The Crown of Thorns

Author:Frank King



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Un matin de 1921, Walt, célibataire endurci et mécano amateur, ouvre sa porte et découvre, abandonné sur son perron, un nouveau-né : Skeezix. Chef d'œuvre de Frank King, le strip Walt & Skeezix, démarre en réalité dès 1918, comme la chronique, titrée Gasoline Alley, d'une middle-class américaine passionnée d'automobile. Mais l'apparition du bébé Skeezix bouleverse tout cet univers, y compris l'approche de Frank King qui décide, à partir de là, de faire vieillir les personnages au rythme de la parution des strips. Dès lors, les jours qui passent dictent la cadence d'un double apprentissage, de la paternité pour ce vieux garçon un poil empoté, de la vie pour Skeezix — ses premiers pas, son entrée à l'école puis, des années plus tard, son départ pour la guerre... Profondément touchante, cette série dresse ainsi, avec humour et tendresse, les contours de ce qui fait la vie ordinaire et le quotidien, offrant au lecteur un double, un reflet dans lequel reconnaître et apprécier son existence. Le présent livre propose une sélection des plus belles pages du dimanche de Frank King : superbes respirations au strip quotidien — de grand format et en couleurs — elles rendent grâce à ses talents de dessinateur. Promenades, baignades ou parties de campagne : ces pages mettent en avant les joies de l'enfance, les jours heureux des vacances, pendant lesquels la relation filiale se construit avec finesse. Publiées entre 1921 et 1934, ces quatre- vingts planches offrent un aperçu passionnant de cette œuvre vertigineuse et composent une porte d'entrée idéale vers un univers riche et délicat, dont se réclament Chris Ware et les plus grand auteurs anglo-saxons actuels. Immense classique du strip américain, Walt & Skeezix traverse enfin l'Atlantique ; il était plus que temps. Préfaces de Chris Ware et Stéphane Beaujean

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Murder, My Dear Watson

Author:John Lellenberg,Daniel Stashower,Martin H. Greenberg

Publisher:Hachette UK


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The game's afoot! Read all-new Sherlock Holmes stories and speculative essays, praised as "of the highest order and should be required for every Sherlockian shelf" (Rocky Mountain News). Eccentric, coldly rational, brilliant, doughty, exacting, lazy-in full bohemian color the world's most famous literary detective, Sherlock Holmes, and his loyal companion Dr. John Watson, investigate a series of previously unrecorded cases in this collection of totally original and confounding tales. As in the popular debut Murder in Baker Street, Anne Perry and ten more popular mystery writers celebrate the mind and methods of Sherlock Holmes. Includes new tales by: Sharyn McCrumb Loren D. Estleman Carolyn Wheat Malachi Saxon Jon L. Breen Bill Crider Colin Bruce Lenore Carroll Barry Day Daniel Stashower And brilliantly insightful essays including: Christopher Redmond on illuminating the vast possibilities that new technology offers in "Sherlock Holmes on the Internet" Editors Lellenberg and Stashower's "A Sherlockian Library" details fifty essential books for the Arthur Conan Doyle fan Philip A. Shreffler's essay explores one of English literature's most famous friendships in "Holmes and Watson, the Head and the Heart"


Author:Sarah Knight

Publisher:Hachette UK


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An omnibus edition of the bestselling No F**ks Given Guides brought to you by internationally bestselling anti-guru Sarah Knight. The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a F**k, Calm the F**k Down and Get Your Sh*t Together. Are you stressed out, overbooked and underwhelmed by life? Fed up with pleasing everyone else before you please yourself? Finding it hard working from home? Then it's time to stop giving a f**k. Sarah Knight will help you deal with panic, anxiety, problems with time-management and prioritization with her trademark humour and straightforward advice.

Gateway to the Moon

Author:Mary Morris



Total Pages:352



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"If you haven’t read Mary Morris yet, start here. Now. Immediately." —Jodi Picoult, New York Times bestselling author of Small Great Things From award-winning novelist Mary Morris comes the remarkable story of a remote New Mexican town coming to grips with a dark history it never imagined. In 1492, the Jewish and Muslim populations of Spain were expelled, and Columbus set sail for America. Luis de Torres, a Spanish Jew, accompanies Columbus as his interpreter. His journey is only the beginning of a long migration, across many generations. Over the centuries, de Torres’ descendants travel from Spain and Portugal to Mexico, finally settling in the hills of New Mexico. Five hundred years later, it is in these same hills that Miguel Torres, a young amateur astronomer, finds himself trying to understand the mystery that surrounds him and the town he grew up in. Entrada de la Luna is a place that holds a profound secret--one that its residents cannot even imagine. It is also a place that ambitious children, such as Miguel, try to leave. Poor health, broken marriages, and poverty are the norm. Luck is unusual. When Miguel sees a flyer for a babysitting job, he jumps at the opportunity, and begins work for a Jewish family new to the area. Rachel Rothstein is not the sort of parent Miguel expected. A frustrated artist, Rachel moved her family from New York in search of a fresh start, but so far New Mexico has not solved any of the problems she brought with her. Miguel loves the work, yet he is surprised to find many of the Rothstein family's customs similar to ones he’s grown up with and never understood. Interwoven throughout the present-day narrative are the powerful stories of the ancestors of Entrada's residents, highlighting the torture, pursuit, and resistance of the Jewish people. A beautiful novel of shared history, Gateway to the Moon is a moving and memorable portrait of a family and its journey through the centuries.

Let's Get Digital

Author:David Gaughran

Publisher:David Gaughran


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Publish like a pro and start building your audience today with the most comprehensive guide on the market. Packed with practical, actionable advice, this brand new fourth edition of Let's Get Digital delivers the very latest best practices on publishing your work and finding readers. · Boost your writing career with marketing strategies that are proven to sell more books. · Get expert tips on platform building, blogging and social media. · Discover which approaches are best for selling fiction vs. non-fiction. · Implement powerful ways to make your ebooks more discoverable. · Increase your visibility by optimizing keywords and categories. · Weigh the pros and cons of Kindle Unlimited, and find out exactly how to tweak your promotional plans depending on whether you stay exclusive to Amazon or opt for wider distribution. And that's just for starters...

Skeleton Key Guild

Author:MJ Fletcher

Publisher:MJ Fletcher


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Her parents dead, her sister missing, and those she loves branded traitors to the Old Kind... Chloe Masters is on the run. To fulfill a parent’s dying wish she will do anything to save the sister she has never met. Can she learn the secrets of the Artifacts before it’s too late? Surrounded by her friends; Slade, Edgar, Jess, Val and the man she loves James Nightshade, Chloe has never had so much to live for... but will her enemies let her?