The Crown of Thorns




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First published in French in 1988, and in English in 1992, this companion explores the nature of the literary myth in a collection of over 100 essays, from Abraham to Zoroaster. Its coverage is international and draws on legends from prehistory to the modern age throughout literature, whether fiction, poetry or drama. Essays on classical figures, as well as later myths, explore the origin, development and various incarnations of their subjects. Alongside entries on western archetypes, are analyses of non-European myths from across the world, including Africa, China, Japan, Latin America and India. This book will be indispensable for students and teachers of literature, history and cultural studies, as well as anyone interested in the fascinating world of mythology. A detailed bibliography and index are included. ‘The Companion provides a fine interpretive road map to Western culture’s use of archetypal stories.’ Wilson Library Review ‘It certainly is a comprehensive volume... extremely useful.’ Times Higher Education Supplement

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Hell's Gate

Author:Laurent Gaudé

Publisher:Gallic Books


Total Pages:300



Books Description:

What if death was not the end? A thrilling story of love, loss, revenge andredemption in Naples and beyond. When his son is killed by gangsters’ crossfire on his way to school, Neapolitan taxi driver Matteo is consumed by despair. But just when he feels life has lost all meaning, he encounters a man who claims the living can find ways into the afterlife. And legend says that there’s an entrance to the underworld beneath Naples. What if Matteo had a chance of bringing Pippo back from the dead?

The Most Beautiful Book in the World

Author:Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt

Publisher:Europa Editions


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Books Description:

The international bestselling story collection. “Truth and beauty are here brought together with all the visual beauty and power of a major literary work” (Lire Magazine, France). A cast of extravagant and affecting characters lovingly portrayed by Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt animates these eight contemporary fables about people in search of happiness. One of Europe's most popular and bestselling authors, Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt captivates the reader with his spirited style and enchanting stories that move effortlessly from the everyday to the fantastical. The eight stories in this collection, his first to be published in English, represent his best and most imaginative storylines: from the touching and surprising love story between Balthazar, a wealthy author, and Odette, a shop clerk, to the tale of a barefooted princess; from the moving title story about a group of female prisoners in a Soviet gulag to the entertaining portrait of a perennially disgruntled perfectionist. Behind each story lies a simple, if elusive, truth: though we may be frequently blind to it, happiness is often right in front of our eyes.

The Migrant Canon in Twenty-First-Century France

Author:Oana Sabo

Publisher:U of Nebraska Press


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Books Description:

The Migrant Canon in Twenty-First-Century France explains the causes of twenty-first-century global migrations and their impact on French literature and the French literary establishment. A marginal genre in 1980s France, since the turn of the century “migrant literature” has become central to criticism and publishing. Oana Sabo addresses previously unanswered questions about the proliferation of contemporary migrant texts and their shifting themes and forms, mechanisms of literary legitimation, and notions of critical and commercial achievement. Through close readings of novels (by Mathias Énard, Milan Kundera, Dany Laferrière, Henri Lopès, Andreï Makine, Éric-Emmanuel Schmitt, Alice Zeniter, and others) and sociological analyses of their consecrating authorities (including the Prix littéraire de la Porte Dorée, the Académie française, publishing houses, and online reviewers), Sabo argues that these texts are best understood as cultural commodities that mediate between literary and economic forms of value, academic and mass readerships, and national and global literary markets. By examining the latest literary texts and cultural agents not yet subjected to sufficient critical study, Sabo contributes to contemporary literature, cultural history, migration studies, and literary sociology.

The Woman in the Mirror

Author:Rebecca James

Publisher:Minotaur Books


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Rebecca James unveils a chilling modern gothic novel of a family consumed by the shadows and secrets of its past in The Woman in the Mirror. For more than two centuries, Winterbourne Hall has stood atop a bluff overseeing the English countryside of Cornwall and the sea beyond. Enshrouded by fog and enveloped by howling winds, the imposing edifice casts a darkness over the town. In 1947, Londoner Alice Miller accepts a post as governess at Winterbourne, looking after twin children Constance and Edmund for their widower father, Captain Jonathan de Grey. Falling under the de Greys’ spell, Alice believes the family will heal her own past sorrows. But then the twins’ adoration becomes deceitful and taunting. Their father, ever distant, turns spiteful and cruel. The manor itself seems to lash out. Alice finds her surroundings subtly altered, her air slightly chilled. Something malicious resents her presence, something clouding her senses and threatening her very sanity. In present day New York, art gallery curator Rachel Wright has learned she is a descendant of the de Greys and heir to Winterbourne. Adopted as an infant, she never knew her birth parents or her lineage. At long last, Rachel will find answers to questions about her identity that have haunted her entire life. But what she finds in Cornwall is a devastating tragic legacy that has afflicted generations of de Greys. A legacy borne from greed and deceit, twisted by madness, and suffused with unrequited love and unequivocal rage. There is only one true mistress of Winterbourne. She will not tolerate any woman who dares to cross its threshold and call it home. Those who do will only find a reflection of their own wicked sins and an inherited vengeance.

The Indies Enterprise

Author:Érik Orsenna

Publisher:Haus Publishing


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The Columbus brothers worked relentlessly for eight years to prepare the voyage Christopher dreamed of: the search for the passage to the Indies, Cipango and the Empire of the Great Khan. Bartolomeo tells the story from the very outset; he is his brother's accomplice and the main witness to the events leading to the Indies Enterprise.

Infinite Days

Author:Rebecca Maizel

Publisher:St. Martin\'s Griffin


Total Pages:336



Books Description:

The first in the delicious new Vampire Queen YA series, a tale that rewrites the rules of blood-sucking eternity "I never expected to be sixteen again...then again, I never expected my past to come back and haunt me . . ." After centuries of terrorizing Europe as the world's most powerful vampire queen, Lenah is finally able to realize the dream all vampires have -- to be human again. After performing a dangerous ritual to restore her humanity, Lenah entered a century-long hibernation, leaving behind the wicked coven she ruled over and the eternal love, Rhode, who sacrificed himself in the ritual to grant her deepest wish. But when Lenah draws her first natural breath in centuries at Wickham Boarding School in Lover's Bay, Massachusetts, she rediscovers a human life that bears little resemblance to the one she had known. As if suddenly waking up a teenager isn't hard enough, she has to dress herself appropriately, go to class, and be gawked at as the beautiful new girl, all while learning her new human senses and weaknesses -- and trying not to fall in love with Justin, the most popular guy in school. And right when she thinks she has the hang of it, the worst happens: Her old life collides violently with her new one, making Lenah realize how attached she's become to her humanity. How can she choose between protecting her new friends and honoring her past? “Infinite Days is a wonderfully sexy, dark novel full of lush prose. Rebecca Maizel is a marvel, writing more than just a story, she creates myth with every page.” —Carrie Jones, author of New York Times bestselling series, NEED

Reiki for Beginners

Author:David Vennells

Publisher:Llewellyn Worldwide


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Millions of people worldwide have already benefited from the healing practice of Reiki. With the help of this introductory Reiki book, you can learn the basic principles of this simple, yet profound system for healing and spiritual growth that works on an energetic level. Make the most of Reiki from a practical point of view as you explore its spiritual essence: Heal yourself and others physically, mentally, and emotionally Develop compassion and wisdom Heal plants and animals Resolve relationship issues at work or home Complement and strengthen other therapies Send healing energy to local or world situations such as war, natural disasters, crime, or poverty Be blessed, guided, and protected Winner of the Coalition of Visionary Resources (COVR) Award for Best Alternative Health Book

Toward a Linguistic and Literary Revision of Cultural Paradigms

Author:Ettore Finazzi-Agrò

Publisher:Cambridge Scholars Publishing


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This book draws an updated Euro-American conceptual map, starting from a limited number of strategic terms whose meanings today are judged univocal and permanent, while in fact daily use has turned them into “common sense”, depriving them of their ambiguity – an original feature of language, particularly relevant when it comes to literary use. By re-examining the proper noun for each of the selected notions, the contributors’ common intent is to shed light on their polysemous nature and linguistic fluidity, in spite of the common tendency towards simplification and homogeneity imposed by hegemonic cultural paradigms. Along this line, the book explores the great divides between identity and otherness (or common or alien) in order to recover a sense of cultural identity which is at once polymorphous and polyphonic.

Body of Lies: A Novel

Author:David Ignatius

Publisher:W. W. Norton & Company


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Books Description:

The novel made into the major motion picture released October 2008, starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Russell Crowe: "Clever [and] well-paced, Body of Lies is hard to put down."—John Miller, Wall Street Journal CIA soldier Roger Ferris has come out of Iraq with a shattered leg and an intense mission— to penetrate the network of a master terrorist known only as "Suleiman." Ferris's plan is inspired by a masterpiece of British intelligence during World War II: He prepares a body of lies, literally the corpse of an imaginary CIA officer who appears to have accomplished the impossible by recruiting an agent within the enemy's ranks.This scheme binds friend and foe in a web of extraordinary subtlety and complexity. When it begins to unravel, Ferris finds himself flying blind into a hurricane. His only hope is the urbane head of Jordan's intelligence service. But can Ferris trust him?

Five Days of Famous

Author:Alyson Noel

Publisher:Delacorte Books for Young Readers


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Is being famous the key to living the life of your (tween) dreams? Find out in this modern-day fairy tale from #1 New York Times bestselling author Alyson Noël! Seventh-grade girls like guys who are cool. And Nick Dashaway . . . is not cool. When Nick makes a wish after the epic disaster that was the Greentree Middle School Talent Show, he doesn't actually think it's going to come true. But it does. Soon he has a whole new life--he's rich, he's popular, and girls laugh at all his jokes. He's famous. But when he begins to miss parts of his old life, is it too late to get it back? *** “A Hollywood blockbuster waiting to happen.”—Booklist "Perfect for readers wondering what their dream life would be like."—SLJ

The Young World

Author:Chris Weitz

Publisher:Little, Brown Books for Young Readers


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Books Description:

"Chris Weitz has made a beautiful transition from writing and directing films to novels. The Young World is populated with characters you won't forget and a story as fresh and urgent as Divergent."--James Patterson, #1 NY Times bestselling author of Maximum Ride. Welcome to New York, a city ruled by teens. After a mysterious Sickness wipes out the rest of the population, the young survivors assemble into tightly run tribes. Jefferson, the reluctant leader of the Washington Square tribe, and Donna, the girl he's secretly in love with, have carved out a precarious existence among the chaos. But when a fellow tribe member discovers a clue that may hold the cure for the Sickness, five teens set out on a life-altering road trip, exchanging gunfire with enemy gangs, escaping cults and militias, braving the wilds of the subway--all in order to save humankind. This first novel from acclaimed film writer/director Chris Weitz is the heart-stopping debut of an action-packed trilogy.


Author:Ramón Martínez,Francisco Oliveira

Publisher:Imprensa da Universidade de Coimbra / Coimbra University Press


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Books Description:

This volume brings together contributions from authors from sixteen European countries who seek their roots in the classical Greek heritage and especially in literary or epigraphic texts written in ancient Greek, Byzantine, Renaissance or later eras. With this they seek to clarify the idea of their own nationality in the context of the construction of a multifaceted Europe with a historical personality, from the past to the present.

Ancient Mediterranean Sea in Modern Visual and Performing Arts

Author:Rosario Rovira Guardiola

Publisher:Bloomsbury Publishing


Total Pages:344



Books Description:

When thinking about the Mediterranean, Fernand Braudel's haunting words resound like an echo of the sea and its millenary history. From Prehistory until today, the Mediterranean has been setting, witness and protagonist of mythical adventures, of encounters with the Other, of battles and the rise and fall of cultures and empires, of the destinies of humans. Braudel's appeal for a long durée history of the Mediterranean challenged traditional views that often present it as a sea fragmented and divided through periods. This volume proposes a journey into the bright and dark sides of the ancient Mediterranean through the kaleidoscopic gaze of artists who from the Renaissance to the 21st century have been inspired by its myths and history. The view of those who imagined and recreated the past of the sea has largely contributed to the shaping of modern cultures which are inexorably rooted and embedded in Mediterranean traditions. The contributions look at modern visual reinterpretations of ancient myths, fiction and history and pay particular attention to the theme of sea travel and travellers, which since Homer's Odyssey has become the epitome of the discovery of new worlds, of cultural exchanges and a metaphor of personal developments and metamorphoses.

The Conflict

Author:Elisabeth Badinter

Publisher:Harper Collins


Total Pages:224



Books Description:

In this explosive new book, acclaimed French author Elisabeth Badinter attacks a most unlikely force undermining women’s equality: liberal motherhood, in thrall to all that is “natural.” Attachment parenting, co-sleeping and on-demand breastfeeding—these hallmarks of contemporary motherhood have succeeded in tethering women to the home and family to an extent not seen since the 1950s. The taboos surrounding epidurals, formula and disposable diapers—anything that distracts a mother’s attention from her offspring—have turned child rearing into a singularly regressive force. In sharp, engaging prose, Badinter names a reactionary shift that has been intensely felt but never clearly articulated until now. A bestseller in Europe, The Conflict is a scathing indictment of a stealthy zealotry that cheats women of their full potential.

Plus tard, je serai un enfant

Author:Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt

Publisher:Bayard Culture


Total Pages:150



Books Description:

Pour la première fois, Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt a accepté le projet d'un livre d'entretien consacré à son enfance, ses vocations multiples, sa vie... Qui était le petit garçon Eric-Emmanuel à Lyon, dans les années 60 ? Quelles histoires avait-il déjà en tête ? Nous découvrons ses années de formation, son milieu, ses rêves, ses regrets... Il répond avec franchise et talent à la journaliste Catherine Lalanne, rédactrice en chef de Pèlerin, et responsable de cette nouvelle collection « L'Atelier de l'enfance ». Ses nombreuses confidences sur sa vie, ses valeurs, ses multiples activités, le sens qu'il donne à l'existence, à l'art, font le prix de ce livre exceptionnel. Ses très nombreux lecteurs dévoreront les différents chapitres de ce livre pour entrer dans l'intimité de leur auteur. Nous ferons connaissance avec un écrivain, dramaturge, philosophe, bien différent des clichés que certains peuvent avoir sur lui. Et bien plus surprenant.

Europäische Gründungsmythen im Dialog der Literaturen

Author:Roland Alexander Ißler,Rolf Lohse,Ludger Scherer

Publisher:Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht


Total Pages:581



Books Description:

Der Dialog literarischer Traditionen bildet komplexe Konstellationen der Anverwandlung und Überschreibung, Zurückweisung und Innovation aus. Angesichts der Infragestellung kultureller Zugehörigkeiten und sozialer Identitäten wird das Wissen um diese Zusammenhänge zu einem bedeutenden Anliegen der europäischen Kulturen und Literaturen. Insbesondere dem Verständnis von Gründungserzählungen und den sich daran anknüpfenden Kanonisierungsprozessen gelten die Forschungen des Bonner Literaturwissenschaftlers und Mediävisten Michael Bernsen. Seine impulsgebenden Arbeiten zum Ägypten-Mythos, zum Petrarkismus sowie zu zentralen Gründungsmythen Europas im Mittelalter, der Romantik und Moderne finden in den Beiträgen dieses Bandes ein vielstimmiges internationales Echo. The dialogue of literary traditions produces complex constellations of assimilation and reformulation, refutation and innovation. Given the current challenges of cultural affiliations and of social identities, the knowledge of the addressed correlations, especially of founding myths, comes to be one of the central concerns of the European Literatures. These founding narratives have attracted the special attention of Michael Bernsen, who has been doing considerable research on the processes of literary canonization in the European literatures, on the Myth of Egypt, on Petrarchism, and in the field of important founding myths stemming from the Middle Ages to Romanticism and Modernity. The 39 contributions of international outstanding scholars attest the productive reception of the achievements of this researcher’s career.

Raabe und heute

Author:Moritz Baßler,Hubert Winkels

Publisher:Wallstein Verlag


Total Pages:378



Books Description:

Wie aktuell ist Wilhelm Raabe heute? Die Beiträge dieses Bandes beantworten diese Frage aus literarischer und literaturwissenschaftlicher Sicht. Kolonialismus, Umweltzerstörung, Umgang mit dem Fremden - erstaunlich viele der Themen, die uns derzeit umtreiben, finden sich bereits bei Wilhelm Raabe (1831-1910). Der Band versammelt Beiträge bedeutender Autorinnen und Autoren aus Gegenwartsliteratur und aktueller Literaturwissenschaft, die das Werk des großen realistischen Erzählers neu erkunden und in seiner Aktualität zugänglich machen. Sie zeigen, wie anregend und bereichernd es sein kann, sich auf die Eigentümlichkeiten und Komplexitäten von Texten wie "Abu Telfan", "Pfisters Mühle", "Die Akten des Vogelsangs" oder das unvollendete "Altershausen" einzulassen.

أوليس البغدادي

Author:إيريك إيمانويل شميت

Publisher:Al Manhal


Total Pages:326



Books Description:

يريد سعد أن يترك بغداد والفوضى التي تعم فيها ليهاجر إلى أوروبا، إلى الحرية، إلى المستقبل، ولكن كيف سيقطع الحدود بدون دينار في جيبه؟ فشأنه شأن أوليس بطل أوديسة هوميروس يجابه العواصف، ينجو بعد أن غرق مركبه، يفلت من مهربي الأفيون، يصم أذنيه عن غناء الحوريات، وعليه أن يبتعد عن إغراءات الغرام، تبدو لنا الرحلة تارة عبثية، مضحكة وطورا مأسوية، تبدأ رحلة سعد التي لا عودة منه، وهنا يمزج إن الكاتب إريك إيمانويل شميت بمهارة السياسة بسحر الشرق، فيروي قصة أليمة لبلد، ويبعث بفرح الأشباح ويجعلها تتحدث، تختلط المأساة بروعة الخيال ونزواته.

Французский язык. Лексико-грамматические трудности. Учебное пособие для вузов

Author:Мария Аль-Ради,Алла Ходькова



Total Pages:N.A



Books Description:

Книга представляет собой исправленное и значительно дополненное пособие «Как избежать грамматических ошибок во французском языке», изданное в 2011 г. Настоящее издание состоит из 34 параграфов, включающих материал, не рассмотренный в первом издании. Пособие составлено с учетом типичных для носителей русского языка ошибок в выборе некоторых французских лексических и грамматических единиц, возникающих под влиянием родного языка. Предназначено для широкого круга лиц, владеющих французским языком, в том числе для учителей французского языка.