The Crown of Thorns

Author:Mark Williams

Publisher:Cambridge University Press


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A History of New Zealand Literature traces the genealogy of New Zealand literature from its first imaginings by Europeans in the eighteenth century. Beginning with a comprehensive introduction that charts the growth of, and challenges to, a nationalist literary tradition, the essays in this History illuminate the cultural and political intricacies of New Zealand literature, surveying the multilayered verse, fiction and drama of such diverse writers as Katherine Mansfield, Allen Curnow, Frank Sargeson, Janet Frame, Keri Hulme, Witi Ihimaera and Patricia Grace. Written by a host of leading scholars, this History devotes special attention to the lasting significance of colonialism, biculturalism and multiculturalism in New Zealand literature. A History of New Zealand Literature is of pivotal importance to the development of New Zealand writing and will serve as an invaluable reference for specialists and students alike.

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Digital Wine

Author:Tara Brabazon,Mick Winter,Bryn Gandy



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Books Description:

This book explores the way in which QR codes (Quick Response codes) can help the wine industry facilitate distribution and more effectively market and sell their product. It examines the interventions, invention and opportunities brought about by QR codes for the wine industry. It also investigates how QR codes can help enable regional development as well as information and knowledge about winemakers and regions. The book begins with an introduction to QR codes. It explains how to use them as well as shows how QR codes combine analogue and online promotion and information dissemination. Next, the book explores strategies and examples from the creative industries, small nation theory and emerging wine industries. It then goes on to examine how to integrate QR codes with wine media, including marketing the bottle and using QR codes to build new wine regions. The book concludes with a case study of how Aotearoa/New Zealand wine producers deploy QR codes. QR codes can store and digitally present, a range of helpful data, including URL links, geo-coordinates and text and can be scanned by smart phones, making them a useful marketing and business tool. Presenting detail research on how QR codes can enhance the relationship between producers and consumers as well as aid regional development in the wine industry, this book will be of interest to academics focusing on Wine Studies, small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) and practitioners and researchers from the creative industries sector. In addition, while this book focuses on the wine industry, the information that it presents about QR codes is relevant and applicable for an array of industries that require a tether between analogue and digital, physical and virtual, especially food and primary production.

The Law of Reputation and Brands in the Asia Pacific

Author:Andrew T. Kenyon,Megan Richardson,Wee Loon Ng-Loy

Publisher:Cambridge University Press


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Books Description:

Efforts to expand the scope of legal protection given to reputation and brands in the Asia Pacific region have led to considerable controversy. Written by a variety of experts, the essays in this book consider the developing law of reputation and brands in a fraught area.

New Zealand Travel Guide 2017

Author:T Turner

Publisher:T Turner


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Books Description:

The New Zealand 2017 Travel Guide is the most up-to-date, reliable and complete guide to this wonderful place. Travelers will find everything they need for an unforgettable visit presented in a convenient and easy-to-use format. Includes quick information on planning a visit, navigating the location, experiencing New Zealand culture and exploring the beauty of New Zealand. New Zealand is a country in the southwestern Pacific Ocean consisting of 2 main islands, both marked by volcanoes and glaciation. Capital Wellington, on the North Island, is home to Te Papa Tongarewa, the expansive national museum. Wellington’s dramatic Mt. Victoria and the South Island’s Fiordland and Southern Lakes stood in for mythical Middle Earth in Peter Jackson’s "Lord of the Rings" films.

Développement économique et création d'emplois locaux (LEED) Les flux mondiaux de connaissances et le développement économique


Publisher:OECD Publishing


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Les flux mondiaux de connaissances sont en train de devenir un facteur clé du développement économique. Cette étude, réalisée en collaboration avec Scottish Enterprise, identifie les domaines clés dans lesquels il faut intervenir. Il s’agit de ...

Adventure Guide to New Zealand

Author:Bette Flagler

Publisher:Hunter Publishing, Inc


Total Pages:645



Books Description:

We travel to grow – our Adventure Guides show you how. Experience the places you visit more directly, freshly, intensely than you would otherwise – sometimes best done on foot, in a canoe, or through cultural adventures like art courses, cooking classes, learning the language, meeting the people, joining in the festivals and celebrations. This can make your trip life-changing, unforgettable. All of the detailed information you need is here about the hotels, restaurants, shopping, sightseeing. But we also lead you to new discoveries, turning corners you haven't turned before, helping you to interact with the world in new ways. That's what makes our Adventure Guides unique. Written by a native New Zealander, this guide covers every region and town, with in-depth information on the Maori culture, the remarkable places to stay and eat, vineyard tours, cooking schools, thermal springs, albatross and whale encounters, scenic drives, and more. Canoe the Whanganui River, ride in a hot air balloon, hike the Waikaremoana Track, explore Whirikana Forest Park, take a glacier tour. There s even a section on how to talk Kiwi English! Photos, maps. Print edition is 622 pages. The book is great. I love the www references, the personal touches and for me the descriptions and comments make me feel like I am already there. -- Richard Hart. An activity guide packed with detail on everything from horseback riding and camping to fishing, cruising, hiking and more. Chapters are organized regionally and make it easy to look up local accommodations and eateries, inland and water adventures, and even small local maps for quick consultation. --Midwest Book Review. The perfect companion for planning. --Rutgers Magazine. These useful travel guides are highly recommended. --Library Journal

Meet Our New Student From New Zealand

Author:Ann Weil

Publisher:Mitchell Lane Publishers, Inc.


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Books Description:

Everywhere across the United States, children from other countries are joining American classrooms. How can their classmates prepare? Learning about the culture, geography, and history of a new student's native country can help smooth the transition. Greeting the student with a few words in his or her language, making a traditional craft, and whipping up a well-known dish are all sure to help the child feel welcome. In this vibrant and colorful series, students and teachers can find out how to Meet a New Student—and maybe make a new friend. A new student from New Zealand is joining Fred's third-grade class and everyone is curious. They want to know everything about New Zealand! Read about this small island country far south of the equator in the Pacific Ocean. It is a land shaped by ancient glaciers that cut huge valleys. It is home to a rare bird with nostrils at the far end of its beak. Find out about how people from Europe discovered New Zealand, and about the Maori people who were already living there. Then join Fred and his class in preparing a Kiwi dish and welcoming a new Student from New Zealand. Kia ora!

The Miracle of Wine History, Making, Selling, Preserving, Enjoying

Author:Dueep J. Singh

Publisher:JD-Biz Corp Publishing


Total Pages:42



Books Description:

The Miracle of Wine History, Making, Selling, Preserving, Enjoying Table of Contents Introduction The Amazing History of Wine Introduction to the Wine Regions of France Know More about White Wines. When Is The Best Time To Drink White Wine? Wine in your life! Wine and Song in Austria The Wines of Canada – Ice Wine Know More about Delicious German Wines Know More about Delicious Greek Wine How to Recognize a Good Greek Wine – Labels Know More about Hungarian Wine Know more about Irish wine Know More about Israeli Wine The Wine of Japan. Types of Rice Wine Know More about New Zealand Wine Know More about Portuguese Wine Types of Spanish Wines Learn More about South African Wines. Types of Wines in the UK Know More about Rose Wine. Know More about Starting up a Wine Business. Know More About Wine Producing Countries -- A Guide Wine As a Gift The World’s Best Online Wine Shops Which Are the Best Wine Clubs Which You Can Join? Know more about winetasting Why Do You Need a Wine Refrigerator Wine Racks Conclusion Author Bio Introduction The Amazing History of Wine When Neil Diamond sang, "Red Red Wine" and Paul Anka sang "Bring the Wine, oh Lady, Bring The Wine," they knew what they were talking about. Because since 8000 B.C., everybody knows about the strength and power of fine wine made from fresh, and sun ripened juicy grapes. The historical story about the origin of wine might be apocryphal, but the story goes that the favorite Queen of a Georgian sultan had a raging toothache, which made her want to create mayhem as well as commit homicide or suicide. After raging at her slaves and her physician for not doing anything to take away the pain, she decided to commit suicide, in the most noisy manner possible, because the sultan had not come to cajole her out of her megrims. She saw a jar full of some liquid, which smelt nearly as bad as anything, rotting in the sun, so she drank it up to the last dreg. If one goes by the size of ancient amphorae, it must have been a really large jar full of fermented juice of the grapes, and our Sultana was soon as merry as a cricket and as high as a kite. She grew so cheerful under the influence of the fermented grape juice that people began to wonder about the magic power of that red liquid and decided to ferment the juice and drink it in large quantities. I am sure, she woke up with a hangover, but according to her, her toothache was gone and she had slept and dreamt pleasantly of no pain. Well, that was how people began to think about the juice of the grape in its fermented form. And so the story of wine goes on into the annals of history. Nevertheless, the Greeks had a god consecrated to wine, and they had regular wine festivals, a tradition which was happily accepted by the Romans, who called this wine Festival Saturnalia when the god of wine, Bacchus was left free to do as most mischief as he could, because after all it was the festival, which was celebrating the power of wine and its benefits in ridding a body of care and pain. Anybody wants to know about how the Romans got a sure fire cure for their hangover can read one of the adventures of Asterix and Obelix, where Asterix concocted a hangover cure by putting in soap, red pepper and an un -- plucked fowl, among other ingredients into a cooking pot and let it stew. Of course, this hangover cure also happens to be quite apocryphal, and that is why we need to come back to red wine as more hair of the dog which bit me...

Touring the Screen

Author:Alfio Leotta

Publisher:Intellect Books


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Books Description:

THE STORY: The fifth play in a cycle of plays about the author's Irish family, THE STEWARD OF CHRISTENDOM is a freely imagined portrait of the author's great-grandfather, Thomas Dunne, the last Chief Superintendent of the Dublin Metropolitan Police, an or

Transgenic Plants and Crops

Author:George C. Khachatourians,Y. H. Hui,Ralph Scorza,Wai-Kit Nip

Publisher:CRC Press


Total Pages:888



Books Description:

With contributions from nearly 130 internationally renowned experts in the field, this reference details advances in transgenic plant construction and explores the social, political, and legal aspects of genetic plant manipulation. It provides analyzes of the history, genetics, physiology, and cultivation of over 30 species of transgenic seeds, fruits, and vegetables. Stressing the impact of genetic engineering strategies on the nutritional and functional benefit of foods as well as on consumer health and the global market economy, the book covers methods of gene marking, transferring, and tagging public perceptions to the selective breeding, hybridization, and recombinant DNA manipulation of food.

1001 Questions Answered About Trees

Author:Rutherford Platt

Publisher:Courier Corporation


Total Pages:352



Books Description:

Fascinating, fact-filled reference provides detailed data about age, size, and weight; suggestions for identifying trees, what trees to look for in certain states, much more. Over 100 illustrations, 21 photographs.

Extreme Landscapes of Leisure

Author:Patrick Laviolette



Total Pages:226



Books Description:

In recent years, there has been an increased engagement throughout the social sciences with the study of extreme places and practices. Dangerous games and adventure tours have shifted from being marginal, exotic or mad to being more than merely acceptable. They are now exemplary, mainstream even: there are a variety of new types, increasing numbers of people are doing them and they are being appropriated and have infiltrated more and more contexts. This book argues that hazardous sports and adventure tourism have become rather paradoxical. As a set of activities where players and holidaymakers are closer to death or danger than they would otherwise be, they are the complete opposite of normal games or vacations. Adventure sports and tours reverse the general definition of a holiday as being an escape from the seriousness of everyday life, as in most cases, they are innately serious, requiring as they do 'life or death' decision-making. Beginning with the rise in colonial explorations and moving on to consider the Dangerous Sports Club of Oxford, this book examines the increasing phenomena of adventure sports such as bungy jumping, cliff jumping or 'tomb-stoning', surfing and parkour within a framework of positive risk. It explores how certain assumptions about knowledge, agency, the body and nature are beginning to coalesce around newly developing spheres of social relations. Additionally, extreme games have become activities that are germane to the dawning of green social thought and so the book also addresses issues that deal with the intimate connections that exist between pleasure and the moral responsibility towards the environment.

In the Neighbourhood of Fame

Author:Bridget van der Zijpp

Publisher:Victoria University Press


Total Pages:270



Books Description:

Rock musician Jed Jordan's former fame means the events in his life have become public property. Years after 'Captain of the Rules' made him world famous in New Zealand, Jed is living quietly in an Auckland suburb with his family, growing peppers and recording in his home studio, when some disturbing new attention threatens to tear his world apart. Also profoundly affected are three women whose lives are closely caught up in Jed's – his wife; a childhood friend who has returned from Australia for her father's funeral; and the fifteen-year-old Jed chats to in the local dog park. Vivid and engaging, In the Neighbourhood of Fame shines a light on modern relationship struggles within and between families, and on the unpredictable power of celebrity and social media.

Demented Particulars

Author:Chris Ackerley

Publisher:Edinburgh University Press


Total Pages:264



Books Description:

Demented Particulars offers a detailed annotation of Samuel Beckett's first published novel, Murphy. This page by page account of the often unexpected details (literary, philosophical, theological, biographical and other) that went into the making of this

The Making of New Zealand Cricket

Author:Greg Ryan



Total Pages:280



Books Description:

It is generally forgotten that cricket rather than rugby union was the 'national game' in New Zealand until the early years of the twentieth century. This book shows why and how cricket developed in New Zealand and how its character changed across time. Greg Ryan examines the emergence and growth of cricket in relation to diverse patterns of European settlement in New Zealand - such as the systematic colonization schemes of Edward Gibbon Wakefield and the gold discoveries of the 1860s. He then considers issues such as cricket and social class in the emerging cities; cricket and the elite school system; the function of the game in shaping relations between the New Zealand provinces; cricket encounters with the Australian colonies in the context of an 'Australasian' world. A central theme is cricketing relations with England at a time when New Zealand society was becoming acutely conscious of both its own identity and its place within the British Empire. This imperial relationship reveals structures, ideals and objectives unique to New Zealand. Articulate, engaging and entertaining, Ryan demonstrates convincingly how the cricketing experience of New Zealand was quite different from that of other colonies.

With the Wind Behind Us

Author:Matt Elliott



Total Pages:368



Books Description:

From red socks to kauri yachts, these are the stories that made New Zealand Aotearoa a sailing nation Stretching back to the Pacific navigators and the great migrations from Polynesia to the humble 'P' class dinghy and the world-beating success of Team New Zealand: With the Wind Behind Us is a celebration of the stories that gave us our legendary sailing reputation.

The Counter-Narratives of Radical Theology and Popular Music

Author:M. Grimshaw



Total Pages:222



Books Description:

In this unique collection, theologians born and formed during the Cold War offer their insights and perspectives on theological relationships with such musical artists and groups as Joy Division, U2, Nick Cave, and John Coltrane. These essays demonstrate that one's personal music preferences can inform and influence professional interests.

World Famous Adventures

Author:Vikas Khatri

Publisher:Pustak Mahal


Total Pages:144



Books Description:

This is a book about men - ordinary men - who, by their daredevilry, became heroes overnight. The word 'IMPOSSIBLE' was not in their dictionary. They fought courageously with nature's wrath in seas, oceans, mountain tops, deserts and polar regions.

The Simple Act of Reading

Author:Debra Adelaide

Publisher:Random House Australia


Total Pages:240



Books Description:

For it is in the simple act of reading where the living and the dead, the real and the imagined, meet. It is in the simple act of reading where we exercise those two most sacred of human vocations: compassion and creativity. For as we know, without either of these primes there is no possibility for a humanity present or past worth talking about. Junot Diaz A collection of essays and memoir pieces on the topic of reading, in particular what it means for writers to be readers and how that has shaped their life. The Simple Act of Reading will support Sydney Story Factory by emphasising the importance of reading in shaping an individual’s future. Contributors include; Debra Adelaide, Joan London, Delia Falconer, Sunil Badami, Gabrielle Carey, Luke Davies, Tegan Bennett Daylight, Kate Forsyth, Giulia Giuffre, Andy Griffiths, Anita Heiss, Gail Jones, Jill Jones, Catherine Keenan, Malcolm Knox, Wayne Macauley, Fiona McFarlane, David Malouf, Rosie Scott, Carrie Tiffany and Geordie Williamson.