The Crown of Thorns


Publisher:Harlequin/SB Creative


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The model Sylvie is about to marry the billionaire Leonidas! However, their engagement is broken off because of a fake gossip article! On top of that, after they split up, Sylvie discovers that she’s pregnant with his child and decides to raise him alone. What’ll happen next?

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Stubborn Archivist

Author:Yara Rodrigues Fowler

Publisher:Houghton Mifflin Harcourt


Total Pages:416



Books Description:

“I read Stubborn Archivist in a ravenous gulp. It’s stunning: so articulate about what it means to live between two languages and countries, tenderly unraveling the knots of unbelonging.” —Olivia Laing, author of TheLonely City and Crudo For fans of Chemistry and Normal People: A mesmerizing and witty debut novel about a young woman growing up between two disparate cultures, and the singular identity she finds along the way But where are you really from? When your mother considers another country home, it’s hard to know where you belong. When the people you live among can’t pronounce your name, it’s hard to know exactly who you are. And when your body no longer feels like your own, it’s hard to understand your place in the world. In Stubborn Archivist, a young British Brazilian woman from South London navigates growing up between two cultures and into a fuller understanding of her body, relying on signposts such as history, family conversation, and the eyes of the women who have shaped her—her mother, grandmother, and aunt. Our stubborn archivist takes us through first love and loss, losing and finding home, trauma and healing, and various awakenings of sexuality and identity. Shot through the novel are the narrator's trips to Brazil, sometimes alone, often with family, where she accesses a different side of herself—one, she begins to realize, that is as much of who she is as anything else. A hypnotic and bold debut, Stubborn Archivist is as singular as its narrator; a novel you won't soon forget.

Stubborn Love

Author:Cheryl Ott

Publisher:WestBow Press


Total Pages:136



Books Description:

SUICIDE In America Every fifteen minutes, someone dies by his or her own hand. More than 2,000 people attempt suicide every day. Sadly, these numbers include Christians who do not have the skills needed to navigate a crisis or temporary hardship. Swallowed by depression, despair, and hopelessness, they die by their own hand. Stubborn Love is a true story about a Christian college student in her twenties and her fight to stay alive after a suicide attempt landed her in a hospital psych ward. Those struggling with depression/suicide will learn: Depression does not have to be a LIFE sentence. To find courage to choose life and LIVE again. How to break free of despair and discover HOPE. How to realign your heart with TRUTH. About the author’s dramatic rescue by LOVE. Those who love someone struggling with suicidal thoughts will learn: Why suicide happens. The desperation that happens inside the mind and heart of a suicide survivor. How to comfort those bereaved by suicide. "Cheryl Ott’s story is a vivid narrative of the pain of loss and the journey that follows. Readers who have experienced similar griefs will find comfort that they are not alone. Discover here a hope greater than despair and a love more powerful than death." Albert Y. Hsu, author, Grieving a Suicide “Stubborn Love is a must read for every discouraged, depressed, despairing, or even suicidal person, whether they are a believer in Christ, or not. Cheryl Ott has dared to take on a taboo topic, and has given us a clear message of hope; telling the story of her journey through the dark night of the soul, and into the light of revelation of her Father’ s unconditional love.” Robyn Green, author, A Marriage Of Destiny You can view the Stubborn Love book trailer here:

Stubborn Fact and Creative Advance

Author:Thomas E. Hosinski

Publisher:Rowman & Littlefield Publishers


Total Pages:286



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" attractive alternative to Victor Lowe's Understanding Whitehead, Ivor Leclerc's Whitehead's Metaphysics, and Donald Sherburne's A Key to Whitehead's Process and Reality....Recommended for advanced undergraduates and beyond."-CHOICE

Stubborn Fat Gone!#

Author:Jorge Cruise

Publisher:Hay House, Inc


Total Pages:296



Books Description:

Most likely the fat that bothers you most is belly fat. Despite exercising and eating a diet low in Sugar Calories, you’re still stuck with that stubborn fat. So what’s the missing link? Breakthrough research has confirmed that combining the right diet with the right mind-set is the secret to eliminating the most stubborn of all fat – belly fat. Stress is the number one reason so many of are led to self-sabotage when trying to eat well, but following Jorge Cruise’s revolutionary Carb Control™ will curb your cravings and balance your hormones. Let Jorge guide you with daily planners full of easy, toss-together meals, and you can lose up to 11 lbs. in your first week alone!

Love and the Stubborn

Author:Xenia Melzer

Publisher:DSP Publications


Total Pages:310



Books Description:

Facing the destruction of everything they have built together, can Renaldo and Casto choose between pride and love?

Stubborn Cinderella

Author:Eugenia Riley

Publisher:Eugenia Riley Classics


Total Pages:181



Books Description:

What's a princess to do when Prince Charming shows up to soon? At twenty-four, Tracy O'Brien has at last achieved her cherished independence, and this career girl is ready to play! But the instant dreamboat hunk Anthony Matteo lays eyes on lovely Tracy, he has other ideas . . . like playing for keeps!

Stubborn Debra Sue

Author:Jeffery Tracey Sr.

Publisher:Page Publishing Inc


Total Pages:138



Books Description:

Stubborn Debra Sue is an inspirational story that is based on true events about a little girl who never gave up. It tells about a little girl who becomes handicapped after being afflicted with polio and how she overcomes the many obstacles that she is faced with in her young life. It tells of her determination to run and play with other children her age despite her handicap, how students knocked her down while trying to pass her because she was too slow, and how she would fall down, get up, and fall down again. But stubborn Debra Sue refused to stay down. Debra Sue refused to be bullied, and she refused to let her older brother from being bullied. Even though she was handicap, she was her brother’s protector. It tells the agony that Debra Sue endured with the many operations that she incurred because of her polio. Some of the surgeries were successful while others failed. She always kept a positive attitude. It tells how she masked her pain and suffering so that people would not feel sorry for her. It tells about her love for all animals and how she took in all strays that came her way despite her mother’s disapproval. It tells about her friendships and the pain and agony she felt when her best friend betrayed her. When Debra Sue wanted to do something, she would refuse to let her handicap stop her from doing it. She would study the situation, and then she would figure out a way to do it. Stubborn Debra Sue gave true meaning to the phrase “Where there is a will, there is a way.”

Stubborn Faith

Author:Rodney Martin



Total Pages:82



Books Description:

This book is meant to be very inspirational and motivational. Its purpose is to help people manifest their destinies. It will also give a great sense of purpose to those who want to enhance their living conditions in this world. It will empower your mind to think positively and believe in yourself and all of the dreams and accomplishments that you are seeking in and for your life.

Stubborn Fangs

Author:Catherine Lievens

Publisher:eXtasy Books


Total Pages:118



Books Description:

Aubrey is a lot of things—clumsy, an enforcer for his coven, a babysitter when needed. He’s also stubborn, which is a good thing when it comes to Oren, the guy he has his eyes on. Oren isn’t blind. He can see how gorgeous Aubrey is, and more importantly, that he’s a man Oren could easily fall for. He can’t afford it, though. He’s a conclave enforcer, and he’s in charge of finding the dhampirs who are killing the vampires in town one by one. He doesn’t have time to waste, even if it’s with Aubrey. Aubrey knows all of that, but he doesn’t care. Oren won’t catch the bad guys by working twenty-four seven. He and Oren have different opinions, and they clash together only for Oren to push Aubrey away again. The dhampirs are still on a killing spree, though, and Oren is terrified something will happen to Aubrey. He’s already lost one person to the dhampirs. He won’t lose a second one.

Stubborn Seed of Hope

Author:Brian Falkner

Publisher:Univ. of Queensland Press


Total Pages:224



Books Description:

A collection of gripping short stories themed around fear and hope written by internationally acclaimed children’s author Brian Falkner. A boy helps his sister disguise her birthmark on her first day of school. A seventeen-year-old awakens to find himself trapped in an elderly body. A teenage girl discovers her boyfriend has a life-threatening virus the day after they share their first kiss. A high school student tries to communicate to his hospitalised brother who is in a vegetative state. Brian Falkner serves up bite-sized tales of fear – fear of rejection, fear of dying, fear of disease, fear of the unknown, fear of exclusion, fear of being caught and fear of embarrassment – showing how that stubborn seed of hope hungers our darkest moments.

Stubborn Structures

Author:Bálint Magyar

Publisher:Central European University Press


Total Pages:712



Books Description:

The editor of this book has brought together contributions designed to capture the essence of post-communist politics in East-Central Europe and Eurasia. Rather than on the surface structures of nominal democracies, the nineteen essays focus on the informal, often intentionally hidden, disguised and illicit understandings and arrangements that penetrate formal institutions. These phenomena often escape even the best-trained outside observers, familiar with the concepts of established democracies. Contributors to this book share the view that understanding post-communist politics is best served by a framework that builds from the ground up, proceeding from a fundamental social context. The book aims at facilitating a lexical convergence; in the absence of a robust vocabulary for describing and discussing these often highly complex informal phenomena, the authors wish to advance a new terminology of post-communist regimes. Instead of a finite dictionary, a kind of conceptual cornucopia is offered. The resulting variety reflects a larger harmony of purpose that can significantly expand the understanding the “real politics” of post-communist regimes. Countries analyzed from a variety of aspects, comparatively or as single case studies, include Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Hungary, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Poland, Romania, Russia, and Ukraine.

The Stubborn Billionaire

Author:Lexxie Couper

Publisher:Entangled: Indulgence


Total Pages:200



Books Description:

I’m going to ruin Sienna Roberts. Ruthless? Maybe. But it’s what’s put me on top. And it’s what’s going to help me get revenge on the woman who put my family through hell. My plan has been in play for months. She has no idea I’m the mysterious benefactor commissioning her artwork, or that the downfall in store for her will be the end of her career. But there’s something I didn’t plan for—the way her smile and touch starts to make me forget all I blame her for... Each book in the The Muse series is a standalone story that can be enjoyed out of order. The Stubborn Billionaire The Mistaken Billionaire The Irredeemable Billionaire

Song of the Stubborn One Thousand

Author:Peter Shapiro

Publisher:Haymarket Books


Total Pages:237



Books Description:

“How 1,000 Latina workers in Watsonville, California won an 18-month long strike . . . an inspiring tale” (Mae M. Ngai, author of Impossible Subjects and The Lucky Ones) On September 9, 1985, a predominately Mexican group of one thousand women workers in Watsonville, California, the “frozen food capital of the world,” were forced out on strike in response to an attempt by Watsonville Canning owner Mort Console to break their union. They returned to work eighteen months later. Not one had crossed the picket line. A moribund union has been revitalized, and Watsonville’s Latino majority emerged as a major force in local politics. At a time when organized labor was in headlong retreat, the Watsonville Canning strike was a dramatic show of the power of women workers, whose struggle became a rallying point for the Chicano movement. Apart from its sheer drama, the strikers’ story illuminates the challenges facing a group of ordinary working people who waged a protracted and ultimately successful struggle against seemingly insurmountable odds.

The Russian's Stubborn Lover

Author:Leslie North

Publisher:Relay Publishing


Total Pages:105



Books Description:

The Fedosov Family was all business until Julia Thompson came along. After meeting in a nightclub in America and sharing a passionate kiss, Julia was the last person Demitry Fedosov expected to see in his boardroom back in Russia - especially after she turned down his advances. Julia never been one to let others push her around. She didn’t need the complication of a relationship with Demitry, now or in the future. After being sent to Russia on an exchange trip, she was his employee and he was her boss. End of story. Yet she can't stop thinking about his deep gray eyes and the way his 6'6" figure dwarfs her. She feels such an attraction to him, but she knows she must fight it. Demitry is business orientated, reserved, always following in his father’s footsteps and way too serious most of the time. He was not used to having women in his business world unless they were secretaries. Julia has made it clear she doesn't want a relationship with Demitry but he can't hold back the feelings he gets when she is around. She was so different to Russian women, and winning her over is turning out to be more challenging than any business deal. The American woman pushed all his buttons, and when his brother, Alexey, starts to flirt with her Demitry feels an overwhelming urge to stake his claim.

Only the Stubborn Survive

Author:R. W. Stone

Publisher:Blackstone Publishing


Total Pages:192



Books Description:

A young teenager named Red and the old prospector who raised him arrive in Baker’s Gap, anxious to start a new life, having struck a glory hole of gold. Much to Red’s horror, however, the prospector is gunned down in the street. Suddenly alone in a strange town, the boy is angry and distrustful, but fortunately Tom Harrison, the local sheriff, is willing to accept responsibility for his care if he can convince him to stay. A strong bond soon develops between the two, and in exchange for Red agreeing to attend school, the sheriff pledges to pass down all he knows about law enforcement. The years pass, but nothing deters the boy from a stubborn conviction to spend his life tracking down outlaws like those who killed the man who raised him. When Harrison’s Ranger friend, Al Thornton, shows up, both see an opportunity for Red to reach his goal. Red leaves Baker’s Gap to become a Ranger under the tutelage of Thornton. At first somewhat skeptical of Red’s abilities because of his age, Thornton and others at the camp come to accept him as one of their own because of his frontier skills and knowledge. When Red and Thornton are sent on a routine mission to transport a prisoner, they find themselves embroiled in more conflict than they had counted on. Before the Rangers arrive, the outlaw breaks out of the fort jail with the help of his gang, and a seemingly routine job turns into a deadly manhunt. Eventually the outlaw and his gang head toward Baker’s Gap. If the two Rangers cannot arrive in time it will surely spell disaster for Sheriff Tom Harrison.

Too Stubborn To Marry

Author:Cathie Linz



Total Pages:192



Books Description:

"Cathie Linz…a shining star of the romance genre." —Susan Elizabeth Phillips Bland and beige! Where was the woman Deputy U.S. Marshal Ryan Knight had once loved? Courtney Delaney had become…beige! Now she wanted a husband and 2.4 children. Gone was her spontaneity, her desire for excitement—and her desire for Ryan. Courtney was his only lead in an important federal case. Soon Ryan was itching to unleash the passionate woman behind the restrained exterior. Courtney liked bland…and the boring man she was dating. At least her heart was safe. But too soon Ryan was stirring old feelings and Courtney was falling in love. Ryan, however, was going to need a little help getting her to say "I do." Marriage Makers—Three bumbling matchmakers mess with matrimony!

Little Miss Stubborn

Author:Roger Hargreaves



Total Pages:32



Books Description:

Little Miss Stubborn hates being told what she can and can't do, so she does whatever she wants!

Stubborn as a Mule and Other Silly Similes

Author:Nancy Loewen



Total Pages:24



Books Description:

Are you silly as a goose? Do you laugh like a hyena? Like a monkey? Like a moose? In this introduction to grammar fundamentals, young learners discover the silly world of similes, a figure of speech that compares two things. With laugh-out-loud illustrations and clever, quirky text, this nonfiction picture books young grammarians and the children of language lovers.