The Crown of Thorns


Publisher:Open Road + Grove/Atlantic


Total Pages:288



Books Description:

A revealing portrait of the conflicted allegiances of Israeli Arabs in this searing new novel from one of the most daring voices of the Middle East. A young Arab journalist returns to his hometown—an Arab village within Israel—where his already vexed sense of belonging is forced into crisis when the village becomes a pawn in the never-ending power struggle that is the Middle East. Hoping to reclaim the simplicity of life among his kin, the prodigal son returns home to find that nothing is as he remembers: everything is smaller, the people are petty and provincial. But when Israeli tanks surround the village without warning or explanation, everyone inside is cut off from the outside world. As the situation grows increasingly dire, the village devolves into a Darwinian jungle, where paranoia quickly takes hold and threatens the community’s fragile equilibrium. In a novel that “relates the experience of those caught in the middle, the Arab-Israelis who are citizens but are separated from many of their countrymen by faith and heritage” (School Library Journal), Let It Be Morning, proves once again that Sayed Kashua is a fearless, prophetic observer of a political and human quagmire that offers no easy answers. “Kashua . . . writes about the Israeli Arabs’ balancing act with knowledge and passion.” —Publishers Weekly

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Dancing Arabs

Author:Sayed Kashua

Publisher:Open Road + Grove/Atlantic


Total Pages:224



Books Description:

A nimble, engaging, unflinching debut novel of a young Arab-Israeli who struggles to rise above larger forces beyond his control. In this debut novel that “rings out on every page with a compelling sense of human truth” (Kirkus Reviews), a nameless anti-hero contends with the legacy of a grandfather who died fighting the Zionists in 1948, and a father who was jailed for blowing up a school cafeteria in the name of freedom. When the narrator is granted a scholarship to an elite Jewish boarding school, his family rejoices, dreaming that he will grow up to be the first Arab to build an atom bomb. But to their dismay, he turns out to be a coward devoid of any national pride; his only ambition is to fit in with his Jewish peers who reject him. He changes his clothes, his accent, his eating habits, and becomes an expert at faking identities, sliding between different cultures, schools, and languages, and eventually a Jewish lover and an Arab wife. With refreshing candor and self-deprecating wit, Dancing Arabs is a “slyly subversive . . . chilling, convincing tale” (Publishers Weekly) that brilliantly maps one man’s struggle to disentangle his personal and national identities, only to tragically and inevitably forfeit both. “Despite its dark prognosis, there is a lightness and dry humor that lifts it with the kind of wings its protagonist once hoped for.” —Booklist

Second Person Singular

Author:Sayed Kashua

Publisher:Open Road + Grove/Atlantic


Total Pages:352



Books Description:

"Part comedy of manners, part psychological mystery . . . Issues of nationalism, religion, and passing collide with quickly changing social and sexual mores." —Boston Globe From one of the most important contemporary voices to emerge from the Middle East comes a gripping tale of love and betrayal, honesty and artifice, which asks whether it is possible to truly reinvent ourselves, to shed our old skin and start anew. Second Person Singular follows two men, a successful Arab criminal attorney and a social worker-turned-artist, whose lives intersect under the most curious of circumstances. The lawyer has a thriving practice in the Jewish part of Jerusalem, a large house, a Mercedes, speaks both Arabic and Hebrew, and is in love with his wife and two young children. In an effort to uphold his image as a sophisticated Israeli Arab, he often makes weekly visits to a local bookstore to pick up popular novels. On one fateful evening, he decides to buy a used copy of Tolstoy's The Kreutzer Sonata, a book his wife once recommended. To his surprise, inside he finds a small white note, a love letter, in Arabic, in her handwriting. I waited for you, but you didn't come. I hope everything's all right. I wanted to thank you for last night. It was wonderful. Call me tomorrow? Consumed with suspicion and jealousy, the lawyer slips into a blind rage over the presumed betrayal. He first considers murder, revenge, then divorce, but when the initial sting of humiliation and hurt dissipates, he decides to hunt for the book's previous owner—a man named Yonatan, a man who is not easy to track down, whose identity is more complex than imagined, and whose life is more closely aligned with his own than expected. In the process of dredging up old ghosts and secrets, the lawyer tears the string that holds all of their lives together. A Palestinian who writes in Hebrew, Sayed Kashua defies classification and breaks through cultural barriers. He communicates, with enormous emotional power and a keen sense of the absurd, the particular alienation and the psychic costs of people struggling to straddle two worlds. Second Person Singular is a deliciously complex psychological mystery and a searing dissection of the individuals that comprise a divided society.


Author:Pierre Loti

Publisher:Good Press


Total Pages:186



Books Description:

"Jérusalem", de Pierre Loti. Publié par Good Press. Good Press publie un large éventail d'ouvrages, où sont inclus tous les genres littéraires. Les choix éditoriaux des éditions Good Press ne se limitent pas aux grands classiques, à la fiction et à la non-fiction littéraire. Ils englobent également les trésors, oubliés ou à découvrir, de la littérature mondiale. Nous publions les livres qu'il faut avoir lu. Chaque ouvrage publié par Good Press a été édité et mis en forme avec soin, afin d'optimiser le confort de lecture, sur liseuse ou tablette. Notre mission est d'élaborer des e-books faciles à utiliser, accessibles au plus grand nombre, dans un format numérique de qualité supérieure.

Track Changes

Author:Sayed Kashua

Publisher:Grove Press


Total Pages:231



Books Description:

From Bernstein Award-winner Sayed Kashua comes his fourth and most daring, intimate novel yet—a searing exploration of the stories Palestinians and Israelis tell themselves about their lives, their histories, and the blurred lines between personal and national memory. Hailed as “an unusually gifted storyteller with exceptional insight” (Jewish Tribune), Bernstein award-winning writer Sayed Kashua presents his masterful fourth novel Track Changes which follows an Arab-Israeli man as he reckons with the weight of his past, his memories, and his cultural identity. Having emigrated to America years before, a nameless memoirist now residing in Illinois receives word that his estranged father, whom he has not spoken to in fourteen years, is dying. Leaving his wife and their three children, he returns to Jerusalem and to his hometown of Tira in Palestine to be by his family’s side. But few are happy to see him back and, geographically and emotionally displaced, he feels more alienated from his life than ever. Sitting by his father’s hospital bed, the memoirist begins to remember long-buried traumas, the root causes of his fallout with his family, the catalyst for his marriage and its recent dissolution, and his strained relationships with his children—all of which is strangely linked to a short story he published years ago about a young girl named Palestine. As he plunges deeper into his memory and recounts the history of his land and his love, the lines between truth and lies, fact and fiction become increasingly blurred. Track Changes is a stunningly original, poignant, and captivating exploration of alienation, love, country, and memory by one of the most important writers at work today.


Author:Juan Gabriel Vásquez

Publisher:Bloomsbury Publishing


Total Pages:192



Books Description:

As Colombia's famed political cartoonist, Javier Mallarino, strolls through downtown Bogotá in the hours before a public celebration of his career in the grand Teatro Colón, he contemplates the start of his professional life, and how he set down his oils and took up a pen to begin drawing caricatures for a living. But the celebration has far-reaching consequences: as he leaves the theatre a figure from his past, now a young woman, emerges from the crowd outside and forces Mallarino to confront an incident that took place in his home half a lifetime ago, calling into question his reputation and the value of his life's work. Vásquez's terse, poetic prose contrasts starkly with the intense and sharply focused content of this beautifully structured novel. Questioning the power of memory and the media, and their ability to distort, inform and destroy, Vásquez plays with the past and the present, challenging our perception of the truth.

Triumphal Sun, The

Author:Annemarie Schimmel

Publisher:SUNY Press


Total Pages:513



Books Description:

This is a book on Rumi’s life, his poetry, his thought, and his influence. Rumi’s work forms one of the pillars of the Sufi orders, particularly the Mevlevi order, better known in the West as the Whirling Dervishes. In this book Rumi emerges not only as a spiritual master, but also as a fully human being grounded firmly in the Koran and in classical Islamic mysticism. The light of the Divine Sun, in its Beauty and Majesty, manifested itself for Rumi through the person of Shams of Tabriz. Transformed by this light, consumed by this fire, Mowlana Rumi saw the world in a new light. Everywhere he perceived God’s Grandeur and his Grace. The book also discusses the theological premises upon which Rumi’s work rests, his attitude to the problems of free will and predestination, and his analysis of the mystical stages and stations. The book not only gives a very rich analysis of Rumi’s language and poetical art, but also a picture of medieval Konya, whose features the mystical poet transforms and transfigures.

Geography and Religious Knowledge in the Medieval World

Author:Christoph Mauntel

Publisher:Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co KG


Total Pages:318



Books Description:

In the medieval world, geographical knowledge was influenced by religious ideas and beliefs. Whereas this point is well analysed for the Latin-Christian world, the religious character of the Arabic-Islamic geographic tradition has not yet been scrutinised in detail. This volume addresses this desideratum and combines case studies from both traditions of geographic thinking. The contributions comprise in-depth analyses of individual geographical works as for example those of al-Idrisi or Lambert of Saint-Omer, different forms of presenting geographical knowledge such as TO-diagrams or globes as well as performative aspects of studying and meditating geographical knowledge. Focussing on texts as well as on maps, the contributions open up a comparative perspective on how religious knowledge influenced the way the world and its geography were perceived and described int the medieval world.

Moi, Malala, je lutte pour l'éducation et je résiste aux talibans

Author:Malala Yousafzai,Christina Lamb



Total Pages:390



Books Description:

Je viens d’un pays qui est né à minuit. Quand j’ai failli mourir, il était juste midi passé. Lorsque les talibans ont pris le contrôle de la vallée du Swat, au Pakistan, une toute jeune fille a élevé la voix. Refusant l’ignorance à laquelle la condamnait le fanatisme, Malala Yousafzai résolut de se battrre pour continuer d’aller à l’école. Son courage faillit lui coûter la vie. Le 9 octobre 2012, alors qu’elle n’avait que quinze ans, elle fut grièvement blessée par un taliban dans un car scolaire. Cet attentat censé la faire taire n’a que renforcé sa conviction dans son combat, entamé dans sa vallée natale pour la conduire jusque dans l’enceinte des Nations unies. À seize ans à peine, Malala Yousafzai est la nouvelle incarnation mondiale de la protestation pacifique et la plus jeune candidate de l’histoire au prix Nobel de la paix. Moi, Malala est le récit bouleversant d’une famille exilée à cause du terrorisme ; d’un père qui envers et contre tout a fondé des écoles ; de parents courageux qui, dans une société où les garçons sont rois, ont manifesté un amour immense à leur fille et l’ont encouragée à s’instruire, à écrire, à dénoncer l’insoutenable et à exiger, pour toutes et tous, l’accès au savoir. Elle a reçu le PRIX NOBEL DE LA PAIX le 10 octobre 2014

Manuel d'instruction civique pour temps ingouvernables

Author:André Bercoff



Total Pages:272



Books Description:

Ce que ce Manuel d'instruction civique quelque peu échevelé démontre éloquemment, c'est que l'essentiel se passe désormais ailleurs : les véritables acteurs ne sont plus parmi nous, mais dans la société civile. Partout. La société civile est, hélas, de retour. Mes pairs le savent bien : politiques, hommes d'Eglise ou de syndicats, sacristains d'appareils ou d'administrations, qui se demandent, tels des Soubise, généraux étonnés et perdus, où sont passés leurs troupes. Chacun se frotte les yeux, comme à la sortie d'un long sommeil morne, en s'apercevant que les sauveurs professionnels, ceux qui vont nous tirer d'affaire, sont tous de sincères menteurs. La société civile est de retour. Toutes les avancées de la science et de la génétique, de l'exploration spatiale à celle du cerveau, plaident pour l'irrépressible conquête de l'autonomie. Les veaux risquent de devenir de plus en plus irrécupérables. Les voici, en effet, sans alibis ni faux-semblants, face au formidable processus de la vie, avec ses saines ambiguïtés et des bienheureuses incertitudes, ses peurs et ses espoirs, ses bonheurs et ses abîmes. La société civile est de retour, et pour de bon : qui ignore la fantastique mutation déjà commencée se condamne aux amères déconvenues de la passivité intellectuelle et affective. Nous allons vaincre la gauche, sans nous être débarrassés de la droite. Nous sommes fort aises que la victoire soit proche, mais craignons de ne savoir qu'en faire. Lisons ce livre comme un inventaire des désirs, des attentes et des parcours de ceux dont nous sollicitons les suffrages et dont nous espérons qu'ils nous laisseront batifoler en paix. Ô surprise, ô confirmation : ce mystificateur Bercoff – dont je soupçonne les dilections libertaires – apporte l'irréfutable preuve que les habitants de la maison France ont décidément changé de peau. Sans nous prévenir. Les ingrats. Caton.

Les Oeuvres Complètes de Maupassant

Author:Guy De Maupassant

Publisher:e-artnow sro


Total Pages:N.A



Books Description:

Ce livre numérique présente Les Oeuvres Complètes de Guy de Maupassant avec une table des matières dynamique et détaillée. Henry-René-Albert-Guy de Maupassant (1850 - 1893) a marqué la littérature française par ses romans, dont Une vie en 1883, Bel-Ami en 1885, Pierre et Jean en 1887-1888, mais surtout par ses nouvelles, (parfois intitulées contes), comme Boule de suif en 1880, les Contes de la bécasse (1883) ou Le Horla (1887). Ces œuvres retiennent l’attention par leur force réaliste, la présence importante du fantastique et par le pessimisme qui s’en dégage le plus souvent mais aussi par la maîtrise stylistique. La carrière littéraire de Guy de Maupassant se limite à une décennie – de 1880 à 1890 – avant qu’il ne sombre peu à peu dans la folie et ne meure à quarante-trois ans. Reconnu de son vivant, Guy de Maupassant conserve un renom de premier plan, renouvelé encore par les nombreuses adaptations filmées de ses œuvres. Contenu: UNE VIE BEL-AMI PIERRE ET JEAN MONT-ORIOL NOTRE COEUR FORT COMME LA MORT L’ÂME ETRANGERE L’ANGELUS AU SOLEIL SUR L’EAU LA VIE ERRANTE CONTES DIVERS DE 1875 A 1880 LA MAISON TELLIER NOUVELLES PARUES EN 1881 MADEMOISELLE FIFI NOUVELLES PARUES EN 1882 CONTES DE LA BECASSE CLAIR DE LUNE NOUVELLES PARUES EN 1883 MISS HARRIET LE PERE MILON LES SOEURS RONDOLI YVETTE CONTES DIVERS DE 1884 CONTES DU JOUR ET DE LA NUIT CONTES DIVERS DE 1885 TOINE MONSIEUR PARENT LA PETITE ROQUE CONTES DIVERS DE 1886 LE HORLA CONTES DIVERS DE 1887 LE ROSIER DE MADAME HUSSON LA MAIN GAUCHE CONTES DIVERS DE 1889 L’INUTILE BEAUTE HISTOIRE DU VIEUX TEMPS UNE REPETITION MUSOTTE LA PAIX DU MENAGE LA TRAHISON DE LA COMTESSE DE RHUNE DES VERS AUTRES POEMES Et Textes CHRONIQUES 1876-1877 CHRONIQUES 1880 CHRONIQUES 1881 CHRONIQUES 1882 CHRONIQUES 1883 CHRONIQUES 1884 CHRONIQUES 1885 CHRONIQUES 1886 CHRONIQUES 1887 CHRONIQUES 1888 CHRONIQUES 1889 CHRONIQUES 1890 CHRONIQUES 1891 CHRONIQUES POSTHUMES


Author:Delphine de Vigan

Publisher:Bloomsbury Publishing


Total Pages:192



Books Description:

From the author of the Richard and Judy Book Club Pick No and Me. Adults are as lost as the children they should be protecting, in this compelling exploration of the destructive secrets and loyalties that are kept behind closed doors 'Packs a hefty emotional punch. It reminded me of Leila Slimani's terrific Lullaby' Bookseller 'Narrated with punch and pace. You're kept reading helplessly to the desperate cliffhanger finish' Daily Mail Thirteen-year-old Théo and his friend Mathis have a secret. Their teacher, Hélène, suspects something is not right with Théo and becomes obsessed with rescuing him, casting aside her professionalism to the point of no return. Cécile, mother of Mathis, discovers something horrifying on her husband's computer that makes her question whether she has ever truly known him. Respectable facades are peeled away as the four stories wind tighter and tighter together, pulling into a lean and darkly gripping novel of loneliness, lies and loyalties.

Sacred Speakers

Author:Simeon D. Baumel

Publisher:Berghahn Books


Total Pages:248



Books Description:

Despite its outwardly static and traditional appearance, the Haredi (ultra-Orthodox) world is engaged in a constant cultural dialogue with modernity. This dialogue is exceptionally visible in the realm of language as shown in this study that examines the language and culture of four ultra-Orthodox groups found in Israel: the Ashkenazi (European) Mitnagdim-Lithuanians, and the Oriental Sefaradi Haredim. After the presentation of the historical background of the four sects, the author analyzes the public and private domains, focusing on language as used in many different forms and situations, and on the management of language. He furthermore compares the language policies of British, American, and French Haredim belonging to the Habad, Gur, Mitnagdic and Sefaradi sects to those in Israel and finds many similarities between the groups. The book concludes with the proposal of an interdisciplinary model, based on the Haredi case study, which can be used by language planners worldwide to understand the issues of language maintenance and loss among ethnic and ethno-religious minorities.

Narrow Gate Churches

Author:Atallah Mansour

Publisher:Hope Publishing House


Total Pages:327



Books Description:

To protect their ancient churches from desecrating marauders on horseback, worshipers in the Holy Land centuries ago sealed off most of their doors to keep the invaders outside their sacred halls, thus the term “narrow gate churches” began to be used to describe the Christian worship centers in the Holy Land. This history of how Christians have kept the faith for two millennia under stressful conditions is a tribute to the courage and steadfastness of a remnant community which has miraculously survived under hostile regimes and straightened conditions

Les Amours de Psyché et de Cupidon

Author:Jean de La Fontaine

Publisher:Le Livre de Poche


Total Pages:319



Books Description:

Édition enrichie (Introduction, notes, appendices, répertoire bibliographique, répertoire iconographique, glossaire et bibliographie) Quatre amis se promènent dans le parc de Versailles pour admirer les fastes du Roi-Soleil. Ils agrémentent leur visite en écoutant l'un d'eux raconter l'étrange histoire de Psyché et Cupidon version mise à jour d'un mythe vieux comme le monde, la Belle et la Bête. De la Grèce primitive à la France de Louis XIV, de l'allégorie platonicienne sur le destin de l'âme au divertissement galant, La Fontaine cherche, et trouve, un merveilleux équilibre. Les Amours de Psyché tiennent du reportage et du conte de fées, ils exorcisent une sombre affaire de monstre par l'humour et par le style. Notre édition reproduit pour la première fois le texte dans sa version originale. Outre l'introduction de Michel Jeanneret, elle offre de nombreuses notes, un glossaire des mots difficiles et un index des noms propres, qui permettront de saisir les ruses et les résonances d'un récit dont la grâce pourrait masquer la profondeur. Une série d'images sur le Versailles de 1670 vient compléter les descriptions de La Fontaine. Introduction, commentaires et notes de Michel Jeanneret. Avec la collaboration de Stefan Schoetthe.

Oecuménisme et pratiques missionnaires

Author:Maurice Cheza,Jean Pirotte,Monique Costermans

Publisher:KARTHALA Editions


Total Pages:379



Books Description:

Contributions sur l'oecuménisme et l'évangélisation par les missions chrétiennes depuis 1948, date de la création du Conseil oecuménique des Eglises, à aujourd'hui. Analyse les changements connus par l'oecuménisme et les missions depuis la décolonisation : institutions, pratique missionnaires sur le terrain, influence de l'évolution de la société mondiale.


Author:Leila Sebbar,Dorothy S. Blair

Publisher:Interlink Publishing


Total Pages:285



Books Description:

Sherazade is seventeen, Algerian, and a ­runaway in Paris. This novel exposes with honesty and lyricism the various issues that affect a young woman living in a city which is both sophisticated and provincial, liberal and conservative, tolerant and prejudiced. In Paris, Sherazade is pursued by Julian, the son of French-Algerians who is an ardent Arabist. Pigeon-holed by Julian into the ­traditional exotic mold, Sherazade endeavors to create her own definition of Algerian ­femininity and in doing so breaks down conventions and stereotypes. It is Julian's obsession with her that spurs her on to self-discovery and to make decisions about her future. Sherazade is about a young woman haunted by her Algerian past. It is a powerful account of a person who searches for her true identity but is caught between worlds—Africa and Europe, her parents' and her own, colony and capital. Ultimately it is an ­account of possession, identity and the realities of urban life in the late twentieth century.

Guillaume-André Villoteau

Author:Paul-Marie Grinevald

Publisher:Editions L\'Harmattan


Total Pages:308



Books Description:

Formé pour devenir ecclésiastique, chanteur et musicien, Guillaume-André Villoteau quitte son état de chanoine, devient chef de choeur à Notre-Dame de Paris, puis chanteur à l'Opéra où il double le grand ténor, François Lays. Sa vie bascule quand il rejoint les scientifiques qui accompagnent Bonaparte en Égypte en 1798. Durant trois ans, il parcourt le pays, y étudie les arts musicaux des habitants. De retour en France, il rédige quatre gros mémoires pour la Descrition de l'Égypte, ce qui fait de lui le pionnier de l'archéologie musicale et de l'ethnomusicographie.