The Crown of Thorns


Publisher:Welbeck Publishing Group


Total Pages:160



Books Description:

Little Book of Louis Vuitton is the pocket-sized and fully illustrated story of one of the world's most luxurious fashion houses. Louis Vuitton's monogrammed bags have been seen on the arms of celebrities and royals alike for over 150 years. From the young Louis seeking his fortune in Paris through to two world wars, the Great Depression, the Jazz Age and the Swinging Sixties, there is no era in which this most opulent of brands hasn't thrived. Detailing the global expansion of Louis Vuitton in the 1980s, the creation of the powerful fashion conglomerate LVMH, and the appointment in 1997 of Marc Jacobs, this is the story of a transformation from luggage company to high-fashion label. Louis Vuitton's continued evolution under the creative direction of Nicolas Ghesquière and Virgil Abloh is also depicted through fabulous images and captivating text.

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Author:Jo Weldon



Total Pages:232



Books Description:

In this lush compendium illustrated with full-color images, the author of The Burlesque Handbook chronicles the history of one of the world’s most beloved fashion patterns—leopard print—celebrating its beauty and place in couture, and the women who have dared to wear it. In nature, the distinctive markings on big cats served as camouflage, helping them to blend into their surroundings when hunting prey. Unlike these magnificent predators, humans have donned this distinctive animal pattern to be noticed; leopard print demands an audience. Jo Weldon, an expert in the world of burlesque, reveals how this sexy, playful, decadent, and vibrant pattern once reserved for royalty came into vogue and became a staple of fashion. With the revolution in technology and the rise of mass production in the early 1900s, textiles could be produced quickly and inexpensively, transforming every industry. Couture experienced a creative awakening: colors, prints, and patterns never seen before became ubiquitous. A greater freedom of choice in ready-to-wear clothing gave women the opportunity to express themselves in new styles. From its inception in textile, leopard print—long used as a symbol of a warrior’s power or a ruler’s wealth—became a sensation, adopted by daring trendsetters and members of the avant-garde, including film stars and celebrities such as Carole Lombard and Josephine Baker, who walked her pet Cheetah, Chiquita, on a diamond-encrusted leash. The desire for leopard print continues today as Nicki Minaj, Rihanna and other stars flaunt their feline-inspired spots on film and stage, the catwalk and the red carpet. With a lively narrative, informative sidebars, and stunning images, Fierce is a must have collection for designers and fashionistas of all kinds.

I'll Sleep When I'm Dead

Author:Crystal Zevon

Publisher:Harper Collins


Total Pages:480



Books Description:

When Warren Zevon died in 2003, he left behind a rich catalog of dark, witty rock 'n' roll classics, including "Lawyers, Guns and Money," "Excitable Boy," and the immortal "Werewolves of London." He also left behind a fanatical cult following and veritable rock opera of drugs, women, celebrity, genius, and epic bad behavior. As Warren once said, "I got to be Jim Morrison a lot longer than he did." Narrated by his former wife and longtime co-conspirator, Crystal Zevon, this intimate and unusual oral history draws on interviews with Bruce Springsteen, Stephen King, Bonnie Raitt, and numerous others who fell under Warren's mischievous spell. Told in the words and images of the friends, lovers, and legends who knew him best, I'll Sleep When I'm Dead captures Warren Zevon in all his turbulent glory.

The Fundamentals of Fashion Design

Author:Richard Sorger,Jenny Udale

Publisher:Bloomsbury Publishing


Total Pages:216



Books Description:

The Fundamentals of Fashion Design provides a fully illustrated introduction to the key elements of fashion design, from the initial concept of a fashion idea to realizing it in 3D form. Writing with clarity and precision, Richard Sorger and Jenny Udale explain the entire fashion design process, including research and design, fabrics and their properties, construction methods and how to form and promote a collection. This third edition has been updated to include the latest design and construction techniques and stunning new visual examples. New and updated interviews with practitioners working for leading fashion brands offer key insights into succeeding in the industry today and a preface by fashion designer and instructor Shelley Fox introduces and contextualizes the new edition. Exercises also help readers to discover and experiment with design techniques first hand. Overall, this book is a rich and dynamic resource that will inspire readers to develop their own design work and embark on a career in fashion with confidence, proficiency and enthusiasm. FEATURED INTERVIEWS Mårten Andreasson, & Other Stories Alan Humphrey Bennett, Paul Smith Kristin Forss, Marni Barry Grainger, Timberland Louise Gray Peter Jensen Gahee Lim Winni Lok Michele Manz, Current/Elliott Chantal Williams, Old Navy

The Trendmakers

Author:Jenny Lantz

Publisher:Bloomsbury Publishing


Total Pages:256



Books Description:

Numerous tastemakers exist in and between fashion production and consumption, from designers and stylists to trend forecasters, buyers, and journalists. How and why are each of these players bound up in the creation and dispersion of trends? In what ways are consumers' relations to trends constructed by these individuals and organizations? This book explores the social significance of trends in the global fashion industry through interviews with these 'fashion intermediaries', offering new insights into their influential roles in the setting and shaping of trends. The Trendmakers contains exclusive interviews with financial analysts, creative directors from high street stores like H&M to designer brands such as Erdem, trend forecasters at WGSN, buyers from Harvey Nichols, and major fashion names like The Telegraph fashion critic Hilary Alexander. In contrast to existing research, Lantz offers an international understanding of the trend landscape, engaging with industry professionals from fashion capitals like London, Paris, and New York, as well as BRIC countries and the new, emerging fashion nations. The fashion media may have declared that 'trends are dead' in the light of digital dissemination, but Lantz argues that trends still not only serve as a significant organizing principle for the fashion industry as a whole but also as a source for legitimacy. Engaging with classic fashion thinkers like Veblen, Simmel, and Bourdieu, as well as contemporary scholars like Entwistle and Steele, this book considers trends from an economic and cultural perspective to add to our knowledge of the complexities of the business of fashion.

Resilience of Luxury Companies in Times of Change

Author:Gabriella Lojacono,Laura Ru Yun Pan

Publisher:Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co KG


Total Pages:336



Books Description:

Resilience of Luxury Companies in Times of Change is a book for executives and Masters' level students taking courses in luxury management. It offers an insight into the current and emergent business models and strategies luxury companies apply to remain resilient in times of change. It explores a variety of business models answering the following key questions: What is each brand’s value proposition used to attract a consumer’s willingness to pay? What is each brand’s target audience? How do brands navigate and expand their markets? And how do luxury companies organize their resources to design and develop products and services to continually sell to their customers? The answers to these questions provide the foundation of a luxury company’s business strategy and, as a result, its brand architecture. The authors also explore the patterns that have emerged in the ownership, management and the manufacturing in luxury goods companies, where dominance is usually found in certain countries. This book focuses on six key industries in the luxury product sector: fashion, automotive, hospitality, furniture, cosmetics and jewellery. It provides an international perspective with examples drawn from Europe, USA, the Middle East, China and Japan. Through these examples and cases, the authors analyze how luxury companies are facing the challenges posed by external shocks and an extensive need for digitalization. Using concepts and theories from macroeconomics (such as globalisation) and corporate and business strategy, the book aims to connect the dots between theory and practice. Resilience of Luxury Companies in Times of Change provides perspectives of the past, present and future – how luxury companies have evolved over time and managed to stay resilient despite the challenges they have faced through the different eras.

Aesthetics and Style in Strategy

Author:Gino Cattani,Simone Ferriani,Frédéric Godart,Stoyan V Sgourev

Publisher:Emerald Group Publishing


Total Pages:348



Books Description:

This book contains an Open Access chapter This volume is the first systematic survey of the interface between the aesthetic and strategic domains. The “aesthetic” turn in strategy encompasses the use of aesthetic features and style to create value, as well as the ways in which the useful and the beautiful can be brought together.

Social Commerce

Author:Rosy Boardman,Marta Blazquez,Claudia E. Henninger,Daniella Ryding



Total Pages:277



Books Description:

This timely edited collection offers a multidisciplinary perspective on social commerce, a phenomenon that has gained increasing interest over the last 8 years. Investigating how social media can be used to generate value for brands beyond customer relationship purposes, the skilled authors explore how social media users co-create value for businesses, influence other consumers and generate electronic word-of-mouth (eWOM). Providing insights from practitioners and academics, this book goes further than simply exploring e-commerce and social media, and addresses the real relevance of social commerce in today’s business landscape. With a selection of contemporary case studies and a Foreword written by Inthefrow’s creator, Victoria Magrath, Social Commerce will be an engaging read for those studying consumer behaviour, online marketing, and e-commerce.

Independent Luxury

Author:Jonas Hoffmann,Laurent Lecamp



Total Pages:252



Books Description:

In recent years, luxury brands have deviated from the principles of craftsmanship, rarity, uniqueness and heritage. Conglomerates such as LVMH and Richemont have grown at an unprecedented pace and show no sign of slowing. This book explains the importance of innovation and argues why independent brands are vital to the survival of the industry.