The Crown of Thorns




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“[John] Saul has the instincts of a natural storyteller.”—People Something is happening to the children of Eastbury, Massachusetts. Something that causes healthy babies to turn cold in their cribs. Something that strikes at the heart of every parent’s darkest fears. Something is taking the children one by one. Now, an entire town waits on the edge of panic for the next nightmare. there must be a reason for the terror. They all know it. But no one ever suspected . . .

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The God of New Beginnings

Author:Matt Roberts,Rob Cowles

Publisher:Thomas Nelson


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Nearly everyone has someone in their circle of acquaintances who struggles—an out-of-control friend or relative whose habits or relationships are in chaos. Is there any hope, or is he or she doomed to self-destruction? Pastors Rob Cowles and Matt Roberts say God is equal to the challenge! New beginnings are possible, no matter how broken, devastated, or crazy someone’s life may be. Yet today’s churches don’t do messy very well. The Genesis Project is a network of believers whose goal is to plant churches in dark places, targeting people who don’t normally “do” church. Reaching drug addicts, convicts, strippers, and gang members, they’ve seen God do some amazing things with seemingly hopeless lives. The God of New Beginnings tells these dramatic stories, offering practical wisdom for breaking through the darkness in a person’s life: Pursuing real relationships Opening up true stories Pulling together safe communities Getting honest about sin Extending God’s forgiveness and freedom Helping people reset their lives and habits Coping with ongoing complications Not giving up when setbacks occur Freely sharing the victories Keeping the faith life simple Love never fails. And when we incorporate God’s love into our lives and relationships, redemption is possible.


Author:John Saul



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A powerful high-tech company. A postcard-pretty company town. Families. Children. Sunshine. Happiness. A high school football team that never-ever loses. And something else. Something horrible ... Now, there is a new family in town. A shy, nature-loving teenager. A new hometown. A new set of bullies. Maybe the team's sports clinic can help him. Rebuild him. They won't hurt him again. They won't dare.

Rocks of Ages

Author:Stephen Jay Gould

Publisher:Ballantine Books


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"People of good will wish to see science and religion at peace. . . . I do not see how science and religion could be unified, or even synthesized, under any common scheme of explanation or analysis; but I also do not understand why the two enterprises should experience any conflict." So states internationally renowned evolutionist and bestselling author Stephen Jay Gould in the simple yet profound thesis of his brilliant new book. Writing with bracing intelligence and elegant clarity, Gould sheds new light on a dilemma that has plagued thinking people since the Renaissance. Instead of choosing between science and religion, Gould asks, why not opt for a golden mean that accords dignity and distinction to each realm? At the heart of Gould's penetrating argument is a lucid, contemporary principle he calls NOMA (for nonoverlapping magisteria)--a "blessedly simple and entirely conventional resolution" that allows science and religion to coexist peacefully in a position of respectful noninterference. Science defines the natural world; religion, our moral world, in recognition of their separate spheres of influence. In elaborating and exploring this thought-provoking concept, Gould delves into the history of science, sketching affecting portraits of scientists and moral leaders wrestling with matters of faith and reason. Stories of seminal figures such as Galileo, Darwin, and Thomas Henry Huxley make vivid his argument that individuals and cultures must cultivate both a life of the spirit and a life of rational inquiry in order to experience the fullness of being human. In his bestselling books Wonderful Life, The Mismeasure of Man, and Questioning the Millennium, Gould has written on the abundance of marvels in human history and the natural world. In Rocks of Ages, Gould's passionate humanism, ethical discernment, and erudition are fused to create a dazzling gem of contemporary cultural philosophy. As the world's preeminent Darwinian theorist writes, "I believe, with all my heart, in a respectful, even loving concordat between . . . science and religion."

Love’s Lure: God’s Project People

Author:John Ford



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We were created, designed, in God’s image, but God will always be a mystery to our minds, bound as they are by time and space. By attempting to achieve atonement with God, a state of harmony and oneness, we can realize our true purpose—sharing in the boundless love with which God has bequeathed us and with which he provided the spark for our evolution to begin. Our evolution continues as we move into the future, and we can no longer afford to let our faith and our thinking be influenced by ancient beliefs. In Love’s Lure: God’s Project People: A Third Millennium Vision, author John Ford seeks to bridge the gap between theology and science by examining how God’s Word speaks to us in the present and transforms our modern understanding of truth, spirit, and love. With his intimate knowledge of Scripture, Ford helps us explore the nature of Godhead and Jesus’s life and teachings as they contribute to the redefinition of faith—truth lies in what God says to us now, and in following his loving example. Every disaster and mishap should be regarded as an opportunity for the outpouring of love and represents a chance to work tirelessly for positive change. We are all engaged in God’s ongoing venture to create beings in harmony with him, but how we let his work touch our hearts is always up to us.

The Family Project

Author:Focus on the Family,Glenn T. Stanton,Leon C. Wirth

Publisher:Tyndale House


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We all know what families look like when they’re broken. But how were they meant to look? Authors Glenn Stanton and Leon Wirth rediscover the Creator’s majestic plan behind this essential, endangered institution—and bring it down to earth with practical application for every spouse and parent. This book is an extension of Focus on the Family’s much-anticipated The Family Project, a 12-week church and small group series that will change the way moms, dads, wives, and husbands see themselves—and help them build healthy households from the best blueprint of all. While following the topic outline of The Family Project curriculum, this book stands alone and delves into the subject areas more deeply. It provides a solid exploration of God’s design and the transformative purpose of biblical families, and also offers down-to-earth helps for living out God’s design in your own family, along with inspiration for helping others do the same.

The God Who Risks

Author:John Sanders

Publisher:InterVarsity Press


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Books Description:

If God is all-knowing and all-powerful, can he in any way be vulnerable to his creation? Can God be in control of anything at all if he is not constantly in control of everything? John Sanders says yes to both of these questions. In The God Who Risks defends his answer with a careful and challenging argument. He first builds his case on an in-depth reading of the Old and New Testaments. Then Sanders probes philosophical, historical and systematic theology for further support. And he completes his defense with considerations drawn from practical theology. The God Who Risks is a profound and often inspiring presentation of "relational theism"--an understanding of providence in which "a personal God enters into genuine give-and-take relations with his creatures." With this book Sanders not only contributes to serious theological discussion but also enlightens pastors and laypersons who struggle with questions about suffering, evil and human free will.

Reasons to Hope

Author:Werner G. Jeanrond

Publisher:Bloomsbury Publishing


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Werner G. Jeanrond approaches hope from the perspective of a theology of love. He distinguishes human hopes from the hope which God has given to humanity. Jeanrond discusses the challenges of a Christian praxis of hope in today's world and invites both a new conversation on a future with God and a reassessment of the potential of hope for Christian discipleship. Jeanrond argues that memory is important for hope, and that nobody can hope for herself or himself alone. Hope thus invites personal, communal, political and global participation and transformation. Moreover, it gives rise to a powerful constellation of symbolic expressions, including judgement, heaven, hell, and purgatory, that call for ongoing interpretation. Ranging from radical hope and the hope for salvation, to the power of judgment and contemporary fears about the future of nations, humankind and the world, Jeanrond's latest work offers a theological contribution to the multireligious conversation on hope, death and the human future in our universe.

The Gospel According to the Blues

Author:Gary W Burnett

Publisher:ISD LLC


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'The Gospel According to the Blues' dares us to read Jesus's Sermon on the Mount in conversation with Robert Johnson, Son House, and Muddy Waters. It suggests that thinking about the blues - the history, the artists, the songs - provides good stimulationfor thinking about the Christian gospel. Both are about a world gone wrong, about injustice, about the human condition, and about hope for a better world. In this book, Gary Burnett probes both the gospel and the history of the blues, to help us understand better the nature of the good news that Jesus preached, and its relevance and challenge to us.

The Collected Works of Witness Lee, 1973-1974, volume 1

Author:Witness Lee

Publisher:Living Stream Ministry


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Books Description:

The Collected Works of Witness Lee, 1973-1974, volume 1, contains messages given by Brother Witness Lee from February 20, 1973, through March 21, 1974. In 1973 and 1974 Brother Lee spoke seventy-one messages that were published in Life-study of Ephesians, Life-study of Genesis, Life-study of Matthew, and Life-study of Romans. These Life-study messages are not included in The Collected Works of Witness Lee. At the end of December 1972 and the beginning of January 1973, Brother Lee traveled to San Francisco, Berkeley, San Jose, and Santa Cruz, California, and then returned to Los Angeles. The messages that he gave in San Francisco are published at the end of The Collected Works of Witness Lee, 1972, volume 3. There is no record of his speaking in the other three cities. From January 22 through February 15 Brother Lee remained in Los Angeles. From February 16 through 19 Brother Lee visited Seattle and Spokane, Washington. There is no record of his speaking in those cities. From February 20 through March 28 Brother Lee ministered in Los Angeles. From March 30 through April 1 Brother Lee ministered in Houston, Texas, after which he spent the next month in Los Angeles. From May 4 through 24 he traveled to Taipei and Taichung, Taiwan, and to Manila, Philippines. The only record of his speaking during those dates was in a meeting with the serving ones of the church in Taipei on May 5. At the end of May Brother Lee visited Sacramento. There is no record of his speaking in that city. He returned to Los Angeles at the end of May and ministered there until the end of the third week in October. Then he traveled to Vancouver, Canada; San Francisco, California; and Spokane and Seattle, Washington, until the end of November, after which he returned to Los Angeles and remained there until the middle of December. From the third week in December through the first week in January 1974, Brother Lee visited Houston, Texas; Atlanta, Georgia; and New York City. He returned to Los Angeles and remained there through the third week in March. The contents of this volume are divided into thirteen sections, as follows: 1. Ten messages given in Los Angeles, California, from February 20 through March 21, 1973. They were previously published in a book entitled The History of the Church and the Local Churches. 2. Three messages given in Los Angeles, California, on March 27 and 28 and April 27, 1973. They are included in this volume under the title The Kernel of the New Testament--the Divine Spirit with Our Human Spirit. Chapter 1 was spoken immediately after the messages published in The History of the Church and the Local Churches. 3. Four messages given in Houston, Texas, from March 30 through April 1, 1973. They were previously published in a book entitled The Enjoyment of Christ for the Body in 1 Corinthians. 4. One message that summarizes fellowship given in Taipei, Taiwan, on May 5, 1973. This message was originally published in Chinese in the July 1973 issue of Church News as "The Way for the Church to Go On Today" and is included in this volume under the same title. 5. Three messages given in Los Angeles, California, on July 30 through August 5, 1973. These messages are included in this volume under the title The Enjoyment of the All-inclusive Christ for the Building Up of the Church as the Body of Christ and the New Man. 6. Seven messages given in Los Angeles, California, on August 6 through 19, 1973. They are published in this volume under the title Enjoying Christ and Ministering Him in the Local Churches. 7. Three messages given at a young people's conference in Los Angeles, California, on October 20, 1973. They are included in this volume under the title Life and Building as Revealed in Peter's Epistles. 8. Three messages given in Los Angeles, California, on October 14, 16, and 21, 1973. They are included in this volume under the title Miscellaneous Messages Given to the Church in Los Angeles. 9. Four messages given in Vancouver, Canada, on October 26 through 28, 1973. These messages were previously published in volume 12, number 1 of The Stream magazine and are included in this volume under the title Life and Building in 1 and 2 Peter. 10. Five messages given in San Francisco, California, on November 2 through 4, 1973. The first four messages were previously published in volume 12, number 2 of The Stream magazine. The five messages are included in this volume under the title Grace in the New Testament. 11. Five messages given in Spokane, Washington, on November 15 through 17, 1973. No audio recording is available of the message given on November 15. The remaining four messages are included in this volume under the title Participating in the Riches of Christ and Being Mingled with the Processed Triune God for the Church. 12. Six messages given in Seattle, Washington, on November 22 through 25, 1973. They were previously published in a book entitled The Vision and Experience of the Corporate Christ. 13. Sixteen messages given in an informal training in Los Angeles, California, on January 10 through March 21, 1974. They were originally published in volume 12, numbers 3 and 4, and volume 13, number 1 of The Stream magazine and were also published in a book entitled The Indwelling Christ in the Canon of the New Testament.

The Final Truth

Author:Deep Throat

Publisher:Xlibris Corporation


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Books Description:

This book reveals the truth for the first time about some of the most sought after information for generations. If you are interested in the unknown and want information, or religious and waiting for answers, the most holy of all information is made public by the well known household name representing truth amidst secrecy. A book can not offer tangible proof, but because I am a scientist and worked on many aspects of these revelations, perhaps it may convince you as I am convinced. This book tries to explain the high respect the government has for the laws of the nation and its citizens, but at the same time why it has another unique responsibility to preserve and protect infinite life. This book explains how the storyteller has been made by the story itself. There is not any part of the story, which is normally believable, but I lived it, and you lived through some of it as well. Watergate did happen. I explain how I found out the truth, and why I have come to my conclusions. Instead of trying to fight the truth as so many others have done before me, being a scientist the most statistically probable answers are arrived at. Then the proof offered me personally through delegated authority is explained to you.

The Problem of Hell

Author:Joel Buenting



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Books Description:

How can a perfectly good God justifiably damn anyone to hell? This is one version of the problem of hell. The problem of hell has become one of the most widely discussed topics in contemporary philosophy of religion. This anthology brings together contributions by contemporary philosophers whose work shapes the current debate.

Let the Reader Understand

Author:Edwin K. Broadhead

Publisher:Bloomsbury Publishing


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Books Description:

This book honors the extraordinary contribution of Elizabeth Struthers Malbon to biblical studies. In the opening chapter, Werner Kelber places Malbon's work within the larger context of critical reflection, from antiquity to the modern era, on the role and function of discourse. Kelber locates Malbon's approach squarely within the framework of modernity and concludes that her "supremely creative achievement has been the employment of modern, narrative critical tools with a view toward uncovering the fecundity of the gospel of Mark.†? Drawing from and conversing with Professor Malbon's extensive publications, each of the five sections engages a theme from her works, focusing particularly on the Gospel of Mark. This tribute includes meaning as narrative, issues in methodology, studies in characterization, narrative readings of specific texts, and aesthetic and political readings. Contributors include: Werner H. Kelber; R. Alan Culpepper; Kelly R. Iverson; Mikeal C. Parsons; David Barr; David J.A. Clines; Robert C. Tannehill; J. Cheryl Exum; Heidi Hornik and Richard Walsh.

The God Particle

Author:Richard Cox

Publisher:Del Rey


Total Pages:320



Books Description:

There is a divine spark within us all. In one man, that spark is about to explode. American businessman Steve Keeley is hurtled three stories to the cold cobblestone street in Zurich. In the days that follow, a doctor performs miraculous surgery on Keeley, who wakes up to find that everything about his world has changed. He seems to sense things before they happen, and he thinks he’s capable of feats that are clearly impossible. It’s a strange and compelling new world for him, one he quickly realizes is also incredibly dangerous. Meanwhile at a $12 billion facility in hardscrabble North Texas, a super collider lies two hundred feet beneath the Earth’s surface. Leading a team of scientists, Mike McNair, a brilliant physicist, works to uncover one of the universe’s greatest secrets—a theoretical particle that binds the universe together, often called The God Particle. When his efforts are undermined by the man who has poured his own vast fortune into the project, McNair begins to suspect that something in his research has gone very, very wrong. Now, these two men are about to come together, battling mysteries of science and of the soul—and venturing to a realm beyond reason, beyond faith, perhaps even beyond life and death.

God's Shalom Project

Author:Bernhard Ott

Publisher:Simon and Schuster


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Books Description:

The author sees God as a gracious parent, intent on a restored relationship with humans. It is that ongoing effort which Ott calls the Shalom Project. Ott believes that "God wants a Shalom people," a community of the faithful who together love God and each other, and then live in the world within that strength.

Creation and New Creation

Author:Sean M McDonough

Publisher:Authentic Media Inc


Total Pages:304



Books Description:

In keeping with the Scriptural witness and the theological heritage, this remarkable book examines the doctrine of creation alongside new creation. The connection between the two - creation and new creation - has drawn renewed attention in the last several decades; but the burden of Sean McDonough's argument is that this emphasis on creation and new creation has been a feature of the doctrine since the beginning, whether in the eschatological reading of Genesis 1 that predominated at least until early modern times, or the intertwining of the narratives of creation and redemption in thinkers from Irenaeus to Barth. Whilst covering the traditional elements of the doctrine, McDonough treats the important subject with a special emphasis on how these unfold in the story of what Gunton has called God's "creation project".

Conflict Resolution of the Boruca Hydro-Energy Project

Author:Jurgen Carls,Warren R. Haffar,Lauren E. Jones,Jessica E. Morey

Publisher:Bloomsbury Publishing USA


Total Pages:234



Books Description:

A case study that profiles the best practices for sustainable development, indigenous human rights, and conflict resolution, providing original insights into Latin American environmental and development politics.

Reconstructing a Christian Theology of Nature

Author:Anna Case-Winters



Total Pages:190



Books Description:

In the present ecological crisis, it is imperative that human beings reconsider their place within nature and find new, more responsible and sustainable ways of living. Assumptions about the nature of God, the world, and the human being, shape our thinking and, consequently, our acting. Some have charged that the Christian tradition has been more a hindrance than a help because its theology of nature has unwittingly legitimated the exploitation of nature. This book takes the current criticism of Christian tradition to heart and invites a reconsideration of the problematic elements: its desacralization of nature; its preoccupation with the human being to the neglect of the rest of nature; its dualisms and elevation of the spiritual over material reality, and its habit of ignoring or resisting scientific understandings of the natural world. Anna Case-Winters argues that Christian tradition has a more viable theology of nature to offer. She takes a look at some particulars in Christian tradition as a way to illustrate the undeniable problems and to uncover the untapped possibilities. In the process, she engages conversation partners that have been sharply critical and particularly insightful (feminist theology, process thought, and the religion and science dialogue). The criticisms and insights of these partners help to shape a proposal for a reconstructed theology of nature that can more effectively fund our struggle for the fate of the earth.

The Essential Guide to Doing Your Research Project

Author:Zina O'Leary



Total Pages:384



Books Description:

The Essential Guide to Doing Your Research Project 2e is the ultimate companion to successfully completing your research project. Warm and pragmatic, it gives you the skills and the confidence needed to succeed no matter what happens along the way. The book guides you through every step of your research project, from getting started to analysing data and writing up. Each stage is clearly set out, highlighting best practice and providing practical tips and down-to-earth advice for actually doing research. Key features include: Fully developed companion website including podcasts, worksheets, examples of real projects and links to journal articles Chapter summaries Boxed definitions of key terms Full glossary Suggestions for further reading Bursting with real world examples and multidisciplinary case studies, this book addresses the key questions posed by anyone hoping to complete a research project. It is the must-have textbook every student needs.