The Crown of Thorns




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As the child of an Air Force career man, poet Miriam Susan Carstons grappled with the advantages and pitfalls of a nomadic youth. By the time she was 17, she had settled and pulled up roots from New York, New Mexico, New Jersey, California, Maryland, Virginia, and Japan. And it was in Japan that an inward journey would also begin.

In her collection, Somewhere Between Dreams and Memories, Miriam continues that inner journey with a unique and insightful perspective that touches on a plethora of topics from creation to reincarnation, to human nature, to mother nature, to love.

Whether Miriam is offering up an observation, expanding on a notion or just telling a memory story; her poems are alive with imagination and possibility.

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All I See Is You

Author:Charlotte Barnes

Publisher:Open Road Media


Total Pages:272



Books Description:

This psychological thriller takes you inside the mind of a fascinating character who lives a quiet life—with disturbing secrets hidden in memory lapses. M works in publishing and enjoys watching people. M also suffers from panic attacks and odd memory lapses. Lately, M has developed an intense relationship with Caleb, who lives across the street. The only trouble is Caleb doesn’t know M exists . . . When M starts to practice memory recall exercises, some of the things that bubble to the surface are surprising—even disturbing. As M begins to fill in the blind spots of the past, the truth sheds new light on this fascination with Caleb. Is M dangerous or just disturbed? One way or another, Caleb is about to find out . . .


Author:Emory Sharplin

Publisher:Greenleaf Book Group


Total Pages:352



Books Description:

A fantasy world rich with ancient magic, enigmatic gypsies, palace labyrinths, and deep woods haunted by strange and forbidding creatures On the brutal streets of Hellip, a village in the vast empire of King Ibis, lives twelve-year-old Tucker Scrap. Abandoned as an infant, Tucker is now the leader of the town orphans. Along with her friends Ash and Kally, she attempts to keep one step ahead of the king’s Blackcoats, stealing what she needs to survive and pondering her own unknown origins. But when Ash and Kally vanish from the orphanage, perhaps headed for the faraway city where Ibis still rules, Tucker has never felt more alone. Then mysterious Vivian arrives in Hellip with a strange invitation that might help Tucker find her missing friends. Over night, Tucker leaves the savage streets behind and enters the foreign world of private tutors, etiquette lessons, and silk dresses, and learns of her hidden inheritance. And when she unleashes supernatural powers she never knew she had, she begins rewriting the future of the entire kingdom. A bold, memorable heroine at the center of a centuries-old mystery, Tucker steps into her destiny at last.

Two Husbands-One Wife

Author:Barbara Reina



Total Pages:194



Books Description:

"Reina's romantic time-travel thriller starts in midaction and never lets up." -Chronogram Short Takes: August 2014 Two men fight to keep the same woman they are both married two different timelines. Astronaut Eric Scheil can't remember how he returned to Earth from Saturn's Rings without best friend and pilot, Craig Miller. Tortured by a past he can't remember, he tries the latest method of converting brainwaves to visual images: Flashback Therapy with world renowned therapist and childhood friend, Dr. David Conner. Tensions rise as both men are in love with the same woman: Julia, David's wife. Eric and David develop HoloPlay, a virtual game where patients feel as if they are reliving a memory. Eric refines his time travel technology under the guise of HoloPlay, convincing David and Julia to take a virtual trip back in time...which becomes real. Eric makes sure that the first chance meeting of this couple never happens. The timeline change triggers an explosion propelling David into a second timeline while retaining memories of the first. Now, David is single and Eric is married to a pregnant Julia. Senator Elliott Carson funds HoloPlay for personal gain. Is Craig alive? Will Senator Carson change world history? Will Julia choose her husband or will time choose him for her?


Author:Taryn Harvey

Publisher:Balboa Press


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Books Description:

Taryn Harvey was on the fast track to success when her life changed. Stricken with adrenal fatigue, she had to step away from a demanding career in public relations. What happened next was beyond anything she could have ever imagined for herself: Taryn became a professional escort. Binge drinking, eating disorders and unhealthy relationships had taken their toll on her body. Through compulsory therapy she came to understand how emotional abuse and low self-esteem had doomed her intimate relationships from the start. Stronger and with new confidence, she committed herself to helping others heal as well. Now a qualified relationships counsellor, sex therapist and Tantra coach, she explores the big questions we all need to ask: What is intimacy? What drives us to seek it? How do we keep a relationship alive? How do we really feel about sex? Is monogamy healthy? What makes us feel ashamed? Who can we trust? How do we heal from heartbreak? Can we recover our sex drive? With raw honesty, Taryn presents a bumpy yet humorous trek into the heart and soul of our very existence. She survives kinky clients, laughs and cries with friends, falls in love, gets emotionally blackmailed and leaves town only to return and finally face her fears. Enticing but never prurient, Trust invites you into the life of a sex workerfrom someone who never thought shed be a part of an industry few understand.

On Living with Television

Author:Amy Holdsworth

Publisher:Duke University Press


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Books Description:

In On Living with Television, Amy Holdsworth examines the characteristics of intimacy, familiarity, repetition, and duration that have come to exemplify the medium of television. Drawing on feminist television studies, queer theory, and disability studies as well as autobiographical life-writing practices, Holdsworth shows how television shapes everyday activities, from eating and sleeping to driving and homemaking. Recounting her own life with television, she offers a sense of the joys and pleasures Disney videos brought to her disabled sister, traces how bedtime television becomes part of a daily routine between child and caregiver, explores her own relationship to binge-eating and binge-viewing, and considers the idea of home through the BBC family drama Last Tango in Halifax. By foregrounding the ways in which television structures our relationships, daily routines, and sense of time, Holdsworth demonstrates how television emerges as a potent vehicle for writing about life.

Bedding The Bachelors Boxed Set 3

Author:Virna DePaul

Publisher:Books That Rock


Total Pages:780



Books Description:

From a fan-favorite, USA Today bestselling series! Books 7-9 available for one low price. Bedding the Best Man: Rough-around-the-edges Gabe Nolan grew up poor and literally fought his way to the top but nothing has been as difficult as losing the girl of his dreams to his best friend. When his friend leaves wealthy Brianne at the altar, Gabe is her confidante and shoulder-to-cry-on. The more time they spend together, the more friendship turns into an irresistibly tempting passion. Bedding the Boss: After discovering his fiancée was in love with his best friend, wealthy Eric Davenport left Los Angeles to return to his small-town roots. A year later, he meets Lexi Fischer. They were only supposed to have one night, but then Eric becomes Lexi’s boss for the summer. Can Eric survive loving another woman destined to leave him? Bedding the Baby Daddy: For the first time in his life, Dante Callaghan is interested in committing to one special woman. Unfortunately, Aurora LeMonde’s in love with another man, one who’s unavailable to her. When Dante offers her comfort in his arms, Aurora can’t resist. Now, can she trust that her child’s father is also the man of her dreams?

The Creative Dreamer

Author:Veronica Tonay

Publisher:Celestial Arts


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Books Description:

In this revised edition of THE CREATIVE DREAMER, psychologist Veronica Tonay blends classical dream theory with a fascinating analysis of universal themes, trends, and elements of dreams that can inspire creativity in waking life. Includes exercises for interpreting and using dreams to expand and enhance creative potential, work through blocks, and form a creative community.• A guide to how dreams can influence and inspire your creative life, from a leading psychologist in the field of dream analysis.• The revision includes new material on sexual dreams and helpful and threatening dream characters, as well as popular dream analysis exercises.• Analyzes the dreams of extraordinarily creative, successful people, such as Stephen King, Maya Angelou, Maurice Sendak, and Anne Rice.

Enrique Martínez Celaya

Author:Enrique Martínez Celaya

Publisher:U of Nebraska Press


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Books Description:

This collection, spanning nearly a decade of artistic activity, features selections of writings that trace the intellectual influences and track the development of one of the more formidable and productive minds in the contemporary art world. The writings comprise Enrique Martínez Celaya's public lectures; essays; interviews; correspondence with artists, critics, and scholars; artist statements; blog posts; and journal entries. These texts were written during Martínez Celaya's appointment as Visiting Presidential Professor at the University of Nebraska; Roth Distinguished Visiting Scholar at Dartmouth College; and, most recently, as the first Provost Professor of Humanities and Arts at the University of Southern California. Marked by Martínez Celaya's encyclopedic curiosity and considerable knowledge about the world, these writings and interviews explore the role of art in life, evaluate texts by other modern and contemporary artists and thinkers, and reveal the artist's deep engagement with artistic, philosophical, and literary lines of inquiry.

The Silent Cry

Author:Kenzaburo Oe

Publisher:Grove/Atlantic, Inc.


Total Pages:464



Books Description:

The Silent Cry follows two brothers who return to their ancestral home, a village in densely forested Western Japan. After decades of separation, the reunited men are each preoccupied by their own personal crises. One brother grapples with the recent suicide of his dearest friend, the birth of his disabled son, and his wife's increasing alcoholism. The other brother sets out to incite an uprising among the local youth against the disintegration of the community's culture and economy due to the imposing franchise of a Korean businessman nicknamed the "Emperor of the Supermarkets". Both brothers live in the shadow of the mysteries surrounding the untimely deaths of their older brother and younger sister, as well as their great-grandfather's political heroism. When long-kept family secrets are revealed, the brothers' strained bond is pushed to its breaking-point and their lives are irrevocably changed. Considered Oe's most essential work by the Nobel Prize committee, The Silent Cry is as powerfully relevant today as it was when first published in 1967.

Searching for the Postmark

Author:Jeff Donovan

Publisher:Trafford Publishing


Total Pages:295



Books Description:

Can one place help two people come to terms with the past, and can a series of long-distance letters provide the basis for a future? Reaching out into Lake Michigan, the slender peninsula of Door County, Wisconsin is a place of idyllic beauty and rustic charm - of sailboats and sunsets, dormant cherry orchards, and dry-docked wooden fishing boats. It is a place Brian Bailey loves - and tries to escape to. But the quaint tourist towns, quiet back roads, and weathered gray barns offer little respite from his memories. Memories never known bring Colleen O'Connell from Arizona to The Door in search of the places her brother held dear. Hoping to find remembrance in a place she's never been, she finds instead an old farmhouse, perched atop a hill. The story of two people brought together by the very distance that separates them, Searching for the Postmark asks difficult and uniquely human questions about what it means to live, love, and die - and how the fellowship of family helps us find meaning in the fleeting nature of our existence. From the remembrance and longing of autumn to the excitement and hope of spring, Brian and Colleen's journey through the seasons tells a story of holding on and letting go, of memories kept and created, of letters sent and unsent. A beautifully descriptive and deeply introspective testament to the power of people and place, Searching for the Postmark is a summer read that will stay with you into fall, and winter. "What I hope to have written," writes author Jeff Donovan, "is a book that, in addition to telling a nice story, will also give the reader pause to think and reflect, on the death of a loved one, and on that from which we draw meaning in our lives." A thought provoking love story about accepting the loss of a loved one, Searching for the Postmark will appeal to anyone who finds special meaning in the dream of Door County, and have meaning for anyone who has lost a special loved one.

Dream, Creativity, and Madness in Nineteenth-Century France

Author:Tony James

Publisher:Clarendon Press


Total Pages:316



Books Description:

This is an important new analysis of the problematic relationship between dreams and madness as perceived by nineteenth-century French writers, thinkers, and doctors. Those wishing to know the nature of madness, wrote Voltaire, should observe their dreams. The relationship between the dream-state and madness is a key theme of nineteenth-century European, and specifically French, thought. The meaning of dreams and associated phenomena such as somnambulism, ecstasy, and hallucinations (including those induced by hashish) preoccupied writers, philosophers, and psychiatrists. In this path-breaking cross-disciplinary study, Tony James shows how doctors (such as Esquirol, Lélut, and Janet), thinkers (including Maine de Biran and Taine), and writers (for example, Balzac, Nerval, Baudelaire, Victor Hugo, and Rimbaud) grappled in very different ways with the problems raised by the so-called 'phenomena of sleep'. Were historical figures such as Socrates or Pascal in fact mad? Might dream be a source of creativity, rather than a merely subsidiary, 'automatic' function? What of lucid dreaming? By exploring these questions, Dreams, Madness, and Creativity in Nineteenth-Century France makes good a considerable gap in the history of pre-Freudian psychology and sheds new and fascinating light on the central French writers of the period.

The Dream Handbook

Author:Jane Teresa Anderson

Publisher:Hachette Australia


Total Pages:368



Books Description:

Your dreams contain wisdom and insight about your waking life - that's why they are so important. Using THE DREAM HANDBOOK you can discover the meaning of your dreams and nightmares, and then apply the dream alchemy practices to create positive life change. Included is information about how to: - stop uncomfortable recurring dreams - identify emotional obstacles and release them - create more fulfilling relationships - discover your talents and life purpose - heal the past - work with the emotions and feelings in your dreams - transform fearful dreams into loving visions - tap into your creative source - identify your spiritual lessons and move forward - use your dreams to strike personal and spiritual gold - design your own dream alchemy practices.

Dreams and Dreaming in the Roman Empire

Author:Juliette Harrisson

Publisher:A&C Black


Total Pages:240



Books Description:

The history and literature of the Roman Empire is full of reports of dream prophecies, dream ghosts and dream gods. This volume offers a fresh approach to the study of ancient dreams by asking not what the ancients dreamed or how they experienced dreaming, but why the Romans considered dreams to be important and worthy of recording. Dream reports from historical and imaginative literature from the high point of the Roman Empire (the first two centuries AD) are analysed as objects of cultural memory, records of events of cultural significance that contribute to the formation of a group's cultural identity. The book also introduces the term 'cultural imagination', as a tool for thinking about ancient myth and religion, and avoiding the question of 'belief', which arises mainly from creed-based religions. The book's conclusion compares dream reports in the Classical world with modern attitudes towards dreams and dreaming, identifying distinctive features of both the world of the Romans and our own culture.

The Cinema of Tarkovsky

Author:Nariman Skakov

Publisher:Bloomsbury Publishing


Total Pages:280



Books Description:

The phenomenon of time was a central preoccupation of Tarkovsky throughout his career. His films present visions of time by temporal means - that is, in time. Tarkovsky does not represent time through coherent argument, Nariman Skakov proposes, rather he presents it and the viewer experiences the argument. This book explores the phenomenon of spatio-temporal lapse in Tarkovsky's cinema - from Ivan's Childhood (1962) to Sacrifice (1986). Dreams, visions, mirages, memories, revelations, reveries and delusions are phenomena which present alternative spatio-temporal patterns; they disrupt the linear progression of events and create narrative discontinuity. Each chapter is dedicated to the discussion of one of Tarkovsky's seven feature films and in each, one of these phenomena functions as a refrain. Skakov discusses the influence of the flow of and lapses in space and time on the viewer's perception of the Tarkovskian cinematic universe. He opens and closes his original and fascinating book on Tarkovsky's cinema by focusing on the phenomenon of time that is discussed extensively by the filmmaker in his main theoretical treatise Sculpting in Time, as well as in a number of interviews and public lectures.

The Secret World of Sleep

Author:Penelope A. Lewis

Publisher:St. Martin\'s Press


Total Pages:208



Books Description:

In recent years neuroscientists have uncovered the countless ways our brain trips us up in day-to-day life, from its propensity toward irrational thought to how our intuitions deceive us. The latest research on sleep, however, points in the opposite direction. Where old wives tales have long advised to "sleep on a problem," today scientists are discovering the truth behind these folk sayings,and how the busy brain radically improves our minds through sleep and dreams. In The Secret World of Sleep, neuroscientist Penny Lewis explores the latest research intothe nighttime brain to understand the real benefits of sleep. She shows how, while our body rests, the brain practices tasks it learned during the day, replays traumatic events to mollify them, and forges connections between distant concepts. By understanding the roles that the nocturnal brain plays in our waking life, we can improve the relationship between the two, and even boost creativity and become smarter. This is a fascinating exploration of one of the most surprising corners of neuroscience that shows how science may be able to harness the power of sleep to improve learning, health, and more.

Reset! The Imprisoned Princess Dreams of Another Chance!

Author:Kei Misawa

Publisher:Cross Infinite World


Total Pages:150



Books Description:

Can Magic Change Her Future? Days before her marriage to the king of the neighboring Sunruta Kingdom, Princess Annabel of Najir is abruptly betrayed by her fiancé and thrown into prison with her magic knight under suspicion of being a spy. After being held captive for months and informed her kingdom is no more, Annabel passes out in a burst of destructive magic, only to awaken as her twelve-year-old self, six years before her political marriage. Armed with knowledge of the dark future to come, she now has another chance to bring about a new fate. This is the story of Princess Annabel’s second chance at life, and her drive to stop the destruction of her kingdom.

Themes out of School

Author:Stanley Cavell

Publisher:University of Chicago Press


Total Pages:282



Books Description:

In the first essay of this book, Stanley Cavell characterizes philosophy as a "willingness to think not about something other than what ordinary human beings think about, but rather to learn to think undistractedly about things that ordinary human beings cannot help thinking about, or anyway cannot help having occur to them, sometimes in fantasy, sometimes as a flash across a landscape." Fantasies of film and television and literature, flashes across the landscape of literary theory, philosophical discourse, and French historiography give Cavell his starting points in these twelve essays. Here is philosophy in and out of "school," understood as a discipline in itself or thought through the works of Shakespeare, Molière, Kierkegaard, Thoreau, Brecht, Makavejev, Bergman, Hitchcock, Astaire, and Keaton.

Psychology and Moral Theology

Author:Bartholomew M. Kiely

Publisher:Gregorian Biblical BookShop


Total Pages:302



Books Description:

This work begins with a discussion of problems of method and then surveys a number of areas of psychological researchto reach an initial idea of the psychological resources and liabilities which people typically have. There follows an organized outline of the ways in which such resources or liabilities may come to expression on each of the four levels of the subject's operations, as these are analysed Bernard Lonergan: experience, understanding, judgement, and decision. Then an analysis of the tension between human desire and human limitation provides a broader context within which the significance of temptation and conversion are examined. A clarification of the significance of specifically religious and Christian in moral theology is attempted. Finally, some implications on a more pratical level are explored.