The Crown of Thorns


Publisher:Del Rey


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Humanity’s complex relationship with technology spirals out of control in this first book of an all-new series from “the owner of the most powerful imagination in science fiction” (Ken Follett). “How far ‘space opera’ has come! The Old Masters of sci-fi would admire the scope and sweep of Salvation.”—The Wall Street Journal In the year 2204, humanity is expanding into the wider galaxy in leaps and bounds. Cutting-edge technology of linked jump gates has rendered most forms of transportation—including starships—virtually obsolete. Every place on Earth, every distant planet humankind has settled, is now merely a step away from any other. All seems wonderful—until a crashed alien spaceship of unknown origin is found on a newly located world eighty-nine light-years from Earth, carrying a cargo as strange as it is horrifying. To assess the potential of the threat, a high-powered team is dispatched to investigate. But one of them may not be all they seem. . . . Bursting with tension and big ideas, Peter F. Hamilton’s Salvation is the first book of an all-new series that highlights the inventiveness of an author at the top of his game. Praise for Salvation “[A] vast, intricate sci-fi showstopper . . . The journey grips just as hard as the reveal.”—Daily Mail (U.K.) “Exciting, wildly imaginative and quite possibly Hamilton’s best book to date.”—SFX “Dynamic, multifaceted characters, strong mind-expanding concepts, and impressive flair for language [make Salvation a] rare celestial event. . . . One of Britain’s bestselling sci-fi authors has launched an addictive new book as the initial stage of what is sure to be an intriguing new series called the Salvation Sequence.”—SyFyWire “Peter Hamilton just keeps getting better and better with each book, more assured and more craftsmanly adroit, and more inventive. [Salvation is] a bravura performance from start to finish. . . . Hamilton is juggling chainsaws while simultaneously doing needlepoint over a shark tank. It’s a virtuoso treat, and I for one can hardly wait for Salvation Lost.”—Paul Di Filippo, Locus “Peter F. Hamilton is known as one of the world’s greatest sci-fi writers for a reason. . . . Salvation is well worth the effort and a great introduction to some good old-fashioned space opera.”—Fantasy Book Review

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Author:Lewis Sperry Chafer

Publisher:Moody Publishers


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"For by grace are ye saved through faith" (Ephesians 2:8). Salvation is a clear analysis of God's saving grace. The great doctrines of the Cross, salvation, and the eternal security of the believer are unfolded in this handbook meant for every earnest Christian. In the preface Lewis Sperry Chafer writes, "It is hoped that many who have believed may find some new consolation and upbuilding in Christ even through this brief unfolding of the saving grace of God."


Author:Valerie Martin



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Inspired by the fresco cycles that depict the life of St. Francis of Assisi, acclaimed author Valerie Martin tells the life of Francesco di Pietro Bernardone in a series of vividly realized “panels” of moments both crucial and ordinary. Drawing from myriad sources and moving in reverse chronological order, she begins in the dark, final days, with a suffering Francesco on the verge of death, then shows us the unwashed and innocent revolutionary, unafraid to lecture a pope on Christ’s message. We see his mystical friendship with Chiara di Offreducci, a nobleman’s daughter who turns her back on the world to join him, and finally, the frivolous young Francesco on the deserted road where his encounter with a leper leads him to an ecstatic embrace of God. Salvation is at once an illuminating glimpse into the medieval world and an original and intimate portrait of the man whose legend has resonated through the centuries.


Author:Michael Patrick Barber

Publisher:Ignatius Press


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Series Summary The new What Every Catholic Should Know series is intended for the average faithful Catholic who wants to know more about Catholic faith and culture. The authors in this series take a panoramic approach to the topic of each book aimed at a non-specialist but enthusiastic readership. Forthcoming titles planned for this series include: literature, salvation, mercy, history, art, music and philosophy. Book Summary At every Sunday Mass, Catholics confess that Jesus came down from heaven “for us men and for our salvation.” But what does “salvation” mean? In this robust and accessible book, Scripture scholar and theologian Michael Patrick Barber provides a thorough, deeply Catholic, and deeply biblical, answer. He deftly tackles this complex topic, unpacking what the New Testament teaches about salvation in Christ, detailing what exactly salvation is, and what it is not. In easy and readable prose, he explains what the Cross, the Church, and the Trinity have to do with salvation. While intellectually stimulating, Salvation: What Every Catholic Should Know is deeply spiritual, and at its core is the salvific message that God is love, and his love is one of transformation and redemption.

For Our Salvation

Author:Geoffrey Wainwright

Publisher:Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing


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Central to Christianity is the work of Christ as savior of the world. In this book Geoffrey Wainwright presents the classical confession of Christ's incarnation and atoning work in ways that allow the gospel message to engage with contemporary culture. Amid social tendencies both to disown our physical nature and to be absorbed in it, Wainwright first argues that a comprehensively biblical doctrine of the Word made flesh will help to school our bodily senses as befits earthly creatures with a spiritual destiny. The incarnation shows God reaching us through sound, sight, taste, touch, and scent and inviting us to a rounded response of intellect, affections, and action. In the second half of the book the traditional description of Christ's saving work in terms of his prophetic, priestly, and royal offices is brought to bear on current concerns with knowledge and meaning, with power and authority, and with the pain of alienation and the possibility of redemption. Widely known and highly regarded in both the church and the academy, Wainwright here draws on his familiarity with doctrinal and liturgical history and his decades of experience in the ecumenical movement to offer two complementary accounts of Christ's saving work that will appeal to all who are committed to the cause of evangelical and catholic Christianity.

Everyone Will See the Salvation of God

Author:Lesław Daniel Chrupcała

Publisher:Edizioni Terra Santa


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The volume comprises ten studies on Lukan theology relating especially with the theme of salvation, but also with christology and kingdom of God in Luke-Acts, as well as with the author of the two-volume work of Luke: - Luke the Jew? Current Trajectories of Scholarship - Jesus Christ, Salvation and Kingdom of God: For a Discussion on the Thematic Unity of Luke-Acts - Our Father Abraham and the Universal Promise of Salvation in the Lukan Writings - The Lukan Story of Salvation as an Insight: Re-reading Isaiah in Luke-Acts - The Law and the Kingdom of God in the Soteriology of St Luke - Faith and Works in Luke: The Case of Circumcision - ‘And the Lord turned’: A Lukan Feature in the Itinerant Behaviour of Jesus - The Practice of Prayer by Jesus in the Lukan Teachings - The Finger of God (Luke 11:20) in Modern and Patristic Exegesis - The Plan of God and the Announcement of the Kingdom in the Light of Acts 28:17-31

The Salvation of the Flesh in Tertullian of Carthage

Author:C. Daniel-Hughes



Total Pages:176



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Examines Tertullian of Carthage's (160-220 C.E.) writings on dress within Roman vestimentary culture. It employs a socio-historical approach, together with insights from performance theory and feminist rhetorical analysis, to situate Tertullian's comments in the broader context of the Roman Empire.

Sin, the Savior, and Salvation

Author:Robert P. Lightner

Publisher:Kregel Academic


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The author studies what Jesus believed about the inspiration and inerrancy of the Old Testament Scriptures and how that belief should affect our view of biblical authority. "This book crystallizes in clear, concise, and correct terms the essentials of the doctrine of sin and salvation better than any other." - Norman L. Geisler


Author:Chris Enness

Publisher:Lulu Press, Inc


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Salvation is the story of how tragic, unforeseen circumstances can plunge ordinary people like us into a world of lost hope and despair. Could this be fate, destiny, or bad luck, playing their hands? Do the choices we make, and the actions we take, determine our future? Some people choose to run, others stand and fight. What will you do? Jack, a New York firefighter, plunges into darkness and despair following a distressing fire with tragic consequences. Olivia, a rising star in the sporting world, has everything at her feet. The fans love her, sports commentators adore her, the media adores her. Her success seems inevitable, but can she continue her meteoric rise? Scott, a handsome, successful, and brilliant investigative journalist. Discovers a shocking truth about someone who doesn’t want to be found. Ashleigh will do anything to protect her family. But at what personal cost? An exciting new novel about how life can present people with unexpected challenges. Challenges that rock their very fabric.

This Salvation

Author:Ayodele Ajileye



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Introduction Everything that God hands down to mankind in Christ is in salvation. Well, I hear people say, "I am saved" without them knowing what it really is to be saved. And at the end, though not intentionally, many receive God's grace in vain (2 Corinthians 6:1). To receive a thing in vain is to trivialize it or not maximizing it. It is true that people can't maximize what they really do not understand and salvation is one major part of the life of believers that is least understood. People are saved and you can be sure of it that they are saved indeed. However, when you see some of those who are saved, you wonder if they are really saved. This is not because you expect too much from them or even yourself, but because there seems to be no proof of salvation. Perhaps you wonder why and how you do certain things that are not expected of a child of God and you are disappointed in yourself or in someone you think should be better. I have had people who asked me if salvation is really enough and that what else can they do to live the kind of life that God wants them to live like the young rich man who came to Jesus in Matthew 19:16-22. Many, like Paul, blurt out is despair that who will deliver them from their wretched bodies; what they really want to do is not what they end up doing and what they hate is just the one they do spontaneously (Romans 7:14-25). My dear, people are saved and really, that is all that is required. The only challenge is that we really do not understand salvation and that is why we fall easy preys to things that want to own us. I'm indeed grateful for the privilege to write this book in which salvation is explained in a way that whoever reads and applies its teaching will be saved indeed. So, sit tight, keep an open heart and have a lovely ride through this book. And when you are through with it, recommend it to everybody you come in touch with. I know that others will appreciate you for helping them to be saved indeed.

Salvation Boulevard

Author:Larry Beinhart

Publisher:Nation Books


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Books Description:

Some cases test a private investigator's wits, others test his courage, and still others, his character. In Salvation Boulevard, P.I. Carl Van Wagener has found a case that tests them all, and then goes on to test his soul. A professor is dead and a suspect—who has confessed—is in custody. But nothing is what it seems. After all, the dead man is an atheist professor, the accused an Islamic foreign student, the defense attorney a Jew, and the detective a Born Again Christian. As Carl gets deeper and deeper into the investigation of the death of professor Nathaniel MacLeod, his most basic beliefs and relationships are tried and his world is turned upside down. The mega-church, the pastor, and his new wife who have redeemed Carl from a life of grim debauchery insist on his dropping the case. But he can't stop searching for the real killer and the truth—no matter what the personal cost. Salvation Boulevard is a page-turning thriller in the tradition of John Grisham and Richard Condon that grapples with the ecstatic and entropic nature of religious faith in contemporary America.


Author:Lynette DeVries

Publisher:Diamond Lil Press


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Hazel Stone is beginning to accept her birthright—and the extraordinary powers that come with it—but she’s still a long way from understanding her connection to a stranger’s troubled life. With the help of her friend, Max, she continues her desperate search for answers, but the trail leads them deeper into dangerous territory. They encounter some unlikely allies along the way—and cross paths with a fanatical doctor who seems hell-bent on hijacking Hazel’s abilities, no matter the cost. Will they uncover the truth and find salvation—or will they lose everything?

Salvation as Praxis

Author:Wayne Morris

Publisher:A&C Black


Total Pages:208



Books Description:

Will people of other faiths be 'saved' and to what extent should the response to this question shape Christian engagements with people of other faiths? Historically, the predominant answer to these questions has been that the person of another faith will not be saved and is therefore in need of conversion to Christianity for their salvation to be possible. Consequently, it has been understood to be the obligation of Christian persons to convert people of other faiths. More recent theologies of religions for the past half century and more have sought to reconsider these approaches to soteriology. This has sometimes led to a reaffirmation of the status quo and at other times to an alternative soteriological understanding. In seeking to articulate soteriologies that make logical and doctrinal sense, too often these new approaches to salvation and people of other faiths have paid little attention to questions of practice. Drawing on alternative understandings of soteriology as deification, healing, and liberation, each perspective having ancient roots in the Christian tradition, it is argued that salvation can be understood as form of concrete earthly practice. Understood in this way, this book considers how these alternative theologies of salvation might shape Christian practices in a way that departs from a history in which the person of another faith has been perceived as a threat to Christianity and therefore in need of conversion. Further it asks how the complex multi-faith world of the twenty-first century might better inform and shape the way in which Christian theologies frame soteriological understandings.

God of Salvation

Author:Murray A. Rae



Total Pages:208



Books Description:

The theology of salvation stands at the heart of the Christian faith. Very often the structure of Christian salvation is seen in terms of a single theme, such as atonement for sins, forgiveness, liberation or friendship with God. It is easy to reduce soteriology to a matter of merely personal experience, or to see salvation as just a solution to a human problem. This book explores a vital yet often neglected aspect of Christian confession - the essential relationship between the nature of salvation and the character of the God who saves. In what ways does God's saving outreach reflect God's character? How might a Christian depiction of salvation best bear witness to these features? What difference might it make to start with the identity of God as encountered in the gospel, then view everything else in the light of that? In addressing these questions, this book offers fresh appraisals of a range of major themes in theology: the nature of creaturely existence; the relationship between divine purposes and material history; the holiness, love and judgement of God; the atoning work of Jesus Christ; election, justification and the nature of faith; salvation outside the church; human and non-human ends; the nature of eschatological fellowship with God. In looking at these issues in the light of God's identity, the authors offer a stimulating and tightly-argued reassessment of what a Christian theology of salvation ought to resemble, and ask what the implications might be for Christian life and witness in the world today.


Author:Rye Brewer



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Is it salvation when the sacrifices are greater than the ends? Addiction to power can make a supernatural being commit the most human of sins, but is safety found with one’s own kind or does it lie in the shade of the ones who have become a hybrid half-breed’s new family? Where does salvation exist? When does love become salvation? Or does it?

From Sin to Salvation

Author:Virginia Lieson Brereton

Publisher:Indiana University Press


Total Pages:152



Books Description:

"... fascinating... " -- Theological Book Review By examining women's conversion experiences, the author provides a corrective to the much popularized TV evangelism. She examines the stories U.S. women have told of their profound realization of their sinfulness and the necessity of turning to God's grace and love for forgiveness.

Universal Salvation in Late Antiquity

Author:Archbishop Michael Bland Simmons

Publisher:Oxford University Press


Total Pages:536



Books Description:

This study offers an in-depth examination of Porphyrian soteriology, or the concept of the salvation of the soul, in the thought of Porphyry of Tyre, whose significance for late antique thought is immense. Porphyry's concept of salvation is important for an understanding of those cataclysmic forces, not always theological, that helped convert the Roman Empire from paganism to Christianity. Porphyry, a disciple of Plotinus, was the last and greatest anti-Christian writer to vehemently attack the Church before the Constantinian revolution. His contribution to the pagan-Christian debate on universalism can thus shed light on the failure of paganism and the triumph of Christianity in late antiquity. In a broader historical and cultural context this study will address some of the issues central to the debate on universalism, in which Porphyry was passionately involved and which was becoming increasingly significant during the unprecedented series of economic, cultural, political, and military crises of the third century. As the author will argue, Porphyry may have failed to find one way of salvation for all humanity, he nonetheless arrived a hierarchical soteriology, something natural for a Neoplatonist, which resulted in an integrative religious and philosophical system. His system is examined in the context of other developing ideologies of universalism, during a period of unprecedented imperial crises, which were used by the emperors as an agent of political and religious unification. Christianity finally triumphed over its competitors owing to its being perceived to be the only universal salvation cult that was capable of bringing about this unification. In short, it won due to its unique universalist soteriology. By examining a rival to Christianity's concept of universal salvation, this book will be valuable to students and scholars of ancient philosophy, patristics, church history, and late antiquity.

The War Romance of the Salvation Army

Author:Grace Livingston Hill,Evangeline Booth



Total Pages:245



Books Description:

The storyline of the book is based on a life of Commander Evangeline Booth, who has been the source, the inspiration, the guide of this story. The book is a great account of the many lives that the Salvation Army lassies touched and led to the Lord. Unlike the most of Grace Livingston Hill's book this one does not have a romantic plot and rather is focused on a relationship between the U.S. Army and the Salvation Army during WWI.

Christ and the Salvation

Author:Horace Bushnell

Publisher:Darolt Books


Total Pages:860



Books Description:

Horace Bushnell was an American Congregational clergyman and theologian. Bushnell was a Yankee born in the village of Bantam, township of Litchfield, Connecticut. He graduated at Yale in 1827, was literary editor of the New York Journal of Commerce from 1828–1829, and in 1829 became a tutor at Yale. Here he initially studied law, but in 1831 he entered the theology department of Yale College. In May, 1833 Bushnell was ordained pastor of the North Congregational church in Hartford, Connecticut, where he remained until 1859, when due to extended poor health he resigned his pastorate. Thereafter he held no appointed office, but, until his death at Hartford in 1876, he was a prolific author and occasionally preached. Christ and the Salvation it is one of the most important works of his life. A message of faith and hope for believers around the world to grow in their knowledge of the Gospel of Christ.