The Crown of Thorns

Author:Timothy ZAHN



Total Pages:331



Books Description:

J'ai senti une perturbation dans la Force. Une phrase inquiétante quelle que soit la situation, mais plus encore lorsqu'elle est prononcée par l'Empereur Palpatine. Sur Batuu, aux confins des Régions Inconnues, une menace aux contours flous prend racine. Le chef de l'Empire charge ses deux meilleurs agents de mener l'enquête : son bras armé, l'impitoyable Seigneur Vador, et le grand amiral Thrawn, stratège de génie. Deux personnalités que tout oppose ; un duo improbable pour une mission des plus cruciales. Mais Palpatine sait que ce n'est pas la première fois que son Apprenti et le Chiss unissent leurs forces. Et derrière son ordre souverain, il y a bien plus en jeu que ce que les deux hommes suspectent...

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The Hutt Gambit: Star Wars Legends (The Han Solo Trilogy)

Author:A. C. Crispin

Publisher:Del Rey


Total Pages:368



Books Description:

Here is the second novel in the blockbuster new trilogy that reveals the never-before-told story of the young Han Solo. Set before the Star Wars(r) movie adventures, these books chronicle the coming-of-age of the galaxy's most famous con man, smuggler and thief. Solo is now a fugitive from the Imperial Navy. But he has made a valuable friend in a former Wookiee slave named Chewbacca, who has sworn Han a life debt. Han will need all the help he can get. For the Ylesian Hutts have dispatched the dreaded bounty hunter Boba Fett to track down the man who already outsmarted them once. But Han and Chewie find themselves in even bigger trouble when they agree to lend their services to the crime lords Jiliac and Jabba the Hutt. Suddenly the two smugglers are thrust into the middle of a battle between the might of the Empire and the treachery of their outlaw allies...a battle where even victory means death! Features a bonus section following the novel that includes a primer on the Star Wars expanded universe, and over half a dozen excerpts from some of the most popular Star Wars books of the last thirty years!

Le Musée des poissons morts

Author:Charles D'Ambrosio,France Camus-Pichon

Publisher:Albin Michel


Total Pages:304



Books Description:

Considéré comme l'un des maîtres de la nouvelle, Charles D'Ambrosio emporte l'adhésion par la puissance et la beauté de son écriture. Il met en scène des personnages confrontés à des relations complexes et des sentiments troubles. Graves ou ironiques, ces bribes d'existence sont autant de petits chefs-d'oeuvre. « Percer les apparences, les conventions, faire surgir l'extraordinaire sous le vernis du visible et du rebattu : Charles D'Ambrosio est une sorte de magicien de cette opération-là. »Le Monde des livres « Cette poésie des ténèbres qui ne dit pas son nom marque le lecteur et, souvent, lui brise le coeur. » Le Figaro littéraire


Author:Frank Cho



Total Pages:128



Books Description:

Après de nombreuses collaborations sur les séries phare de Marvel (Avengers, Hulk, Wolverine, X-Men), Frank Cho se lance dans la réalisation de ses projets personnels. Skybourne est le premier d'une longue liste... Après sa miraculeuse résurrection, Lazare eut trois enfants : Abraham Skybourne, Thomas Skybourne et Grace Skybourne. Sa progéniture se vit alors dotée de pouvoirs hors du commun (des mortels) : une force extraordinaire, une peau impénétrable et... l'immortalité. Ceci est leur histoire... Une histoire faite de vengeance, de pouvoir et de meurtres...

Star Wars : L'Escadron Alphabet

Author:Alexander FREED



Total Pages:421



Books Description:

Alors qu'une guerre brutale est sur le point de s'achever, un escadron hétéroclite de Rebelles passe du statut de proie à celui de chasseur... L'Empereur est mort. Son arme ultime a été détruite. La Flotte Impériale est en déroute. Au milieu du chaos, Yrica Quell déserte l'Empire comme des milliers d'autres. Alors qu'elle vit dans un camp de renégats tenu par la Nouvelle République, l'ancienne pilote de TIE commence à perdre tout espoir de rédemption... jusqu'au jour où elle est sélectionnée pour rejoindre l'Escadron Alphabet. Formant un assortiment éclectique de pilotes de chasseurs stellaires, les cinq membres de l'Escadron Alphabet reçoivent leurs ordres de la Générale Hera Syndulla. Comme Yrica, tous sont des pilotes d'exception cherchant leur place dans une galaxie en plein bouleversement. Leur mission : traquer et détruire la mystérieuse " Escadre de l'Ombre ", un groupe de chasseurs TIE exerçant une vengeance sanglante et impitoyable au crépuscule de leur règne.

Strategy Strikes Back

Author:Max Brooks,John Amble,ML Cavanaugh,Jaym Gates

Publisher:U of Nebraska Press


Total Pages:280



Books Description:

The most successful film franchise of all time, Star Wars thrillingly depicts an epic multigenerational conflict fought a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. But the Star Wars saga has as much to say about successful strategies and real-life warfare waged in our own time and place. Strategy Strikes Back brings together over thirty of today’s top military and strategic experts, including generals, policy advisors, seasoned diplomats, counterinsurgency strategists, science fiction writers, war journalists, and ground‐level military officers, to explain the strategy and the art of war by way of the Star Wars films. Each chapter of Strategy Strikes Back provides a relatable, outside‐the‐box way to simplify and clarify the complexities of modern military conflict. A chapter on the case for planet building on the forest moon of Endor by World War Z author Max Brooks offers a unique way to understand our own sustained engagement in war-ravaged societies such as Afghanistan. Another chapter on the counterinsurgency waged by Darth Vader against the Rebellion sheds light on the logic behind past military incursions in Iraq. Whether using the destruction of Alderaan as a means to explore the political implications of targeting civilians, examining the pivotal decisions made by Yoda and the Jedi Council to differentiate strategic leadership in theory and in practice, or considering the ruthlessness of Imperial leaders to explain the toxicity of top-down leadership in times of war and battle, Strategy Strikes Back gives fans of Star Wars and aspiring military minds alike an inspiring and entertaining means of understanding many facets of modern warfare. It is a book as captivating and enthralling as Star Wars itself.

Recovery: Star Wars Legends (Short Story)

Author:Troy Denning

Publisher:Del Rey


Total Pages:95



Books Description:

As the forces of darkness threaten to engulf the galaxy, one last defiant spark remains. . . . Though the Yuuzhan Vong were victorious in their savage conquest of the planet Duro, they failed to extract sensitive information from Leia Organa Solo, who now barely clings to life after enduring the enemies' torture. Unless she receives medical attention soon, the badly wounded Princess and former head of the New Republic will surely die. Pursued by bounty hunters, Han Solo begins a race against time, only to find his urgent pleas for help rejected by planet after planet, as the Jedi are blamed for the continuing fight against the seemingly invincible aliens. Desperate, the Solos decide on a suicide mission. They must reach Coruscant, the New Republic's strife-ridden capital where traitors, appeasers, and assassins now share the same goal as the fierce Yuuzhan Vong: kill all Jedi... BONUS: This short story also features an excerpt from Star Wars: New Jedi Order: Edge of Victory I: Conquest.

From a Certain Point of View

Author:Seth Dickinson,Hank Green,R. F. Kuang,Martha Wells,Kiersten White

Publisher:Random House


Total Pages:576



Books Description:

Celebrate the legacy of The Empire Strikes Back with this exciting reimagining of the timeless film featuring new perspectives from forty acclaimed authors. On May 21, 1980, Star Wars became a true saga with the release of The Empire Strikes Back. In honor of the fortieth anniversary, forty storytellers re-create an iconic scene from The Empire Strikes Back through the eyes of a supporting character, from heroes and villains, to droids and creatures. From a Certain Point of View features contributions by bestselling authors and trendsetting artists: Austin Walker explores the unlikely partnership of bounty hunters Dengar and IG-88 as they pursue Han Solo. Hank Green chronicles the life of a naturalist caring for tauntauns on the frozen world of Hoth. Tracy Deonn delves into the dark heart of the Dagobah cave where Luke confronts a terrifying vision. Martha Wells reveals the world of the Ugnaught clans who dwell in the depths of Cloud City. Mark Oshiro recounts the wampa's tragic tale of loss and survival. Seth Dickinson interrogates the cost of serving a ruthless empire aboard the bridge of a doomed Imperial starship. Plus more hilarious, heartbreaking, and astonishing tales from: Tom Angleberger, Sarwat Chadda, S.A. Chakraborty, Mike Chen, Adam Christopher, Katie Cook, Zoraida Córdova, Delilah S. Dawson, Alexander Freed, Jason Fry, Christie Golden, Rob Hart, Lydia Kang, Michael Kogge, R. F. Kuang, C. B. Lee, Mackenzi Lee, John Jackson Miller, Michael Moreci, Daniel José Older, Amy Ratcliffe, Beth Revis, Lilliam Rivera, Cavan Scott, Emily Skrutskie, Karen Strong, Anne Toole, Catherynne M. Valente, Django Wexler, Kiersten White, Gary Whitta, Brittany N. Williams, Charles Yu, Jim Zub All participating authors have generously forgone any compensation for their stories. Instead, their proceeds will be donated to First Book-a leading nonprofit that provides new books, learning materials, and other essentials to educators and organizations serving children in need. To further celebrate the launch of this book and both companies' longstanding relationships with First Book, Penguin Random House will donate $100,000 to First Book and Disney/Lucasfilm will donate 100,000 children's books-valued at $1,000,000-to support First Book and their mission of providing equal access to quality education.

Star Wars: Heir to the Jedi

Author:Kevin Hearne

Publisher:Random House


Total Pages:304



Books Description:

Luke Skywalker’s game-changing destruction of the Death Star has made him not only a hero of the Rebel Alliance but a valuable asset in the ongoing battle against the Empire. Though he’s a long way from mastering the power of the Force, there’s no denying his phenomenal skills as a pilot—and in the eyes of Rebel leaders Princess Leia Organa and Admiral Ackbar, there’s no one better qualified to carry out a daring rescue mission crucial to the Alliance cause. A brilliant alien cryptographer renowned for her ability to breach even the most advanced communications systems is being detained by Imperial agents determined to exploit her exceptional talents for the Empire’s purposes. But the prospective spy’s sympathies lie with the Rebels, and she’s willing to join their effort in exchange for being reunited with her family. It’s an opportunity to gain a critical edge against the Empire that’s too precious to pass up. It’s also a job that demands the element of surprise. So Luke and the ever-resourceful droid R2-D2 swap their trusty X-wing fighter for a sleek space yacht piloted by brash recruit Nakari Kelen, daughter of a biotech mogul, who’s got a score of her own to settle with the Empire. Challenged by ruthless Imperial bodyguards, death-dealing enemy battleships, merciless bounty hunters, and monstrous brain-eating parasites, Luke plunges head-on into a high-stakes espionage operation that will push his abilities as a Rebel fighter and would-be Jedi to the limit. If ever he needed the wisdom of Obi-Wan Kenobi to shepherd him through danger, it’s now. But Luke will have to rely on himself, his friends, and his own burgeoning relationship with the Force to survive.

Star Wars 2015 Sampler

Author:John Jackson Miller,James Luceno,Kevin Hearne,Paul S. Kemp,Christie Golden

Publisher:Ballantine Group


Total Pages:50



Books Description:

The journey to The Force Awakens begins with this glorious eBook sampler of excerpts from six novels in the new Star Wars canon! Starring beloved characters such as Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader from the classic trilogy as well as fan favorites from The Clone Wars and Rebels, these original novels shed new light on the grand tapestry that is Star Wars—all approved by the Lucasfilm Story Group and part of the official canon. A new dawn in Star Wars storytelling has arrived . . . and, with this eBook sampler, it’s just a click away. BATTLEFRONT: TWILIGHT COMPANY by Alexander Freed A companion novel inspired by the hotly anticipated videogame Star Wars: Battlefront, this action-packed adventure follows a squad of soldiers caught in the trenches of the ultimate galactic war between good and evil. DARK DISCIPLE by Christie Golden Based on unproduced episodes of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, this new novel features one of the great antiheroes in the Star Wars galaxy: bounty hunter Asajj Ventress, the former apprentice of Count Dooku. LORDS OF THE SITH by Paul S. Kemp When the Emperor and his notorious apprentice, Darth Vader, find themselves stranded in the middle of insurgent action on an inhospitable planet, they must rely on each other, the Force, and their fearsome fighting skills to prevail. HEIR TO THE JEDI by Kevin Hearne The author of The Iron Druid Chronicles pens a thrilling new adventure set between A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back, and—for the first time ever—written entirely from Luke Skywalker’s first-person point of view. TARKIN by James Luceno Bestselling Star Wars veteran James Luceno gives Grand Moff Tarkin the Star Wars: Darth Plagueis treatment, bringing the legendary character from A New Hope to full, fascinating life. A NEW DAWN by John Jackson Miller Set during the mysterious “Dark Times” between Episodes III and IV, A New Dawn tells the story of how two of the lead characters from the animated series Star Wars Rebels first came to cross paths.

Cowboy Politics

Author:John S. Nelson

Publisher:Lexington Books


Total Pages:412



Books Description:

Cowboy Politics uses key works of literature, film, and television to explore how westerns address political challenges of Western civilization. This book tracks how westerns supplement liberal politics with republican, populist, perfectionist, and environmentalist politics.