The Crown of Thorns

Author:J.K. Rowling

Publisher:Pottermore Publishing


Total Pages:1036



Books Description:

À quinze ans, Harry entre en cinquième année à Poudlard, mais il n’a jamais été si anxieux. L’adolescence, la perspective des examens et ces étranges cauchemars... Car Celui-Dont-On-Ne-Doit-Pas-Prononcer- Le-Nom est de retour. Le ministère de la Magie semble ne pas prendre cette menace au sérieux, contrairement à Dumbledore. La résistance s’organise alors autour de Harry qui va devoir compter sur le courage et la fidélité de ses amis de toujours... D’une inventivité et d’une virtuosité rares, découvrez le cinquième tome de cette saga que son auteur a su hisser au rang de véritable phénomène littéraire.

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Children's books, brain development, and language acquisition

Author:Ralf Thiede



Total Pages:240



Books Description:

This book correlates English-speaking children’s brain development and acquisition of language with the linguistic input that comes from children’s books. Drawing from the most current research on the developing brain, the author demonstrates how language acquisition is exclusively interactive, and highlights the benefit that accrues when that interaction includes the exploratory language play found in early childhood literature. Through discussions of specific domains of grammar, the relation of these domains to children’s literature through scaffolding, and the resultant linguistic and cognitive advantages for the child, this volume offers an innovative approach to early brain maturation.

International Handbook of Research on Children's Literacy, Learning and Culture

Author:Kathy Hall,Teresa Cremin,Barbara Comber,Luis C. Moll

Publisher:John Wiley & Sons


Total Pages:584



Books Description:

The International Handbook of Research in Children's Literacy, Learning and Culture presents an authoritative distillation of current global knowledge related to the field of primary years literacy studies. Features chapters that conceptualize, interpret, and synthesize relevant research Critically reviews past and current research in order to influence future directions in the field of literacy Offers literacy scholars an international perspective that recognizes and anticipates increasing diversity in literacy practices and cultures

Children's Literature and the Avant-Garde

Author:Elina Druker,Bettina Kümmerling-Meibauer

Publisher:John Benjamins Publishing Company


Total Pages:295



Books Description:

Children’s Literature and the Avant-Garde is the first study that investigates the intricate influence of the avant-garde movements on children’s literature in different countries from the beginning of the 20th century until the present. Examining a wide range of children’s books from Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary, the Netherlands, Russia, Sweden, the United Kingdom, and the USA, the individual chapters explore the historical as well as the cultural and political aspects that determine the exceptional character of avant-garde children’s books. Drawing on studies in children’s literature research, art history, and cultural studies, this volume provides comprehensive insights into the close relationships between avant-garde children’s literature, images of childhood, and contemporary ideas of education. Addressing topics such as the impact of exhibitions, the significance of the Bauhaus, and the influence of poster art and graphic design, the book illustrates the broad range of issues associated with avant-garde children’s books. More than 60 full-color illustrations demonstrate the impressive variety of design in avant-garde picturebooks and children’s books.

How and Why to Read and Create Children's Digital Books

Author:Natalia Kucirkova

Publisher:UCL Press


Total Pages:202



Books Description:

How and Why to Read and Create Children's Digital Books outlines effective ways of using digital books in early years and primary classrooms, and specifies the educational potential of using digital books and apps in physical spaces and virtual communities. With a particular focus on apps and personalised reading, Natalia Kucirkova combines theory and practice to argue that personalised reading is only truly personalised when it is created or co-created by reading communities. Divided into two parts, Part I suggests criteria to evaluate the educational quality of digital books and practical strategies for their use in the classroom. Specific attention is paid to the ways in which digital books can support individual children’s strengths and difficulties, digital literacies, language and communication skills. Part II explores digital books created by children, their caregivers, teachers and librarians, and Kucirkova also offers insights into how smart toys, tangibles and augmented/virtual reality tools can enrich children’s reading for pleasure. How and Why to Read and Create Children's Digital Books is of interest to an international readership ranging from trainee or established teachers to MA level students and researchers, as well as designers, librarians and publishers. All are inspired to approach children’s reading on and with screens with an agentic perspective of creating and sharing. Praise for How and Why to Read and Create Children's Digital Books 'This is an exciting and innovative book – not least because it is freely available to read online but because its origins are in primary practice. The author is an accomplished storyteller, and whether you know, as yet, little about the value of digital literacy in the storymaking process, or you are an accomplished digital player, this book is full of evidence-informed ideas, explanations and inspiration.' Liz Chamberlain, Open University 'At a time when children's reading is increasingly on-screen, many teachers, parents and carers are seeking practical, straightforward guidance on how to support children's engagement with digital books. This volume, written by the leading expert on personalised e-books, is packed with app reviews, suggestions and insights from recent international research, all underpinned by careful analysis of digital book features and recognition of reading as a social and cultural practice. Providing accessible guidance on finding, choosing, sharing and creating digital books, it will be welcomed by those excited by the possibilities of enthusing children about reading in the digital age.' Cathy Burnett, Professor of Literacy and Education, Sheffield Hallam University

Bunny Overboard

Author:Claudia Rueda

Publisher:Chronicle Books


Total Pages:80



Books Description:

The critically acclaimed picture book series continues! In this delightful read aloud companion to Bunny Slopes and Hungry Bunny, eager children will get to go on an ocean adventure with Bunny, from a sailboat to a sunken ship, and literally appear in a mirror embedded inside the book! New York Times bestselling author Claudia Rueda's latest raucous adventure is as wild as the high seas, as surprising as sunken treasure—and as satisfying as a lemonade on a hot summer day. This nautical experience of a book will make a splash with readers, on and off land! • Perfect preschool book for lovers of bunnies, rabbits, and other furry floppy friends • Easter time, springtime gift for children Fans of The Wall in the Middle of the Book, Press Here, The Little Rabbit, and Here Comes Easter Cat will love Bunny Overboard. A book for young readers to share with their families. • Easter books • Rabbit books for preschoolers • Books for kids age 3–5

Dinosaur Devotions

Author:Michelle Medlock Adams

Publisher:Thomas Nelson


Total Pages:160



Books Description:

“Michelle Medlock Adams has created a fun, lively devotional that’s sure to appeal to dinosaur lovers of all ages. Filled with fun dino facts, journaling prompts, and Scripture, Dinosaur Devotions shares truth from God's Word in a way that kids will understand and enjoy. What a great way to get children interested in the Bible." —Victoria Osteen, New York Times bestselling author and copastor of Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas Dinosaur Devotions will help your middle grade children dig deeper into the Word while uncovering fascinating facts about dinosaurs! These 75 devotions also include segments like Dino Stats, Bible Excavation, Digging Deeper, Did You Know?, and Jurassic Journaling. Dinosaur Devotions blends fun dinosaur facts with a deeper understanding of God’s Word, making your child's faith journey an extra fun adventure! Award-winning author Michelle Medlock Adams offers Dinosaur Devotions—a fun way to help your dinosaur-loving kids connect with God. These 75 devotions include bright, colorful illustrations and uncover facts about specific dinosaur species while providing spiritual insight and easy-to-understand takeaways that will encourage your children to take their faith to the next level! Your kids will also love segments like Dino Stats (a dinosaur's measurements), Bible Excavation (a main Bible verse), Digging Deeper (self-reflection questions), Did You Know? (fun facts), and Jurassic Journaling (creative writing opportunities) that make this devotional interactive and even more memorable.

Fashionable Childhood

Author:Annamari Vänskä

Publisher:Bloomsbury Publishing


Total Pages:264



Books Description:

Fashionable Childhood is the first book to critically examine representations of children and childhood through fashion media. Focussing on themes such as innocence, sexuality, class, and gender, this book provides a detailed and fascinating overview of the topic over the last 40 years. With case studies of advertising campaigns from international fashion brands such as Calvin Klein, Dior, Ralph Lauren and in-depth research into Italy's special edition of Vogue dedicated to childrenswear, Vogue Bambini, Fashionable Childhood examines the ways children's fashion is presented globally. With the market for children's fashion witnessing rapid growth in recent years, this exciting book will be of particular interest and value to students of fashion marketing, promotion, journalism, history, and theory.


Author:James Mikel Wilson

Publisher:Gatekeeper Press


Total Pages:38



Books Description:

"Mr. Froggy’s Dilemma" is a children’s true story about a frog badly in need of rescuing. As the reader will discover, Mr. Froggy got into trouble over his head as well as too big for his flippers. Perhaps in some ways we have all been there at one time or another. This story appeals to a child about seven to eleven years of age who is inquisitive about the natural environment. But, it may also be enjoyable to an adult who likes to read with children and who has had a similar surprise encounter with one of Mother Nature’s creatures, like getting slightly pinched by one on the beach during a casual stroll. Mr. Froggy’s Dilemma invites the young reader to answer some questions and to conduct outside research to augment the tale. If an adult is reading with the child, the story provides interactive windows of opportunity to explore science, climate change, and the environment. As the reader will discover, one feature makes Mr. Froggy exceptional. Here is a sample of reader comments: “This is such a lovely story. I like that it's written in the form of a letter to your grandchildren but also in a voice that engages any child in the adventure of Mr. Froggy.” "Readers, old and young alike, will be touched by this grandfather’s wish to share an encounter with nature with his beloved grandchildren. This book entertains, introduces scientific vocabulary and encourages children to step outside of their comfort zone. Lovely, tender and unique!"

Some of the Best from 2020 Edition

Author:Charlie Jane Anders,G. V. Anderson,Gregory Norman Bossert,Jeremy Packert Burke,Katharine Duckett,Brian Evenson,Carolyn Ives Gilman,Maria Dahvana Headley,Stephen Graham Jones,Justin C. Key,Naomi Kritzer,Rich Larson,Yoon Ha Lee,S. Qiouyi Lu,Usman T. Malik,Melissa Marr,Maureen F. McHugh,Tamsyn Muir,Sarah Pinsker,C. L. Polk,Matthew Pridham,Zin E. Rocklyn,Rachel Swirsky,K.M. Szpara,Lavie Tidhar,Carrie Vaughn,Fran Wilde,Claire Wrenwood,M. Rickert

Publisher:Tor Books


Total Pages:N.A



Books Description:

A collection of some of the best original science fiction and fantasy short fiction published on in 2020. Includes stories by: Charlie Jane Anders G. V. Anderson Gregory Norman Bossert Jeremy Packert Burke Katharine Duckett Brian Evenson Carolyn Ives Gilman Maria Dahvana Headley Stephen Graham Jones Justin C. Key Naomi Kritzer Rich Larson Yoon Ha Lee S. Qiouyi Lu Usman T. Malik Melissa Marr Maureen McHugh Tamsyn Muir Sarah Pinsker C. L. Polk Matthew Pridham M. Rickert Zin E. Rocklyn Rachel Swirsky Lavie Tidhar Carrie Vaughn Fran Wilde Claire Wrenwood At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.