The Crown of Thorns


Publisher:Abela Publishing Ltd


Total Pages:315



Books Description:

In this volume you will find a collection of 11 romances from old Japan rendered into English by Yei Theodora Ozaki. This volume is full of tales of honor, adventure, tragedy, and romance. Not only are these good stories, and well told to boot, this volume will, without a doubt, give anyone interested in Japanese culture and literature an insightful and pleasurable experience. To accompany the stories and bring them to life are 15 colour illustrations, plus 16 grey-scale illustrations exquisitely drawn by an unknown illustrator. Herein you will find the stories of: The Quest Of The Sword The Tragedy Of Kesa Gozen The Spirit Of The Lantern The Reincarnation Of Tama The Lady Of The Picture Urasato, Or The Crow Of Dawn Tsubosaka Loyal, Even Unto Death; Or The Sugawara Tragedy How Kinu Returned From The Grave A Cherry-Flower Idyll The Badger-Haunted Temple The volume also contains numerous footnotes which help give readers a greater understanding of the story and the Japanese culture. ========== KEYWORDS/TAGS: folklore, fairy tales, myths, legends, children’s stories, Japan, Japanese, Nippon, romances. illustrated, bedtime stories, quest, sword, tragedy, kesa gozen, spirit, lantern, reincarnation, tama, lady, picture, urasato, crow of dawn, tsubosaka, loyal, unto death; sugawara tragedy, kinu, return, from the grave, cherry-flower idyll, badger-haunted, temple

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THE CRYSTAL PALACE AND OTHER LEGENDS - 19 Old Fashioned Legends for Children to devour


Publisher:Abela Publishing Ltd


Total Pages:N.A



Books Description:

The Crystal Palace and Other Legends is a collection of 19 fairy tales and legends for children. It contains stories of brave knights on chargers in search of a worthwhile quest, of princesses, queens and kings and, oh, so much more. Herein you will stories of the past; stories of Gnomes, Sunken Cities, magical bells, pots of hot porridge, magic rings and many more. Illustrated with 11 pen and ink illustrations by Herbert E. Martini. Some of the stories in this volume are: The Crystal Palace The Angel Page The Gnome’s Road The Lorelei The Sunken City The Bird Of Paradise The Silver Bell The Two Baker Boys The Emperor’s Wooing The Magic Ring Charlemagne’s Generosity and many more. 10% of the net profit from the sale of this book will be donated to charity. ========================= KEYWORDS/TAGS: Crystal Palace, Other Legends, fairytales, fairy tales, folklore, myths, legends, fables, children’s stories, Angel, Page, Gnomes, Lorelei, Sunken City, Bird Of Paradise, Bell Of Atri, Pot, Hot Porridge, Silver Bell, Two, Baker Boys, Emperor, Wooing. Magic Ring, Charlemagne, Generosity, Silver Bridge, Pet Raven, Night, Stolen Treasure, Water Sprite, Giant, Maiden, Swan Knight, Zurdorf, old Father Rhine, Aunt Margot, Precious stones, beautiful, golden haired nymph, Lord of Rheidt, honesty, greed, good nurse, noble knight, band of robbers, Kuno Von Sayne, Lord of Faulkenstein, Irmangarde, King of the Gnomes, castle, blushing cheeks, maiden, Count Ludwig, prince palatine, Stahleck, Siren, moonbeams, magic palace, pearl shell, warriors, boatmen, Rhine River,

Kafka on the Shore

Author:Haruki Murakami



Total Pages:448



Books Description:

Kafka on the Shore displays one of the world’s great storytellers at the peak of his powers. Here we meet a teenage boy, Kafka Tamura, who is on the run, and Nakata, an aging simpleton who is drawn to Kafka for reasons that he cannot fathom. As their paths converge, acclaimed author Haruki Murakami enfolds readers in a world where cats talk, fish fall from the sky, and spirits slip out of their bodies to make love or commit murder, in what is a truly remarkable journey.

Ideals of the East

Author:Kazuko Okakura

Publisher:Tuttle Publishing


Total Pages:270



Books Description:

This classic of Japanese studies is an important contribution to the understanding of Japanese art and culture. The author, Okakura wrote Ideals of the East at the turn of the 20th century. The book quickly became a museum of Asiatic civilization, and yet more than a museum, because the singular genius of the Japanese people leads them to dwell on all phases of the ideals of the past, which welcomes the new without losing the old. He wrote of that broad expanse of love for the Ultimate and Universal, enabling the people of Asia to produce all the great religions of the world. In Buddhism he found "that great ocean of idealism, in which merge all the river-systems of Eastern Asiatic thought--not colored only with the pure water of the Ganges, for the Tartaric nations that joined it made their genius also tributary, bringing new symbolism, new organization, new powers of devotion, to add to the treasures of the Faith." Asiatic art and culture went hand in hand, and how well Okakura wrote about both!

Japanese Demon Lore

Author:Noriko Reider

Publisher:University Press of Colorado


Total Pages:241



Books Description:

Oni, ubiquitous supernatural figures in Japanese literature, lore, art, and religion, usually appear as demons or ogres. Characteristically threatening, monstrous creatures with ugly features and fearful habits, including cannibalism, they also can be harbingers of prosperity, beautiful and sexual, and especially in modern contexts, even cute and lovable. There has been much ambiguity in their character and identity over their long history. Usually male, their female manifestations convey distinctivly gendered social and cultural meanings. Oni appear frequently in various arts and media, from Noh theater and picture scrolls to modern fiction and political propaganda, They remain common figures in popular Japanese anime, manga, and film and are becoming embedded in American and international popular culture through such media. Noriko Reiderýs book is the first in English devoted to oni. Reider fully examines their cultural history, multifaceted roles, and complex significance as "others" to the Japanese.

The American Diary of a Japanese Girl

Author:Yoné Noguchi

Publisher:Phoemixx Classics Ebooks


Total Pages:199



Books Description:

The American Diary of a Japanese Girl Yoné Noguchi - Tokio, Sept. 23rd My new page of life is dawning. A trip beyond the seas-Meriken Kenbutsu-it's not an ordinary event. It is verily the first event in our family history that I could trace back for six centuries. My today's dream of America-dream of a butterfly sipping on golden dews-was rudely broken by the artless chirrup of a hundred sparrows in my garden. "Chui, chui! Chui, chui, chui!" Bad sparrows! My dream was silly but splendid. Dream is no dream without silliness which is akin to poetry. If my dream ever comes true!

The Problem of China

Author:Bertrand Russell

Publisher:Cosimo, Inc.


Total Pages:260



Books Description:

The Problem of China, originally published in 1922, is Bertrand Russell's analysis of China's place in the world and its place in the future development of society. It was evident that China would become a major force in international affairs, according to Russell, because the population of the country makes up a major portion of the population of the world. In studying the "problem" of China, Russell breaks his inquiry down into cultural, economic, and political questions. He believes that China, a country whose "virtues are chiefly useful to others and vices chiefly harm to [itself]," would come to a cultural crossroads, and that the choices the country made would affect the economic and political make up of the entire world. Russell's insights of nearly a century ago are still relevant to readers today who wish to understand the Chinese mind and develop an appreciation for how China came to its place in the world today. British philosopher and mathematician BERTRAND ARTHUR WILLIAM RUSSELL (1872-1970) won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1950. Among his many works are Why I Am Not a Christian (1927), Power: A New Social Analysis (1938), and My Philosophical Development (1959).

Anime from Akira to Princess Mononoke

Author:S. Napier



Total Pages:311



Books Description:

With the popularity of Pokemon still far from waning, Japanese animation, known as anime to its fans, has a firm hold on American pop culture. However, anime is much more than children's cartoons. It runs the gamut from historical epics to sci-fi sexual thrillers. Often dismissed as fanciful entertainment, anime is actually quite adept at portraying important social and cultural issues like alienation, gender inequality, and teenage angst. This book investigates the ways that anime presents these issues in an in-depth and sophisticated manner, uncovering the identity conflicts, fears over rapid technological advancement, and other key themes present in much of Japanese animation.

Out of the East

Author:Lafcadio Hearn

Publisher:Cosimo, Inc.


Total Pages:288



Books Description:

In 1889 Westerner PATRICK LAFCADIO HEARN (1850-1904)-bohemian, newspaper writer, restless traveler-arrived in Japan on a journalistic assignment, and he fell so in love with the nation and its people that he never left. This 1910 collection of essays Hearn, in his inimitable warmly intimate style, shares languid Japanese fairy tales, introduces us to his university students and their delightful writings on childhood, explores the Asian delicacy toward love and romance even in literature, and much more. Elegant and fascinating, Hearn's outsider's look at what was then and remains in many ways today a culture alien to Western minds is a classic of travel journalism and cultural study. _____________________________ ALSO FROM COSIMO Hearn's Kokoro: Hints and Echoes of Japanese Inner Life, Japan: An Attempt at Interpretation, and Glimpses of Unfamiliar Japan

Forest Bathing

Author:Dr. Qing Li



Total Pages:320



Books Description:

The definitive guide to the therapeutic Japanese practice of shinrin-yoku, or the art and science of how trees can promote health and happiness Notice how a tree sways in the wind. Run your hands over its bark. Take in its citrusy scent. As a society we suffer from nature deficit disorder, but studies have shown that spending mindful, intentional time around trees--what the Japanese call shinrin-yoku, or forest bathing--can promote health and happiness. In this beautiful book--featuring more than 100 color photographs from forests around the world, including the forest therapy trails that criss-cross Japan--Dr. Qing Li, the world's foremost expert in forest medicine, shows how forest bathing can reduce your stress levels and blood pressure, strengthen your immune and cardiovascular systems, boost your energy, mood, creativity, and concentration, and even help you lose weight and live longer. Once you've discovered the healing power of trees, you can lose yourself in the beauty of your surroundings, leave everyday stress behind, and reach a place of greater calm and wellness.

Japan in Print

Author:Mary Elizabeth Berry

Publisher:Univ of California Press


Total Pages:342



Books Description:

A quiet revolution in knowledge separated the early modern period in Japan from all previous time. After 1600, self-appointed investigators used the model of the land and cartographic surveys of the newly unified state to observe and order subjects such as agronomy, medicine, gastronomy, commerce, travel, and entertainment. They subsequently circulated their findings through a variety of commercially printed texts: maps, gazetteers, family encyclopedias, urban directories, travel guides, official personnel rosters, and instruction manuals for everything from farming to lovemaking. In this original and gracefully written book, Mary Elizabeth Berry considers the social processes that drove the information explosion of the 1600s. Inviting readers to examine the contours and meanings of this transformation, Berry provides a fascinating account of the conversion of the public from an object of state surveillance into a subject of self-knowledge. Japan in Print shows how, as investigators collected and disseminated richly diverse data, they came to presume in their audience a standard of cultural literacy that changed anonymous consumers into an "us" bound by common frames of reference. This shared space of knowledge made society visible to itself and in the process subverted notions of status hierarchy. Berry demonstrates that the new public texts projected a national collectivity characterized by universal access to markets, mobility, sociability, and self-fashioning.

Kokoro - Hints and Echoes of Japanese Inner Life

Author:Lafcadio Hearn

Publisher:Read Books Ltd


Total Pages:341



Books Description:

Many of the earliest books, particularly those dating back to the 1900s and before, are now extremely scarce and increasingly expensive. We are republishing these classic works in affordable, high quality, modern editions, using the original text and artwork.