The Crown of Thorns




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Books Description:

This book contains analyses of the stories and music of nine operas, presented in chronological order from 1791 to 1928. These great works are most readily approached with an understanding of the conventions of the several operatic genres as well as the social conditions that influenced the composers and librettists. The popular and intellectual movements that influenced the operas and the original source material are also discussed. The operas are Mozart’s The Magic Flute, Beethoven’s Fidelio, Donizetti’s Lucia di Lammermoor, Wagner’s The Flying Dutchman, Verdi’s Rigoletto, Bizet’s Carmen, Leoncavallo’s Pagliacci, Strauss’ Salome, and Brecht’s The Threepenny Opera.

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Interfamily Tanci Writing in Nineteenth-Century China

Author:Yu Zhang

Publisher:Lexington Books


Total Pages:271



Books Description:

Employing an interdisciplinary approach, this is the first monograph to frame three once widely-read tanci fiction as interrelated texts composed by three generations of members of one extended gentry family in nineteenth-century China.

More Stories of Famous Operas

Author:Ernest Newman



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Books Description:

This book contains the definitive treatment of the stories, texts, and music of Turandot, Gianni Schicchi, The Barber of Bagdad, Thaïs, Eugen Onegin, Prince Igor, The Golden Cockerel, Elektra, Orfeo ed Euridice, Lakmé, Les Huguenots, Così fan tutte, The Seraglio, Les Troyens, Don Pasquale, La Juive, Manon, Falstaff, Louise, Pelléas and Mélisande, The Bartered Bride, Die Fledermaus, Romeo and Juliet, Der Rosenkavalier, Cavalleria Rusticana, I Pagliacci, Wozzeck, L’Heure Espagnole, and Boris Godounov. The foremost authority on opera presented in the comprehensive volume all that the opera-goer, radio listener, music-lover, and confirmed operamane will wish to know about them. It is unique as both guide and armchair companion. Ernest Newman’s gigantic grasp of his subject is clear at every turn, as are his sheer writing ability and wit. He larded his treatment of the operas with biographical and historical materials acquired in a long lifetime of study and writing. This is the first volume of the trilogy of books (the other two being The Wagner Operas and Seventeen Famous Operas) with which Ernest Newman wished to replace his much earlier book, Stories of the Great Operas.

Cigar Box Lithographs

Author:Charles J. Humber



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Books Description:

Just as this publication was ready for the printer, a very rare cigar box was listed on an internet auction site. Recognizing its rarity and extraordinary appeal, a decision was made to bid on it with the hopes of purchasing it. As author, I won. But I also knew that it was too late to include this Davy Crockett cigar box alongside the more than 100 other cigar boxes already headlined and profiled in this particular 200-page volume. After winning the bid a final decision was made to illustrate this cigar box on the back cover of this production. In so doing readers have a chance to scrutinize a very rare and a one-of-a-kind cigar box. Of course, any cigar box that lithographically headlines Davy Crockett usually identifies the famous American frontiersman with the Alamo (see this Volume, page 114) and how he and 200 Texans were killed in 1836 by Santa Anna’s 1500 strong Mexican forces. A wide-spread interest in Davy Crockett ever since has become the norm. Tennessee Ernie Ford popularized him in 1955 with his hit “The Battle of Davy Crockett”. John Wayne immortalized Davy Crockett when he played the famous frontiersman in the 1960 Hollywood blockbuster, The Alamo. The stunning lithographic print on the inside lid of a wooden cigar box made by William Simpson of Massachusetts, circa 1900, now highlights this back cover of this book and demonstrates the ultimate bravery of a young Davy Crockett protecting individuals inundated with a blizzard and petrified of wolves trying to push their way into the pioneer Log Cabin (see this Volume, pages 108- 109) that the legendary frontiersman is valiantly guarding and resolutely defending. This Davy Crocket lithographic print is one of the highlight prints of the book....

Rodney Trudgeon’s Concert Notes

Author:Rodney Trudgeon

Publisher:Jonathan Ball Publishers


Total Pages:250



Books Description:

Rodney Trudgeon’s Concert Notes is a collection of essays on famous classical, orchestral compositions. The pieces in this collection – short reflections on well-known classical compositions – have appeared in concert programmes that have accompanied performances by the Cape Town and Johannesburg Philharmonic Orchestras. The author is a well-known radio host and presenter on Fine Music Radio. He is an expert on the range of musical genres that broadly fall under the category ‘classical music’. The text that comprises Rodney Trudgeon’s Concert Notes is structured alphabetically according to composer and gives a broad overview of the development of classical music, starting with the Baroque period and ending with modern, atonal music. Each piece is dedicated to a particular musical composition, describing its highlights, its history, and what makes it unique. Broadly, the pieces are grouped together according to the following three broad categories: ouvertures, concertos, and symphonies, mimicking the structure of concert programmes. Each entry also includes a short biography of its composer. Trudgeon’s style is easy to read and accessible to all readers: from those who listen to classical music regularly to those who are unfamiliar with it. Overall, this collection is a useful and informative musical guide, making a case for listening to orchestral music.

Nine Continents

Author:Xiaolu Guo

Publisher:Grove Press


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Books Description:

The acclaimed novelist’s award-winning memoir of growing up in a remote Chinese fishing village is “a rich and insightful coming-of-age story” (Kirkus). The acclaimed author of A Concise Chinese-English Dictionary for Lovers and I Am China, Xiaolu Guo grew up an unwanted child in a poor fishing village on the East China Sea. But a Taoist monk made a startling prediction to her grandmother: that Guo would prove herself to be a peasant warrior and grow up to travel the nine continents. In Nine Continents, Guo tells the story of a curious mind coming of age in an inhospitable country, and her determination to seek a life beyond the limits of its borders. From her family’s village to a rapidly changing Beijing, to a life beyond China, Nine Continents presents a fascinating portrait of how the Cultural Revolution shaped families, and how the country’s economic ambitions have given rise to great change. This “moving and often exhilarating” memoir confirms Xiaolu Guo as one of world literature’s most urgent voices (Financial Times, UK).

Making Projects Critical

Author:Damian Hodgson,Svetlana Cicmil

Publisher:Macmillan International Higher Education


Total Pages:376



Books Description:

Making Projects Critical is an edited collection contributed by a range of international scholars linking the area of project management with critical management perspectives. Challenging recent debates on inherent problems in project management, the text considers project management within a wider organizational and societal context.


Author:Franklin Mesa



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Books Description:

This encyclopedia includes entries for 1,153 world premiere (and other significant) performances of operas in Europe, the United States, Latin America and Russia. Entries offer details about key persons, arias, interesting facts, and date and location of each premiere. There is a biographical dictionary with 1,288 entries on historical and modern operatic singers, composers, librettists, and conductors. Fully indexed and with a bibliography.

Opera Plot Index

Author:David Hamilton,William E. Studwell



Total Pages:480



Books Description:

First Published in 1990. Information about individual operas and other types of musical theater is scattered throughout the enormous literature of music. This book is an effort to bring that data together by comprehensively indexing plots and descriptions of individual operatic background, criticism and analysis, musical themes and bibliographical references. The principal audience for this general reference guide will be for the non-specialist, but its hoped that persons specialising in opera would also find it useful.

Molto Agitato

Author:Johanna Fiedler



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Books Description:

If the opera world is full of “intrigue, double meanings, and devious dramatics,” then no place exemplifies this more than the world-famous Metropolitan Opera, where politics, ambition, and oversized egos have traditionally taken center stage along with some of the world’s richest music. Drawing on her fifteen years as its press representative, Johanna Fiedler explodes the traditional secrecy that surrounds the Met in this wonderfully entertaining account of its tumuluous history. Fiedler chronicles the Met’s early days as a home for legends like Toscanini, Mahler, and Caruso, and gives a fascinating account of the middle years when haughty blue-bloods battled stubborn adminstrators for control of a company that would emerge as America’s premiere opera house. She takes us behind the grand gold-curtain stage in more recent years as well, showing how musical superstars like Luciano Pavarotti, Plácido Domingo, and Kathleen Battle have electrified performances and scandalized the public. But most revelatory are Fiedler’s portrayals of James Levine and Joseph Volpe and their practically parallel ascendancies—Levine rising from prodigy to artistic director, Volpe advancing from stagehand to general manager—and their once strained relationship. Weaving together the personal, economic, and artistic struggles that characterize the Met’s long and vibrant history, Molto Agitato is a must-read saga of power, wealth, and, above all, great music.

Ticket to the Opera

Author:Phil G. Goulding

Publisher:Ballantine Books


Total Pages:720



Books Description:

In Ticket to the Opera, Phil G. Goulding finally makes the magic and mystique of opera accessible to all. Here he offers a complete operatic education, including history, definitions of key musical terms, opera lore and gossip, portraits of famous singers and the roles they immortalized, as well as pithy introductions to the greatest operas of Europe and America and their composers. The book's centerpiece is what Goulding terms "the collection"--85 classics, among them Aida, The Marriage of Figaro, Carmen, and Madama Butterfly, that have been packing the world's opera houses for years. This entertaining, meticulously researched book also includes a fascinating chapter on American opera from George Gershwin's Porgy and Bess to Philip Glass's Einstein on the Beach and a discussion of the gems of twentieth-century opera featuring works like Leos Janácek's The Cunning Little Vixen, Alban Berg's Lulu, and Serge Prokofiev's The Love for Three Oranges. Whether you're a curious neophyte, a music lover interested in branching out, or an aficionado eager to compare notes with a brilliant fellow opera buff, you'll prize Ticket to the Opera as an essential volume in your music library.

What to Listen For in Opera

Author:Charles R. Beck



Total Pages:288



Books Description:

Covering famous operas from 14 Italian, French and German composers, this handbook is designed to help listeners understand and appreciate the special skills required to sing famous operatic songs. The book includes a plot synopsis of each opera with information about each song, which are introduced in their dramatic settings along with the vocal requirements for the most demanding passages. Interactive literary and rhyming exercises help the reader become more engaged and knowledgeable. Foreign language passages are translated into English and key words are highlighted in each language. The operatic vocabulary is defined to help the listener better understand the technical demands for a highly trained voice. The book is designed as a useful handbook for both experienced and beginning opera listeners. Appendices provide information on singers, recordings and useful references.

The Nine Fantasies That Will Ruin Your Life (and the Eight Realities That Will Save You)

Author:Joy Browne, M.D.



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Books Description:

Dr. Joy Browne has spent nearly twenty years advising thousands of women and men about their frustrations and disappointments. She has diagnosed the ways we get in trouble and stay there. In turn, Dr. Joy has developed a proven prescription to free us from our self-defeating thoughts and habits that allows for real progress toward our goals. She calls her plan for emotional health The Nine Fantasies That Will Ruin Your Life and the Eight Realities That Will Save You. In this groundbreaking book, Dr. Joy Browne shows you how to apply these simple, powerful ideas to your marriage, personal relationships, career, finances, health, and every other area of your life. No matter how difficult or long-standing your problems, Dr. Joy will show you how to become a fearless, focused, and, most important, happy adventurer in your own life. That may sound like a fantasy, but you can make it your new reality.

Provincional Theater and Its Opera

Author:Jiří Kopecký,Lenka Křupková

Publisher:Vydavatelství Filozofické fakulty Univerzity Palackého v Olomouci


Total Pages:366



Books Description:

This monograph is a model essay on the functioning of a municipal German-language theatre, and it introduces a new view into research led by both theatre scientists and musicologists on the European scene. The book is conceived as social history of a citizen's cultural institution and interprets a wide range of problematic themes which we meet to this day in the everyday practice of municipal theatres.

A Night at the Opera

Author:Sir Denis Forman

Publisher:Modern Library


Total Pages:976



Books Description:

“Delightful and anti-reverential”—Sunday Times (London) With an encyclopedic knowledge of opera and a delightful dash of irreverence, Sir Denis Forman throws open the world of opera—its structure, composers, conductors, and artists—in this hugely informative guide. A Night at the Opera dissects the eighty-three most popular operas recorded on compact disc, from Cilea's Adriana Lecouvreur to Mozart's Die Zauberflöte. For each opera, Sir Denis details the plot and cast of characters, awarding stars to parts that are “worth looking out for,” “really good,” or, occasionally, “stunning.” He goes on to tell the history of each opera and its early reception. Finally, each work is graded from alpha to gamma (although the Ring cycle gets an “X”), and Sir Denis has no qualms about voicing his opinion: the first act of Fidelio is “a bit of a mess,” while the last scene of Don Giovanni “towers above the comic finales of Figaro and Così and whether or not [it] is Mozart's greatest opera, it is certainly his most powerful finale.” The guide also presents brief biographies of the great composers, conductors, and singers. A glossary of musical terms is included, as well as Operatica, or the essential elements of opera, from the proper place and style of the audience's applause (and boos) to the use of subtitles. A Night at the Opera is for connoisseurs and neophytes alike. It will entertain and inform, delight and (perhaps) infuriate, providing a subject for lively debate and ready reference for years to come.

Operatic Migrations

Author:DowningA. Thomas



Total Pages:296



Books Description:

This volume takes an interdisciplinary approach to studying a wide range of subjects associated with the creation, performance and reception of 'opera' in varying social and historical contexts from the eighteenth to the twentieth centuries. Each essay addresses migrations between genres, cultures, literary and musical works, modes of expression, media of presentation and aesthetics. Although the directions the contributions take are diverse, they converge in significant ways, particularly with the rebuttal of the notion of the singular nature of the operatic work. The volume strongly asserts that works are meaningfully transformed by the manifold circumstances of their creation and reception, and that these circumstances have an impact on the life of those works in their many transformations and on a given audience's experience of them. Topics covered include transformations of literary sources and their migration into the operatic genre; works that move across geographical and social boundaries into different cultural contexts; movements between media and/or genre as well as alterations through interpretation and performance of the composer's creation; the translation of spoken theatre to lyric theatre; the theoretical issues contingent on the rendering of 'speech' into 'song'; and the transforming effects of aesthetic considerations as they bear on opera. Crossing over disciplinary boundaries between music, literary studies, history, cultural studies and art history, the volume enriches our knowledge and understanding of the operatic experience and the works. The book will therefore appeal to those working in the field of music, literary and cultural studies, and to those with a particular interest in opera and musical theatre.

And the People Stayed Home (Family Book, Coronavirus Kids Book, Nature Book)

Author:Kitty O'Meara

Publisher:Simon and Schuster


Total Pages:32



Books Description:

“Kitty O’Meara…offers us wisdom that can help during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond. She is challenging us to grow."—Deepak Chopra, MD, author, Metahuman “Kitty O'Meara is the poet laureate of the pandemic"—O, The Oprah Magazine "An eloquent, heartwarming reflection that will resonate with generations to come… encouragement for a brighter tomorrow."—Kate Winslet "And the People Stayed Home is an uplifting perspective on the resilience of the human spirit and the healing potential we have to change our world for the better." ––Shelf Awareness “Images of nature healing show the author’s vision of hope for the future…The accessible prose and beautiful images make this a natural selection for young readers, but older ones may appreciate the work’s deeper meaning.”— Kirkus Reviews “This is a perfectly illustrated version of a poem that continues to be relevant.”—School Library Journal “A stunning and peaceful offering of introspection and hope.”—The Children’s Book Review Ten Best Children’s Books of 2020: "A calming, optimistic read, and a salve for children trying their best to navigate this time." —Smithsonian Magazine “It captured the kind of optimism people need right now.”—Esquire (UK) “Thank you, Kitty O'Meara…for pointing out that at this very moment, this very day, we can seize the opportunity to restore wholeness to our world."—Sy Montgomery, bestselling author of The Good Good Pig and The Soul of an Octopus “A poem by American writer Kitty O’Meara has deservedly gone viral.”—Edinburgh Evening News And the People Stayed Home is a beautifully produced picture book featuring Kitty O’Meara’s popular, globally viral prose poem about the coronavirus pandemic, which has a hopeful and timeless message. Kitty O’Meara, author of And the People Stayed Home, has been called the “poet laureate of the pandemic.” This illustrated children’s book (ages 4-8) will also appeal to readers of all ages. O’Meara’s thoughtful poem about the pandemic, quarantine, and the future suggests there is meaning to be found in our shared experience of the coronavirus and conveys an optimistic message about the possibility of profound healing for people and the planet. Her words encourage us to look within, listen deeply, and connect with ourselves and the earth in order to heal. O’Meara, a former teacher and chaplain and a spiritual director, clearly captures important aspects of the pandemic experience. Her words, written in March 2020 and shared on Facebook, immediately resonated nationally and internationally and were widely circulated on social media, covered in mainstream news media, and inspired an outpouring of creativity from musicians, dancers, artists, filmmakers, and more. The many highlights include an original composition by John Corigliano that was premiered by Renée Fleming.

Origins of Chinese Opera

Author:Lim SK

Publisher:Asiapac Books Pte Ltd


Total Pages:N.A



Books Description:

Find out more fascinating details about Chinese opera: * Why is the clown mask so colourful? * Who is the “big painted face”? * What does it signify when an opera performer stands on the table? *** Co-published by Asiapac Books and The Chinese Opera Institute, with the support of the National Arts Council

The Suites from the Fairy Tale Operas and Dubinushka

Author:Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov

Publisher:Courier Corporation


Total Pages:416



Books Description:

Original compilation includes the famous orchestral interlude The Flight of the Bumblebee as well as the suite from The Tale of Tsar Saltan. Additional selections include suites from The Golden Cockerel and Christmas Eve as well as Dubinushka, Op. 62, suite; all are reproduced from authoritative sources.