The Crown of Thorns




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This book focuses on the interaction and mutual influences between the East and the West in terms of their legal systems and practices. In this regard, it highlights Professor Herbert H.P. Ma’s achievements and his efforts to bring Eastern and Western legal concepts and systems closer together. The book shows that, while there have been convergences between different legal regimes in many fields of law, diverse legal practices and approaches rooted in differing cultural, social, political and philosophical backgrounds do remain, and that these differences are not necessarily negative elements in the contemporary legal order. By examining different levels of the legal order, including domestic, regional and multilateral, it goes on to argue that identifying these diversities and addressing the interactions and mutual influences between different regimes is a worthwhile undertaking, not only in terms of mutual enrichment, but also with regard to intensifying the degree of desirable coordination between different legal systems. All chapters were written by leading experts, practitioners and scholars from different jurisdictions with expertise in various fields of law and different levels of the legal order, and discuss a number of issues with particular focus on either “one-way” or mutual influences between the Eastern and the Western legal systems, practices and philosophies.

Related Titles:

Taiwan and International Human Rights

Author:Jerome A. Cohen,William P. Alford,Chang-fa Lo



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This book tells a story of Taiwan’s transformation from an authoritarian regime to a democratic system where human rights are protected as required by international human rights treaties. There were difficult times for human rights protection during the martial law era; however, there has also been remarkable transformation progress in human rights protection thereafter. The book reflects the transformation in Taiwan and elaborates whether or not it is facilitated or hampered by its Confucian tradition. There are a number of institutional arrangements, including the Constitutional Court, the Control Yuan, and the yet-to-be-created National Human Rights Commission, which could play or have already played certain key roles in human rights protections. Taiwan’s voluntarily acceptance of human rights treaties through its implementation legislation and through the Constitutional Court’s introduction of such treaties into its constitutional interpretation are also fully expounded in the book. Taiwan’s NGOs are very active and have played critical roles in enhancing human rights practices. In the areas of civil and political rights, difficult human rights issues concerning the death penalty remain unresolved. But regarding the rights and freedoms in the spheres of personal liberty, expression, privacy, and fair trial (including lay participation in criminal trials), there are in-depth discussions on the respective developments in Taiwan that readers will find interesting. In the areas of economic, social, and cultural rights, the focuses of the book are on the achievements as well as the problems in the realization of the rights to health, a clean environment, adequate housing, and food. The protections of vulnerable groups, including indigenous people, women, LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) individuals, the disabled, and foreigners in Taiwan, are also the areas where Taiwan has made recognizable achievements, but still encounters problems. The comprehensive coverage of this book should be able to give readers a well-rounded picture of Taiwan’s human rights performance. Readers will find appealing the story of the effort to achieve high standards of human rights protection in a jurisdiction barred from joining international human rights conventions.

Challenges of Governance

Author:Ronald L. Holzhacker,Wendy Guan Zhen Tan

Publisher:Springer Nature


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This book presents a varied and multi-dimensional view of challenges of governance in Southeast Asia and ASEAN through the variety of disciplines and nationalities involved. In light of 50 years of regional collaboration and integration as the member states of ASEAN seek to chart out a future path for the region, this book is dedicated to showcasing different challenges to governance that occur due to internal and external pressures for the various member states. The editors are particularly interested in the multi-level governance challenges on issues of democracy, equity, and sustainability, the adaptation of policies and norms to fit an ASEAN way, and the changing roles of civil society and citizens in this process of seeking a common identity and voice. The book is divided into four sections. The first section introduces the fundamental political institutional dynamics that are in play within the region and the interplay between regional forces and national norms. The second section tackles the economic and legal discourses that various member states face in relation to external and internal pressures related to international and regional trade and industry. The third section focuses on issues of sustainability and equity resulting from the vast socio-spatial differences in the varied cities and regions of member states. In the final section, the authors discuss dilemmas resulting from economic growth in exploitative industries and the impact that has on the local and regional community through the lenses of inclusivity and justice. Written by a diverse collection of policy makers, researchers, educators and activists from the regions discussed, this book provides an authoritative first-hand analysis of key challenges to governance in Southeast Asia and ASEAN. As such, this volume is an excellent resource for academics, advanced masters and PhD candidates interested in the region, and major Southeast Asian research institutes and centers as well as policy makers and influencers at both national and regional levels within the region.

Motherhood, Social Policies and Women's Activism in Latin America

Author:Alejandra Ramm,Jasmine Gideon



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This book is a critical resource for understanding the relationship between gender, social policy and women’s activism in Latin America, with specific reference to Chile. Latin America’s mother-centered kinship system makes it an ideal field in which to study motherhood and maternalism—the ways in which motherhood becomes a public policy issue. As maternalism embraces and enhances gender differences, it has been criticized for deepening gender inequalities. Yet invoking motherhood continues to offer an effective strategy for advancing women’s living conditions and rights, and for women themselves to be present in the public sphere. In analyzing these important relationships, the contributors to this volume discuss maternal health, sexual and reproductive rights, labor programs, paid employment, women miners’ unionization, housing policies, environmental suffering, and LGBTQ intimate partner violence.

Sixty Years of European Integration and Global Power Shifts

Author:Julien Chaisse

Publisher:Bloomsbury Publishing


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This book focuses on a review of how sixty years of case-law and regulatory activity transformed the European continent and the world. It provides a critical analysis of the key features of EU integration and how this integration is perceived (internally and externally). In this context, this book also explores the EU's interactions with a number of other countries and organisations with the objective of assessing the EU's role in global governance.

Commercial Law in East Asia

Author:Roman Tomasic



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Books Description:

The shift of economic gravity towards East Asia requires a critical examination of law's role in the Asian Century. This volume explores the diverse scholarly perspectives on law's role in the economic rise of East Asia and moves from general debates, such as whether law enjoys primacy over culture, state intervention or free markets in East Asian capitalism, to specific case studies looking at the nature of law in East Asian negotiations, contracts, trade policy and corporate governance. The collection of articles exposes the clefts and cleavages in the scholarly literature explaining law's form, function and future in the Asian Century.

36 Strategeme für Juristen

Author:Harro von Senger

Publisher:Stämpfli Verlag


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Die Symbiose von Weisheit und List: Der Klassiker der chinesischen Lehre von den Listen erstmals für Juristen. Strategem bedeutet Kriegslist, Kunstgriff, Trick. In China ist das Durchschauen und Anwenden einer List hoch angesehen. Chinesen bedienen sich der Strategeme seit Jahrtausenden und haben sie im Laufe der Zeit immer weiter verfeinert. Sie ermöglichen kluges Planen und geschicktes Reagieren in alltäglichen und nichtalltäglichen juristischen und politischen Situationen. In den "36 Strategemen für Juristen" finden westliche Leser nicht nur Zugang zu einer bewährten Planungskunst der Chinesen, sondern sie können aus deren Umgang mit List auch viel für und über sich selbst lernen. "Die Bergpredigt ist nicht das Leitmotiv des täglichen Lebens. Sie ist kontrafaktisch. Der chinesische Katalog der 36 Strategeme dagegen arbeitet mit Tatsächlichkeiten. Gestützt auf die Listkunde aus dem Reich der Mitte zeigt das Buch die hierzulande nicht wahrgenommene Bandbreite von List in Recht und Politik auf. "

Constitutional Review in Europe

Author:Maartje de Visser

Publisher:Bloomsbury Publishing


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Constitutions serve to delineate state powers and enshrine basic rights. Such matters are hardly uncontroversial, but perhaps even more controversial are the questions of who (should) uphold(s) the Constitution and how constitutional review is organised. These two questions are the subject of this book by Maartje de Visser, which offers a comprehensive, comparative analysis of how 11 representative European countries answer these questions, as well as a critical appraisal of the EU legal order in light of these national experiences. Where possible, the book endeavours to identify Europe's common and diverse constitutional traditions of constitutional review. The raison d'être, jurisdiction and composition of constitutional courts are explored and so too are core features of the constitutional adjudicatory process. Yet, this book also deliberately draws attention to the role of non-judicial actors in upholding the Constitution, as well as the complex interplay amongst constitutional courts and other actors at the national and European level. The Member States featured are: Belgium, the Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Hungary, the Netherlands, Spain, Poland, and the United Kingdom. This book is intended for practitioners, academics and students with an interest in (European) constitutional law.

The Oxford Handbook of Contextual Approaches to Human Resource Management

Author:Dr. Emma Parry,Dr. Michael J. Morley,Dr. Chris Brewster

Publisher:Oxford University Press


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Books Description:

In recent years scholars and practitioners have increasingly recognized that human resource management (HRM) has paid insufficient attention to the impact of context. While research has been devoted to examining the impact of national context on HRM systems, this literature has been largely separate from that focused on other levels of context affecting organizational choices in HRM strategies, such as the impact of the organizational environment, industry sector, occupation or workforce characteristics. In addition, research has tended to consider elements of context in isolation rather than considering its impact at different levels. The goal of The Oxford Handbook of Contextual Approaches to Human Resource Management is to provide a more holistic approach to developing a contextual understanding of HRM. This Handbook offers a comprehensive understanding of the influence of contextual characteristics on the design and implementation of HRM systems. Rather than focusing on a single level or approach to examining context, the Handbook provides both conceptual and empirical analyses of different elements of context using a range of different lenses and measures. In order to explore the influence of contextual factors at multiple levels, the volume assembles a range of detailed accounts of how context affects the design, implementation and impact of HRM activities.

Transformative Constitutionalism in Latin America

Author:Armin von Bogdandy,Eduardo Ferrer Mac-Gregor,Mariela Morales Antoniazzi,Flávia Piovesan,Ximena Soley

Publisher:Oxford University Press


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This ground-breaking collection of essays outlines and explains the unique development of Latin American jurisprudence. It introduces the idea of the Ius Constitutionale Commune en América Latina (ICCAL), an original Latin American path of transformative constitutionalism, to an Anglophone audience for the first time. It charts the key developments that have transformed the region and assesses the success of the constitutional projects that followed a period of authoritarian regimes in Latin America. Coined by scholars who have been documenting, conceptualizing, and comparing the development of Latin American public law for more than a decade, the term ICCAL encompasses themes that cross national borders and legal fields, taking in constitutional law, administrative law, general public international law, regional integration law, human rights, and investment law. Not only does this volume map the legal landscape, it also suggests measures to improve society via due legal process and a rights-based, supranational and regionally rooted constitutionalism. The editors contend that with the strengthening of democracy, the rule of law, and human rights, common problems such as the exclusion of wide sectors of the population from having a say in government, as well as corruption, hyper-presidentialism, and the weak normativity of the law can be combatted more effectively in future.

Democrats, Authoritarians and the Bologna Process

Author:Judith Marquand

Publisher:Emerald Group Publishing


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This book sets the extraordinary phenomenon of The Bologna Process in its historical and political context. Four contrasting country case studies - Germany, Russia, England, Wales - illustrate some of the varying responses adopted when faced with a similar framework.

The SAGE Handbook of Global Policing

Author:Ben Bradford,Beatrice Jauregui,Ian Loader,Jonny Steinberg



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The SAGE Handbook of Global Policing examines and critically retraces the field of policing studies by posing and exploring a series of fundamental questions to do with the concept and institutions of policing and their relation to social and political life in today's globalized world. The volume is structured in the following four parts: Part One: Lenses Part Two: Social and Political Order Part Three: Legacies Part Four: Problems and Problematics. By bringing new lines of vision and new voices to the social analysis of policing, and by clearly demonstrating why policing matters, the Handbook will be an essential tool for anyone in the field.

Democratic Transition in Slovenia

Author:Sabrina P. Ramet,Danica Fink Hafner

Publisher:Texas A&M University Press


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Books Description:

The first of the Yugoslav successor states to successfully build a democratic system and to enter the European Union, Slovenia stands as a model for democratic transition. This ground-breaking volume analyzes the challenges confronting the post-Communist government and evaluates the strategies adopted in refashioning its value system. Sabrina P. Ramet and Danica Fink-Hafner have assembled a team of outstanding specialists to analyze various aspects of the country's transformation from socialism to democracy. The editors note that while a great deal has been written on political and economic questions, relatively little attention has been paid to the transformation and transmission of values and norms in Eastern Europe over the past fifteen years. Slovenia's experience, reflected in these pages, demonstrates how a small country has created the preconditions necessary to the construction of a civic, democratic culture. Six values are emphasized as central to this project: tolerance, equality, church-state separation, respect for democratic procedure and the rule of law, human rights, and civic-mindedness. The volume editors join the other contributors in discussing the way in which Slovenia has set out to build democracy, the ways in which values are transmitted, the role of the media in a free society, the structure of educational systems, and other questions which are of concern not just to Slovenes, but to everyone who aspires to live in an open, democratic society.

Comparing Political Communication across Time and Space

Author:M. Canel,K. Voltmer



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Books Description:

By using a wide diversity of theoretical and methodological approaches and by encompassing both cross-national and longitudinal analyses, this volume sheds new light on comparative political communication research, such as personalization, globalization, democratization, and the changing nature of journalism,

Knowledge Spillovers and Economic Growth

Author:Marjolein C. J. Caniëls

Publisher:Edward Elgar Publishing


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'. . . the book gives a valuable contribution to the understanding of the role of knowledge in the regional growth process, as the methodological approach is eclectic and stimulating. . . the book represents a stimulating contribution to the debate among economists, social scientists, and policymakers on the role of knowledge and knowledge spillovers on the future growth patterns of industrialised countries.' - Maurizio Baussola, The Economic Journal

Human Resource Management

Author:Jawad Syed,Robin Kramar

Publisher:Macmillan International Higher Education


Total Pages:426



Books Description:

This fully revised and updated 2nd edition of Human Resource Management: A Global and Critical Perspective builds on the previous edition’s success to bring an even sharper exploration of HRM in a real-world global context. With a critical approach that is woven into the chapters and encourages students to question assumptions in HRM, there is a consistent focus on the impact of globalization, the ways in which theory has addressed the implications of a globalized workforce, and the way HRM works in multinational corporations. Boasting a truly global orientation which is removed from the typically western-centric approach, this textbook draws on the expert knowledge of chapter authors from around the world, combining international case studies with a strong offering of pedagogical features. Yet while this textbook is designed to engage the student and elicit independent thought, it also adopts a rigorous academic level which is grounded in the very latest research. New to this edition: Brand new chapters: Talent Management; International Assignments; Managing Global and Migrant Workers; Sustainable HRM Revised and refreshed international case studies, including a mini-case at the start of each chapter and end of chapter case studies focused on an array of diverse, mostly non-western, regions of the world An innovative offering of pedagogical features, including critical discussions, action-orientated activities designed to engage students in transferable skill development, ‘In the News’ segments exploring contemporary issues, and ‘Stop and Reflect’ boxes to encourage critical thinking skills This is a core textbook for general business and management degrees, specialist HRM degrees, and international business degrees. It is an ideal companion for students at both undergraduate and postgraduate level.


Author:Colleen M. Flood,Vanessa MacDonnell,Jane Philpott,Sophie Thériault,Sridhar Venkatapuram

Publisher:University of Ottawa Press


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Books Description:

The novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, which causes the disease known as COVID-19, has infected people in 212 countries so far and on every continent except Antarctica. Vast changes to our home lives, social interactions, government functioning and relations between countries have swept the world in a few months and are difficult to hold in one’s mind at one time. That is why a collaborative effort such as this edited, multidisciplinary collection is needed. This book confronts the vulnerabilities and interconnectedness made visible by the pandemic and its consequences, along with the legal, ethical and policy responses. These include vulnerabilities for people who have been harmed or will be harmed by the virus directly and those harmed by measures taken to slow its relentless march; vulnerabilities exposed in our institutions, governance and legal structures; and vulnerabilities in other countries and at the global level where persistent injustices harm us all. Hopefully, COVID-19 will forces us to deeply reflect on how we govern and our policy priorities; to focus preparedness, precaution, and recovery to include all, not just some. Published in English with some chapters in French.

Contemporary Human Resource Management

Author:Adrian Wilkinson,Tony Dundon



Total Pages:632



Books Description:

Written by experts in the field, this well-established book provides a critical and academically rigorous exploration of the key functions, practices and issues in HRM today. The first part of Contemporary Human Resource Management covers fundamental HRM practices while the second half examines contemporary themes and issues such as work-place bullying, flexibility and emotion at work. Each chapter contains two thought-provoking case studies, encouraging readers to identify, examine and apply key concepts to real-world examples. This substantially revised sixth edition includes three completely new chapters and case studies on: HRM in SMEs The Future of Work Employee Wellbeing

A Cosmopolitan Legal Order

Author:Alec Stone Sweet,Clare Ryan

Publisher:Oxford University Press


Total Pages:272



Books Description:

In this book, Stone Sweet and Ryan provide an accessible introduction to Kantian constitutional theory and the law and politics of European rights protection. Part I sets out Kant's blueprint for achieving Perpetual Peace and constitutional justice within and beyond the nation state. Part II applies these ideas to explain the gradual constitutionalization of a Cosmopolitan Legal Order: a transnational legal system in which justiciable rights are held by individuals; where public officials bear the obligation to fulfil the fundamental rights of all who come within the scope of their jurisdiction; and where domestic and transnational judges supervise how officials act. Such an order was instantiated in Europe through the combined effects of Protocol no. 11 (1998) to the ECHR and the incorporation of the Convention into national law. The authors then describe and assess the strengthening of the European Court's capacities to meet the challenge of chronic failures of protection at the domestic level; its progressive approach to the "qualified" rights covering privacy and family life, and the freedoms of expression, conscience, and religion; the robust enforcement of the "absolute" rights, including the prohibition of torture and inhuman treatment; and its determined efforts to render justice to all people that come under its jurisdiction, including non-citizens whose rights are violated beyond Europe. Today, the Strasbourg Court is the most active and important rights-protecting court in the world, its jurisprudence a catalyst for the construction of a cosmopolitan constitution in Europe and beyond.

Communities in Action

Author:National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine,Health and Medicine Division,Board on Population Health and Public Health Practice,Committee on Community-Based Solutions to Promote Health Equity in the United States

Publisher:National Academies Press


Total Pages:582



Books Description:

In the United States, some populations suffer from far greater disparities in health than others. Those disparities are caused not only by fundamental differences in health status across segments of the population, but also because of inequities in factors that impact health status, so-called determinants of health. Only part of an individual's health status depends on his or her behavior and choice; community-wide problems like poverty, unemployment, poor education, inadequate housing, poor public transportation, interpersonal violence, and decaying neighborhoods also contribute to health inequities, as well as the historic and ongoing interplay of structures, policies, and norms that shape lives. When these factors are not optimal in a community, it does not mean they are intractable: such inequities can be mitigated by social policies that can shape health in powerful ways. Communities in Action: Pathways to Health Equity seeks to delineate the causes of and the solutions to health inequities in the United States. This report focuses on what communities can do to promote health equity, what actions are needed by the many and varied stakeholders that are part of communities or support them, as well as the root causes and structural barriers that need to be overcome.