The Crown of Thorns

Author:Rabindranath Tagore

Publisher:Éditions Payot


Total Pages:251



Books Description:

Publié pour la première fois en 1915, ce beau roman de Rabindranath Tagore, prix Nobel de littérature, a pour cadre le Bengale du début du XXe siècle où sévissent de graves troubles. Récit à trois voix qui se croisent et se répondent, histoire d'amour centrée sur un bouleversant portrait de femme, ce livre, où se heurtent la tradition et la modernité, est aujourd'hui encore étonnament moderne, au point d'avoir inspiré au grand cinéaste indien Satyajit Ray l'un de ses plus grands films.

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Dance of thieves

Author:Mary Pearson

Publisher:Média Diffusion


Total Pages:576



Books Description:

Ancienne gamine des rues, Kazi de Brumevive est devenue une Rahtan, membre de la garde d'élite de la reine de Venda. À la poursuite d'un criminel recherché par la couronne, elle se rend au Guet de Tor, à l'autre bout du royaume... Mais les Ballenger, qui contrôlent cette région, ne voient pas d'un bon œil l'intrusion d'une Rahtan sur leurs terres, et la mission de Kazi s'annonce périlleuse. D'autant plus qu'elle se retrouve bientôt prisonnière de trafiquants de main-d'œuvre avec leur chef, Jase Ballenger. Et que celui-ci ne la laisse pas indifférente... Commence alors un jeu du chat et de la souris au cours duquel Kazi pourrait bien perdre son âme. Et sa vie...

Philanthropic Discourse in Anglo-American Literature, 1850-1920

Author:Frank Q. Christianson,Leslee Thorne-Murphy

Publisher:Indiana University Press


Total Pages:266



Books Description:

From the mid-19th century until the rise of the modern welfare state in the early 20th century, Anglo-American philanthropic giving gained an unprecedented measure of cultural authority as it changed in kind and degree. Civil society took on the responsibility for confronting the adverse effects of industrialism, and transnational discussions of poverty, urbanization, women's work, and sympathy provided a means of understanding and debating social reform. While philanthropic institutions left a transactional record of money and materials, philanthropic discourse yielded a rich corpus of writing that represented, rationalized, and shaped these rapidly industrializing societies, drawing on and informing other modernizing discourses including religion, economics, and social science. Showing the fundamentally transatlantic nature of this discourse from 1850 to 1920, the authors gather a wide variety of literary sources that crossed national and colonial borders within the Anglo-American range of influence. Through manifestos, fundraising tracts, novels, letters, and pamphlets, they piece together the intellectual world where philanthropists reasoned through their efforts and redefined the public sector.

Dress Culture in Late Victorian Women's Fiction

Author:Christine Bayles Kortsch



Total Pages:212



Books Description:

In her immensely readable and richly documented book, Christine Bayles Kortsch asks us to shift our understanding of late Victorian literary culture by examining its inextricable relationship with the material culture of dress and sewing. Even as the Education Acts of 1870, 1880, and 1891 extended the privilege of print literacy to greater numbers of the populace, stitching samplers continued to be a way of acculturating girls in both print literacy and what Kortsch terms "dress culture." Kortsch explores nineteenth-century women's education, sewing and needlework, mainstream fashion, alternative dress movements, working-class labor in the textile industry, and forms of social activism, showing how dual literacy in dress and print cultures linked women writers with their readers. Focusing on Victorian novels written between 1870 and 1900, Kortsch examines fiction by writers such as Olive Schreiner, Ella Hepworth Dixon, Margaret Oliphant, Sarah Grand, and Gertrude Dix, with attention to influential predecessors like Elizabeth Gaskell, Charlotte Brontë, and George Eliot. Periodicals, with their juxtaposition of journalism, fiction, and articles on dress and sewing are particularly fertile sites for exploring the close linkages between print and dress cultures. Informed by her examinations of costume collections in British and American museums, Kortsch's book broadens our view of New Woman fiction and its relationship both to dress culture and to contemporary women's fiction.

Children's Literature in Primary Schools

Author:David Waugh,Sally Neaum,Rosemary Waugh

Publisher:Learning Matters


Total Pages:256



Books Description:

How can you help children to develop a love of reading and books? Which books are the best ones to use in primary teaching? How do you make the most of children's literature in teaching across the curriculum? Trainee and experienced primary school teachers need an advanced knowledge of children's literature. This is your guide to the range of and scope of children's literature for the primary classroom. Through the exploration of different genres it covers a wide range of literature and helps you to consider what we mean by literature. Case studies that model good practice are included with suggestions for practical activities using literature to enhance teaching across the curriculum. Throughout, book recommendations show how specific texts can be used for teaching in exciting and innovative ways. What's new to this edition? - updated in line with the new Primary National Curriculum - includes new content on supporting children for whom English is an Additional Language - an extensive list of book recommendations for primary teaching - how to get more out of classic texts - introduces new texts and new children's authors

Louisa May Alcott and the Textual Child

Author:Kristina West

Publisher:Springer Nature


Total Pages:226



Books Description:

This book examines constructions of childhood in the works of Louisa May Alcott. While Little Women continues to gain popular and critical attention, Alcott’s wider works for children have largely been consigned to history. This book therefore investigates Alcott’s lesser-known children’s texts to reconsider critical assumptions about childhood in her works and in literature more widely. Kristina West investigates the trend towards reading Alcott’s life into her works; readings of gender and sexuality, race, disability, and class; the sentimental domestic; portrayals of Transcendentalism and American education; and adaptations of these works. Analyzing Alcott as a writer for twenty-first-century children, West considers Alcott’s place in the children’s canon and how new media and fan fiction impact readings of her works today.

What Katy Did at School

Author:Susan Coolidge

Publisher:Penguin UK


Total Pages:224



Books Description:

Dr Carr's mind is firmly made up. Katy and her little sister Clover are to spend a whole year away at boarding school. A strange place, far from home, but on arrival the girls have an inkling that it might turn out to be rather different from their expectations. One thing is for sure, it certainly isn't going to be dull with a girl like Rose Red as an ally.

What Katy Did Next

Author:Susan Coolidge

Publisher:Penguin UK


Total Pages:240



Books Description:

Katy Carr can hardly believe it when she is invited to spend a whole year in Europe with Mrs Ashe and Amy. Although a year seems like a long time away from her beloved family, living in the small American town of Burnet, Katy embarks enthusiastically on her greatest adventure. This charming story, first published in 1886, is the third of Susan Coolidge's three hugely popular Katy books.