The Crown of Thorns


Publisher:OUP Oxford


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W.B. Yeats and the Muses explores how nine fascinating women inspired much of W.B. Yeats's poetry. These women are particularly important because Yeats perceived them in terms of beliefs about poetic inspiration akin to the Greek notion that a great poet is inspired and possessed by the feminine voices of the Muses. Influenced by the Pre-Raphaelite idea of woman as 'romantic and mysterious, still the priestess of her shrine', Yeats found his Muses in living women. His extraordinarily long and fruitful poetic career was fuelled by passionate relationships with women to and about whom he wrote some of his most compelling poetry. The book summarizes the different Muse traditions that were congenial to Yeats and shows how his perception of these women as Muses underlies his poetry. Newly available letters and manuscripts are used to explore the creative process and interpret the poems. Because Yeats believed that lyric poetry 'is no rootless flower, but the speech of a man,' exploring the relationship between poem and Muse brings new coherence to the poetry, illuminates the process of its creation, and unlocks the 'second beauty' to which Yeats referred when he claimed that 'works of lyric genius, when the circumstances of their origin is known, gain a second a beauty, passing as it were out of literature and becoming life.' As life emerges from the literature, the Muses are shown to be vibrant, multi-faceted personalities who shatter the idea of the Muse as a passive stereotype and take their proper place as begetters of timeless poetry.

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Muses, Mistresses and Mates

Author:Izabella Penier

Publisher:Cambridge Scholars Publishing


Total Pages:185



Books Description:

The Muse is one of the oldest archetypes in human civilization, and, in the past, was a representation of an idealized woman - blessed with beauty and creativity and exerting irresistible attraction for many a man. Nowadays, in the wake of feminism, the idea of the Muse seems a bit obsolete, quaint or downright sexist, and is said to enhance a vicious stereotype of the creative, productive and active man and the passive, submissive and docile woman. However, this book shows that this, in fa ...

War of the Muses

Author:Chris Landau

Publisher:Christian J Landau


Total Pages:28



Books Description:

The Sensory Muses and Number Muses spar for control of humans to get themselves published on Earth. The S Muses are on a lovely tropical island vacation with their Professor, Wordy Muse. The are ignoring the clamours of humankind all left without their muse and therefore unable to write, sing or dance. It is a short story which might be extended into a complete book or series of books, depending on reader demand.

SPQR IV: The Temple of the Muses

Author:John Maddox Roberts

Publisher:Minotaur Books


Total Pages:240



Books Description:

When Roman junior senator Decius Caecilius Metellus the Younger has a chance to join a diplomatic mission to Alexandria, he welcomes the opportunity to temporarily elude his enemies in the Eternal City-even though it means leaving his beloved Rome. Decius is just beginning to enjoy the outpost's many exotic pleasures when the suspicious death of an irascible philosopher occurs, coinciding with the puzzling and apocalyptic ravings of a charismatic cult leader. Intrigued, Decius requests and is given permission by the Egyptian Pharaoh to investigate the heinous crime. What he discovers is beyond shocking. And when the corpse of a famous courtesan mysteriously turns up in his bed, Decius suddenly finds himself entangled in a web of conspiracy far more widespread and dangerous than he ever imagined-one that threatens to bring about the downfall of the entire Empire.

Muses are the Nymphs of the Greek Poets

Author:Helena Petrovna Blavatsky,Ralph W. Emerson,George R.S. Mead,Thomas Taylor

Publisher:Philaletheians UK


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Books Description:

Thomas Taylor on the Muses that harmonise our triune energies by elevating them to the Noetic Unity of Spirit. Philosophy causes our psychical powers to be moved harmoniously, in symphony with real beings, and in accordance with the orderly motions of celestial orbs. Philosophy is the Greatest Music. Muses are the sources of the variety of harmonies. They impart to souls the investigation of Truth, and to bodies a multitude of powers. The Musagetes himself unfolds Truth to souls according to One Intellectual Simplicity. The Muses, the Celestial Spheres, the sensible world, the whole soul of the universe, and the souls of ordinary men, had a consubsistent progression. Ralph Emerson on Plato domesticating the soul in nature. George Mead on gods and their shaktis. Muses are intoxicated with the nectar of divine knowledge. They dance around Apollo, the splendour of one Invisible Sun. They are the powers of remembrance of spiritual knowledge enjoyed by the soul in past births. While Muses are the beneficent use of awakened spiritual powers, Sirens are the allurements of opened psychic powers. Madame Blavatsky explains how inferior goddesses emanate from superior deities.

Muses of One Mind

Author:Wesley Trimpi

Publisher:Wipf and Stock Publishers


Total Pages:434



Books Description:

Describing how ancient discussions of literature borrowed their descriptive terms from mathematical, philosophical, and rhetorical disciplines, Wesley Trimpi shows that when any one of these three types of discourse was sacrificed to one or both of the other two, the resulting imbalance proved destructive to literary discourse. Preoccupation with exhortatory (rhetorical) intention reduced literary works to displays of eloquence or ideology; preoccupation with cognitive (philosophical) intention led to didacticism; and preoccupation with formal (mathematical) excellence resulted in "aesthetic" expression for its own sake. In tracing the relationship of the three disciplines to literary discourse through the Middle Ages, this work diagnosis the increase of such reductive preoccupations after the Neoplatoic reconstruction of classical literary theory. Since 1600 these imbalances have continued to exist, obscured by proliferating and competing "theories" and "methods" of literary interpretation. Taking theoria in the ancient sense of "inclusive observation," Professor Trimpi points to an alternative to contemporary critical orthodoxies.

The Muses Among Us

Author:Kim Stafford

Publisher:University of Georgia Press


Total Pages:152



Books Description:

The Muses Among Us is an inviting, encouraging book for writers at any stage of their development. In a series of first-person letters, essays, manifestos, and notes to the reader, Kim Stafford shows what might happen at the creative boundary he calls "what we almost know." On the boundary's far side is our story, our poem, our song. On this side are the resonant hunches, griefs, secrets, and confusions from which our writing will emerge. Guiding us from such glimmerings through to a finished piece are a wealth of experiments, assignments, and tricks of the trade that Stafford has perfected over thirty years of classes, workshops, and other gatherings of writers. Informing The Muses Among Us are Stafford's own convictions about writing—principles to which he returns again and again. We must, Stafford says, honor the fragments, utterances, and half-discovered truths voiced around us, for their speakers are the prophets to whom writers are scribes. Such filaments of wisdom, either by themselves or alloyed with others, give rise to our poems, stories, and essays. In addition, as Stafford writes, "all pleasure in writing begins with a sense of abundance—rich knowledge and boundless curiosity." By recommending ways for students to seek beyond the self for material, Stafford demystifies the process of writing and claims for it a Whitmanesque quality of participation and community.

Walking with the Muses

Author:Pat Cleveland

Publisher:Simon and Schuster


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Books Description:

“Taking her reader through fifty years of fashion from the intersection of the Civil Rights Movement, the disco era's decadence, and the grandeur of Hollywood’s late 70s renaissance, Cleveland provides a glimpse at some of design’s most important moments—and her own personal history.” —Vogue “Pat Cleveland is to fashion what Billie Holiday is to the blues; a muse for all ages.” —Essence “This is a book that is highly recommended on multiple levels for many readers of many ages. You might even remove the fashion quotient and see it as possibly a twentieth century Cinderella tale or just a journey of a young woman in search of her dreams who let nothing stand in her way of achieving her ultimate goals.” —New York Journal of Books Chronicling of the glamorous life and adventures of Pat Cleveland—one of the first black supermodels—this compelling memoir evokes the bohemian lifestyle and creative zeitgeist of 1970s New York City and features some of today’s most prominent names in fashion, art, and entertainment as they were just gaining their creative footage. New York in the sixties and seventies was glamorous and gritty at the same time, a place where people like Warhol, Avedon, and Halston as well as their muses came to pursue their wildest ambitions, and when the well began to run dry they darted off to Paris. Though born on the very fringes of this world, Patricia Cleveland, through a combination of luck, incandescent beauty, and enviable style, soon found herself in the center of all that was creative, bohemian, and elegant. A “walking girl,” a runway fashion model whose inimitable style still turns heads on the runways of New York, Paris, Milan, and Tokyo, Cleveland was in high demand. Ranging from the streets of New York to the jet-set beaches of Mexico, from the designer drawing rooms of Paris to the offices of Vogue, here is Cleveland’s larger-than-life story. One minute she’s in a Harlem tenement making her own clothes and dreaming of something bigger, the next she’s about to walk Halston’s show alongside fellow model Anjelica Huston. One minute she’s partying with Mick Jagger and Jack Nicholson, the next she’s sharing the dance floor next to a man with stark white hair, an artist the world would later know as Warhol. In New York, she struggles to secure her first cover of a major magazine. In Paris, she’s the toast of the town. And through the whirlwind of it all, she is forever in pursuit of love, truth, and beauty in this “riveting, celeb-drenched account of her astonishing life in fashion” (Simon Doonan, author of The Asylum).

Labouring Muses

Author:William J. Christmas

Publisher:University of Delaware Press


Total Pages:364



Books Description:

'The Lab'ring Muses' is the first study to bring together a wide range of verse published by laboring-class authors between 1730 and 1830. The book examines a total of sixteen case studies that establish a specifically English tradition of laboring-class poetics.

Bergman's Muses

Author:Egil Törnqvist



Total Pages:271



Books Description:

Bergman is a most versatile director who has devoted himself to several muses in a variety of media. Apart from being a writer of plays and screenplays, he has over the past fifty years directed about a hundred stage performances, fifty films, and many works for radio and television. During this time, all the production equipment used have undergone significant changes (allowing, just for instance, a more varied and subtle use of light and sound). But by his own admission, Bergman's texts have often lacked a clear orientation toward a specific medium. This book focuses on Bergman's way of tackling the problems inherent in each art form he has dealt with, giving a penetrating picture of his craftsmanship and the intimate relationship between his work on stage and in film, as well as the possibilities and limitations of the various forms. With the varied media at his disposal, Bergman is internationally the most versatile author-cum-director presently at work, well aware of what each medium can and cannot do and, most importantly, eager to test its borders. The book addresses itself not only to Bergman fans but also to all those interested in the aesthetic problems related to different presentational forms.

Slightly Abridged

Author:Ellen Pall

Publisher:Minotaur Books


Total Pages:288



Books Description:

There's nothing like murder to cure a case of writer's block. Regency romance writer Juliet Bodine is falling into despair. Instead of writing, she spends her days staring at the pages of her unfinished novel, fantasizing about her inevitable failure. So the arrival of an eighty-four-year-old fan with a trove of yellowing papers to show is a welcome diversion instead of the nuisance it might have been. Demanding, outspoken, stylish, outrageous, and still dripping with sexual flair, Ada Caffrey is everything Juliet is not. But Juliet's bemused delight in her eccentric visitor changes to electric shock when she realizes Ada has stumbled upon a suppressed fragment of the blockbuster memoirs of Harriette Wilson, Regency England's wittiest, most notorious courtesan. One week later, Ada is dead and the manuscript is gone. Could a two-hundred-old sexual indiscretion be worth killing for? In Slightly Abridged, the second installment in Ellen Pall's Nine Muses mystery series, Juliet teams up with NYPD detective Murray Landis to find out.

The Master & the Muses

Author:Amanda McIntyre



Total Pages:384



Books Description:

They are his inspiration. He is their obsession. Icon, rebel, unabashed romantic…With a single look painter Thomas Rodin conveys the ecstasy of creativity—the pleasures awaiting the woman who can fuel his artistry. The Innocent What did this master artist see in me? Genius abided in his soul, rapture in his flesh. To refuse him…my folly. To surrender…my sensual salvation. The Upstart I chafed at the bonds of servitude until he set me free. I turned my back on all I knew to follow him and found myself between two men—master and student—one whom I loved with my heart…the other with my body. The Courtesan I understood, perhaps better than any, his needs. I stoked the fires of his soul, the spark of his creativity—he made me a legend. But never could I forget his searing touch.…. Three transcendent tales of women bewitched by a master of seduction—a slave as much to his art as to his boundless passion.

Forgetful Muses

Author:Ian Lancashire

Publisher:University of Toronto Press


Total Pages:320



Books Description:

How can we understand and analyze the primarily unconscious process of writing? In this groundbreaking work of neuro-cognitive literary theory, Ian Lancashire maps the interplay of self-conscious critique and unconscious creativity. Forgetful Muses shows how a writer's own 'anonymous,' that part of the mind that creates language up to the point of consciousness, is the genesis of thought. Those thoughts are then articulated by an author's inner voice and become subject to critique by the mind's 'reader-editor.' The 'reader-editor' engages with the 'anonymous,' which uses this information to formulate new ideas. Drawing on author testimony, cybernetics, cognitive psychology, corpus linguistics, text analysis, the neurobiology of mental aging, and his own experiences, Lancashire's close readings of twelve authors, including Caedmon, Chaucer, Coleridge, Joyce, Christie, and Atwood, serve to illuminate a mystery we all share.

The Muses of Apollo

Author:Giorgio Groom

Publisher:Notion Press


Total Pages:256



Books Description:

“I will not let others decide for me what my duty as a woman should be. Whether it be to rule a country, raise a child or slaughter my enemies, I will decide what my own fate is.” Themis, Titan of Divine Justice Following the events of The Hunters of Artemis, Maximus and his friends find themselves working as agents for the underworld underneath the enigmatic god, Don Hades. While this line of work has no shortage of danger, their latest mission might be a bit more than they bargained for. They are ordered by the underworld to the dreaded Aeaea Island, where neither gods nor laws hold any power. For the lawless Island is under the rule of Circe, the dreaded ‘Ever-burning Witch’. Elsewhere, Maximus has garnered the attention of Olympus and they have sent their greatest huntsman to find him: Apollo, the Sun God.

Meals, Music, and Muses

Author:Alexander Smalls,Veronica Chambers

Publisher:Flatiron Books


Total Pages:240



Books Description:

Iconic chef and world-renowned opera singer Alexander Smalls marries two of his greatest passions—food and music—in Meals, Music, and Muses. More than just a cookbook, Smalls takes readers on a delicious journey through the South to examine the food that has shaped the region. Each chapter is named for a type of music to help readers understand the spirit that animates these recipes. Filled with classic Southern recipes and twists on old favorites, this cookbook includes starters such as Hoppin’ John Cakes with Sweet Pepper Remoulade and Carolina Bourbon Barbecue Shrimp and Okra Skewers, and main dishes like Roast Quail in Bourbon Cream Sauce and Prime Rib Roast with Crawfish Onion Gravy. Complete with anecdotes of Smalls’s childhood in the Low Country and examinations of Southern musical tradition, Meals, Music, and Muses is a heritage cookbook in the tradition of Edna Lewis’s A Taste of Country Cooking.

The Muses on Their Lunch Hour

Author:Marjorie Garber

Publisher:Fordham Univ Press


Total Pages:212



Books Description:

“Witty, shrewd, and imaginative essays on interdisciplinary topics . . . from Shakespeare to psychoanalysis, and the practice of higher education today.” —Publishers Weekly As a break from their ordained labors, what might the Muses do on their lunch hour today? This collection of essays uses these figures of ancient legend to explore such modern-day topics as the curious return of myth and ritual in the theories of evolutionary psychologists and much more. Two themes emerge consistently. The first is that to predict the “next big thing” in literary studies, we should look back at ideas and practices set aside by a previous generation of critics. In the past several decades we have seen the reemergence of—for example—textual editing, biography, character criticism, aesthetics, and philology as “hot” new areas for critical intervention. The second theme expands on this observation, making the case for “cultural forgetting” as the way the arts and humanities renew themselves, both within fields and across them. Although she is never represented in traditional paintings or poetry, a missing Muse—we can call her Amnesia—turns out to be a key figure for the creation of theory and criticism in the arts.

The Day the Muses Died

Author:Richard Segal

Publisher:Author House


Total Pages:160



Books Description:

What doesn't kill us makes us stronger; I want to become very strong. The Day the Muses Died brings together many themes and elements of my short stories, books and novellas, from special interests, lovers and friends don't you know, we pray when it counts, we tale-tell for show. But wait, there's more. Aside from the poetry of life's true despair, a maxim or two and a vendetta to air. Not so much a journey but a recap for when we are older, recanted with flair and a fair wind blowing over our shoulder. The villains, the heroes, will they live to see the day? Read the book, you'll find out, the book, you don't say. I'm so out of words, I’ve tossed them all in, now or never choose verbs, may the best some day win. The Day the Muses Died you may find, represents one final perfect moment, frozen in time.

The Merry Muses of Caledonia

Author:Robert Burns

Publisher:Luath Press Ltd


Total Pages:224



Books Description:

The Merry Muses of Caledonia is among Burns' best known, but least read, work. This collection of bawdy poems, some written by and some collected by Burns, ranges from celebrations of spirited women in "Ellibanks", to misogyny in "There was twa wives" and male fantasy in "Nine Inch will please a lady". These engaging poems are not lewd or distasteful but possess a great wit and charm. This new edition updates the 1959 printing, which with engaging accompanying material by James Barke and preface by J. De Lancey Ferguson have made this the definitive version, until now. "The Merry Muses" was always intended to be accompanied by music but the 1959 edition was left incomplete due to Barke's premature death. For the first time the book is completed as it was always meant to be with notes to the tunes created with reference to Barke's unpublished papers. "The Luath Merry Muses" edition also includes bonus material with specially commissioned illustrations from top political satirist Bob Dewar and an introduction by Burns scholar Valentina Bold. Ferguson's work is brought up to date with commentary on the latest critical responses. This new edition will make this classic of Burns' literature more accessible to modern readers.


Author:A. Palladino

Publisher:Xlibris Corporation


Total Pages:97



Books Description:

Keys is an exploration of thought. A sometimes cerebral look at the taboos of humanity and the attributes that make us who we are. The beautiful and the ugly sides of being human. It is a sometimes, hard to accept look at the psychological conditions we all share and fight to keep in check. In our society we have made even the thought of some acts taboo. Some inspiration has come from current events but most come from a mind let loose to wander and explore these forbidden thoughts and fantasies. Much inspiration came from disgust in myself and of what we call humanity. Even in these I hope the reader will find some hope and solace. There is an underlying sense that we acknowledge these shortcomings and in that, change. On the lighter side there are brief bits of humor and irony along with purely fantastic muses sparked from a single untamed thought. From the dramatic imagery to the ethereal you will be taken to the edge of sanity and move beyond what is comfortable and be urged to take a closer look at who we are as individuals and as a people...