The Crown of Thorns


Publisher:Hay House, Inc


Total Pages:248



Books Description:

Ever since she was a little girl, Lillie Leonardi could hear the whispers of angels. No one else could hear or see them, but deep down she knew they were real, and that they would help guide and protect her. She spent years pushing these visions aside, but on September 11, 2001, her life, like so many others, was forever changed. After witnessing a legion of angels at the Flight 93 crash site, she experienced an incredible transformation that opened her up to the magic, mystery, and miracles of life. And she gained the courage to share her story with others . . . In this decades-spanning memoir, Lillie reveals how she first uncovered her intuitive gifts. She explains how her ancestry, her strict Catholic upbringing, and other significant events impacted her spiritual evolution and faith in God. From understanding love and marriage, becoming a mother, and finding her true purpose and vocation in law enforcement to confronting separation, death, and loss, Lillie describes times in her life when she called on the angels for blessings, and others when she learned how to rely on herself. Throughout her journey of self-discovery, her realizations about forgiveness, self-acceptance, and healing unfold and offer divine inspiration for readers.

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The Everything Guide to Reiki

Author:Phylameana Iila Desy

Publisher:Simon and Schuster


Total Pages:304



Books Description:

The Everything Guide to Reiki is a comprehensive resource for readers interested in this ancient Japanese hands-on therapy, which has been proven to reduce stress, promote healing, and enhance quality of life. Beyond learning the basics of Reiki's history, readers learn about the placing of hands, how to harness negative energy, promote a healthy immune system, and alleviate specific ailments such as chronic pain, digestive issues, infertility, and depression. Featuring a section on how to get certified and open up your own Reiki practice, The Everything Guide to Reiki is the ideal guide for readers interested in this ancient therapy.

The Whirling White Light Ride in Heaven

Author:Greg Belter



Total Pages:180



Books Description:

Adventure on into the upper realm of heaven. All events will be most enjoyable while your mind will be elevated, as you'll find the spiritual power of the Lord most exciting to feel inside of the human psyche. The intuitive side is in the far depths of your mind, body and soul. That will immediately blend in with the specific movements and new beginning of life on the other side, which is most commonly known as heaven above. The interpreter helps bring forth messages from there, only as a special helper who steps outside of the body and goes on inside of the spirit world. For more of an understanding of the fantastic, tender, and a Godly way of spiritual life. All of the love given from God with the Lord by His Mother's side, undoubtedly will be shared. When we die it won't be that unusual to be visiting with the Virgin Mary and Her family. Just wait until you're taken on this "big ride." The Whirling White Light Ride in Heaven is real and a total blast.

Using Your White Light Angels to Find Your Life’S Purpose

Author:Mariah The Light Source



Total Pages:96



Books Description:

This book gives humans a deeper perspective of why our souls were created and what our purpose is on earth. It also helps us to understand that by using our own natural gifts and talents, we can help change the world and bring about peace on earth. This book answers some deep-rooted spiritual questions: Do bad people have angels too? How does life and death affect my lifes purpose?


Author:Hal Dennis



Total Pages:520



Books Description:

In 2063 the United States has become a third-world country. War rages in Europe. Religious freedom has been relinquished. Hollywood has been banned. The bread basket of the country has gone dry, and the cities have been abandoned to the destitute, turning them into lawless shells of their former selves. Even so, the worst is yet to come. When a mysterious white light engulfs the country, America is thrust into a new dark age, leaving ten disparate and valiant individuals to rebuild and claim their place in a new world—a world unlike anything they have ever known. Facing challenges of staying alive, the few survivors are drawn to the town of Bastion nestled deep in a Wyoming mountain range, a community seemingly untouched by the horrible events of the world. Here they must work together or else face extinction from a new and frightening enemy. As the future of civilization hangs in the balance, a few will rise from the after winds of disaster and do what is necessary, changing the meaning and expectations inherent in the word humanity.

Self-Organized Surface Structures with Ultrafast White-Light

Author:Sebastian Uhlig



Total Pages:97



Books Description:

Sebastian Uhlig presents the first experimental investigation of self-organized surface structures (LIPSS) generated by ablation from different (semiconductor and metallic) targets with an ultrafast white-light continuum (WLC) spreading in wavelength from 400-750 nm. The main goal is to study the possibility of LIPSS formation upon irradiation with an incoherent and polychromatic light source (e.g. the WLC) in order to discriminate between the two debated formation scenarios. The generation of a suitable WLC in terms of sufficient white-light pulse energy, broad spectral bandwidth, and low spatial coherence for the LIPSS generation, as well as the characterization of this WLC are additional important objectives of this work.

Peter Mark Richman: I Saw a Molten, White Light...: An autobiography of my artistic and spiritual journey

Author:Peter Mark Richman

Publisher:BearManor Media


Total Pages:N.A



Books Description:

Peter Mark Richman is a true Renaissance man: actor, writer, director, prod-ucer, and painter. A star of film (William Wyler's Friendly Persuasion), theatre (A Hatful of Rain, Albee's The Zoo Story) and more than 500 guest star roles on TV including The Twilight Zone, Bonanza, The Love Boat, Mission: Impossible, Three's Company, Dynasty, and many others. He is instantly recognizable to millions, but his legion of fans haven't heard his extraordinary life story… until now. From his childhood in South Philadelphia, to leading roles on Broadway and in Hollywood, Peter Mark has many stories to tell about the luminaries he encountered during his six decades in show business and about the spiritual quest that was the main influence in his life as a father of five, grandfather of six, and as a husband married to the love of his life for 65+ years. I SAW A MOLTEN WHITE LIGHT… is not just another celebrity autobiography but a highly personal work from a very public figure.

The Soul of the White Ant

Author:Eugene Marais

Publisher:Lulu Press, Inc


Total Pages:N.A



Books Description:

The Soul of the White Ant by Eugène Marais is a passionate, insightful account into the world of termites. It is a meticulously researched expose of their complex, highly structured community life. Originally translated into English in 1937, the quality of research remains as relevant today as it was when it was first published. This illuminating account will not only appeal to those with a scientific interest in termites, but will similarly enthrall readers who are new to their captivating world. An exceptional feature of his detailed research is the extraordinary psychological life of the termite. While the studies are based in South Africa, the extensive research includes the termites of Magnetic Island, Australia. The Soul of the White Ant is part science, part mysticism, a sort of manual of pantheism, and a very personal and careful observation of termites as a life form.

White Light Red Fire

Author:Bob Reid

Publisher:Mereo Books


Total Pages:N.A



Books Description:

Inspired by Braveheart, a late 13th-century Scottish warrior who led the Scots in the First War of Scottish Independence against King Edward I of England. “White Light - Red Fire” is a story about a strong aggressor looking to conquer a smaller nation. The story is however situated in a different time and place. The aggressor desires the natural resources of the land. A red stone, othium, is inert until in the hands of an old alchemist who can turn the dull red rock into a weapon of power and destruction. In the Second Age the stone had powered great craft to conquer the planet and explore the outer worlds. The Council of Five became all powerful but reached too far and a greater power had to intervene. Now in the Third Age the alchemist returns with world domination again his ambition. Only the brave can resist the conquest and only a power for good, gifted to one man, can stop the destruction.

Journey of the White Robes

Author:Fred Jenning Rogers



Total Pages:240



Books Description:

Small Orbs of brilliant light, Mystical Mount Shasta, Aquarian Age schools in the center of the Universe, interdimensional travel, and the survival of the human race are just the beginning. Join Forest Waters and Aurora Collins in this visionary adventure. Are you really ready to find out? * Find out who the Ancient Brotherhood of Light consists of, and what their critical mission at this pivotal moment of time in Earths history is. * Learn what part dreams play in activating our super-conscious awareness, and when the past and the future become the present. * See where the evidence that Earth has been visited and populated by beings from other star systems is, and who they were. * Why are small Orbs of brilliant light appearing to many all over the planet at this time? * How should we be preparing for the coming great shift? The Cosmic Clock is ticking. Find out as Forest and Aurora enter a secret portal and travel interdimensionally to the great schools of light, where Aquarian Age keys are safeguarded.

The Light in the Forest

Author:Conrad Richter



Total Pages:192



Books Description:

An adventurous story of a frontier boy raised by Indians, The Light in the Forest is a beloved American classic. When John Cameron Butler was a child, he was captured in a raid on the Pennsylvania frontier and adopted by the great warrrior Cuyloga. Renamed True Son, he came to think of himself as fully Indian. But eleven years later his tribe, the Lenni Lenape, has signed a treaty with the white men and agreed to return their captives, including fifteen-year-old True Son. Now he must go back to the family he has forgotten, whose language is no longer his, and whose ways of dress and behavior are as strange to him as the ways of the forest are to them.

Small Boat Sailing on Sea and River

Author:E. Knight

Publisher:Read Books Ltd


Total Pages:320



Books Description:

Originally published London 1931, this is a well illustrated book that will prove invaluable to the class of yachtsmen for whom it is intended, with much information that will still be found practical and relevant to the modern reader. Contents include: The Selection of a Boat; The Effect of the Wind on a Boat; Splices, Knots, and Tackles; The Small Open Sailing Boat; Open Sailing Boats with Boom-Sails, and Half Decked Boat; Decked Boats; Seamanship; Open Boat Sailing; The Cruising Yacht; The Art of Coasting; Description of a Voyage; Regulations Affecting Yachtsmen; Two Cruises on Lateen-Rigged Craft; Etc. Many of these earliest books, particularly those dating back to the 1900s and before, are now extremely scarce and increasingly expensive. We are republishing these classic works in affordable, high quality, modern editions, using the original text and artwork.


Author:Kailash K. Sharma



Total Pages:656



Books Description:

Optics clearly explains the principles of optics using excellent pedagogy to support student learning. Beginning with introductory ideas and equations, K.K. Sharma takes the reader through the world of optics by detailing problems encountered, advanced subjects, and actual applications. Elegantly written, this book rigorously examines optics with over 300 illustrations and several problems in each chapter. The book begins with light propagation in anisotropic media considered much later in most books. Nearly one third of the book deals with applications of optics. This simple idea of merging the sometimes overwhelming and dry subject of optics with real world applications will create better future engineers. It will make ‘optics’ jump off the page for readers and they will see it take shape in the world around them. In presenting optics practically, as well as theoretically, readers will come away not only with a complete knowledge base but a context in which to place it. This book is recommended for optical engineers, libraries, senior undergraduate students, graduate students, and professors. Strong emphasis on applications to demonstrate the relevance of the theory Includes chapter on problem solving of ray deviations, focusing errors, and distortion Problems are included at the end of each chapter for thorough understanding of this dense subject matter

Million Mile Road Trip

Author:Rudy rucker

Publisher:Transreal Books


Total Pages:N.A



Books Description:

Three teens ride a car across the universe and back. Look out for the flying saucers! "Tipping his hat to Thomas Pynchon, Jack Kerouac, and Douglas Adams, Rucker immerses readers in a fantastical roadtrip adventure that’s a wild ride of unmitigated joy. . . . he ties everything together with internal consistency, playful use of language that keeps his ideas alien yet accessible, and a solid grounding in fourth-dimensional math. This wacky adventure is a geeky reader’s delight."—Publishers Weekly, starred review

Strengthening Physical Science Skills for Middle & Upper Grades, Grades 6 - 12

Author:Myrl Shireman

Publisher:Mark Twain Media


Total Pages:128



Books Description:

Develop interest and confidence in advanced science by building science vocabulary and math skills while exploring physical science concepts! In Strengthening Physical Science Skills, topics include matter, gravity, density, motion, simple machines, electricity, light, and more. It also includes a CD-ROM with interactive exercises that are automatically scored and printed, plus printable worksheets and reading activities. It also supports NSE standards. Mark Twain Media Publishing Company specializes in providing captivating, supplemental books and decorative resources to complement middle- and upper-grade classrooms. Designed by leading educators, the product line covers a range of subjects including mathematics, sciences, language arts, social studies, history, government, fine arts, and character. Mark Twain Media also provides innovative classroom solutions for bulletin boards and interactive whiteboards. Since 1977, Mark Twain Media has remained a reliable source for a wide variety of engaging classroom resources.

Immortal in Wonderland

Author:Zai XuXianYuan



Total Pages:N.A



Books Description:

An ordinary city worker accidentally entered the "Forbidden Land of the Gods" on a journey to ease his mind

Another World: Romantic Devil King

Author:Xin SuiMengHan



Total Pages:N.A



Books Description:

The main character of the Martial Arts Family, who had been passed down through the world of swords and magic, was now in a completely different world! Since he was already here, he might as well take things as they were! A game in another world! Our goal: to travel to another world! Take down the iron bucket and fill up the whole harem!

Theory of Quadsitron-Energy Connectivity

Author:Lane B. Scheiber II MD,Lane B. Scheiber ScD



Total Pages:444



Books Description:

The luminous aether, a concept known for hundreds of years, is the fine essence of the universe. Over the last 130 years, mainstream science abandoned the knowledge such an aether existed. Yet, reawakening the principles of a luminous aether as the fabric of space--both within our being and surrounding us, reaching out in every direction to the very edges of the universe-- explains many unsolved mysteries. The luminous aether is a vast three-dimensional ocean of the tiniest and most elemental particles called quadsitrons. From the fusion of quadsitrons and energy, all else in the universe is constructed. The dynamics of quadsitrons interacting with energy accounts for and connects all the micro and macrophenomena that fill our lives, such as gravity, light, electrons, atoms, molecules, and magnetism. It is essential we understand and grasp the principles of this wondrous quadsitron-energy connectivity in order to advance our technology forward to interstellar travel.