall to see the side room first For the big black day with smiling face, let people pray for cause Then came the Lord god of Shimizu temple, the eleven faced avalokitesvara Now see only substitute goods, not this This statue only appears in public once every 33 years Good faith can be worshiped to the thousand-handed guanyin in the main hall When entering the main hall, take off your shoes. No photography is allowed Temple in front of the worship place donation box and a large copper bowl believer can kneel down in front of the bowl with his hands folded Meditate or recite your heart's desires to god Then take the mallet and strike it against the bowl A thunk, even if the completion of the worship The copper bowl inside the temple sounds up and down, echoes echoed If draw "fierce" lot when draw Can be tied to the temple side of the specific bar in order to feign misfortune The suspended Shimizu stage in front of the main hall is a national treasure of Japan Kyoto can be seen from the viewing platform (the stage of Shimizu temple) Looking out over the beautiful cherry blossoms in spring, you can see the beautiful maple leaves in Kyoto in autumn From the production of ningban to Higashiyama in front of the Stone path "ningning path" You can find the touch Buddha on dongshan road in this area Each Buddha has its own meaning It is said to bring good luck if the Buddha is sincerely touched with his right or both hands The local people worship devoutly, touching the Buddha dark and shining Marīci: it represents winning or losing luck Mahākāla: represents prosperity and wealth Bag Maitreya: represents happy happy life Three Tibetan Buddhas: listening, seeing and speaking represent positive, positive and optimistic life Lingshan Guanyin Balll: right hand touch the ball to say the wish, walk around the ball will be realized On the way down to Otowayama waterfall, there are many stone statues of Tibetan in Shimizu temple Tibetan is the Buddha in Japanese's mind, who gives safety and protects children The Bodhisattva wears a headband of wool, a sialoid scarf and a red belly pocket It is to familiarize Bodhisattva with the taste of children The 130-year-old faithful servant tea house sits next to Otowayama pond Faithful servant tea house famous product fern cake with tea Fern cakes with soy flour and a handful of powdered sugar can replenish energy Open from 10am to 5pm on weekdays The teahouse is also open at night, in conjunction with the Shimizu temple lighting activities Shimizu temple Address: shimizu 1-294, dongshan district, Kyoto, Japan Transportation: get off the bus and walk for 15 minutes Admission: 400 yen Opening hours :(open year round) Surf ~ 18:00 Weekends and national holidays from mid-april to July, 06:00 ~ 18:30 From late march to mid-april during the period of lantern road, 18:00 ~ 21:00 The red-leaf lighting period from mid-november to early December, 17:30 ~ 21:00

Kiss Your Elbow

Author:Alan Handley



Total Pages:251



Books Description:

In the theater, reality and make-believe blend so intimately that Tim Briscoe was convinced that he was playing the role of detective when he stumbled upon the lifeless form of Nellie Brant. But the corpse was real, even though everything and everybody else seemed fictitious. There was the elusive man who wore dark glasses, the actress who chose sudden death as the background for an audition, the ex–silent-film star who stooged on quiz shows for his daily bottle, and Maggie, who loved him but didn't believe in the effect of too many Scotches. This backstage mystery was written by a man who knew the theatrical world inside out. The characters and scenes are as authentic as Variety, as real as a closing notice.

Gold Coast - The Screenplay

Author:Brian Stewart

Publisher:Boat Angel Outreach Center


Total Pages:130



Books Description:

How many people would you trust if you knew the location to a fabulously wealthy shipwreck. What if you could not even trust your own brother. This exciting screenplay takes place in South America. The stakes are high and only one brother will win.

Les Corrections

Author:Jonathan Franzen

Publisher:Média Diffusion


Total Pages:694



Books Description:

Et si les enfants ne naissaient que pour corriger les erreurs de leurs parents ? Nos vies familiales ressembleraient alors à des copies surchargées de ratures et de remarques – « faux », « mal dit », « à revoir » –, ponctuées de points d’exclamation ou d’interrogation. Dans le livre de Jonathan Franzen, la famille s’appelle Lambert, mais c’est de l’Amérique qu’il s’agit, de sa manière de vivre, de ses idéaux : un continent entier en train de sombrer doucement dans la folie. Alfred, Enid, et leur trois enfants – Gary, Chip et Denise – sont les cinq héros de ce roman-fleuve où défilent toutes nos contradictions : le besoin d’aimer et le la guerre conjugale, le sens de la justice et l’obsession des stock-options, le goût du bonheur et l’abus des médicaments, le patriarcat et la révolte des fils, la libération des femmes et la culpabilité de tous. C’est cela, Les Corrections : une « tragédie américaine » dont la puissance balaye tout sur son passage. Mais aussi une comédie irrésistible, un humour qui s’autorise à rire de tout, une férocité sans limites. Et le sens aigu de notre appartenance à la communauté humaine. Dès sa parution aux États-Unis, en septembre 2001, Les Corrections est salué unanimement par la critique comme un des livres phares de ce début de siècle. Il s’est vendu à un million d’exemplaires, après avoir occupé pendant sept mois consécutifs la liste des meilleurs ventes du New York Times. C’est la première fois qu’un écrivain qui se réclame d’auteurs « littéraires » comme Thomas Pynchon, William Gaddis ou Don DeLillo obtient un tel succès populaire.

Little Mermaid Battle Under the Sea

Author:Brian Stewart

Publisher:Boat Angel Outreach Center


Total Pages:N.A



Books Description:

This is a wonderful Young Adult novel written by Brian Stewart based on the classic Little Mermaid story from Hans Christian Anderson. When a young mermaid -Jenny fall in love with a Chinese fishermen who is fighting poisonous Red Fish that are harming the entire South China Sea. This is a grand adventure as Jenny her sisters as well as King Titano fight off the evil sworders and pirates to keep the ocean from being ruined forever.

Sex, Drugs, Ratt & Roll

Author:Stephen Pearcy,Sam Benjamin

Publisher:Simon and Schuster


Total Pages:320



Books Description:

A jaw-dropping tell-all from the lead singer of the 1980s supergroup Ratt: the groupies, the trashed hotel rooms, the drugs—and just how much you can get away with when you’re one of the biggest hair metal stars of all time. Women. Spandex. Drugs. Hair spray...Welcome to heavy metal rock ’n’ roll, circa 1980, when all you needed was the right look, burning ambition, and a chance. Stephen Pearcy and supergroup Ratt hit the bull’s-eye. What they did with their fame and fortune is a riotous tale of... SEX, DRUGS, RATT & ROLL Pearcy was a scrawny, horny, thrill-seeking teenager with an electric guitar who had graduated from backyard parties in San Diego to half-empty dives in Los Angeles before he and his band broke through at Whiskey a Go Go. Cranking out metal just as metal got hot, Ratt was the perfect band at the perfect time, and their hit single “Round and Round” became a top-selling anthem. The bigger Ratt got, the more excessive Pearcy and his “pussy pirates” became. There was nothing these guys wouldn’t snort, drink, bed, or break. And the fans were just as bad, as husbands and mothers offered up nubile wives and daughters as tribute to their rock ’n’ roll idols. On a journey that could happen only in America, Pearcy met everyone from Michael Jackson to Drew Barrymore (at age twelve, at a New York nightclub, at 2 a.m.) to Rodney Dangerfield. His infamous partner-in-crime, Ratt guitarist Robbin Crosby, a blond Viking with an unsurpassed appetite for drugs and women, cuts a towering and tragic figure throughout. As Ratt scrambled up a wall of fame and wealth, so they experienced the gut-wrenching free fall, after too many hours in buses, planes, and limos; too many women; too many drugs; and all the personality clashes and ego trips that marked the beginning of the end. Pearcy offers a stunningly honest selfportrait of a man running on the fumes of ambition and loneliness as the party crashed. His rock ’n’ roll confessional, by turns incredible, hilarious, and lyrical, is a story of survival—and a search for the things that matter most.

Le Malade imaginaire


Publisher:J\'ai Lu


Total Pages:159



Books Description:

Convaincu d’être atteint d’une grave maladie, Argan ne peut se passer des médecins. Il rêve donc de voir sa fille Angélique épouser un docteur, Thomas Diafoirus. Sauf qu’Angélique aime Cléante et refuse le choix de son père. Ce dernier, ulcéré, décide alors de la déshériter au profit de Béline, épouse hypocrite et odieuse marâtre. Mais c’est compter sans l’aide providentielle de Toinette et Béralde, qui s’ingénient à faire triompher la cause des amoureux !