The Crown of Thorns


Publisher:Simon and Schuster


Total Pages:288



Books Description:

A NATIONAL BESTSELLER Kink is a groundbreaking anthology of literary short fiction exploring love and desire, BDSM, and interests across the sexual spectrum, edited by lauded writers R.O. Kwon and Garth Greenwell, and featuring a roster of all-star contributors including Alexander Chee, Roxane Gay, Carmen Maria Machado, and more. A Most-Anticipated book of 2021 as selected by * Marie Claire * O, The Oprah Magazine * Cosmopolitan * Time * The Millions * The Advocate * Autostraddle * Refinery29 * Shape * Town & Country * Book Riot * Literary Hub * Kink is a dynamic anthology of literary fiction that opens an imaginative door into the world of desire. The stories within this collection portray love, desire, BDSM, and sexual kinks in all their glory with a bold new vision. The collection includes works by renowned fiction writers such as Callum Angus, Alexander Chee, Vanessa Clark, Melissa Febos, Kim Fu, Roxane Gay, Cara Hoffman, Zeyn Joukhadar, Chris Kraus, Carmen Maria Machado, Peter Mountford, Larissa Pham, and Brandon Taylor, with Garth Greenwell and R.O. Kwon as editors. The stories within explore bondage, power-play, and submissive-dominant relationships; we are taken to private estates, therapists’ offices, underground sex clubs, and even a sex theater in early-20th century Paris. While there are whips and chains, sure, the true power of these stories lies in their beautiful, moving dispatches from across the sexual spectrum of interest and desires, as portrayed by some of today’s most exciting writers.

Related Titles:

The Book of Kink

Author:Eva Christina



Total Pages:272



Books Description:

How to get your Fifty Shades on... For anyone who’s felt...inspired...after reading Fifty Shades of Grey, The Book of Kink both entertains and enlightens, showing you the who, what, where, why, and how of kink. People everywhere are into kinky sex. For some, it's a way to spice up a withered sex life; for others, it's a way of life. No matter how or why we do it, kinky sex is as old as Adam and Eve and as commonplace as your next-door neighbor. For example, did you know: Japan organized the largest orgy ever caught on tape, featuring 500 participants? A Berlin hotel offers different rooms dedicated to kinky sex, including one with a coffin? Those who are into having sex with an armpit have a fetish called axillism? There is a university dedicated entirely to love and sex called the Loveology University? The Book of Kink is an entertaining and enlightening look into all things beyond the pale when it comes to sex. Exploring everything from equipment, sex classes, sex parties, and porn to the who, what, where, when, why, and how of kink, it delves into fetishes, turn-ons, role-playing, and how the Internet has put a new spin on kinkiness. It is an X-rated romp through cultural and social history and contemporary mores. Whether you're appalled to learn that people actually do this or are relieved to find out that you're not the only one, you'll never see sex the same way again.

Existential Kink

Author:Carolyn Elliott

Publisher:Weiser Books


Total Pages:224



Books Description:

A smart, sexy guide to embracing the repressed, tabooed, and often unwanted aspects of ourselves so we can discover our inner power and finally live the life we deserve. “We always get exactly what we want; but often, though we may not be aware of it, what we most want is dark—very dark.” Each of us has a dual nature: we are light (conscious) and dark (unconscious). The dark side of our personality—the “other,” the shadow side—is made up of what we think is our primitive, primal, negative impulses—our “existential kink.” Our existential kink also drives the dark or negative repeating patterns in our life: always choosing the abusive partner or boss, settling for less, thinking that we’re undeserving, not worthy. But it also is the source of our greatest power. In Existential Kink, Carolyn Elliott, PhD, offers a truth-telling guide for bringing our shadow into the light. Inviting us to make conscious the unconscious, Elliott asks us to own the subconscious pleasure we get from the stuck, painful patterns of our existence. Existential Kink provides practical advice and meditations so we truly see our shadow side’s “guilty pleasures,” love and accept them, and integrate them into our whole being. By doing so, Elliott shows, we bring to life the raw, hot, glorious power we all have to get what we really want in our lives.

Women and Kink

Author:Jennifer Rehor,Julia Schiffman



Total Pages:246



Books Description:

Based on original research from nearly 1,600 women from the kink community, this book takes you on a journey into the motivations, meanings, and benefits of kink, in these women’s own words. Women and Kink presents a diverse range of personal and intimate stories about life, love, relationships, kink, sex, self-discovery, growth, resilience, community, and more. The book offers insight into the breadth of the kink community, with chapters discussing different aspects of kink and forms of engagement, both individually and within relationships. Filled throughout with personal vignettes and examples, the authors provide commentary, reflection questions, and thought-provoking considerations to readers who are looking to explore a new area of their life. By exploring personal stories of love, alternative sexualities, and reasons for participating in the "unconventional," the book supports and empowers each reader to build a relationship and life that best suits their needs. It is also an illuminating resource for sex therapists, counselors, and other mental health professionals interested in developing a kink-affirmative practice.

Becoming a Kink Aware Therapist

Author:Caroline Shahbaz,Peter Chirinos



Total Pages:140



Books Description:

As a result of recent media interest, the practice of BDSM has become more mainstream yet remains marginalized. Now more than ever, greater numbers of heterosexual and LGBTQ couples are starting to explore some form of BDSM. However, profound misunderstandings continue leading to unintentional physical and psychological harm. Drawing on current research and ethnographic narratives from the kink community, this book seeks to provide psychotherapists with an introductory understanding of the culture and practice of BDSM, and presents specific therapeutic concerns related to common misconceptions. This book strives to de-pathologize BDSM practices, while also providing concrete ways to distinguish abuse from consent, harmful codependency, and more. Packed with practical suggestions and rich case studies, this book belongs on the shelf of every therapist seeing BDSM and kink clients.

Representing Kink

Author:Sara K. Howe,Susan E. Cook

Publisher:Rowman & Littlefield


Total Pages:194



Books Description:

Representing Kink raises awareness about nonnormative texts and erotic practices and desires through engagement with marginalized texts, practices, and ways of reading. It offers kinky readings of canonical texts, science fiction fanzines, fan fiction, self-published novels, and erotica (fan-made, self-published, and traditionally published).


Author:Nicole I-Nesca,Ukiyoto Publishing

Publisher:Ukiyoto Publishing


Total Pages:83



Books Description:

About the Book Emotionally uncensored, free-flow machine-gun prose and poetry that is cathartic, kink-ready with a lime green twist in your gin and tonic and a steady stream of licks to your face and brain from an acidic tongue teasing and coaxing a response to this cheeky look at life and love and all of its kinks. About the Author Nicole Nesca was born in Youngstown, Ohio in 1973. She developed a love of music, painting and writing early on and continued that love throughout her adult life. While living in Canada, she completed three works of poetry and prose collected in the anthology piece, KAMIKAZE WHITE NOISE, and another two books of poetry and prose. She has been published in several E-Zines and has been a part of two anthologies.

The Little Book of Kink

Author:Jessica O'Reilly

Publisher:Quiver Books


Total Pages:144



Books Description:

Kinky sex is fun, playful, exciting, and exhilarating. But it can also be dark and more than a little wild. If you want to put some "50 Shades of Grey" kind of adventure into your bedroom repertoire, but don't know where to begin, The Little Book of Kink is for you. Popular sexologist Jessica O'Reilly shows you how to take sex from nice to naughty with techniques for hotter blowjobs, mind-blowingly orgasmic positions, exciting bondage and sensation play, and hot role-playing scenarios. Jessica O’Reilly provides you with specific scenarios and techniques for each activity, including props, dialogue and mind-play to make the experience as hot as possible. Make your fantasies a reality with help from The Little Book of Kink!

The Color of Kink

Author:Ariane Cruz

Publisher:NYU Press


Total Pages:320



Books Description:

Winner of the MLA's 2016 Alan Bray Prize for Best Book in GLBTQ Studies How BDSM can be used as a metaphor for black female sexuality. The Color of Kink explores black women's representations and performances within American pornography and BDSM (bondage and discipline, domination and submission, and sadism and masochism) from the 1930s to the present, revealing the ways in which they illustrate a complex and contradictory negotiation of pain, pleasure, and power for black women. Based on personal interviews conducted with pornography performers, producers, and professional dominatrices, visual and textual analysis, and extensive archival research, Ariane Cruz reveals BDSM and pornography as critical sites from which to rethink the formative links between Black female sexuality and violence. She explores how violence becomes not just a vehicle of pleasure but also a mode of accessing and contesting power. Drawing on feminist and queer theory, critical race theory, and media studies, Cruz argues that BDSM is a productive space from which to consider the complexity and diverseness of black women's sexual practice and the mutability of black female sexuality. Illuminating the cross-pollination of black sexuality and BDSM, The Color of Kink makes a unique contribution to the growing scholarship on racialized sexuality.

Kink and Everyday Life

Author:Kylo-Patrick R. Hart,Teresa Cutler-Broyles

Publisher:Emerald Group Publishing


Total Pages:196



Books Description:

Contributing to revised notions of inclusivity and acceptance, this interdisciplinary work deftly identifies both historical and current approaches to understanding and analyzing kink, and pinpoints avenues for future research.

Playing Well With Others

Author:Lee Harrington,Mollena Williams

Publisher:SCB Distributors


Total Pages:200



Books Description:

Whether you're a trembling novice or a jaded expert, there's always something new to be discovered in the endlessly changing, complex and titillating world of kink. While there are plenty of other books out there that explain how to give a spanking or tie a half-hitch, Playing Well With Others is the first book that explains kink *culture* -- the munches, parties, leather bars, conferences, workshops, fetish nights, exploratoriums and all the other gatherings of kinksters that turn BDSM and leather from a bedroom predilection to a lifestyle and a community. You'll learn to: • Examine your own motivations, needs, wants and desires • Ease your way into established communities • Understand etiquette in different adventurous sex communities • Familiarize yourself with the many types of events available to you • Care for your relationships as you explore new territory • Negotiate for play and aftercare • Go back to the “world at large” without ruffling feathers • ...and, of course, answer the all-important question: What do you wear?! The team of Harrington and Williams offers 30-plus years of experience in diverse kink communities: top, bottom and switch; gay, bi and straight; female, male and trans; white and POC. Both former titleholders and international educators, they are an unbeatable pair of "sexual sherpas" with an inimitable voice and a great deal of wisdom. Playing Well With Others is an unprecedented and essential guidebook for anyone who wants to explore or understand the "community" aspect of the kink lifestyle.

Chicago Kink - Episode 1

Author:Desmond Blume

Publisher:Berlinable GmbH


Total Pages:10



Books Description:

Chicago. It's a cold, windy Wednesday night in December. Two strangers meet at a downtown bar for a first date; him, hoping to have found someone to play with; her, not yet sure but intrigued by his promise of being "progressive in the streets, dominant in the sheets". They mesh well, it seems. Having established the ground rules with the necessary respect, she invites him into her home and with a few drinks in, it's not long until they both cave to their mutual attraction and start exploring how far they can go with each other. "Chicago Kink" is a juicy BDSM trilogy written by Desmond Blume, who once again excels at setting the mood for a sexy play session and casually flaunts his BDSM know how. A must read for everyone curious or looking to experiment and try something new – with a stranger, maybe? A compelling reading experience, even for BDSM newbies.

Spirit of Desire

Author:Lee Harrington

Publisher:Mystic Productions Press


Total Pages:266



Books Description:

Spirit of Desire features 33 profoundly personal and diverse stories sharing the revelations, power, connections, and pathways explored in Sacred Kink. Some of the authors have been on the road for decades, others for a very short time; some have spoken about their passions before, while others are only now putting pen to page. Whether you are a traveler on the road of sexual expression, a spiritual seeker on a quest for enlightenment, or a curious creature wondering what this is all about, these personal journeys will take your breath away, leave you hot and bothered, and have you pondering the nature of love. A collection of personal stories for practitioners of spiritual kink.

A Kink in My Armour

Author:Lizzie Rose

Publisher:Xlibris Corporation


Total Pages:151



Books Description:

Abuse Doesnt Stop One Woman from Living a Positive and Fulfilled Life A KINK IN MY ARMOUR reveals how one woman overcame harsh adversity, took control of her life and became a victor For those who have never been abused, they will never know the horror of an abusive childhood or the daily trauma that abused children struggle with. In A Kink in My Armour, author Lizzie Rose shares the amazing true story of a survivor of sexual abuse, rape, and child abuse, and how she rose above the depths of despair to live a happy life. When a fifteen-year-old girl survived a horrific train crash in the seventies in New South Wales, she thought she was going to die. She was ready to go, after everything she had endured in life. Yet against all odds, pinned under tons of asphalt, steel and rock for 8 long hours, she survived. Her rescue would mark the beginning of yet another chapter of nightmarish terror and trauma to face that might otherwise cripple her psychologically for the rest of her life. A Kink in My Armour tells her incredible storythe abuse she suffered in her dysfunctional family even before the horrifying train crash; how she, a mere child, served as protector for her younger siblings; and how she survived all of this to become a high powered professional business woman now living a happy life with her family. An empowering true tale of one woman who overcame adversity in its harsh, raw and naked form, A Kink in My Armour also tells of sadness and pain, of true inspiration, love, compassion, and empathy. It is an inspiring testament that a person can live through four decades of horrifying abuse and still move forward to lead a more positive and fulfilled life. No matter what challenges she faced, this woman showed true strength and courage, took control of her life and in the end became the victor.


Author:Lidia Yuknavitch



Total Pages:208



Books Description:

LONGLISTED FOR THE STORY PRIZE Named one of the Best Books of the Year by Bustle and Lit Hub A fiercely empathetic group portrait of the marginalized and outcast in moments of crisis, from one of the most galvanizing voices in American fiction. Lidia Yuknavitch is a writer of rare insight into the jagged boundaries between pain and survival. Her characters are scarred by the unchecked hungers of others and themselves, yet determined to find salvation within lives that can feel beyond their control. In novels such as The Small Backs of Children and The Book of Joan, she has captivated readers with stories of visceral power. Now, in Verge, she offers a shard-sharp mosaic portrait of human resilience on the margins. The landscape of Verge is peopled with characters who are innocent and imperfect, wise and endangered: an eight-year-old black-market medical courier, a restless lover haunted by memories of his mother, a teenage girl gazing out her attic window at a nearby prison, all of them wounded but grasping toward transcendence. Clear-eyed yet inspiring, Verge challenges us with moments of uncomfortable truth, even as it urges us to place our faith not in the flimsy guardrails of society but in the memories held—and told—by our own individual bodies.

Geotechnical Engineering For Disaster Mitigation And Rehabilitation 2011 - Proceedings Of The 3rd Int'l Conf Combined With The 5th Int'l Conf On Geotechnical And Highway Engineering - Practical Applications, Challenges And Opportunities (With Cd-rom)

Author:S P R Wardani,Jian Chu,Robert S C Lo,Susumu Iai,Kok Kwang Phoon

Publisher:World Scientific


Total Pages:700



Books Description:

This proceedings contains 89 papers from 25 countries and regions, including 14 keynote lectures and 17 invited lectures, presented at the Third International Conference on Geotechnical Engineering for Disaster Mitigation and Rehabilitation (3ICGEDMAR 2011) together with the Fifth International Conference on Geotechnical & Highway Engineering (5ICGHE), which was held in Semarang, Indonesia, from 18 to 20 May 2011. This is the third conference in the GEDMAR conference series. The first was held in Singapore from 12 to 13 December 2005 and the second in Nanjing, China, from 30 May to 2 June 2008.The proceedings is divided into three sections: keynote papers, invited papers and conference papers under which there are six sub-sections: Case Studies on Recent Disasters; Soil Behaviours and Mechanisms for Hazard Analysis; Disaster Mitigation and Rehabilitation Techniques; Risk Analysis and Geohazard Assessment; Innovation Foundations for Rail, Highway, and Embankments; and Slope Failures and Remedial Measures.The conference is held under the auspices of the International Society for Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering (ISSMGE) Technical Committee TC-303: Coastal and River Disaster Mitigation and Rehabilitation, TC-203: Earthquake Geotechnical Engineering and Associated Problems, TC-302: Forensic Geotechnical Engineering, TC-304: Engineering Practice of Risk Assessment and Management, TC-213: Geotechnics of Soil Erosion, TC-202: Transportation Geotechnics, TC-211: Ground Improvement, Southeast Asian Geotechnical Society (SEAGS), Association of Geotechnical Societies in Southeast Asia (AGSSEA), and Road Engineering Association of Asia & Australasia (REAAA).

Thinking Kink

Author:Catherine Scott



Total Pages:228



Books Description:

When the mildly kink-themed trilogy 50 Shades of Grey became popular reading in 2012, the media speculated that feminism was in reverse, as the public went mad over bondage and discipline, domination and submission and sadomasochism (BDSM). The novels provoked academic debate about BDSM and the issues it raises for feminists. Is the female dominant truly powerful or is she just another objectified body? Does lesbian BDSM avoid the problematic nature of heterosexual kink, or is it actually more subject to the “male gaze” of feminist theory? And what is it about kink that has creators of pop culture—from Anne Rice to the producers of Scrubs—using it to attract audiences? Examining the tropes of kink in books, TV shows, film and the music industry, this work addresses these and other questions that depictions of BDSM raise for the feminist audience. The author interweaves her own research and experiences in the BDSM scene with the subculture’s portrayal in the media. Instructors considering this book for use in a course may request an examination copy here.

Waves Called Solitons

Author:Michel Remoissenet

Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media


Total Pages:328



Books Description:

Written for an interdisciplinary readership, this book is a practical guide to the fascinating world of solitons. The author approaches the subject from the standpoint of applications in optics, hydrodynamics, and electrical and chemical engineering. This third edition has been thoroughly revised and updated.

Sacred Kink

Author:Lee Harrington

Publisher:Mystic Productions Press


Total Pages:419



Books Description:

Sacred Kink: The Eightfold Paths of BDSM and Beyond explores the sacred roots of kink tools, and the ways kink can be used today for sacred workings. Explore and find practical tools involving negotiation, communication, and aftercare for sacred kink; ritual play spaces; developing rituals for dominance and submission; and erotic shapeshifting and possession workings. Whether one is a seasoned explorer or has never delved into the depths of adventurous sex and personal truth, this book serves as an invitation to journey on down the path of sacred kink. A rich source of inspiration for those exploring both an authentic sexual and spiritual path.

Nonlinear Science at the Dawn of the 21st Century

Author:P.L. Christiansen,M.P. Sorensen,A.C. Scott



Total Pages:458



Books Description:

Nonlinear science is by now a well established field of research at the interface of many traditional disciplines and draws on the theoretical concepts developed in physics and mathematics. The present volume gathers the contributions of leading scientists to give the state of the art in many areas strongly influenced by nonlinear research, such as superconduction, optics, lattice dynamics, biology and biomolecular dynamics. While this volume is primarily intended for researchers working in the field care, has been taken that it will also be of benefit to graduate students or nonexpert scientist wishing to familiarize themselves with the current status of research.